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Personality 5piral How 5ensitive Are You?

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How Old Are You?

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Giving opinions
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Football Facts 34 35 5tore 36 37 38

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Which 5hop?


• THE WORLD AROUND US • ANIMAL MAGIC 56 57 58 Countries Spot the Country! 39 40-41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Farm animals Pairs Places in a town Crossword Wild animals Anna's Diary Transport Transport Puzzle Transport Quiz At the Airport Amazing animals Animal Facts • HOLIDA YS & SPECIAL DAYS Inventions Which inventions? Christmas Christmas Cards Christmas Presents 59 60 61 62 63 Weather What's the weather like? Special days Greetings! Environment Environmental Quiz Holidays Holiday Souvenirs Holiday Code • HAVING FUN Hobbies Summer Camp What's Your Ideal Holiday? 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Sport Spot the Sport Sports Collocations TV Programmes What Are You Watching? Parties Crazy Party! Music Musical Instruments Pets In the Pet Shop D .

This is Andrew... & My father's sister is my . He's my .. My parents' son is my . a .. My mother's brother is my .... He's my ~_- ~ My father's father is my .. o T 9 I call her 'Mum'...PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES The family My Family Complete the crossword. D My parents' daughter is my . QI ~ My mother's mother is my . She's my .. H E D R I call him 'Dad'......

* Their mother is Connie. * Esmerelda has got a daughter His name is Dino. and two cousins. * Coco has got a cousin called Molly. 'tr ~Q+ '& _ I_'V_e_g_o_t_t_w_o_b_r_o_th_e_rs__. * Dolly has got a son called Matt. D . * Her husband is Joey. Read the information and write the names to complete the family tree. * Coco's grandmother is Esmerelda. * Dino has got two sons. One is called Bozo. * Marvin's wife is Dolly. • . a son and a daughter. roco * Coco's sister is called Clara. Who is wrong? I've got two uncles and an aunt. I've got three children and four grandchildren..PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES The family Family Tree This is Coco the Clown and his family. I've got a wife. called Dolly. * Coco's grandfather is Joey's father.

black hair. team. He's short and very thin. brown hair. He's got short. curly blond hair. She's got long. ® Player number 9 is quite short and quite fat. Player number 4 is slim and (!) Player wear glasses. . Her hair is mediumlength. too.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Physical appearance Football Training Today is football training and you've got the shirts for the youth club football Who gets which number? Read the sentences and write a number on each player's shirt. blond curly hair. He's got long. dark and curly. His hair is straight and medium-length. curly blond hair. straight black hair. straight. He's got short. o ® ® @ Player number 1 is tall ® ® Player number 5 has also got He's tall and fat and length and curly. She doesn't wear glasses. She's tall and Player number 8 has also got brown hair but her hair is medium- a The referee hasn't got a number on his shirt. and quite fat. He doesn't wear glasses. number 10 doesn't Player number 3 has got dark hair. number 11 has got slim. Player number 6 is also tall and quite fat. ® short. Player number 2 is short and quite fat. @ Player @ Player quite slim. doesn't wear glasses. She's got long. quite short. His hair is short and straight. Then write a description of him. She's tall and slim. straight blond hair and he wears glasses. blond hair. Draw a circle around the referee. She's tall with mediumnumber 7 is tall and length. She wears glasses.

Now write five more sentences about the monster. Use the words in the box. True. chin 4 What has the monster got? Write True or False. D . head arm ear hand eye stomach nose leg mouth fee:I.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Parts of the body The Monster Write the names of the parts of the body. II He's got two ears. He's got one eye.

The first letter of each adjective is already on the spiral.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Personality Personality Spiral Write the adjectives in the box in the correct place on the spiral. brave clever funny generous honest mad patient polite rude selfish shy sociable stupid talkative 00000000 Now write the letters from inside the circles. Unscramble the letters to find 3 sad impatient cowardly polite ftappy 4 2 mean 5 CI .

o u Your mother is very tired. There's a new boy in your class. Some people aren't very talkative. it's only a dog! o Which do you prefer to be? i~ polite U friendly funny o Add up your points and check your results. He's very quiet.l1 JO D . ~:~ That's really terrible.~Z -snorauaf 'all!l!SUaS aJ. What do you say? U Don't worry.nOh ssurueuroc 'hIPUa!J} e aJ. Perhaps he's sad. What do you think? He's shy.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Personality How Sensitive Are You? Complete the personality quiz. Try to be brave. She should give me some money! U She isn't very honest . What do you say? Don't be lazy! i!~ Let me help you! Really.UaJe nOA :SS. How do you feel? Impatient and angry.nOA aimb pus isauou aJ. I insist! U Can I help you? o A friend finds some money in the street and she puts it in her pocket.noA -uosrsd alqepos 'Inn46no4l 'apnJ aq ueJ nOh seuiueuios :SlU!od OZ . What do you think? That's OK .E ~ snnod Z~ aJOW aq pue ajdoed Ja4l0 }O ~U!4l oi hJl iurod ~ = 0 sunod E = :I:J.. sunod S = SlNIOd i:~ pue all!l!SuaS hJall l.perhaps there's a problem with the bus.UaJe nOA 'all!l!suaS hJall pue snorauaf 'ual}o aJOW uq e SJa4l0}O ~U!4l oi hJllnq 'al!IOd aJ. i~ Worried .she hasn't got a lot of money. iLhllsau04 suousanb a4l JaMSUe nOh Pia 'sJa4l0 }O ~U!4l sheMle nOh pue 4sHIas l. I'm sure he'll be better soon. Don't be stupid. She's selfish.noA :SlU!od OE .whose money is it? i:~ o Your neighbour's dog is ill. He's very rude! The bus is late. It's OK. Stupid bus! A bit impatient.

