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SHERLOCK HOLMES screenplay by Michael Robert Johnson and Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg screen story by Lionel Wigram and Michael Robert Johnson Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were created by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and appear in stories and novels by him

This script is the confidential and proprietary property of Warner Bros. Pictures and no portion of it may be performed, distributed, reproduced, used, quoted or published without prior written permission.

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FADE IN: 1 EXT. STREETS OF LONDON - NIGHT Autumnal streets seen through the sooty glass of a STREET LAMP. Shadows within shadows. Fog in the air. Full moon. WATSON (V.O.) The year was 1891. London was the capital of the world -- the height of modernity, with the hiss of steam and smell of coal in the air. It was also the great cesspool into which all the sinners and criminals of the empire drained. Gas hisses audibly, the street lamp ignites, and casts a POOL OF LIGHT onto the street, silhouetting a MAN making his way through the fog and dark shadows with a lantern. WATSON (V.O.) I had come to London, ten years prior, to find a life after the Afghan war. I had hoped to start a medical practice and settle into a nice, steady existence. The life I found was anything but nice and steady. We can see that the MAN wears a cape. The distinctive silhouette of his deerstalker hat is unmistakable. A FURIOUS CLATTER OF HOOVES APPROACHES in the distance. The MAN tugs on a pipe and turns towards the growing stampede. WATSON (V.O.) And that had everything to do with one man. My friend, my partner, my burden... The MAN exhales a plume of smoke calmly, giving us the impression that he knows something that we don’t. WATSON (V.O.) ... Sherlock Holmes. WHAM! The MAN in the deerstalker hat is KNOCKED FLAT by A RUNNING MAN who has vaulted over a wall, sending him, his pipe, and hat flying across the cobbles. 1




2. 1

The RUNNING MAN leans down as if to assist, but instead just picks up the smoker’s broken umbrella and studies it. The MAN in the deerstalker hat’s eyes widen as he recognizes his famous assailant. MAN Sherlock Holmes?! SHERLOCK HOLMES offers the handle of the umbrella to the MAN, hauls him to his feet and hands back his broken umbrella. HOLMES My apologies. Send the bill to John Watson, 221B Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes sprints off down an alleyway. takes a step into the road to watch him go -The MAN

-- and is nearly flattened for good by the first of a number of POLICE CARRIAGES, hurtling by on a serious pursuit, Victorian-style. 2 INT. CARRIAGE - CLOSEUP ON THE OFFICERS - NIGHT inside. Big, uniformed guys assemble their weaponry -- a 19th century SWAT team. One man stands out as a leader, older than the rest, INSPECTOR LESTRADE. A man in plainclothes sits to one side of the officers: DR. JOHN WATSON, physically as tough as anyone else in the carriage, but with a more pensive air about him. A thinking man of action. 3 EXT. STREETS OF LONDON - NIGHT Almost tipping over, the carriage turns onto the Embankment and hurtles through the writhing fog along the river. As the carriage banks, we see Holmes cut across the carriage path again, taking a line the horses cannot follow. CUT TO: ANOTHER ANGLE Holmes bursts out of an alley, sprints round a corner and runs across a courtyard to a side door. WE PULL BACK to see the FACADE OF ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL. 3 2

CATHEDRAL CRYPTS . He stops at the doorway and peers round the corner. Holmes launches a hammer blow. HOLMES (V.Rev. Holmes descends the stairwell to a door and a spiral staircase beyond it.) Then throat. A lantern glow ascends the spiral stairway towards Holmes. but not as fit as he used to be.the most vulnerable point.O. He peers behind the door and holds the lantern up to the shadows. just at the top of the jaw -. He takes a moment to recover. BACK TO 24 fps. We see Holmes’ eyes from the shadows. He peers about. heavy drinker -knuckles to liver. The man’s head is thrown back as he spins round. as he lowers his jacket and thinks through his plan of attack. but does not see Holmes. We RAMP BACK UP TO 400 fps as his Adam’s Apple is struck with a precision karate chop. PRE-VISUALIZATION IN VARI-SPEED FOCUS ON the spot behind the man’s right ear.SHERLOCK HOLMES . BACK TO 24 fps.) Head cocked to the left. partial deafness in right ear.ENTRANCE . strangling his scream. The man’s mouth opens to cry out. confused. HOLMES (V. Holmes withdraws into the shadows behind the door. and we ramp from 24 fps to 400 fps (ULTRA SLOW MOTION) as he makes contact. who has pulled his black jacket up to conceal his face. (CONTINUED) 4 5 . stop screaming. carrying the lantern and a gun. HOLMES (V.O.) Stink of alcohol. RAMPING TO 400 fps as a devastating knuckle-punch to the liver doubles up the bowler-hatted thug and crumples him to his knees. 2/2/09 3. A BOWLER-HATTED MAN ascends the stairs. he’s fit. paralyze vocal chords.O. 4 5 OMITTED INT. First point of attack. The man swings the lantern away again.NIGHT Holmes enters through the door and stands at the top of a stairwell.

THUG What’s goin’ on. the THUG points his gun to where we saw Holmes hide. Holmes extracts a cigar from the Thug’s top pocket and sniffs it appreciatively. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 4. CRACK! Karate chop to throat.5 SHERLOCK HOLMES . THWACK! Hammer blow to ear. WHAP! Knuckle punch to liver. picks up the man’s bowler and proceeds on. CUT TO: (CONTINUED) 6 7 . Holmes drags the battered man into the shadows. moving so fast that we can barely see what he’s doing.SUPER FAST REPEAT OF ABOVE Holmes flashes out of the shadows. Holmes places the lantern on the post at the bottom of the bannister. He has seen the lantern light.BOTTOM OF THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE Another bowler-hatted THUG approaches the bottom of the staircase. But Holmes appears from the shadows behind the THUG. John? When he gets no answer. 6 7 OMITTED INT. lifts his lantern and proceeds down the spiral staircase. BACK TO NORMAL MOTION as the man crumples to the ground.BALCONY . 5 SECOND-TIME ACTION . Holmes takes his bowler hat from his head and flips it onto his own in one super fast move. ducks down into the shadows. POV . He draws his gun and approaches. HOLMES Hhhmm.Rev. Who do you work for? He jams the cigar in his own top pocket. grabs his gun hand and pistol-whips him twice with his own gun. further down into the crypts. CATHEDRAL CRYPTS . dropping him.NIGHT TWO HARD MEN in bowler hats stand guard. reaches around him. good cigar.

WATSON HOLMES Shall we? This is what they like.) Watson. ANOTHER ANGLE The two HARD MEN on guard turn fast and gather together as they hear footsteps approaching. WATSON HOLMES Where’s Lestrade? Nice hat. out of sight. Thought I’d left the stove on. HOLMES It’s an old shirt. CUT TO: This is what they do. You did. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 5. Watson hands him his pistol. Is that your blood or theirs? I don’t know. 7 ANOTHER ANGLE Holmes surveys the scene AT A DISTANCE.Rev. Right. Holmes looks at it with HOLMES Knew I’d forgotten something. doesn’t take it. Just got it. HOLMES Perfect timing. distaste.7 SHERLOCK HOLMES . WATSON You left this behind. Des? MAN #1 (CONTINUED) . reveal -PULL BACK to (The following exchange in whispers. processing angles when -A HEAVY HAND falls on his shoulder. Eyes alive with intelligence. WATSON Getting his troops in formation.

7 He can see the hat. but not the man underneath. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 5A.Rev. WATSON (CONTINUED) .7 SHERLOCK HOLMES . s’me. Yeah.

