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Adobe Photoshop Cs - Tutorial - Diigital Photography Workflow Handbook

Adobe Photoshop Cs - Tutorial - Diigital Photography Workflow Handbook


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Published by: api-3749303 on Oct 17, 2008
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You can save any Action Set (use the action menu accessed by the little
triangle at the action tab) to your disk. It is best to keep the file name the
same as the action set name. If you load it, the action set will be named after
the filename.

Later you can load the action back into Photoshop (even on different
machines). Loading actions is even more important than saving them, as
there are many free and commercial actions available on the Internet.

Note: Do not use the “Reset Actions”, “Replace Actions”, “Clear All
Actions” menu commands as they may delete all your actions in you actions
palette (unless you exactly understand the implications).

Sometimes actions get refined over time. In this case it is good practice to
add a version name to the Action Set name (e.g. “My Sharpening V1.2”).

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