Safety First

3rd grade, Unit 2

Drive Safely

Drive Safely
• Always wear your seatbelt in a car.

Stop Sign

Give way to oncoming traffic

Yield or stop for people

Don’t drive more than 50 mph

You must drive faster than 40

No right turn!

No Left Turn

No U Turns

No left turns, No U Turns

Left turn ONLY!

Right turn ONLY!

Left turn or strait ONLY!

Right turn or strait ONLY!

Left lane for left turn only


No Trucks

No Bikes

No Parking

No Pedestrians

School Zone

Caution! Road workers

Stoplight ahead

Winding road ahead

Slippery road ahead

Caution steep hill ahead

Playground ahead

Hiking trails ahead

Airport ahead

Bus station ahead

Train station ahead

Library ahead

Marina ahead

What is a Marina?

What is a Marina?

Snow recreation area ahead

Always wear your seat belt

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