Rev. He is more of a brawler. Suddenly. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 6. The Latin incantation 9A 8 9 Holmes is closer to the girl. 9A INT. Holmes and Watson head down. still hooded. ON THE WOMAN as her lips start to move in time with the incantation. A HOODED FIGURE KNEELS INSIDE A DOUBLE CIRCLE next to the pentacle. Blackwood chants softly. Holmes and Watson look down and see a chilling sight. trance-like. as if pulled to her feet by invisible hands. fast. Her eyes roll back in her head. Still kneeling.NIGHT Thugs dispatched. knees. but no less effective. using headbutts. WATSON (CONTINUED) . Some kind of ritual is about to climax. Latin incantation repeating and repeating. This is spooky. Blackwood simply ignores them. and elbows.BALCONY . CATHEDRAL CRYPTS . ANOTHER HOODED FIGURE stands on the edge of the ceremony. the woman rises up like a broken puppet. Holmes and Watson leap from the stairs to Blackwood’s level. We do not yet see his face. Less artful. Watson closer to Blackwood. never stops. 8 9 OMITTED INT. powerful stuff. CATHEDRAL CRYPTS The second hooded figure moves back and melts into the shadows. not caring if they make a noise or not. We do not see his face. A WOMAN IN WHITE LIES INSIDE A CRUDELY-PAINTED PENTACLE (five-sided figure). lit with candles at each corner.7 SHERLOCK HOLMES . shrouded in shadow. Their footsteps echo. A sword has been placed at her feet. The girl. 7 Watson takes out the two men. This is LORD BLACKWOOD. real.

BLACKWOOD Tell me.9A SHERLOCK HOLMES . trains it on Blackwood. And Watson as well. That’s more than Watson can take. Look. grabs the woman’s arm. he is tapped into something dark and cruel. strangely. 9A The girl bends with alarming and mechanical suddenness. HOLMES (CONTINUED) . picks up the sword and turns it on stopped suddenly by Holmes’ hand grabbing his collar. His eyes are intense. almost mockingly. Holmes lunges. No. as a medical man. HOLMES Watson struggles forward against Holmes’ grip. Simultaneously and eerily the candles extinguish and a rush of air departs the tunnel. how did you like my work? (beat) The fifth one was so scrawny. it was over before I’d finished the first incision. disarms her and pulls her out of the pentacle. BLACKWOOD Well done. Blackwood throws back his hood. ready to plunge the point into her heart. WATSON Stay right there. doctor. We finally see his face.Rev. She collapses. WATSON Lord Blackwood?! Blackwood applauds softly. Blackwood raises his hands in front of him. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 7. Watson raises his gun. Holmes and Watson are shocked at his identity. Holmes. whip Blackwood -He moves in to pistol- -.

HOLMES Impeccable timing. BLACKWOOD That would’ve been A We hear heavy boots on the balcony.9A SHERLOCK HOLMES .. One more step and Watson gets impaled in the eye. as Lestrade and his men finally appear. HOLMES If I had. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 8. INCHES FROM WATSON’S RIGHT EYE is the needle-pointed end of a QUIVERING PIECE OF HIGH-TENSILE WIRE. (CONTINUED) . almost invisible --. Look. sees nothing. LESTRADE You should’ve waited for my help. POLICEMEN flood the area. (re: Blackwood) And one for the rope. you’d be cleaning up a corpse and chasing a rumor. really nasty concealed weapon. Lestrade.the other end held between Blackwood’s hands. Besides. HOLMES Watson looks. 9A Holmes seems to be pointing at Blackwood.? It is. WATSON HOLMES (re: girl) We’ve gone for the doctor. What a shame. not the Yard. fun.Rev. and sees it and his eyes flare wide.. (a wry smile) I can’t imagine why they thought you’d need any assistance. Watson looks. LESTRADE (vis Blackwood) Is that -. the girl’s parents hired me.

She’s still mouthing the incantation. LESTRADE London will breathe a sigh of relief -WATSON -. The SCENE is FROZEN bright for a split-second and then it FADES.Rev. 10 10A . a piece of photo paper on top. shakes his head. not understanding them. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 9. Gloved hands mix chemicals in a tray. FLASH! An explosion of light and sparks as a 19th century flashbulb pops. Lestrade eyes the double circle. HOLMES Bravo.9A SHERLOCK HOLMES . frustrated. As usual. MUSIC AND TITLES OVER -10 10A OMITTED INT. He watches his men yank Blackwood out of his double the excellent work of Scotland Yard. hating himself for needing to. a bench strewn with scientific equipment. LESTRADE What do you make of that? HOLMES Some kind of ceremony. LAB Dim light from a burner heats fluid in a jar. Five girls killed beneath cathedrals at the height of the full moon. while others carry the girl away on a stretcher.A POLICE PHOTOGRAPHER lifts his massive camera. Holmes sticks the villain’s cigar in Lestrade’s pocket and --. 9A Lestrade turns. put chains on him. Lestrade. the pentacle. Grudgingly. he turns to Holmes. Have a cigar. (indicating) The double circle’s for his own protection. CREDIT SEQUENCE BEGINS. reluctantly.

unaccustomed to flashes. LAB Chemicals are poured over the paper and spread across it.SHERLOCK HOLMES .. Holmes and Watson stand in front of 221 Baker Street. holding a goose by its feet and smiling. NEWSPAPER LIBRARY Hands flip through more papers. The top one reads: STUDENT AND ARMY DOCTOR SOLVE LONDON MYSTERY! A photo of Holmes and Watson in their 20s at a crime scene... A sudden flash of 10E 10F INT. 2/2/09 10. The files are moved to another desk where hands punch text on a vintage typewriter: “CATACOMB KILLER IS INDUSTRIAL TYCOON LORD BLACKWOOD. light as it is exposed. solving crimes. shaking hands with a royal. the article bigger. more headlines: STUDENT AND DOCTOR BEAT COPS TO THE PUNCH AGAIN! ROOMMATES SOLVE BRIXTON MURDERS! Another picture of Holmes and Watson. 10B 10C INT. NEWSPAPER LIBRARY Another pair of hands search urgently through a row of alphabetized files. This time. and. More headlines and photos come fast: LONDON DUO DO IT AGAIN! A shot of Holmes and Watson. coming to rest on the letter “H. Their eyes are shut for the photo. More and more headlines. NEWSPAPER LIBRARY Another headline: DOCTOR AND DETECTIVE FOIL JEWELRY SCAM! A picture of Holmes and Watson. LAB A negative is clipped over the paper. CELEBRATED DETECTIVE PROVES GUILTY MAN INNOCENT.. they look more confident.. older. LAB A faint image is forming on the paper. Another headline: HOLMES AND WATSON OPEN FOR BUSINESS.” A bunch of “H” clippings hit the desk.Rev. 10D 10E INT. 10C 10D INT..” 10F 10G INT. Holmes and Watson getting older... The men are front page news now. 10G . 10B INT. HOLMES AND WATSON SOLVE SEVERED EAR MYSTERY.

walking down the street with the day’s shopping. then distributed until one lands face-up outside the door of: 221 BAKER STREET. an OLDER GENTLEMAN who sports an array of medals. and inside. 221 BAKER ST.. Upside down and back see the words “SHERLOCK HOLMES. a whirring mass of wheels and gears. .. The room is a tribute to military and medical order -. where we see the headline “CATACOMB KILLER CAUGHT!” The photo of Holmes and Watson sits above the fold.Rev. PRINTING PRESS A roller dripping with ink rolls over the story we have seen assembled along with an engraving of the image.AFTERNOON Autumn has turned to winter. Captain. . 12 INT. walks up the steps. NEWSPAPER LIBRARY A hand yanks the paper from the typewriter desk where a typesetter begins to assemble blocks of lead type. A raven lands on the entry gate.SHERLOCK HOLMES .WATSON’S APARTMENT Watson takes a blood pressure cuff off CAPTAIN PHILIPS. SUPERIMPOSE: THREE MONTHS LATER 11 FROM A RAVEN’S POV We FOLLOW a lady.all is neat and tidy. 221 BAKER ST. CAPTAIN PHILIPS Me nerves are the best they been in years. everything in its place. TITLE SEQUENCE ENDS. she shoos it away. very good. (CONTINUED) 12 . and onto a the story in to front we letter at a 10H 10J INT. WATSON 71 over 104. The whole thing is fed into a printing press. She picks up a paper with the day’s headline “BLACKWOOD HANGS TOMORROW: CLAIMS PACK WITH THE DEVIL. HUDSON. 10H INT.” one metal time. 2/2/09 11. thanks to you.” She continues down the street until arriving at 221 Baker Street. dominating the front page. Papers are bundled and tied. MRS. 10J 11 EXT.

12 Watson is pleased by that. I hope? WATSON No -. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 11aA. too. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . There won’t be so many stairs.ground floor.Rev. CAPTAIN PHILIPS Tell me something -.12 SHERLOCK HOLMES . And there’ll be a woman’s touch.your new offices.

