Metropolis, A Silent, black and white German film directed by Fritz Lang in 1927 is a very powerful film with the castings of; Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen- leader of metropolis, Gustav Frohlich as Freder- Son of Joh Fredersen, Brigitte Helm as MariaFreder's 'lover', Rudolf Klein-Rogge as C.A Rotwang- A mad scientist and Heinrich George as Grot- foreman of 'the heart machine' and around 300 extras. In it's timerevolutionary in it's special effects, sets and cinamatograpthy. Lang claimed to have drawn some inspiration from the soviet science fiction film: Aelita, by Yakov Protazanov in 1924. Metropolis somewhat reminiscent of prisons or camps that may have been active during the First World War;

'Workers' going in a lift that descends down into the earth- all lined up, symmetry in their foot-steps. their heads tilted forward, looking to the ground

The set of Metropolis and the special effects still to this day impress audiences with the grand paintings and sets of cities, which contain some aspects of German expressionism as well as Art Deco and Modernism- a fairly new style in Europe at the the time of filming. the original 'Machine-Man' was played by Brigitte Helm, who Fritz insisted played the pat- even if the 'plastic wood' cut and bruised her as she wore it on set.

Metropolis city-scape, with 'the New tower of Babel' in center-frame.

Metropolis has been a Major influence in many media, from fashion to current video games borrowing the film's style.

2010's February cover of 'VOGUE' Magazine depicting a resemblance to Machine-man's


Still from the 1982 film, Blade Runner which, the building featured in the still bares a resemblance to Metropolis' 'New Tower of Babel'

The X-Box 360 Title 'Bio-Shock' has a city (named 'Rapture', which is also based on Art Deco) that strongly resembles Metropolis, having a large central building center-frame and walk-ways between the voids of the buildings. apart from the style of the buildings between Metropolis and Rapture, the only key difference is is that Rapture is set underwater.