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Adobe Photoshop Cs - Tutorial - Diigital Photography Workflow Handbook

Adobe Photoshop Cs - Tutorial - Diigital Photography Workflow Handbook


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Published by: api-3749303 on Oct 17, 2008
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There are a couple of reasons to use JPEG as the main image format:

• Your camera has no, or poor, raw support

• You want to get your images ready processed from the camera

• Raw converters seem too much of a hassle for you

• Raw files use too much space on your memory cards

Even though we list the main advantages of using raw files, it does not
mean you cannot get excellent results from your JPEG images. Actually you
are also using a raw processor, but this one is built right into your camera.
This means nearly all workflow steps will be the same and no reason not to
learn about our workflow.

As it is harder to correct white balance and exposure with JPEGs you should
pay even more attention to:

• Get best possible WB from the camera. Some digital cameras deliver
quite good auto white balance.

• Nail the exposure as perfect as possible and also avoid any kind of
overexposure. Your histogram is your friend. Some newer digicams
like the Sony F828 show even a live histogram in the viewfinder that
helps for perfect exposures.

The settings in your camera can also directly affect your images. Try to use
the following setting:

© 2002-4 Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller


• Sharpening in camera to low or off

• Contrast in camera to low or normal

• Colors to natural and low saturation (you can improve saturation


• Use Adobe RGB 1998 color space if possible

• Set saturation to low or normal

• Use highest resolution JPEGs if possible with the lowest compression

Once you start processing your images convert the results to TIFF to avoid
further quality losses due to JPEG compression.

In conclusion you should use raw files whenever you feel comfortable using
them. But that does not mean that you cannot get great results starting with
well exposed JPEGs from your camera and following our workflow.

© 2002-4 Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller


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