S. Philips hits the floor. writes a prescription on a piece of paper. WATSON Let’s give it a little longer. (CONTINUED) . just to be safe. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) WATSON (CONT'D) I think we can start to wean you off the medicine -- 11A.Rev. then helps Captain Philips to his feet. terrified. (beat) I’ll be right back.12 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Captain Watson suppresses extreme irritation. 12 BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG! A dozen GUNSHOTS O.

Watson heads down the hallway to the last door. Captain Philips emerges from Watson’s apartment. What will he do? Couldn’t you have a longer engagement? WATSON He just needs a new case.HALL As Watson exits his apartment and moves down the hall. MRS. WATSON Why don’t you take Captain Philips and give him a nice cup of tea.12 SHERLOCK HOLMES . his landlady. WATSON You’re not going in at all. Hudson’s already-frayed nerves take a turn for the worse. WATSON (as they leave) And perhaps some tea and bread up here when you can. HUDSON What will I do when you leave? He’ll burn the house down around me. heads towards them. Captain. shoots up the stairs with the paper. HUDSON Come on. 221 BAKER ST. 12 He heads out. MRS. Urgent. WATSON I smell burning. Which is a relief to Mrs. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 12. MRS. A tendril of smoke wafts out from under it. Hudson.Rev. . It’ll be quieter. HUDSON (panting) I won’t go in there by myself. Mrs. Watson takes the newspaper from her. HUDSON. 13 INT. let’s go down. not while he’s in this state. MRS. (CONTINUED) 13 . letting his aggravation show once his back is turned to his patient. that’s all. Her nerves are almost as bad as Captain Philips’.



12A. 13

Nonetheless, Watson himself. Something fact, Holmes’ usual now, that Watson is

stops, takes a deep breath, gathers like this has happened before (is, in brand of chaos) the difference being, sick to death of dealing with it.

Which doesn’t mean he won’t. Newspaper in hand, Watson opens the door, pokes his head in, cautiously. He sees -14 INT. 221 BAKER ST. - HOLMES’ APARTMENTS Watson squeezes through the doorway to find that the obstruction is Holmes who is sitting in the dark on a chair, blocking the door, aiming a gun (with an odd contraption fastened on its barrel) at the wall. Unadulterated chaos. A series of FLAMING BULLET HOLES blasted into the wall in the (ragged) initials “V.R.” WATSON May I join you in the armory? HOLMES Please... Watson, I’ve been working on a device which will suppress the sound of a gunshot. Watson heads towards the conservatory. HOLMES Please... Don’t, don’t, don’t... Watson pulls open the curtains allowing the light to pour in. It needs work. WATSON May I see?... 14 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Watson passes him heading to the other side of the room (possibly grabs the gun) picking up a pile of open letters from a table. HOLMES Gently, gently, Watson... Watson whips open more curtains and opens a window. Holmes crawls on his hands and knees over to a table where he finds his sunglasses and puts them on. Watson sits on a chair and begins to leaf though the letters.



13. 14

WATSON It’s been three months since the last case. About time you found another one. HOLMES I can’t but agree. My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work. The sooner the better. Paper? WATSON

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * She * * * * * * * *

Watson hands Holmes the newspaper. WATSON Let’s see, we have a letter here from Mrs. Ramsey in Queen’s Park -her husband has gone missing. HOLMES He’s in Belgium with the scullery maid. Is it December? WATSON Yes, Holmes. Lady Radford reports a missing emerald bracelet. HOLMES Insurance swindle. Lord Radford likes fast women and slow ponies. I see you’re the attending physician at Blackwood’s hanging. WATSON Yes, it’s our last case together and I wanted to see it through to the end. Awkward pause. Cough.

WATSON Mr. Lewis is seeking... Mrs. Hudson enters carrying a tray of bread and tea. is steeling herself for this interaction. HOLMES (to Watson) There is only one case that intrigues me at present... the curious case of Mrs. Hudson, the absentee landlady. (MORE)


SHERLOCK HOLMES - Rev. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) HOLMES (CONT'D) I have been studying her comings and goings and they appear most sinister.

14. 14

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MRS. HUDSON Tea, Mr. Holmes. Mrs. Hudson crosses to Holmes and puts the tray before him. HOLMES Is it poisoned, nanny? MRS. HUDSON There’s enough of that in you already. She goes to remove an old tray from behind him. HOLMES Don’t touch that. Everything is in its proper place, as per usual. She ignores him and removes the tray then crosses back towards the door noticing a bulldog lying unconscious under the table. MRS. HUDSON He’s killed the dog... again. Watson jumps up. His bulldog, GLADSTONE, lies on the floor in a drugged stupor. WATSON What have you done to Gladstone this time? HOLMES I was simply testing a new anesthetic. He doesn’t mind. Holmes! WATSON As your doctor...

HOLMES He’ll be right as a trivet in no time. Watson’s finally had enough.


. A little smile from Holmes. HOLMES There’s nothing of interest to me out there. Holmes. I insist you get out of here. 14 WATSON . My favorite. HOLMES WATSON HOLMES WATSON HOLMES WATSON HOLMES * * * * * * * * * * WATSON You’re meeting her.. at all. * (CONTINUED) . HOLMES Then it’s not official. you have nothing to do? Nothing. Absolutely. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 15. Not available. you’ve been in this room for two weeks. on earth. The Royale.Rev. HOLMES Have you proposed yet? WATSON I’m still looking for the right ring. Mary’s coming. and your friend. Wonderful. For dinner. WATSON So.14 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES * * * * * * * * * * * WATSON Then you’re free this evening.

a surreptitious argument between waiters. Mr. the name on a bottle of wine. The Royale. HOLMES My pleasure. Holmes gestures politely. leaving Holmes alone in his own chaos. He is quite uncomfortable in this setting. CUT TO: 15 INT. THE ROYALE . Holmes stands.looks again. MARY The pleasure’s mine. Half past eight. HOLMES 15 * * Fashionably. There is a decanted bottle of wine on the table. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Holmes! WATSON You’re early. He notices the details on a pair of gentleman’s cufflinks. they sit. She’s beautiful. The dog wakes up and runs out.surprised when they realize Holmes is already there.he picks up little pieces of information from the other guests. 30s.14 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Watson exits. WATSON And wear a jacket. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 16. Holmes. For the life of me I don’t know why it’s taken him so long to get us properly introduced. It all becomes quite overbearing. intent on each other -. She extends her hand. and clearly a woman worth marrying. WATSON May I present Miss Mary Morstan. Holmes looks at MARY MORSTAN -.Rev. And then Watson and Mary arrive. talking. For the first time. like it or not. WE SEE HIS OBSERVATIONS -.DINING ROOM Holmes sits in the center of a booth waiting for Watson to arrive. It really is a thrill to meet you. 14 WATSON It’s happening. we see a hint of fear in his eyes. Mary and Watson on either side of him.

15 SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. Wilkie Collins. 15 (CONTINUED) . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: MARY (CONT'D) I’ve a whole stack of detective novels at home. Poe.. 16A. WATSON (proudly) It’s true..

Making these grand assumptions out of tiny details. (a wink) I’d keep an eye on that. see that walking-stick? A rare African snakewood hiding a blade of high-tensile steel.Rev. But what about a perfect stranger? What can you tell about me? Holmes and Watson exchange a glance -. Mr. born to be a man of action. no no. Take Watson. A few were awarded to veterans of the Afghan war... Mary laughs.. I intend to. The little details are by far the most important. A stub from a boxing match. by the way. (leaning in to Mary) He’s cost us the rent more than once. ah.. Then I check his pockets. HOLMES (livening up) Oh. you know him. right behind you. HOLMES . And neat. though. 15 MARY They can seem a bit far-fetched sometimes. Holmes less so -. WATSON Those days are behind me. brave. Now I can infer he’s a bit of a gambler. like all military men. Strong. WATSON I don’t think that’s necessary -(CONTINUED) .15 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. so I can assume he’s a decorated soldier. Holmes.a forced chuckle. HOLMES Yes. MARY With all due respect. MARY Watson likes that.. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 17.not a good idea.

well done. WATSON Yes. (instantly) You’re a governess. Mary nods. HOLMES You insist? (at Watson) She insisted. it’d be wonderful. Watson’s getting nervous. Well done. stops him. Holmes (CONTINUED) . So shall we -HOLMES Your student’s a boy of 8. I doubt -MARY No.15 SHERLOCK HOLMES . MARY Charlie’s 7. 15 HOLMES Yes. actually. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 17A. reaches for the wine. MARY I insist. (back to Mary) Then he’s tall for his age. HOLMES It’s breathing.Rev.

