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This is a debate session . The classic clash of ideas , attitudes and

thought. The ultimate platform for you to defend your ideology
and viewpoint . A new concept in debating which provides the
ideal platform to speak out and win.

• The topic of session shall be given on the spot.

• The judgment about the speaker will depend on his/her
speech and convincing power .
• The debates will be on thought provoking , hotly
contested, burning issues.
• Topics will be released 10 minutes before the debate starts.

This is a technical paper presentation contest. It consists of
Mechanical & Production, Electronics & Communication, It &
Computers, and Applied Science & Humanities.

Participants are required to submit a copy of their paper. These

papers are not to exceed 12 type-written pages and will form the
sole basis for the finalization of the participants.

Those selected for finals will have to present their paper before a
panel of judges. The final winners will be chosen according to the
paper content and presentation.

Last date of submission of entries : 5th April 2005