Gina and Lauren are 12. is on the aa o o ~~ 0 0 j. is in autumn. Lauren's birthday h. I'm thirteen and my birthday's on the 21st of October. is in summer. k. m. Anna's birthday is in December. Two of the girls are 14. o. l:J 0 c. I'm thirteen. Gina's birthday is on the I'm twelve. leave the section white. colour the section of the picture black. p. December is in winter. b. St Valentine's day is in February. Danny's birthday g. Balvir's birthday i. 14th of February. My birthday's in the winter. o If the statement is false. Scott's birthday is in autumn. My birthday's on St Valentine's Day the 14thof February. Anna's birthday 27th of July. Lauren is 14. e. Both boys are 13.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Age and birthdays How Old Are You? Read the sentences. It's on the 19th of December. True False a. My birthday's in the summer. It's on the 2nd of August. f. I love birthdays! ~~ Colour the picture to find out how old Lauren's cat is. is in summer. Tick True or False. d. I. I'm twelve. Lauren's cat is _ ell . If the statement is true. n. Scott is 13. Danny's birthday is in spring. Balvir is 11.

Han Sin invented the kite. Bertana was Italian.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Nationalities Inventions Do you know the origin of these inventions? Look at the pictures and read the sentences. 8. The first jukeboxes were d 1 2 34 56 78 . Danish. Choosethe correct nationality. Portuguese. Chinese.eqo" bricks was Russian. 5. The man who made the 4. Norwegian. American. Japanese. The man who invented l. Example: 1. The company that first produced the mini-disc in 1992 was Indian. He was English. m [IJ 7. German. 6. Cesare Bertana made the first postcard in 1865. The first video games were Japanese. [IJ OJ Write the letters of the eight correct answers to finish the nationality word that completes this sentence.

. but it's not Anna. The boy called Daniel feels sad. . .... Read the clues and fill in the names on the board. Elena doesn't feel tired. 6.--• • • • • • One girl feels happy.[ ] __ - Luke feels . Robbie feels sick.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Feelings Puzzle It Out! These kids at the fair have each won a giant teddy bear. The girl called early feels thirsty. Simon feels hungry.

. Perfect remedy for .~. Use the other letters to find out what the doctor says! 6. sore throat 2. . 3. 1.. Oh. doctor! I have a terrible .. 7. 5. ID .. .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Feelings Feeling ill What's wrong with the monster? Crossout the words in the grid and write them next to each picture. ~~ ~.. GSTOMACHACHE HEADACHEOCUT C 0 L D EAR A C H E T 0(5 0 RET H R 0 A T)8 ETOOTHACHED! 4.

Shopping is great fun. ___ 2.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Giving opinions In My Opinion ••• What do these people think about these hobbies? Match each sentence to the correct pidure. Shopping is irritating. ___ 6. ___ GI . Reading is OK. Fishing is boring. ___ 4. 1. Parachuting is frightening. ___ 7. Fishing is relaxing. ___ 5. Parachuting is exciting. Reading is interesting. ___ 8. ___ 3.

your birthday. f~ ~ECEM:ER. This year. Bonfire Night: It's on the 5th of the month before December. Diwali: It's the Hindu festival of light. there is a bonfire and fireworks. I stay up very late the night before. We send cards and get presents.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Months Dates for your Calendar Read what Ranjit says about these special days and write them on the calendar. In the park. It's on the 3rd of the month before September."1111 Add some more important dates to the calendar (Easter. it's the month before November. Oh no! Summer holidays start: School finishes on 24th of the month before August. family and friends' birthdays..). New Year's Day: It's the first day of the first month of the year. Christmas Day: It's on the 25th of the last month of the year. My birthday: ID . I'm going to send a card to a girl I like. Exams start: At school my exams start on the 10th of the month after April. This year I am 14. Yes!!! Mother's Day: I'm going to send my mum a card in the month before April. Father's Day: I'm going to send my dad a card in the month after May. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH V APRIL MAY JULY AUGUST 3rd Ranjit's Birthday ~ JUNE SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER ~~ ~i ~" /? . Valentine's Day: It's the 14th of the month after January. We have a big party.n . Spring holiday. Halloween. etc.

~~' lions dustbins -----------------children ---------J butterflies ...PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Numbers Numbers Picture How many of the things in the list can you find? ~ ~ monkeys Thereare three monkeys sea lions zoo-keepers clouds trees ~j)f:J) ---.




On the Washing Line
Unscramble the leHers and write the names of the clothes.


o I~h r CD 81-----0i
., ~ w_


~G) ~h i r




-0-0-0- -I -0I -0 I



Now write the leHers from inside the circles to find out what Kevin is wearing on his feet.
Kevin is wearing ~

Now read the sentences and colour in the clothes.

The jeans are blue. The T-shirt is black.

The shirt is pink. The sweatshirt is yellow. The dress is purple. The trousers are brown. The skirt is red.

The socks are blue and white.




Hide and Seek
Read the descriptions. Who's hiding behind the tree? Write the names next to the people.




. \• Peter is wearing a white T-shirt, a bomber jacket, black trousers and black shoes. • Paul is wearing a cap, a white shirt, a jumper, jeans and trainers. • Laura is wearing a white skirt, a jumper and white shoes. • Sophie is wearing a white shirt, a grey skirt, a leather jacket and sandals.


Now draw the other two people hiding behind the second tree.




Colour by numbers. Colour these fifteen European flags




c. 3 4



1 2





5 2




g. - - - - --

2J2 5



2 2
5 5 5

2 h. _ i. _ j.






7 6 2 2 5 2 5











Now write the name of each country. Use the words in the box. Netherlands Luxembourg Ireland Belgium Germany Portugal France United Kingdom Denmark Sweden /\ustria Greece Spain Italy Finland

PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Food Fruity Fun! Find the fruit in the grid. Write the corred name under each fruit. orange o R A p D E E L o L y G o K c H E u p K R A R 5 R A p E T A E R R o G E E B w w R A A N u R B M p N 5 L p A E E A 5 5 Use the other letters in the grid to write the worm's question. ? What is your favourite fruit? .

Fill in the grid. Rearrange the letters in the grey squares to find out what it is.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Food Picnic Crossword Look at Nicky's picnic. Nicky forgot her favourite food. .

