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Thousand Oaks Blvd. Specific Plan - DRAFT

Thousand Oaks Blvd. Specific Plan - DRAFT

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Published by: Ventura County Star on Oct 26, 2011
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Public art can be provided either as stand-alone

individual pieces or can be incorporated into the

design of other streetscape improvements such
as paving, benches, street lights, etc. Locations
for public art pieces are suggested at most public
spaces such as streets, plazas, or along pedestrian


Display of public art is an important way of expressing the
personality and character of a community. An arts program

to engage local artists in representing various aspects of

the City greatly personalizes community. Following are

guidelines for public art.

a. Public art can be created in small elements

such as banding on a stair riser or larger
pieces such as interpretive sculptures and
functional art.

b. Public art can be an interactive media, such
as video projections or a climbing structure, or
can include randomly timed water features.
c. Public art can be used as a way-fnding feature

to attract pedestrians to key locations such as a
plaza or pedestrian connection.

d. Public art can be displayed as murals representing

the area’s unique history and culture.

e. Art can be in the form of decorative tiles integrated into
paving or placed on benches, walls, stairs, and entries.

f. Seating areas and signs are opportunities for public art.
g. Functional public art is encouraged.





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