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Published by: Sonia Dheer on Oct 26, 2011
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Macbeth Profundity Scale

When Macbeth finds out what the witches were talking about and realizes that they were __________ to him when Macduff reveals the truth. Macduff reveals that he can go against the witch’s prophecies because he was not born of a ____________, as he was ripped out of her womb.

l Plane Philosophica

vestigation e rational in Th principles of truths and of the  ge, or conduct. eing, knowled b

Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and has nightmares due to the _________she feels over killing Duncan. In her nightmare she sees the __________ on her hands and realizes that can never be clean of the Duncan’s blood. (Act 5 scene 1 line 43 “what, will these hands ne’er be clean?”) Lady Macbeth dies/commits suicide due to the guilt over Duncan death. She would rather be __________than live the life she had. (act 5 scene 5 line 16 “the queen my lord is dead”)

Banquoʼs Ghost

Chain of being is restored/destiny
Due to the fact that Macbeth upset the __________ of being by killing __________ and becoming king of Scotland, when he dies this restores the chain of being. Duncan’s son, ___________ who is the rightful heir to the throne finally becomes king and this helps restore the chain of being.

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