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Thousand Oaks Blvd. Specific Plan - DRAFT

Thousand Oaks Blvd. Specific Plan - DRAFT

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Published by: Ventura County Star on Oct 26, 2011
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A typical zoning ordinance is organized around zoning

districts for specifc land use types, e.g. commercial
retail, service, residential, offce, etc., and is further
regulated by the development standards that apply
to those specifc set of uses. however, this single-
use, or traditional approach of separating uses
often creates barriers to developing an inviting,
pedestrian-friendly realm, despite the use of various
overlays and other methods to minimize its effect.
Therefore, this document presents a mixed-use

zoning approach where the desired activities and

building forms dictate what is and what is not allowed

in order to reestablish Thousand Oaks Boulevard as

the “Downtown” and as a focal point of activity.

Land uses and development standards, along with
design guidelines, are presented in this chapter
to form a complete set of policies that will work in
concert to steer future development of the Specifc
Plan Area and reinforce the desired vision for the

corridor. The standards and guidelines are also

intended to improve the overall aesthetic appearance and
to serve as an incentive for private reinvestment along the


Allowable land uses regulate businesses appropriate

for this section of the City. Specifc site development
standards, such as building height, setback,
relationship to street and sidewalk, and required
parking and location are critical to the performance of
each use. The land use and development standards
will provide refned direction for the types of uses that

should occur and how these uses will be allowed to
develop along the corridor.

In addition to the regulated land use and development
standards of this Specifc Plan, future development is

also directed by design guidelines that provide guidance

on a range of site, landscaping, and building issues and
concepts. Design guidelines create a defned framework of
design principles that supplement development standards
by providing direction on the more qualitative aspects of a
development project. All commercial projects must adhere
to the guidelines presented in the City of Thousand oaks
Architectural design Review guidelines for Commercial




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