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Published by: Lito Vertzini on Oct 27, 2011
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It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that workers are

provided with suitable personal protective equipment where it is needed.


As a general rule, personal protective equipment should be

supplied at no cost to the worker. The exception to this is where it is not

exclusive to the workplace and so workers may be required to contribute

to the cost or when workers wish to have equipment which exceeds the

minimum standards required by legislation (eg a more attractive design).

MS and FV
Regs 1999 -
SI 1999 No.
2205 &
MSN 1731

Reg 5

Reg 6(1)

Reg 6(3)

MSCP01/Ch04/Rev2.01/Page 2


Employers should assess the equipment required to ensure that it

is suitable and effective for the task in question, and meets the appropriate

standards of design and manufacture.


Suitable equipment should

(a)be appropriate for the risks involved, and the task being performed,

without itself leading to any significant increased risk;

(b)fit the worker correctly after any necessary adjustment;

(c)take account of ergonomic requirements and the worker’s state of


(d)be compatible with any other equipment the worker has to use at the

same time, so that it continues to be effective against the risk.


Details of personal protective equipment are listed in a Merchant

Shipping Notice, including the full title of each relevant standard. The

appropriate personal protective equipment of the required standard must

be supplied for workers doing the tasks listed in the M Notice. However,

this should not be considered an exhaustive list, and personal protective

equipment must also be supplied wherever risk assessment indicates that

there is a risk to health and safety from a work process which cannot be

adequately controlled by other means, but which can be alleviated by the

provision of such clothing or equipment.


The employer is also required to ensure that personal protective

equipment is regularly checked and maintained or serviced. Records should

be maintained of servicing and any repair required and carried out.


All workers who may be required to use protective equipment

must be properly trained in its use. This should include being advised of its

limitations. A record should be kept of who has received training.

MSN 1731
(M+F); Reg

Reg 8

Reg 9

MSCP01/Ch04/Rev2.01/Page 3


Defective or ineffective protective equipment provides no defence.

It is therefore essential that the correct items of equipment are selected and

that they are properly maintained at all times. The manufacturer’s

instructions should be kept safe with the relevant apparatus and if necessary

referred to before use and when maintenance is carried out. Personal

protective equipment should be kept clean and should be disinfected as and

when necessary for health reasons.


A competent person should inspect each item of protective

equipment at regular intervals and in all cases before and after use. All

inspections should be recorded. Equipment should always be properly

stowed in a safe place after use.

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