WATSON Give us a few minutes.which is why the lady you work for lent you that necklace. the jewels you’re not wearing tell us rather more. pours wine for all.15 SHERLOCK HOLMES . He shakes his head. A very impetuous act by the boy. It’s from Asprey’s.. WATSON There’s nothing wrong with your face. please. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 18. (CONTINUED) . flawless.. India blue’s nearly impossible to wash off. HOLMES There are two drops on your ear. (beat) However. but you’re too experienced to react rashly -. 15 HOLMES He flicked ink at you today. not the gems of a governess. (to Watson) What would madam care for this evening? Watson gives Holmes a hard look: that’s a bit much. MARY Is there ink on my face? The WAITER appears. anyway.Rev. WAITER The gentleman has already ordered for himself.

manic. They’re leaving. WATSON Both Watson and Mary scorch Holmes with their eyes.. he died. Now she leaves -- (CONTINUED) .. A doctor perhaps. intensely focused. then: HOLMES You were engaged. She turns to leave. MARY (low) Right on all counts but one. But the lighter skin where it sat suggests you spent some time abroad wearing it proudly. at which point you broke off the engagement and returned to England for better prospects. Mary throws Watson’s wine in Holmes’ face.Rev.. turns back. The restaurant goes silent. pauses. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (5) 19.15 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. moves to help Mary to her feet. Holmes pauses. I didn’t leave my fiance. Holmes’ mind has gotten away from him. Watson gets up. He begins talking HOLMES The ring is gone. As Holmes talks. 15 Holmes. faster. HOLMES Or at least until someone informed you of its true and rather modest worth.

His opponent. The waiter puts them down. all sinew and gristle. -.then pauses. HOLMES Holmes is left at an empty table with wine running down his face. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (6) 20. the ring is the only place where his mind stops racing. He is stripped to the waist.Rev. 15A-17 OMITTEDINT.the sounds muffled and indistinct -. Holmes hears no words. Suddenly. PUNCH BOWL PUB . Bets rage back and forth through the pressing CROWD. looks around. old man. spaghetti style. Their orders arrive -. He just sees their mouths moving.15 SHERLOCK HOLMES . (CONTINUED) .huge but flabby -.BARE-KNUCKLE BOXING FIGHT 15A-17 NIGHT Holmes staggers back from the blow. She’s lovely. The sound of silverware clinking and scraping on fine china rises to an ORCHESTRAL ROAR --. It interests him. He tastes his own blood from a split lip. HOLMES’ POV The room and the fight are calm -.which becomes the ROAR of a BLOOD-THIRSTY MOB as a fist smashes into a face with a MEATY THUD. This is soothing to him.a complete sensory reversal of his experience in the restaurant.and Watson goes with her. Holmes lets the wine drip down over him. HOLMES’ POV Happy couples eating. Holmes very carefully unfolds his napkin and places it into the top of his shirt. laughing. 15 WATSON Well done. takes his knife and fork and begins to cut the meat -. McMURDO -. talking.bangs his fists together and moves array of plates piled high.

when the big man leaves an obvious opening. not just think. Holmes begins walking away.SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. Holmes’ POV returns to normal when he sees her. it was most pleasurable. most of which Holmes ducks or blocks. moment. giving him just enough warning to move his head so that a punch grazes him. HOLMES Thank you. She’s gone.until he notices a face at ringside. the sound floods back into the room. just using his reflexes to protect himself. Well done. McMurdo senses his opponent’s lapse in concentration and steps on Holmes’ foot. But that’s all. he reaches out and gently touches McMurdo’s face or throat. And as I said. He throws nothing in return. Once or twice. smiles. HOLMES (walking away) Not done. tramping him and -He knocks Holmes down with a thunderous right. (CONTINUED) . CLOSEUP ON A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Early thirties. 15A-17 He’s able to feel. Holmes is completely in control --. Holmes rolls over. stands. sometimes even drops his hands. He turns back to McMurdo. shakes his head to clear the cobwebs. 2/2/09 15A-17 CONTINUED: 21. Oi! McMURDO We ain’t done here. BACK TO SCENE McMurdo throws a storm of punches. Finished. thank you. He is utterly in the Holmes’ hawk-sharp gaze darts down from McMurdo’s face to his muscles as they flex. He looks for the woman. a look of pure intrigue in her eyes and a slight smile on her lips as she watches the detective.

He sees the crowd fall silent. incorporating exotic martial arts. He grabs a bottle in his hand.CORRIDOR . braces for combat -As McMurdo Instantly Holmes unleashes a series of superfast moves. Passing fellow fighters and flirty barmaids. Holmes stops. He doesn’t care. A full-scale riot is on. He turns. banging on the doors to quiet the prisoners. scanning McMurdo. casting jagged shadows. Feels the back of his head. Holmes strides out of the bar. there really isn’t any sport. all is calm. hand. they’re not sure if they like it. who is frozen on the spot. catching him on the back of the head. locking onto the big man’s knee: A little scar-tissue.Rev. The sound of prisoners SCREAMING in the dark. over and out. The blinding combination culminates with a spinning kick to the big man’s knee. Holmes is already turning away before the giant hits the canvas.SHERLOCK HOLMES . CHARLIE. 2/2/09 15A-17 CONTINUED: (2) 22. which buckles altogether wrong. The GUARD CAPTAIN approaches a young guard. but from Holmes’ POV. Taking a huge swig. he climbs the stairs towards the upstairs rooms. McMurdo falls. Steps back into the ring. smells his HOLMES Plymouth gin. McMurdo strides forward and SPITS CONTEMPTUOUSLY at Holmes. battered on the outside. soothed inside.NIGHT A candle shivers. 15A-17 Face twisted in disgust. 18A INT. working into a fever pitch. Hm. The crowd applauds. what the hell’s going on down here? 18A (CONTINUED) . PENTONVILLE PRISON . A row of stone cells. The crowd falls silent. nearly invisible. His eyes tick slowly. Five GUARDS charge down the corridor. GUARD CAPTAIN Charlie.

19 On the walls the scrawls of a madman: wild symbols. down here and get him to the infirmary. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 23. sketches of animals. the Captain starts COUGHING. resumes his soft murmur. a headless sphinx. And now he’s in some kind of fit. Eyes closed. The Guard Captain continues around the corner. 19 INT. WHISPERING ungodly sounds.18A SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. PENTONVILLE PRISON . The guards pick Charlie up and carry him away. A hint of some method to his madness. GUARD CAPTAIN All right. JACK. He coughs harder. GUARD CAPTAIN (to the prisoners in the cell next to Blackwood) You lot shut it! (to the guards) Charlie. We see another guard. That’s a holy book -Blackwood closes his eyes again.and you will respect it! Blackwood starts whispering FASTER. lies convulsing on the floor. Prisoners watch him stumble backwards. you want me to muzzle you -Suddenly. Blackwood. He’s confused. GUARD CAPTAIN (louder) -. he tried to stop Blackwood from doing his spells. an upside-down cross. what’s this all about? BLACKWOOD I’ve a request. GUARD CAPTAIN You don’t get nothin’ ‘til you stop this devil nonsense. GUARD CAPTAIN Boy. get.NIGHT Blackwood sits dead center in the dark.BLACKWOOD’S CELL . LOUDER. (CONTINUED) . 18A CHARLIE It’s Jack.

He looks down. knee. (CONTINUED) . terrified. The Captain falls to one Finally the Captain COUGHS SOMETHING UP. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 23A.Rev. spits it out onto the stone floor.19 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Prisoners start SHOUTING. The RAVEN at Blackwood’s Other guards run up. windowsill flutters away. keeps coughing. 19 Blackwood keeps whispering. horrified: It’s a small CATHOLIC CROSS on a chain.



