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Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, and USB Cell Phone Charger Features

AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz) NOAA weatherband all 7 channels 3 Built-in white LED light source Self-powered aluminum crank with TurboDyne technology Direct USB power transfer (includes USB cable) Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.5 mm headphone output Telescopic antenna provided for maximum range and reception Includes: USB cable, owners manual, warranty card Dimensions: 6.25 x 2.75 x 2.25 (W x H x D) 158 x 70 x 57 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 12.6 oz. (357 g)
* Specications subject to change


American Red Cross

TurboDyne Series

Receives AM/FM Band

Weather Radio

LED Flashlight

Hand Turbine Technology

Direct USB Power Transfer

Headphone Jack

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