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Slope Master Book

Slope Master Book

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Published by Khushboo Sayyed

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Published by: Khushboo Sayyed on Oct 26, 2011
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Level bubble Metric tape (cm) measure

1 METER = 100 CM


-------------------> Read RISE of slope here.

100 cm = run > 45 cm = rise ∴ M = 45 /100 M = .45

<--Rise ( vertical distance) Slope = M = --------------------------------------Run ( horizontal distance )



e ---


The Slopemaster TM •A device for finding the slope of an incline. Christopher Woodin, Ed. M April, 1996 Patent Pending

©2003 Http//WoodinMath.tripod.com

SlopeMaster Worksheet Graph the slope of the line that you measured with the SlopeMaster. Plot the RISE measurement as a point on this vertical line. 80 cm Slope = M = Rise = __________cm Run = __________cm = m 1m 60 cm 40 cm 20 cm 10 cm ©2003 Http//WoodinMath.com Connect this point to the RISE point with a straight line. > RUN > > > 140 cm 120 cm 100 cm RISE 10 cm 100 cm 20 cm 40 cm 60 cm 80 cm . Use this grid to plot the slope.tripod.

Run = 100 cm Tape or tack the bottom end of a string to a stair riser. then expressing this information as a fraction. Rise = _____cm = Slope = ___________ as a decimal number.com .tripod. You can also find the slope by measuring the height of the riser and the length of the tread. Slope = M = Height of the riser = Rise = __________cm length of the tread = Run = __________cm Simplify the fraction = = ©2003 Http//WoodinMath. Run = 1 Meter ( 100 cm) SLOPE M ASTER Read the rise here.Tape or tack the top end of a string to a stair tread. 1 METER = 100 CM SlopeMaster Worksheet Find the slope of a staircase.

Compare the inclines in terms of how steep they appear.tripod. # 1 = Steepest Rank Steepness Description Location Rise Measurement Slope Fraction Decimal Equivalent Incline A 100 cm Incline B Incline C Incline D Incline E How does the steepness of the incline correlate with the slope of the incline? ©2003 Http//WoodinMath.com .SlopeMaster Worksheet Find the slope of several inclines.

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