24. 19

GUARD #2 Get him to the infirmary, now! Guards pull the Captain away. The remaining guard picks up the cross, stares at Blackwood, chilled. Blackwood’s eyes snap open. BLACKWOOD I’ve a request. 20 21 OMITTED INT. PUNCH BOWL PUB - BARE-KNUCKLE BOXING RING - NIGHT The fighting is over and the pub is closing. Only a few people remain cleaning up, mopping the beer and blood. Watson enters fast, looks around, and moves upstairs. 22 INT. PUNCH BOWL PUB - ATTIC Watson walks down a dingy hallway towards a door. With a look of resignation, he opens the door to see Holmes sitting alone in the sterile, barely furnished room. Holmes faces the corner, playing scales on his VIOLIN. On the table next to him, an upside down BEER STEIN and an assortment of prescription medicine bottles. Watson approaches, sees Holmes has bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. Watson picks one of the medicine bottles which is open. WATSON You know this is for eye surgery? HOLMES I find that it lifts my spirits. WATSON It’s a pathological amorbic process, it increases tissue change and weakness. And you know what a black reaction comes on you afterwards. No answer. More scales. Watson approaches, sees Holmes has bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. The beer stein is full of FLIES all buzzing about. 22 20 21




24A. 22

HOLMES Look at this. If you play a chromatic scale, they move clockwise. As soon as you switch to a pentatonic scale -Holmes plays a different scale, the flies all stop moving, stick to the glass. WATSON (faking interest) Really? What about when you -oops -Watson picks up the glass, lets loose the flies. Holmes looks up; Watson’s already moving for the door, pissed.




25. 22

WATSON Let’s go. Lestrade wants you at Pentonville Prison. HOLMES That’s your job, not mine. WATSON You’re Blackwood’s last request. Says he has information he’ll give only to you. But Watson’s already out the door. 23 EXT. LONDON - DAWN Watson and Holmes ride in a cab, passing familiar landmarks as the city comes to life. They sit in silence, tension hanging between them. Finally Holmes grabs Watson’s bag, rummages around and pulls out a clean white shirt. Watson looks out the window, frustrated. He sees THE HALF-CONSTRUCTED MASS OF TOWER BRIDGE. Near ground level, workers take down a large BLACKWOOD STEEL sign. HOLMES Look at that structure. What has it been? Five years’ work already? Are you aware that is the first combination of bascule and suspension bridge. Very innovative. No reply. As Holmes is taking off his jacket, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of money. 23


it’s my property and I want it back. Holmes puts on his vest. I was aware she’d been engaged. (CONTINUED) .. HOLMES You’re right. Holmes takes off his shirt. I have your cut from last night. Silence. WATSON Well. by the way.Rev. Watson punches him square in the face. She told me. HOLMES It’s too small for you. HOLMES The opera house is featuring Don Giovanni and I could easily procure two tickets if you had some cultural inclination this evening. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 26. Silence. It makes you quite invaluable as a companion. WATSON And your grand gift is the uncanny ability to demoralize people.23 SHERLOCK HOLMES . I’ll keep it with your check book. HOLMES So that’s a ‘no’ to the opera then? Watson’s steaming.. WATSON That’s my waistcoat. 23 HOLMES Oh. Holmes rubs his jaw. HOLMES You have the grand gift of silence. You weren’t there so I laid your customary bet -Silence. Holmes pulls on the clean shirt. locked safely away in my drawer. Watson.

looks out the opposite window. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 26aA. Holmes frowns.Rev. . 23 Holmes hands him the waistcoat which he promptly tosses out of the carriage window.23 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

Blackwood’s death is the headline. WATSON You go ahead. PENTONVILLE PRISON . papers are for sale. Police keep them away from the entrance.Rev. 24 EXT.SHERLOCK HOLMES . Watson stops. 24 25 OMITTED 25 . I’ve no business with him while he’s alive. Holmes heads inside. Religious zealots and occultists swarm.EARLY MORNING Already a CROWD is gathering outside the jail. 2/2/09 26A.

2/2/09 27. sir. strolling insouciantly.BLACKWOOD’S CELL . PENTONVILLE PRISON . 26 INT. There’s something about him. thank you.DAY Holmes approaches Blackwood’s cell. getting closer. GUARD Much obliged.SHERLOCK HOLMES . BLACKWOOD QUOTE from Revelations tbd. it’s like he can get inside your head. 27 (CONTINUED) .two heavyweights sizing each other up. otherwise we were going to have a riot on our hands. nervous GUARD leads Holmes down the shadowy corridor... The Guard high-tails it out of there.CORRIDOR . turns. Blackwood pauses. sees Holmes. Holmes listens. In the shadows he can barely make out Blackwood.DAWN A pale.. No way this creep’s getting to him. 26 27 INT. Holmes can see how spooked the Guard is. BLACKWOOD Thank you for joining me. HOLMES I’m sure I can find my own way from here. HOLMES Where are all the other prisoners? GUARD We had to move ‘em. who’s reading aloud to himself. if you have other duties to attend to. HOLMES Love what you’ve done with the place. All the cells are now EMPTY. They share a smile -. Thank you.. PENTONVILLE PRISON .Rev. sir.

Suddenly. your work in the crypt was akin to a finger painting. I couldn’t but notice a criminal mastery in the stroke of your brush -BLACKWOOD You’re too kind. Holmes seems to be studying Blackwood’s ear. BLACKWOOD Allow me to enlighten you. my friend will pronounce you dead shortly and I thought I might keep him company. Despite the bars between them. Your mistake is to imagine that anything earthly has led to this moment. 27 HOLMES A small point of concern. by comparison. BLACKWOOD So now you’re curious as to whether there’s a larger game afoot. close to Holmes. (CONTINUED) . BLACKWOOD How can I help? HOLMES I’d already followed the murders with some interest and while my heart went out to the families of the victims. and that’s why you’re really here. Blackwood is right at the bars.I am merely the channel.Rev. the men are close together. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 28. HOLMES Actually.27 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES However. Your error in judgement is to assume I’ve been holding the brush at all -.

27 HOLMES My only wish is that I’d caught you earlier. shakes his head. I might have spared five lives.after you’re hanged.27 SHERLOCK HOLMES . As Holmes walks away. HOLMES I must say. Holmes. HOLMES I wonder if they’d let Watson and I dissect your brain -. BLACKWOOD But I will rise again. too. BLACKWOOD Pay attention! Three more shall die. Steel your mind. I’m concerned you underestimate the gravity of coming events. and there is nothing you can do to save them. BLACKWOOD Mr. HOLMES Bon voyage. I need you. BLACKWOOD Those lives were a necessity. Five otherwise meaningless creatures called to serve a greater purpose. (beat) I sense fragility beneath your mask of logic. of course. Holmes. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Blackwood. you’ve come a long way down from the House of Lords. Holmes steps back. Then you would serve a greater purpose. (beat) For you and I are bound on a journey that will twist the very fabric of nature.Rev. Blackwood calls after him. a sacrifice. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 29. and it worries me. you must widen your gaze. I’d wager there’s some deformity that would be scientifically significant.

Father. PENTONVILLE PRISON . LESTRADE What did he want? Nothing.GALLOWS The room where the execution takes place is packed to the rafters with senior officials. Blackwood walks up into the noose.CORRIDOR . or by the time you realize it was you that made it all possible it will be the last sane thought in your head. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) BLACKWOOD (CONT'D) You must accept that this is beyond your control.27 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Watson is there too. PENTONVILLE PRISON . HOLMES Don’t think you’re needed.Rev. We get a good look at some of the faces. members of the government and cops. meets Lestrade and a PRIEST. CUT TO: A SHOT OF GATHERED WITNESSES AND OFFICIALS CUT TO: A SHOT OF THE EXECUTIONER CUT TO: 29 (CONTINUED) .MORNING Holmes walks down the corridor. Not for this one. The place is bustling with cops and officials. 29 INT. 29A. HOLMES 28 Holmes looks at the priest. 27 28 INT.