I want to buy a CD. I want to buy a football magazine.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Shops Which Shop? Move around the hexagons in the corred order to find the names of the shops. I want to buy a cake. Which shops will these people go to? I want to buy a kitten for my daughter. . bvtclter8 I need some medicine. I want to buy some sausages. Write the names on the shops.

Circle the correct number. walk to school eat cakes and biscuits smoke drink fizzy drinks 7. look at the phrases below and write them next to the corred 1. paau nOA:L L-9 ·'\zel l!q e sauiueuios aJe pue 'no'\ JO}poofi I. Read the analysis.arotu JO 81 S!sltll!UY . 3.Jit aA8 't'e~etaBle5 2.UOPno" i'\zel fuaA aJe no" :Japun pue S "1iIsnopi3saroui aspraxa PUI? lCt!P mali a'll?l 01. go swimming 10. 4. do sport Now do the quiz to find out if you have a healthy lifestyle.US!le41 POO}a~!I no'\ inq 'I!} pue '\411ea4 aq 0llueM no" :L L L -Z ·a}!1fiuo] e aA!10llueM no'\ pue I!} daa~ 01 a~!1 no" -uosrsd '\411ea4 fuaA e aJe no" . 0 2 E. 0 2 D. ~~. ride a bike 9. eat lrl.~ ~ c:: Never Sometimes Every day A. watch TV As@. Do you agree with it? Why? I Why not? picture.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Health Health Quiz How healthy are you? To complete the quiz. eat fruit and vegetables 0 2 ~ 3 2 o~c ~B. go to bed early 6. 3 0 0 2 2 0 0 2 2 0 0 2 ialel 001 S!I! aJo}aq al"'saHI JeO'\ afiue4) iln}aJeJ a8 ·'\41Iea4 pue I!} daa~ 01 op JO lea no'\ le4M inoqe aJeJ I. 5. 8. Add up the points you circled and find out your total score.

......................------------------ Would you like to travel? Sport Would you like to help sick people? 3... .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Work Choose a Job! Look at the jobs in the box....- 6. To find your ideal job.. . Maths translator accountant editor tour guide actor sports teacher marine biologist newspaper reporter physiotherapist R'latA5 teaEAer Would you like to work with young people? town planner doctor film director farmer maths teacher 1........ -------------------2........ choose your best subject at school.. .... ........- 5....- 4.... Match them with the correct picture and write them on the lines.- ... answer the questions and follow the arrows..

..... ..... .... -------------------- 10.....- 8...- Geography Would you like to work outside? Would you like to perform in front of an audience? 13.. -------------- 7.................... ......- 14..................... . .- Which jobs suits you and why? 11.- ........12.................. ....PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Work Would you like to work with animals? Would you like to work in an office? 9..

PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Types of home Who Lives Where? Read the information and write the names. Adam's home is at the end of the street. Michelle lives in a bungalow next door to the mobile home. He lives on the fourth floor. modern house next door to Adam and opposite Lisa. next door to Lisa and opposite Adam. Oliver lives in a flat. opposite Danielle. next door to Joe. Jill lives in a mobile home. 0------------ ®-----------®-----------@------------ GD-----------®-----------®-----------0------------ . Danielle lives in a cottage. Mark lives in a large.

dustpan bowl saucepan a. cooker a. b. vacuum cleaner dustpan broom a. b. a. tin opener c. kettle b. c. washing machine b. fridge c. microwave oven a. toaster b. b or c. What are they? Circle a. teapot How many of the kitchen objects mentioned in the exercise above can you find in this picture? . c.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Kitchen objects Mystery Objects Look at the mystery objects. food mixer sink washing machine c.

.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Tableware and cutlery Picture Crossword Complete the crossword. 12 . Down l 10 Across ~ .

Example: a) Geography Jt Choose the best name for each teacher.::0. RE (Religious Education) . Examples: Ms Belief . Use a dictionary if necessary.RE Mr Metal .Technology Mr Leaf .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES School subjects Find the Bag! The teachers have lost their bags! Match the teachers with the bags..~ PE (Physical Education) Art Mr Numbers Ms Croissant Ms Portrait Ms X-ray Mr Globe Ms Past Ms Marathon Mr Metal Ms Belief Mr Keyboard .Biology Mr Leaf Mr Cambridge IT (Information Technology) ' __ -.

on Tuesday after history and before English . • He's got one of his favourite subjects on Monday lesson 1 and Thursday lesson 3 after French and before history . Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3 lesson 4 Look at Kieran's schoolbag. • He's got three maths lessons . • On Monday. after French. he's got ITand then PE. • He's got science on Thursday. • Wednesday starts with a double lesson and finishes with PE.on Tuesday. VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES School subjects School Timetable Read the clues and complete Kieran's timetable . • He's got one lesson of RE a week. • He's got two science lessons each week. on Wednesday after art and on Thursday. • He's always got English in lesson 4 except Wednesday and Thursday . What day is it? GI . • Kieran's favourite subjects are technology and science . • He's got French on Thursday and on Friday after technology . • He's got a double lesson of one of his favourite subjects on Friday.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS.

~ D D ... 1 J J J ..~ .... '" . "'I "'I 9 D ... Are they the same as Kevin's things? . ...~ ....-"""""I! ~ P'" ~ I D ~ ..... " Make a list of the things that you need for school. .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES School objects Back to School! Complete the crossword.... What did Kevin forget to buy? 3~ D .. ..

PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES School building School Tour You are visiting a new school. I I .

