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My Battle With Grendel

My Battle With Grendel

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Published by Allyson Eves Klenk

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Published by: Allyson Eves Klenk on Oct 27, 2011
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My Battle with Grendel…

Tell the story of the battle with Grendel in Beowulf ’s own words through a journal entry or television or newspaper interview. Be sure to include Beowulf ’s feelings about watching the Geat near him die, how he felt during the fight, a blow-by-blow description of the battle, and how he felt about not being able to kill Grendel. Creativity is encouraged!

Requirements for journal entry: You entry needs to be at least one hand-written page long. In Beowulf the narrator doesn’t spend much time talking about Beowulf’s thoughts and feelings. In this journal entry pretend that you are Beowulf and fill in all the gaps that the narrator leaves. Feel free to embellish your entry with some hand-drawn illustrations.

Requirements for the TV or newspaper interview: Your interview needs to consist of at least 6 questions with full, descriptive answers. Help your readers or viewers get into Beowulf’s head and experience his emotions during the events of the story. Feel free to add a “photo” to your interview. Please type if possible.

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