CUT TO: A SHOT OF THE PERSPIRING PRIEST clutching his Bible. The show is over. 221 BAKER STREET . . CUT TO: A SHOT OF THE TRAP DOOR opening. CUT TO: A SHOT OF WATSON checking Blackwood’s pulse. lying on his tiger skin rug. His final words: BLACKWOOD Death is only the beginning. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 30. dead.Rev.S. Legs fall through and yank tight.29 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 30 INT.DAY Holmes is out cold. CUT TO: A SHOT OF THE HOOD going over Blackwood’s head. 29 A SHOT OF BLACKWOOD smiling malignly.) London’s so bleak this time of year. CUT TO: A SHOT OF THE NOOSE slipping around Blackwood’s neck. CRACK!! He pronounces Blackwood 30 * * * * * * (CONTINUED) IRENE (O. CRACK! His eyes fly open.

Irene grabs a file from Holmes’ desk. He tests the door to make sure it’s still locked. etc.. IRENE Theft of Velasquez portrait from the King of Spain. As she passes a small table that has been outfitted with tea. olives. Holmes stealthily turns down a photo of Irene. Irene opens the file. flips through newspaper clippings and police reports. IRENE Not that I’m pining for New Jersey. dried fruit. stunned by this intrusion. putting the walnuts in front of him and flashes him a smile. I thought we’d have a little tea party to cheer us up. just before she turns back to face him.. Irene gets up to cross the room. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 31. IRENE I came across this as I was setting up. She leans down.. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . her back to Holmes. tea from Ceylon and olives from Cyclades.Rev. As soon as she clears he quickly moves over to a concealed safe.. 30 REVEAL: Irene Adler sits on the stairs near Holmes’ lab.30 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Dates from Jordan. Scandalous affair ends engagement of Hapsburg Prince to Romanov Princess. Only once her back is turned does Holmes lever himself upright. She stands and Holmes watches her every move as she crosses to him. cracking walnuts.. IRENE I brought a few souvenirs. Missing naval documents lead to resignation of Bulgarian Prime Minister.. IRENE I prefer to travel in the winter.

TRACK INTO Irene’s hypnotically beautiful eyes. I’m Irene Adler again and I need your help to find someone. HOLMES But your signature is clear. husbands. the Maharajah’s missing diamond. revealing and enormous diamond. Irene reaches for something inside her jacket and Holmes grabs her hand. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) .30 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 32. Let’s not dwell on the past. There’s nobody more brilliant or who knows London better than you. Then. They move to sit at the table. Plus. Another souvenir? IRENE He has a palace full of them. 30 HOLMES Simply studying your methodology for when the authorities ask me to hunt you down.Rev. HOLMES And you. Holmes almost melts. No ring? IRENE He snored. HOLMES Ah. IRENE I don’t see my name anywhere. IRENE Why are you so suspicious? HOLMES Should I answer chronologically or alphabetically? Irene pulls out an ENVELOPE. IRENE By the looks of things you’re between cases at the moment. it’s a wonderful opportunity to see you again. Holmes reaches for Irene and pulls on a chain around her neck.

* * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . 30 IRENE This is all the information you need. She hands him the envelope. IRENE I’m my own man.Rev. HOLMES Who are you working for? Just for a brief moment. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 33. she can’t hide the anxiety in her eyes.30 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

30 She stands and pulls out a large bag of coins. HOLMES Keep your money. . Irene keeps moving. 221 BAKER ST.STAIRS Irene descends the stairs just as Watson is coming in.Rev. He lifts his hat. waits for her to pass -Hello. IRENE 31 * * * * * * -. She ignores him. John.30 SHERLOCK HOLMES . As she walks out she puts her photo back upright. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 33A. She pauses behind him as she exits. Holmes examines the envelope. 31 INT. .does a speechless double-take when he sees who it is. IRENE They gave me our old room. I didn’t say I’d take the case. On it is stamped the letterhead of the Grand Hotel.

CUT TO: 32 33 INT.SHERLOCK HOLMES . and their footsteps clatter away. folds the paper to reveal that it is addressed to THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY. She passes a DARK ALLEYWAY. but for me. You wager? MORIARTY (CONTINUED) 33 . She turns into the alley. walks on. MORIARTY I assume he’ll do it? IRENE Not for money. a gesture from the shadow stills her. She sniffs them appreciatively. CARRIAGE Irene sits. HOLD ON the alley for a long beat. Too dark to see much in there. Pauses. gets in. This is PROFESSOR MORIARTY. A full beat goes by before he turns to Irene. cracks open the carriage window and slides the folded paper partway out. 32 EXT. CUT TO: IRENE approaches a waiting carriage. Looks. I wager he’ll find our man within twenty-four hours. Moriarty closes the window.Rev. looks around her. Someone waiting outside takes the paper. turns to address a man-shaped shadow filling the opposite corner of the carriage. finally prepared to engage with her. Irene is made to wait as Moriarty finishes writing a complex mathematical equation (in astronomy). 2/2/09 34. CUT TO: IRENE emerges from the alley holding a lovely bunch of roses. and the carriage starts moving. Before she can speak. LONDON STREET We PICK UP Irene crossing a street.

A better word.33 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 34aA. LONDON STREET A rough-looking BEGGAR wearing an eye patch has fallen under a wheel of the coach. me leg! BEGGAR 34 (CONTINUED) . it’s accurate. I -- IRENE MORIARTY I sincerely hope IRENE Suddenly. the coach comes to a halt.Rev. 34 EXT. they lurch forward. 33 I’m certain. Ow.

Rev. yes you did! COACH DRIVER You fell right into the carriage! The Beggar is up. sir. BEGGAR A little charity would go a long way. sir. 34 Get out of it! COACH DRIVER BEGGAR You run me over. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 34A. limping toward the window where Moriarty and Irene sit. yes it would. He has disgusting blackened teeth. (CONTINUED) .34 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

Within a nanosecond.. HOLMES Thank you. 34 He reaches toward the window. Watson approaches. The carriage moves on. completely transformed now.Rev. anyway? (CONTINUED) 35 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . utterly alive. WATSON Look at you. The gun rests on the Beggar’s forehead. Leaping about. Moriarty extends his hand into which a PISTOL appears. 221 BAKER ST..34 SHERLOCK HOLMES . very concerned. WATSON What’s she after. instead of just being tricked into being a witness at her wedding like last time -HOLMES I don’t believe -WATSON You dress up as clergyman and actually perform the ceremony. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 35. she made a proper idiot of you. 35 INT. WATSON Don’t you remember what she did to you? She turned you inside out. Are you a masochist? HOLMES Allow me to explain. She’d love that. This is a hopeless cause -. HOLMES You’ve had your fun.HOLMES’ APARTMENT Holmes is washing his face in a basin on the other side of the room.Watson won’t stop. I can’t believe you ran after her like a schoolboy again. I’m sorry. who backs off in fear. The cold eyes of the man that holds the weapon bore into the skull of the Beggar. all aflutter. almost enraged. you were going to explain something. I -WATSON I know. delivered by a concealed mechanism (Travis Bickle style). .

HOLMES Now it’s time to press on. said too much. It’s more than a technicality. Go on. Those are my dates. Holmes picks up his violin. red hair. HOLMES Regrettably. Midget! So you agree? HOLMES WATSON HOLMES No.35 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes. Holmes looks like he’s had enough. WATSON I’ve already read it. She can sit on your back and paddle you up the Thames. I don’t agree. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 36. WATSON Case solved! You’re just not her type.Rev. You’re misrepresenting the dimensions of foreshortened people. a beard.. She likes ginger dwarfs. I’ve . WATSON I’ve upset you. I can tell. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) HOLMES It doesn’t matter -WATSON What could she possibly need? An alibi. we’ve had our last case together. missing two front teeth. a human canoe. WATSON I won’t interrupt. Luke Reordon.. Holmes grabs the envelope back. 35 HOLMES Now it’s time to press on. four foot ten.

