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Philippine Nursing Law

Philippine Nursing Law

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Published by Carlo Ramirez Dadis

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Published by: Carlo Ramirez Dadis on Oct 26, 2011
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EO # 209 PD # 223 PD # 651 PD # 996 PD # 965 PD # 825 PD # 856 PD # 626 PD # 442 EO 51 RA # 7600 RA # 9502 RA # 9439 RA # 9262 RA # 9255 RA # 9165
Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act The Family Code Regulatory body to all pro in Phils Birth Registration Law Compulsory Immunization Law Responsible Parenthood Anti Littering Law Code of Sanitation Employees Compensation Law Labor Code of the Phils. Milk Code Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Act Cheaper Medicines Law Violence Against Women & Their Children
Created the PRC on 1972 </=30 days; Local Civil Registrar Office <8yo target immunization Must attend MARRIAGE SEMINAR Punishes improper disposal of garbage State issuance fund

Sen. Flavier; early Rooming in and Breast feeding technique Seniority Prohibits detention of pt d/t non payment of hosp. bills “PROMISSORY NOTE” w/ collateral/mortgage (may signed by co-maker (Halili vs. Kho) With “WRITTEN RECOGNITION” illegitimate child can now use the surname of their putative father PD 603 – adopted child can use the surname & be legitimate (Alabang Boys); Regulates the use Prohibited Regulated RA 6425 of chemical subs Ecstasy Morphine Shabu Diazepam Heroine Demerol Cocaine Nuvain Cannabis Misspelled names/typo errors can now be corrected by Civil registrar New Age of Majority is 18yo and above

RA # 9048 RA # 6675 RA # 6809 RA # 6713 RA # 7610 RA # 7160 RA # 7877 RA # 7305

Generiks Act of 1988 Code of Conduct Child & Youth Welfare Code of the Phil. Local Gov’t Autonomy Code (Feb. 14, 1995) Anti Sexual Harrasment Law Magna Carta of PHWs
Ethical Standards of public employees/officials Child abuse Local gov’t officials can appoint their respective “heads” PLACES A - uthority Demanding W - orkplace I - nfluence Requiring Sexual Favor E - ducation M – oral Requesting T - raining ascendency Laundry Allowance – 125 php/mo Meal (Subsistence) Allowance 900 php/mo Longevity Pay – Inc. of salary q 5yrs Hazardous Pay Relocation Allowance (Married couple can be assigned in same place but diff. office Txt 233 globe/136 smart; after 5days–result of board exam will come out Automatic Civil Service ELIGIBLE once you pass PRC nsg exam

RA # 8981 RA # 1080 RA # 7392 RA # 1612 RA # 5901 RA # 6136 RA # 179 RA # 187 RA # 217 RA # 8344 BON 425 s.

PRC Modernization/Computerization Civil Service Eligibility Law Midwifery Law Privilege tax for Professional Tax Law 40h/wk Law Standardized Guidelines of Continuity Professional Education

Nurses can only give injection under the direct decision of the Dr

Issuance/Renewal of a certificate of registration/license Delisting of names from the role of professionals

BON # 1955 s.

“No Deposit Policy” Implementing Rules & Regulations of RA 9173 PNA Code of Ethics

Emergency 1st before asking for a deposit

1991 BON # 217 s.dadis@gmail. 1992 PRONOUNCEMENTS Renewal of Professional License Delisting of Delinquent Professionals Nurse’s Week Nat’l Cancer Conciousness Week Int’l Women’s Day World Health Day Earth Day Nat’l Health Worker’s day World Red Cross Day Int’l Nurse’s Day World Diabetes Day World Breastfeeding Day World AIDS Day Legal Basis of PHC Last week of October 2nd week of January March 8 April 7 April 2 May 7 May 8 May 12 June 27 August 1 December 1 Preference given to members of accredited professionals organization for employment and seminars LOI 949 LOI 100 carlo.1989 BON # 187 s.com .

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