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Running a SuccessfuI

Law Practice
Beverly Michaelis, J.D.
Practice Management Advisor
Professional Liability Fund
Failure to protect client funds
nadequate accounting
Unexplained overdrafts
%rust Account VioIations Lead to
DiscipIinary Proceedings
Missed deadlines
Failure to detect conflicts
Lost documents
Deleted eCourt notices
of MaIpractice CIaims
InvoIve Office System Errors
Manage Money
Manage DeadIines
Manage ConfIicts
Get Organized!
Learn How Learn How to . to .
Is It the CIient's Money?
. Retainers
2. Settlement Proceeds
3. Overpayments
Use the
%rust Account
Or is it Your Money?
ou've done the work
Billed the client or
The fee is earned upon receipt
Use the
GeneraI Account
eep a Paper %raiI eep a Paper %raiI
- Each client is separate
- Track all deposits and withdrawals
ank Register Ledger
ank aIance $1
Register aIance $1
CIient Ledgers $1
CIient A $ 2
CIient $ 3
CIient C $ 5
Stay on %op of DeadIines
%echnoIogy +
Effective Office Systems
SuccessfuI %ime Management
e a fiIer
Not a PiIer
Lead %ime
and FoIIow-up
Get Organized
And When it
Comes to ConfIicts.
Even if You.
1. Limit your practice to one side
2. Limit your practice to one area
3. Practice aIone
. Practice with others
Capture Everyone
W Clients and Adverse
W Any Related Parties
W Declined Clients
W Prospects
W Pro Bono Clients
W Members of our Firm
Capture Everything
W SSN or %IN
W 123 AC Street
W Nicknames
Run ConfIict Checks
. At first contact
2. At file opening
3. When new party enters case
Document Your FiIe
Manage Money
Manage DeadIines
Manage ConfIicts
Get Organized!
Summary Summary
Beverly Michaelis
Practice Management Advisor
503-639-69 or 800-452-639