GOVT 2302.S10 Introduction Letter Dear Mr.

Garrison My Name is Scott Molina, I was born in raised in Dallas Texas. I have attended Collin College for the past three years, after this year I will finish my general studies associates degree. I am majoring in business with a focus in decision of business science. My ultimate goal is to be in a business that allows me to help a lot of people, I have many dreams and want to be successful in anything I approach. I love to read and study different books. I manly love self develop books, ways to connect with the spirt. Music is another thing I enjoy I love all kinds of music as long as the lyrics have true meaning to them. I believe my role as a citizen in a democratic society is to be a role model and lead by example as the principles of our founding fathers built this country no matter how much things change my parent raised me to be a leader and I want my life to have a meaning, that leaves a legacy for my generations. Hope this introduction letter was helpful. Thank You, Scott Molina

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