He's got short.' 1 happy 2 generous 3 patient 4 brave 5 rude Page 10 How Old Are You? a True b True c False d True e False f True g True h False I True j True k False I True m True n True 0 False p True Lauren's cat is 10. ClARA (Sister) --(G~rl--I BOZO (Uncle) ESMERALDA DINO (Grandpa) The alien is saying.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES r Page 4 My Family 1 brother 2 grandmother 3 uncle 4 mother 5 father 6 grandfather 7 aunt 8 sister Emily is saying 'This is Andrew. Page 12 Puzzle It Out! 1 Simon 2 Carly 3 Anna 4 Robbie 5 Elena 6 Daniel Luke feels scared. dark hair. 'I'm -~~fE-l--~COCO (Brother) -~/~~-i--~~~~(AU~ncle) I I friendly. Page 7 The Monster 1 head 2 eye 3 chin 4 arm 5 hand 6 leg 7 foot 8 stomach 9 mouth 10 nose 11 ear 1 True 2 False. The referee is tall.He's got four ears. Page 11 Inventions 1A 2M 3E 4R 51 6C 7A 8N MATT (Cousin) MOLLY (Cousin) Molly is wrong. D . 3 True 4 True 5 False. He's my cousin.He's got one chin. He doesn't wear glasses.' Page 5 Family Tree Page 8 Personality Spiral . She's got one brother and two cousins. Page 6 Football Training The first jukeboxes were American.

10th May Summer holidays start 24th July Mother's Day . a vacuum cleaner. 2 Fishing is relaxing. 5 Shopping is irritating. a cooker. 'Go to bed!' Page 14 In My Opinion 1 Fishing is boring.June Page 16 Numbers Picture 3 monkeys 2 elephants 4 lions 12 birds 5 sea lions 8 clouds 7 dustbins 14 children 3 zoo-keepers 10 trees 15 butterflies Page 17 On the Washing Line 1 shirt 2 T-shirt 3 sweatshirt 4 skirt 5 jeans 6 trousers 7 dress 8 socks Kevin is wearing trainers. a tap. 4 Parachuting is exciting.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Answers Page 23 Health Quiz 1a 2h 3g 4e 5i 6b 7j 8c 9d 10f Pages 24 and 25 Choose a Job 1 maths teacher 2 accountant 3 tour guide 4 translator 5 physiotherapist 6 sports teacher 7 editor 8 newspaper reporter 9 marine biologist 10 doctor 11 actor 12 film director 13 farmer 14 town planner Page 26 Who Lives Where? 1 Jill 2 Michelle 3 Lisa 4 Oliver 5 Danielle 6 Joe 7 Mark 8 Adam Page 27 Mystery Objects 1a 2b 3b 4c 5c 6a Eight objects are in the picture a teapot.October New Year's Day . a tin opener Page 28 Picture Crossword Page 13 Feeling III 1 sore throat 2 cold 3 headache 4 toothache 5 stomach ache 6 earache 7 cut The doctor says. a broom. Page 22 Which shop? A BUTCHER'S B BAKER'S C CHEMIST'S D NEWSAGENT'S E PETSHOP F MUSIC SHOP 1 pet shop 2 newsagent's 3 chemist's 4 butcher's 5 music shop 6 baker's Page 29 Find the Bag! a geography b art c maths d technology e French .5th November Diwali . Page 15 Dates for you Calendar Ranjit's birthday . a kettle. a washing machine.1st January Valentines' Day .March Father's Day .3rd August Christmas Day . 6 Shopping is great fun.14th February Examsstart . 8 Reading is OK.25th December Bonfire Night . Page 18 Hide and Seek Peter and Sophie Page 19 Eurocolours a Austria b Belgium c Denmark d Finland e France f Germany g Greece h Ireland i Italy j Luxembourg k Netherlands I Portugal m Spain n Sweden o United Kingdom Page 20 Fruity Fun The worm's question is Do you like strawberries? Page 21 Picnic Crossword 8 Nicky forgot chocolate cake. 7 Reading is interesting. 3 Parachuting is frightening.

.. f 1e 2d 3b 4a 5c Page 37 Find It! 1 steps 3 a clock 5 a chair 6 goggles 7 a whistle 9 armbands 10 a life guard 12 a swimming cap 14 a swimsuit 20 a diving board It's a duck.maths Mr Past.history Mr Metal technology Ms Croissant French Ms X-ray .IT Mrs Marathon .aY-l"W.ed ne.. 2 IT history art French !techrtology I . f 4b.... snowing 3 windy 4 cloudy.. ... grey Pages 40 and 41 Crossword Page 34 Football Facts 1D 2A 3V 41 5D 6B 7E 8C 9K 10H 11A 12M The famous English footballer is David Beckham... I -...._.... d....."Mo""nda=aY'-i~""u. 3 " PE English i RE English m(Jth~ soence PE history l i French Englis~.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTJVITIES Answers f science g biology h IT i RE j English k PE I history Page 35 Cine-madness! 1f 2b 3h 4a 5g 6d 7c 8j ge 10i Page 42 Transport Puzzle The mystery from of transport is hovercraft.PE Mr Globe geography Ms Portrait .=.sda=Fh""u'7"sd~rL. 6 75 7 45 kilos 8 450 million 9 Unleaded petrol 10 Friends of the Earth ....art Mr Numbers . O~R ~--=-c~ ~J Page 38 Translate! 1 bill 2 petrol 3 trousers 4 holiday 5 pavement 6 biscuit 7 dustbin 8 films 9 sweets 10 curtains a10 bl c9 d7 e3 f8 g5 h6 i2 j4 Page 45 Which Inventions? A firework b skateboard c internet d lawn mower e hovercraft f dishwasher 1 lawn mower 2 hovercraft 3 dishwasher 4 skateboard 5 internet 6 firework ll. ~~L!OrT NOTEBOO RU l ER [DICTIONARY PENCllCASE .~_~_~l ... '1 MISSED MY PLANE!' Page 30 School Timetable --c-~.English Page 36 In the Department Store 1i 2f 3a 4e 5h 6d 7g 8c 9b 10j Page 43 Transport Quiz 1b 2b 3a.. Page 31 Back to School! SCI PEN PENCilS SS0 R Il ARPENERj sl .. Page 44 At the Airport 1 FOREIGNCURRENCY 2 INFORMATION 3 TOILETS 4 DEPARTURE GATES 5 CHECK-IN 6 LIFTS 7 PASSPORT CONTROL 8 ARRIVALS 9 LEFTLUGGAGE The passenger is saying.. 1 science i moths art moths i tec~nology I .. Suggested answers: Mr Keyboard .sd.. Page 47 Environmental Quiz 1 200 litres 2 50 litres 3 1985 4 Between 18 and 48 kilometres 5 Because they contain CFCgas.science Mr Cambridge .. --J ... E li'!J Pages 32 and 33 School Tour 1 reception 2 medical room 3 headteacher's office 13 staffroom 12 computer room 11 library 4 gym 5 assembly hall 10 canteen 9 music room 8 language laboratory The rooms that the students don't visit are: 6 science laboratory 7 art room Page 39 Spot the Country! France Italy Spain Greece Austria Norway Sweden Ireland Hungary Turkey Page 46 What's the Weather like? Today it's raining. rainbow 2 cold... 1 raining. b.