Alright. He JUMPS out the window to -37 EXT.REAR YARD Holmes flies from the window and lands neatly on a tin roof. 36 FLASHBACK . he steps quickly to a window. Holmes snatches his coat and runs down the other end of the corridor. The jump to the next level is a more taxing prospect. 221 BAKER ST. Before Watson can speak. the notes play over a FLASHBACK of the previous scene. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 36A. doing? WATSON What were you just * * * * * * * * * * * * HOLMES Will you allow me to explain. Holmes plucks his violin. 35 HOLMES No. all from HOLMES’ POINT OF VIEW.Rev. turning down an alley. He bolts into -36A INT. 221 BAKER ST. one has disproportionate limbs the other does not.HOLMES’ APARTMENT We see Irene step out. .INT. . IRENE Why don’t I see myself out. and looks out to see her walking down Baker Street. Once Irene leaves. 221 BAKER ST.35 SHERLOCK HOLMES . I’m just saying. Holmes weighs the distance and hurls himself down with a determined look. 37A-37D OMITTED 37A-37D 37 36A 36 . WATSON That’s what I’ve been trying to do.CORRIDOR He sees Watson coming up the stairs. . He lands just right.

signalling the mugger to be quiet. eyes bulging. trapping her. 38 38A EXT. Another man steps in behind her. COAL SHED Holmes jumps off the woman in her right mind would go down this alley. dropping him immediately. 38B (CONTINUED) . how nice of you. The move ends with Irene’s finger over her own mouth. CUT TO: HOLMES’ POV DOWN ALLEY from concealment: BUNCH OF ROSES. IRENE Oh. 38 EXT. the man finds himself smacked up against the bricks with Irene’s hand over his mouth. sweetheart. Even without the man -. Cut you a deal ‘cos you’re so pretty. stops at the same alley that Irene disappeared into -.Rev. He closes in to grab her --. Quick as a snake. all the way to his collar. ALLEY The man with the roses beckons Irene forward.and WHAP!WHAP!WHAP! Gets three cosh-strikes across the chin. LONDON STREET He runs down the mews in great haste. He obeys. this turns her on. Irene walks towards a MAN HOLDING A 38A MAN WITH ROSES Got some roses for you. Irene frisks him expertly. cutting his belt. heads for the street one block over from Baker Street. then his clothes. There is excitement in her eyes.but at the other side.SHERLOCK HOLMES . 38B INT.who is scrofulous and sly -. she slices upwards with a razor-sharp knife. Still holding the roses. 2/2/09 37. She’s mugging the mugger.

takes his wallet too. LONDON STREET Holmes emerges as the beggar we saw previously. she turns back. 38C EXT. snags a lump of coal. does it? And -naughty boy -. Doesn’t look like yours. then pops it in his mouth. He runs past a coal cart. Holmes picks up the pace. I’ll return them.38B SHERLOCK HOLMES . rubs it on his face and hands. that’s the Irene I know. catches a glimpse of Irene through a STREET FAIR. a wallet. stepping daintily over the crumpled man on the floor. chews it to blacken his teeth. shall I? She takes both wallets. which is being assembled. On second thoughts. 38B IRENE Oh. 39 38C . then another coin and snatches the beggar’s eye patch too. He snatches a HAT from a one-eyed old BEGGAR with his hand out. CUT TO: ANGLE ON HOLMES HOLMES Now. but this time we can see that Holmes gets a view of the man on the other end of the weapon before the carriage pulls away. He hurries after Irene down the’s another one. runs on.Rev. takes the roses -IRENE These are lovely. -.and leaves. He pauses to singe the sleeve of Watson’s coat on a fairground fire-breather’s flames. then leaves. LONDON STREET Holmes exits the alley. look. He drops a coin in his hand. thank you. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 37A. 39 EXT. Again he stops the coach and again the gun comes out.

WATSON Which is no mean feat. WATSON You know what.? He turns to see. 2/2/09 37B. I’ve had just about enough -Clarky! HOLMES 40 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VOICE (O. Breathless. scared. sir.SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES This man intrigues me. Holmes motions to the bills. 40 INT. CONSTABLE CLARK Inspector Lestrade asks that you come with me.. but leave this case. Watson. That’s bad money. A man has to make a living. I’ll be paying the rent entirely on my own.HOLMES’ APARTMENTS (PRESENT) Holmes strums one more chord on his violin. He’s got Adler on edge. HOLMES She’s intimidated.. After all. (CONTINUED) . at once.. .. I may not have a choice. thinking. Irene’s bag of money still sits on the table.. WATSON And yet she works for him.Rev. CONSTABLE CLARK standing at the door. pale. scared. HOLMES Well. It’s nothing to do with me..) Mister Holmes.S. 221 BAKER ST.

just this morning. It appears he’s come back from the dead. 40 HOLMES (mumbles) What’s he done now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . CONSTABLE CLARK A groundsman saw him walking through the graves. lost his way to Scotland Yard? Watson. sir. it’s a matter of professional integrity. Us means you. HOLMES Watson. WATSON I’ll leave this one in your capable hands. You means us. No girl wants to marry a doctor who can’t tell if a man’s dead or not. Watson walks into his office. I have tea with Mary and her parents this evening. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 38. WATSON Are you taking this seriously? HOLMES Like it or not. WATSON Well that’s clever seeing as how I pronounced him dead myself. grab a compass.40 SHERLOCK HOLMES . you’d do well to hide your medical certificates in case they’re revoked. HOLMES It is not my reputation at stake here.Rev. WATSON * * * * * * * * * CONSTABLE CLARK It’s Lord Blackwood. They all move to the exit. Clarky laughs.

Not a place for a picnic. Any possible evidence there might have been has been trampled. not even on a bright sunny day -. opens the door. scanning the ground while Holmes appears to have taken an interest in a clump of trees in the distance.DAY Generations of wealth buried in moss-covered marble memorials. and lots of it. 42 (CONTINUED) . WATSON Look at this mess. 2/2/09 38aA. 41 EXT. They walk up the pathway towards the Blackwood Family Crypt. Nothing but standard-issue police bootprints.Rev. THE BLACKWOOD BURIAL PLOT .SHERLOCK HOLMES . 41 42 EXT. THE BLACKWOOD ESTATE . Holmes and Watson exit. We FOLLOW the carriage hurrying Holmes and Watson forward. A COP stops the carriage. Watson barely lifts his head.and it’s starting to rain. Watson carries a black leather FORENSICS KIT.ESTABLISHING .DAY Judging by the estate. Blackwood comes from old money.

He is sweating. they see the marble doors of the crypt have been BLASTED OPEN FROM THE INSIDE. Lestrade emerges from the crypt. As Holmes and Watson approach. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 38A. spooked. whispering to themselves. They’d rather be anywhere but here. 42 HOLMES Scotland Yard at their finest.this is interesting. once again. The cops are in tight clusters. shaken. Police lamps light one large marble CRYPT. Holmes and Watson share a quick glance -.Rev.42 SHERLOCK HOLMES . (CONTINUED) .

LESTRADE Explain it if you can. Lestrade waves it off.smashed outward like they were nothing. direction.but you won’t get much. LESTRADE (low. He notices the Blackwood CREST. The old GROUNDSKEEPER. Lestrade marches over to a nervous knot of cops. HOLMES And the coffin? LESTRADE We’re digging it up now. Watson heads for him. He doesn’t want Holmes or Watson to hear this. checking the hinges. drags his boys in close. pale and terrified. LESTRADE Look at those slabs of marble -they’re half a ton each if they’re a pound -. CUT TO: (CONTINUED) . The witness is over there. you’re on double-time! You’re an embarrassment! Also. Holmes disappears in the opposite As soon as their backs are turned. On second thought. Holmes. 42 Holmes offers Lestrade his handkerchief. You can question him if you like -. grabs a fistful of blue in each hand. Holmes inspects the door. you’re forbidden to talk about this to anyone. not a word.42 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 39. stands out of the rain under an ancient cypress tree. Lestrade does take Holmes’ handkerchief.Rev. angry) If you lot don’t stop behaving like a bunch of superstitious milk maids. and the image of a SPHINX. Are we bloody clear on that? The cops nod. duly chastened.

murmuring. HOLMES Inspector. plainly terrified. 42 THE GROUNDSKEEPER mumbles the Lord’s Prayer under his breath. They all turn to see the coffin has been extracted from the crypt. pops it in the man’s mouth and gently sits him down. or the Yard. Lestrade stomps up. Holmes walks over holding a small branch from a tree. (at Watson. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 40. LESTRADE The witness stated that he saw Lord Blackwood rise from the grave. looking in his eyes. step back. soil-stained cops emerge lugging the coffin. crossing themselves. It hasn’t been a good day for WATSON We should give him There’s a clunk. accusingly) Well? You pronounced the man dead. He’s in shock. do you know if this is a spruce or a sycamore? Lestrade shakes his head. WATSON (stung) He had no pulse. Four beefy.42 SHERLOCK HOLMES . him. The Groundskeeper just keeps praying. a few moments. OPEN IT!! LESTRADE (CONTINUED) . Watson takes a boiled sweet from his pocket. Holmes chuckles. They place it on the ground.Rev. Watson immediately goes into doctor mode checking his pulse.

