Eons ago the Eternals, the great gods who rule our reality came to bring life to our

world. Before there was any life, chaos and darkness filled the world. The eternals fought to cleanse the world of the chaos and at the end of the battle, sealed it in the depths of the underworld. In order to prevent chaos from ever running free again in the world, the gods took a part of their essence and transformed them into seven mighty guardians to protect the gates to the underworld. After the chaos was vanquished, the eternals brought forth inhabitants to tend to their new world. They selected three to serve as guides to their new race in order to teach them the secrets of their world and impart to them the knowledge needed to nurture the planet. These guides were known as elders, and they were granted special powers including immortality so that they could guide the races as long as they needed to But the eldest of the elders, believed that they, the elders were meant to rule over the inhabitants of the world. He harbored the intention to overthrow the gods and so sought the power needed to do so. The combination of all the powers of the eternals…the mighty guardians… He battled each guardian one by one and assimilated them (Gaining their power in the process). But the final guardian, the mightiest of the seven made from the pure essence of the eldest of the eternals fought him to a standstill. Due to the combined might of the remaining six guardians the last elder was able to seriously injure the guardian. Too weak to continue the battle, the guardian fled and hid himself in the soul of a newborn child. There he waited patiently, healing his wounds and recovering from the battle. With all the guardians defeated, the gates to the underworld were left open while the last remaining elder waited, watching out for the last guardian in order to complete his plan.