baseball.Toby 3 chocolates .tortoise 2i .Sylvie 6 computer game . yoga go: jogging.Mike 10 CD .parrot 7f .40 Page 63 Holiday Code 1G 2A 3S 4V 58 6M 7N 8P 9U lOT 110 12L 131 14E 15C Tom went to Scotland. Page 58 Animal Facts 1 true 2 false: elephant 3 true 4 false: cheetah 5 true 6 true 7 false: ostrich 8 true 9 true 10 false: koala 11 false 12 false: desert locust 13 true 14 false: Siberian tiger The cat was the most sacred animal. hockey Page 52 What Are You Watching? 1 cartoon 2 children's show 3 news 4 film 5 documentary 6 series 7 sports programme 8 talk show 9 gameshow Page 53 Crazy Party! A7 81 Cl0 D9 E4 F5 G3 H2 18 J6 Page 54 Musical Instruments 1 violin 2 recorder 3 cello 4 harp 5 flute 6 drums 7 trumpet 8 clarinet 9 piano In an orchestra. • . horse-riding play: snooker. PostcardA. skiing.75 2£16.Chris 4 football .05 3£11.snake 3g .canary 1Oh.hamster 5b .Mark 7 book .Rob 5 perfume .puppy 8d . Page 59 Christmas Cards 1 mince pies 2 decorations 3 Christmas pudding 4 roast turkey 5 Christmas cake 6 card 7 cracker 8 Christmas Page 62 Holiday Souvenirs a sunglasses b postcard c teddy bear d flip-flops e straw hat f tea towel g pencil case h swimsuit i necklace j beach bag k coffee mug I T-shirt m fridge magnet n guide book 1 £14.gymnastics. Page 50 Spot the Sport! 1 ice hockey 2 football 3 rugby 4 ice skating 5 basketball 6 cricket 7 skiing 8 judo 9 tennis 10 swimming 11 golf The mystery sport is horse-riding.rabbit 4c .Julia 8 necklace Lucy 9 board game . table tennis.goldfish Page 56 Pairs 1 horse 2 turkey 3 donkey 4 sheep 5 bull 6 piglet 7 chicken 8 cockerel 9 rabbit 10 goose 11 duck 12 goat 13 lamb Page 57 Anna's Diary Page 61 Greetings! 1 C 2F 3A 4E 58 6D 1 Congratulations! 2 Happy Father's Day! 3 Good luck! 4 Goodbye!/Good luck! Anna stays at Village A.guinea pig 6e .Joe 2 video . Page 51 Sports Collocations do: aerobics.Paul 11 jumperEmma 12 sports bag .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Answers carol 9 Christmas tree 10 angel 11 bell 12 mistletoe 13 Father Christmas 14 chimney 15 present 16 reindeer 17 three kings 18 crib 19 star 20 snow Page 60 Christmas Presents 1 trainers .Nick The name of the organisation is Greenpeace. Page 48 Summer Camp 1 surfing 2 canoeing 3 dancing 4 windsurfing 5 football 6 rock climbing 7 fishing 8 judo 9 volleyball 10 quizzes 11 drama 12 watching videos 13 karaoke The activities not in the picture are fishing and football. Page 55 In the Pet Shop lj . taekwondo. volleyball.kitten 9a .

C) reception 0. Here is the school reception. And this room here is the computer room. where we do sports.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES School building Read the text and follow the guided tour. where we have lunch. And this is the gym.. Here you can borrow books and videos .she's called Mrs Stone.. This is the music room and finally. The tour starts in the playground. Now we come to headteacher's office . where we send you if you are hurt or ill. Now label the rooms that you saw on your tour. Now we cross the corridor to the library. and this is the medical room. over here. Welcome to Cherwell High School. where the teachers sit and rest. opposite the music room is the language laboratory.. Draw the route. This is the staffroom.-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0------ Do you know the names of the rooms that you didn't visit? 0------ . This is the canteen. Next to it. is the assembly hall.. you can come here for help and information . where all the students meet every Monday morning.

. he/she gets a goal a yellow card 4. The first footballs made of were plastic leather fE 10.. A football match for under-13s lasts 70 minutes 90 minutes f£j 11. In a team.. Goalkeepers wear 12. The famous English footballer D is ~ You're football crazy! .. tB ::: ~ What's your score? Correct answers: Write the letters of the correct answers to spell the name of a 5-8 You're a keen football supporter 9-12 famous English footballer. Football was invented in England in France 9. it's called fE 6. Football rules are a draw a shoot-out ~ 5. When a player moves the ball with hislher head.. What is the 15-minute break in the middle of the game? half-time extra-time bj .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Football Football Facts How much do you know about football? Read the sentences and choose the corred answers. it's called a header a tackle fE different in each country international ~ 7. Who blows the whistle at the start of a match? the referee the linesman ~ 2. . 1. 3. If the score is 0-0. A football shinpads helmets top is called a blouse a shirt . If a player commits a foul. there are 11 players and 4 substitutes 9 players and 6 substitutes [IJL [[] 8..

~.": ~ . .. e._ '. J." ': '.l'm sorry. h. where are the toilets? b. . ::. it's sold out. .~i~'~::· ". Screen number 2 a. c.•• : . \ '..:_. can we watch Blood Monster? .. I'd like some popcorn...' :. please... .... please. ..~ . ..: . '_".PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES At the cinema Cine-madness! Match the conversations to the people. One seat for Star Wars.. Excuse me. Mum. it's a certificate 18. .' ~. .. '::. Which screen is it for Star Wars? d...': . :.ln the foyer.. .•.~"": . No. . f. Regular or large? g. next to the box office i.

