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Published by: riyazmehdi92 on Oct 27, 2011
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The Holy Kaaba, a Sanctuary, the Holiest of the Holy Places of Islam, a Sanctuary wherein no crea-
ture animate or inanimate could be disturbed wherein even a confirmed convict could not be killed,
nor even a plant be plucked out. If the sanctity of the Holiest Shrine of Islam be violated by the shed-
ding of the blood of the Holy Imam which was the very blood of the Holy Prophet himself, no securi-
ty for anyone else would be left thereafter; the Holy Kaaba would cease to be a Sanctuary.

The next day was the day of the pilgrimage and Imam Hussain in the interest of the sanctity of the
place could remain there no more. The Holy Imam decided to leave the place with his whole caravan,
performing the briefer pilgrimage ‘Umra’ instead of the full pilgrimage ‘Hajj’, which could be done
only the next day, when every Muslim rushes to the place and covets to be there.

Imam Hussain left Makkah on the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah, 60 of
Hijrah preceded towards Kufa. His cousin Abdullah son of
Abbas asked him to wait, and warned him, “You might be
killed, and the people of Iraq are not reliable. At least go
some other place, such as Yemen, where your father had fol-

The Imam replied, “O my cousin! I know that you are sin-
cere, but I have decided on this journey.” Son of Abbas said,
“Then, do not take your children and your family, I am afraid

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if you take them, they may see you die.” Imam Hussain replied, “By God, they are not going to leave
me. If they leave me, they are going to be victims of someone who would not have mercy on them.”
He wanted the family to be united, and whatever happens would happen to them together. And, if he
leaves them, they would not be under anyone’s protection. Although he knew before hand the ulti-
mate destiny he was to face. But he believed that the true victory of God’s message would be realized
through his martyrdom, since there was no one else to stand up for the oppression. He knew that the
nation would not wake up except by such a great shock. Therefore, let this shock be his martyrdom,
along with his family who went all the way with him.

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