. Keep the receipt in case you want to change it. It's too expensive. How much is the black one? g. Can I pay by credit card? j. d. Can I try this on. Cal'! I "'ell9 YSl:I? b. The changing room is over there. Do you sell football boots? f. on the left. It's too big. It's too small.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Shopping In the Department Store What is everyone saying? Find the corred words for each person. h. a. i. please? c. e.

4. 0 21.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES The swimming pool Find it! Tick the things that are in the pidure. 8.0 What's this? Colourthe numbers that you ticked.0 20.0 13.0 19. ( ----~ It's a _ _ _ _ ) D .0 17. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 steps a door a clock a window a chair goggles a whistle insects armbands a lifeguard showers a swimming cap a boat a swimsuit a fish sand a pair of sunglasses a ball a bag a diving board a duck 10.0 15.0 16. 6. Find one of the things on the list above.0 14. 5.0 11. 1. 3. 12. 7. 0 18. 2. 9.

vacation (Time to relax. pants (You wear them.) e t 0 e h IY r0 iu re5 3.) 1.) c 5 rh Ut nia .) 10. gas (You put it in your car.) 5 4.··/·D t fnz ~---- 8. check (You pay it in a restaurant.) db Pve c am tne 6. trashcan (You put your rubbish in it.) du ib g)~. drapes (They hang at the window.) far 5it mlw 59i we e p5t h)~D 9. sidewalk (You walk on it.) hay 0 Iik 5.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES American English Tral1slate! can you understand American English? Find the English equivalents for these American words. candy (You eat these sugary things. Example: fall (The season before winter. cookie (You eat it as a snack.) bd 5 e it cui 5 ho'cloCk 8o'cloak 7. Now match the words to the pictures.) b 0 ix Ie aIt Ptr 2. movies (You see them at the cinema.

PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Countries of the world Spot the Country! Find the second half of each label to show where the passengers are going. . Write the names of the countries below.

20 6 7 You can go here on Sunday to pray. you are not far away. You can sit __ a bench in the park. to __ . There are lots of these at the campsite. go to the You can buy fresh vegetables and meat here. about the town. 15 16 17 18 19 5 If you are lost. go to the __ station. . Across You can watch a play here. (2 words) You can go to the open-air when the weather is swimming If you want to watch a film. If you need information go to the __ office. Tourists sleep here. 2 3 4 You can find the mayor here (2 words). 21 You can arrive at the town at the station. 22 23 24 25 pool 26 27 12 The bus or train terminates here. If you lose your umbrella. go to the _. 28 Down You can have lunch or dinner here. Beach Street. You can put up your tent here. Nurses and doctors work here. A bridge goes over it. 8 9 10 11 This building is like a large church. 13 14 There is a lot of money here. You can catch a __ at a bus stop. If you are __ . You can go here to relax or do a sport.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Places in a town Crossword Do the crossword. _ property office. The _ of the hotel is 1. What's the address -the hotel? You go to a restaurant You go here to buy stamps. 29 To report a crime. You can buy things here. look at a __ to find out where you are.


. You catch a lorry You must wear a seat belt in a car. . \ \ Planes are faster than trains.. FINISH I . . . . . F--~ True False A motorbike hasn't got an engine. \ --- A bicycle has got four wheels.. . . " I You catch a train . . The letters spell the name of a form of transport. in the air. . is a T . . . Cars can travel across the sea on a ferry. motorbike has got an engine. A boat travels A helicopter \ \ \ \ A submarine travels on the road.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Transport Transport Puzzle What is the mystery form of transport? Are the sentences true or false? Follow the arrows. .

6) We're taking off! Here we go! e Which stop do you want to get off at? Hyde Park? Get in! It's just around the corner. a [ 1 a train b [ 1 a plane c [ 1 a bicycle d [ 1 a bus e [ 1 a car f [ 1 the underground 4 Which of these types of transport do you ride? There are two correct answers. «3 . 1. o 8 Welcome aboard! We sail from Portsmouth Harbour in thirty minutes. Which type of transport can you get in and get out of? a [ 1 a motorbike b [ 1 a taxi Match the sentences with the pidures. Which type of transport you get on and get off? a [ 1 a car b [ 1 a train can 3 Which of these types of transport do you catch? There are four correct answers. a [ 1 a ferry b [ 1 a scooter c [ 1 a coach d [ 1 a car e [ 1 a lorry f [ 1 a bicycle 2. Fasten your seatbelts we're landing in five minutes.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Transport Transport Quiz Choose the corred answers.

pi ~ I 8. 1. 4. What is the passenger saying? () II o () 6 2 6 4 cl L( ) -IT] () I II "2 T "1"8"9"5 6. 3. FlO II TI DI R E IIG IN I ICIU IRIRIE IN Ie (vJ () I Now write the letters from inside the circles. 9. 7. 2. 5. () () LI III GI .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Transport At the Airport What can you see at the airport? Look at the signs and write the words.

You stand on a 5.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Inventions Which Inventions? Match the two halves of each word to find six inventions. 1. with a computer. explodes in the sky with a bang and colours. A lID . and it moves on its wheels. You search the 6. 2. You can travel on water and land in a 3. _ washes the dishes for you. A 4. You cut the grass with a lawn mower. Write the names of the inventions. lawn work n~ mower craft washer board fi~ skate inter hover dish a) b) c) Now read the descriptions.

_ Jack is looking at a 8 0 c- O 0 o e O V f1 cG 0- cC 0 0 0 Today it's very It's It's and the sky is Mrs Jones has got an umbrella.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Weather What's the Weather Like? Colour the weather words. dovtly coltl 9/ey /(Jlifi"9 s"owi"9 GIHIIIYwi"tly /(Jlifbow o Today it's _sunny but it's also _ _ Today it's fine and it's very Peter is flying his kite. Use the words in the box. What is the weather man saying? -J look at the pictures and complete the sentences. _ .

.48 100 -150 kilometres from the Earth. 6. Each person in Britain fills I7530l ~ ~ dustbins of rubbish in a year. The letters will spell the name of an organisation concerned with protecting the environment. Friends of the Earth E Amnesty International L is an organisation concerned with protecting the environment. 9. Each person throws away ~ kilos of plastic in a year. Circle your answer and put the letter in the box at the end. 1. E D 5. Some aerosol sprays damage the ozone layer because they contain .-1_D_~_D __ C_~_C__j1 gas. The ozone layer is between 18 . ~ 3. Each person uses ~ litres of water for one shower.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES The environment Environmental Quiz How much do you know about protecting the environment? Read these facts about protecting the environment and decide which are true and which are false. In Britain. ~ 2. 7. Each person uses ~ litres of water for one bath. 1 million S 450 million A trees are affected by acid rain every year. 8. The hole in the ozone layer was discovered in 1958 A 1985 E 4. The most environmentally-friendly type of petrol for your car is diesel unleaded P C petrol.

o Come to camp this summer! Here are some of the activities you can try . 2 . 0. . Which? 1 . e ..PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Hobbies Summer Camp Someone has rubbed all the vowels 'a. f tb _II J 6 r_ ck-cl_ mb_ng f _ sh _ ng 9 1 j V_ II _ yb _ II 12 1 W_ tch _ ng v_ d __ s \13 k_r k_ Two activities are not pictured on the poster. i. Write them back in to see the activities you can do at the camp. u' oft the poster.. o [.

. 50 . ·sa)eld Mau l!S!Aue) noA aJa4M Aep!104 e aS004) ·s6u!4l Mau JaAO)S!p oi a~!I nOA :. costume and snorkel you take your CD player and some CDs so you can listen to music. you play table tennis. You have nothing sunny afternoon. you can only pack important 50 . * T you ask a friend to playa game of tennis.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Hobbies What's Your Ideal Holiday? Do the quiz. Which school trip would you choose? * T Skiing in the mountains. 2.0 Count your symbols. * T 3. 6. playing volleyball. For your holiday. Circle your answers. + 4. canoeing. in London.. you surf the internet. You have to make a holiday your little brother lunch for and sister. You are on your own at home... 50 . you wash your hair. you go sunbathing. * you take your swimming so you can go swimming. * T you cycle to a forest and have a picnic.. (&<~::J~ you cook a Chinese mea~. you order some takeaways.. you watch television. What is your worst type of holiday? Doing nothing Rock climbing. you start reading a new book.. 50 ..~ ~ r2~?) ~~ I e . 1. How many have you got? Read the results.. 50 . to do one s. and being bored.'> AllSOV\l AllSOV\l ·Azel aq pue xelaJ ue) noA aJa4M Aep!l04 e aS004) ·Al!A!pe pue uods ipnui OOl ale4 nOA :. Sunbathing Sightseeing at the beach.. 'spuauj a~ew pue aA!pe aq ue) noA aJa4M Aep!104 e aS004) ·Al!A!pe pue uods aAol nOA :. Your best friend comes to your house. ~f(. * T you play with a ball in the garden... things in your backpack._ AllSOV\l . you take a pair of binoculars so you can go bird-watching. 7. Doing the same thing every day. * T (!" you go for a walk.

~ ~. 'II i swimming football ice skating 't ~ ~ rugby 'tennis skiing What sports do you like? . What's missing from the picture? Mystery sport ______ u_ u _ basketball golf judo ~ ~cricket ~ e ~ ~ ice hockey @ --=::::::::.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Sports Spot the Sport! Write the names of sports under the pidures.-rt· '" 0 . What is missing from each picture? ___U _ _ [_l _ u _ ____ U _ _u _ __u _ __ u_ _ u_ Discover the mystery sport with the letters in brackets.so .

Put the sports with the corred verb.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Sports Sports Collocations Look at the list of sports. adivities and leisure interests. We use different verbs with different sports. hockey baseball gymnastics horse-riding jogging skiing snooker table tennis taekwondo volleyball yoga Can you think of any more sports. activities and leisure interests for each group? .

_ J Tfitainilmc 4. cartoon Sky moviemax 2.taplkrshaow 8. -_--------------------- What are your favourite television programmes? . Write them under the televisions.:~ ( ChannelS ) UK Gold ) 8 MATcH 7. Wdoilcudl 5. imenftarey Flasetrimaestes 6. _ 3. ----------------------- ~ ~ t Q. ----------------------- ----------------------- -_--------------------- ( BBe 2 ) Q./fQ (. Sky 1 ) aBC ChOice) 1.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Television programmes What Are You Watching? Crossout the letters making up the title of each programme. ----------------------- Gacomeunsthuopw 9. The letters remaining spell out what kind of programmes they are.

J . Where's the toilet? 2. yes. Nice to meet you. Have some cake! 9. please! 3. 10. Please come in.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Parties Crazy Party! Something's wrong! Find the corred bubble for each person! A 1. Oh.

.~ 6) 6) raph . ~ 6) I ~ I () [J ~ smurd prumtet treclain I I I I () (] anpoi 0) -. I Where can you find all these instruments together? Inan __ . .... " olivin (] ••• r or ~ . I I -. () () [J [J tulfe lolce . .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Music Musical Instruments Unscramble the names of the musical instruments and write them in the grid.

I like drinking milk.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Pets In the Pet Shop Can you match the words and pictures of the pets? parrot kitten puppy snake hamster guinea pig tortoise rabbit canary goldfish Read the descriptions of the pets below their homes. I don't make a noise. with tiny pink ears. I am orange and I've got a tail. Which of these pets would you like? Which wouldn't you like? Why? . I like digging in the garden. You can't really see my ears! 6.__ --' 9. Look at my lovely yellow feathers. ~I II . I am long and thin. I live in my shell. 5. with scales on my shiny skin. ruJf-' i. and I'll go inside it! 2. I like talking! Look at my bright colours and big beak! 7. Listen to my bark! 8. 3. 1. I am small and gold and furry. Then write the name of each pet in the correct homes. I can sing beautifully. Touch it. Stroke my long ears! 4. I am black and white and cuddly. 10. Feel my soft fur. I like eating lettuce and carrots.

2. 10. _ 13. 1. 6. 3. _ 7. horse 5. 9. . Write the name of the animal under the correct picture. _ 4. 11.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Farm animals Pairs Match the pieces of paper to find 13 farm animals. _ 8. 12.

. B.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Wild animals Anna's Diary Anna is on safari. Where does she stop for the night (A. Read her diary. She passes lots of animals. Write a list of the animals you would see on your way there from the START. C or D)? VILLAGE C Chooseone of the other stopping·places. Draw in her route.

read the sentences and choose TRUE or FALSE. 14.3 46 .13 33 .33 39 . 13. 4. l/M '-~tj~ f-~ 13 • 16 • 27 • 5 • . The most ferocious fish is the piranha.18 12 . then join the dots. .31 12 . The largest bird's egg is laid by the eagle. The animal with the longest nose is the dog. A hamster has eight eyes.27 36 .PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Amazing animals Animal Facts What animal was most sacred to the ancient Egyptians? To find out.13 44 . The longest snake is the python.44 12 . 2 .12 3 .36 3 . The largest animal is the blue whale.46 16 .50 12 . Example: If you think sentence 1 is true.13 16 .50 5 ./' --- »>: "V' »: • • 33 • 45 _j_ -- 2• • 50 18 •3 39 • The was the most sacred animal to the ancient Egyptians.16 46 .27 27 . The largest member of the cat family is the wild cat. 9.46 10 . The fussiest eater is the rabbit.5 5 . 8. 2.50 27 . The loudest insect is the cicada./44 12 • <. TRUE 1.2 13 . The bird that is best at talking is the parrot. join 2 and 50.3 13 .27 FALSE 2 . 7. join 2 and 27. 11. If you think it is false. 10. 12. Use the internet to find out the facts. 6. 5.45 ® .45 10 .16 44 .50 39 . The tallest animal is the giraffe. The fastest animal is the horse. The biggest lizard is the male komodo dragon. The most destructive insect is the bee.50 31 . . 3.50 33 .

What object appears on the last Christmas card? o o a o • • •1 15 1.2- . angel bell card chimney Christmas cake Christmas carol Christmas pudding Christmas tree cracker crib decorations Father Christmas mince pies mistletoe present reindeer roast turkey snow star three kings Now join the dots in the same order as the list above.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Christmas Christmas Cards Find the following objects on the Christmas cards. Write the correct number next to each word.

. .""~' ~~~~--~ @ ~-r ® c --- c _ ® --@ b _ b v Now write the correct name on each label. ·Paullikes listening to music..r".Toby likes films.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Christmas Christmas Presents (? 0 \J Help Father Christmas!Write what each present is. • Julia reads a lot. ·Sylvie likes to smell nice.~ * ~"J~@ I "------trainers -------- { ~ ~ r {7 . • Jane likes designer clothes and shoes. • Lucy loves Jewellery.. • Emma likes new clothes. • Mark's mad about computers. • Mike likes playing games. trainers CD sports bag video perfume computer game board game necklace football chocolates book jumper fJ\~17~ (q. =Nkk is crazy about all sports. • Chris loves chocolate. • Rob loves football.

A B c D E 1. Happy Birthday! 2.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Special days Greetings! Send each carel on the right day! Match each carelwith the corred greeting. o ID . Happy Valentine's Day! D D Write the greeting on each of these cards. Congratulations! 0 D 5. Happy Mother's Day! D D 3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 4. Good luck! 6.

PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Holidays Holiday Souvenirs Match the words to find the souvenirs. post flip % [tea % ~ ~[_sw_im_~7' ~--ca-se-J'" B% I~ hat \ shirt %bOOk I T- % I pencil % [neck % '.. % [coffee~ I .{: flOps] ~ ~ I guide ~laceJ ® sunglasses ® ----- CD ® ~ <D '-------- ® How much has each holiday-maker spent? _' 2 3 .:magnet towel I 8 bag I ~ fridge ~ s. Write them below the pidures......

watch 12. pack 14. 13 12-11-4-14 15-12-13-6-5-13-7-1 6-11-9-7-10-2-13-7-3 5-9-10 5-14-7 7-14-4-13-313-3 10-11-11 5-13-1! 13 2-6 4-13-3-13-10-13-7-1 6-9-3-14-9-6-3. = 15. = 9. make 11. = 12. climb 8. send 13. = 14.= 5.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Holidays Holiday Code Match the holiday verbs and nouns and write the code. eat 6. buy 4.= 4. 2-7-7-2. 12-11-4-14 10-11-6 .13 12-11-4-14 12-13-3-10-14-7-13-7-1 10-11 5-2-1-8-13-8-14 6-9-3-13-15.= 6. build 10. = Use the code to read the holiday postcard. = 11. = 3. Where did Tom go on holiday? Choose the correct postcard. = G 2. go C swimming V U A B M N a bicycle a sandcastle photos an ice cream a theme park a mountain G a bungy-jump 5 souvenirs T friends P the plane 0 a musical L a postcard I your suitcase E beach volleyball 1. take 3. = 8. board 9. hire 5. = 7. play 15. = 13. visit 7. do 2. 1. = 10.

an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Hampshire . Caroline Grimshaw Cover design: Kaya-anne Cully Illustrations by: Rachel Ball and Phil Burrows No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part. recording or otherwise.19 New Oxford St. For information regarding permission. or stored in a retrieval system. 1 . Gosport.. 2003 All rights reserved. mechanical. London WC1 A 1NU. Printed in the UK by Ashford Colour Press Ltd. without written permission of the publisher. photocopying. Designs). write to: Mary Glasgow Magazines. Mary Glasgow Magazines.). (Scholastic Inc. electronic. Commonwealth House.PRACTICE AND PROGRESS: VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES Material written by: Sue Finnie and Daniele Bourdais Commissioning Editor: Emma Grisewood Content Editor: Judith Greet Designers: Tracey Mason (TM. or transmitted in any form or by any means.

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