Holmes spots something glinting in the man’s dirt-filled pocket.. WATSON Missing two incisors in the upper jaw. HOLMES Now that we have a firm grasp of the obvious. Lestrade looks at it with dismay. with red hair. Holmes and Lestrade move forward. overflowing. Holmes takes the pen and pries open the corpse’s mouth. HOLMES Inspector. They brush away a layer of dirt. (CONTINUED) . WATSON Lividity is late stage. Inspector. begins examining the body. Diptera deposits are approximately -(measuring) -. The cops pass a CROWBAR around as if it were red-hot.. Watson opens his forensic kit..42 SHERLOCK HOLMES . putting the time of death at ten to twelve hours ago. silver tools.. the cops move backward. in everyday clothes.snatches the crowbar away. revealing: two missing teeth in the man’s jaw. He marches forward --. eerie groan. He takes a CALIPER. LESTRADE That’s not Blackwood. Watson’s had enough. jams it under the lid and levers it off with a slow. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 41. may I see your pen? Lestrade hands over a nice fountain pen. still stunned. A DEAD BODY in the coffin. Vials.Rev.a small measure of revenge. Holmes hands the pen back to Lestrade. HOLMES All yours. 42 But no one moves. The coffin is filled with EARTH.three quarters of an inch. He uses the pen to fish out: a POCKET WATCH. takes it in Holmes’ handkerchief -. (a look at Holmes) Adler’s midget. The body is a much smaller man than Blackwood... to reveal. disturbed.

Lestrade follows. They all want to get the hell out of there. It’s not natural. Watson ENTERS FRAME and hands Holmes a bundle wrapped in newspaper. It’s not right. 42 Holmes and Watson begin walking away from the crypt. GROUNDSKEEPER (quivering voice) He was walking but his feet didn’t touch the ground. HOLMES Scratches around the keyhole where the watch is wound. suddenly.S. Trust me. He was as alive as you or me. Most drunks are the same.. The old Groundskeeper stands in front of them. anxious. They all stop. HOLMES Now the game is afoot. leaves) Our Father Who art in heaven.) All three men watch the Groundskeeper go. so the owner -GROUNDSKEEPER (O. This one has five. and pawnbrokers scratch the ticket number and their initials inside the lid. WATSON I fail to see how these fish and chips are different from the three other places we passed along the way.) He was walking. Holmes shows him the dusty pocket watch.42 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (5) 42. LONDON STREET . (turns. And I’m not daft.DAY Holmes stands in the middle of the street contentedly observing humanity. ready to unburden himself. HOLMES (CONTINUED) 42A-50 51 . A sudden gust of wind moans eerily. I know what I saw and I know Lord Blackwood. 42A-50 OMITTE 51 EXT. Watson.Rev. (etc..

(CONTINUED) . WATSON You know. WATSON Holmes complies hungrily and they start to stroll along. I once heard a man predict his death. I’ve seen things in war that I couldn’t explain.Rev. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 42A. You have to admit that a supernatural explanation is at least theoretically possible.51 SHERLOCK HOLMES . down to the number and placement of the bullet holes that killed him. 51 Just eat. Watson appears preoccupied.

Invariably.51 SHERLOCK HOLMES . screws it into his eye. what does that tell you? WATSON The owner was most likely a drunk. instead of theories to suit facts... His face falls. WATSON Maddison and Haig. near indecipherable) Never theorize before you have data. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 43.. Watson looks quite chuffed. WATSON Pawnbroker’s marks. (CONTINUED) .H. HOLMES Watson looks extremely pleased with himself until they turn a corner into a street where EVERY SECOND SHOP IS A PAWN SHOP. 51 HOLMES (mouth full.Rev. HOLMES Very good. HOLMES The most recent is M. there are several sets of initials scored into the lid. HOLMES Let’s see now. scratches around the keyhole.. Adler’s midget is the key to this. Excellent. you end up twisting facts to suit theories. Each time he wound the watch his hand would slip. and flips Reordon’s watch open. Holmes pulls out a JEWELER’S LOUP. HOLMES Hmm. hence the scratches. Watson! You’ve developed considerable powers of your own. Watson shakes his head. He examines the lid.

Which leads me to deduce that I’m already late for my appointment with Mary.. I see the letters S and an L. ahead of them there on Bow Street. No. PAWNBROKERS. They should give us an address. PALM READER I see two men. RESPECTABLE. wait. You remember. Holmes and Watson look at each other. DISCREET. here we are. sir? HOLMES Perhaps we do need a little help from the beyond. Not in blood but in bond. She has their (CONTINUED) . On the watch. a J. the one I was leaving for before you talked me into coming to dig up dead bodies with you. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 43A. A GYPSY PALM READER approaches Watson as he turns to leave. thank you. WE SEE MADDISON & HAIG.Rev.51 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES WATSON The time. 51 HOLMES Oh my Lord. no. brothers. I think not.. WATSON She grabs his hand anyway. PALM READER Reckon your future. attention. WATSON There’s one thing you’ve missed. Watson is so taken aback by the urgency and gravity of her tone that he doesn’t pull away. PALM READER You need to hear what I have to tell you.

.. (horrified) Patterned table clothes... Watson looks at Holmes.. 51 PALM READER (wincing) I see madness.. the letter M. A man driven out of his mind by a malign force..... WATSON You think you are clever don’t you? Holmes feigns innocence. Enough..even for you. Mary? You will be married... lace doilies. HOLMES (to Watson) Do you have any changes? Watson shakes his head as he pays the woman. another M. I see..Rev. (CONTINUED) . Watson snatches his hand away.51 SHERLOCK HOLMES . PALM READER She turns to fat. WATSON This is a new low -. PALM READER I see a letter. WATSON The Palm Reader looks at Holmes. china figurines... I see. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 43B.

storms into Madison and Haig. And you know it yourself. Why. he is intercepted by the Palm Reader who grabs his arm.” Holmes starts to look a bit nervous. as well you should be. Darkness and great pain. WATSON Do you still have my cut from the fight? Holmes digs into a pocket. That is precisely the reason you can’t find a suitable ring. eh? WATSON 52 Holmes turns away. You’re terrified of a life without the thrill of the macabre.Rev. Watson.. looks down at the TICKET he got from the pawnshop: an ADDRESS. and Holmes is not. Holmes is confused until he spots a sign in the window: “Large selection of engagement rings for every wallet. Even Holmes is taken aback by this. Holmes swallows the last of his cod and casts the wrapping aside. pleased with himself. HOLMES Reordon’s lodgings should be right around this bend. Not bad. 51 HOLMES It’s the most honest prediction old Flora has made in years. do you -HOLMES Watson snatches the money. the pawnshop behind them.51 SHERLOCK HOLMES . As he follows Watson. LONDON EAST END . Now Watson is smiling. he’s not safe. PALM READER I seen something in his hand. Mortal peril. Watson is beaming at: an ENGAGEMENT RING in a box. (CONTINUED) . 52 EXT.. Warn your friend. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (5) 44. Here we are.MINUTES LATER Holmes and Watson move down the street. produces a wad of coins.

Rev. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 44A.52 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES Looks promising. Some (CONTINUED) . dingy LODGING HOUSE. 52 He slows. windows are boarded up. looks up at a dark. And possibly dangerous. well. Oh. give my regards to Mary.

biblical Latin and Hebrew. Scrawled-on paper and pages are tacked to walls and carved into the plaster. LODGING HOUSE Watson checks his watch. Watson lights a lamp which reveals details of an interior that stops them both in their tracks: From floor to ceiling. He kneels to get a better angle with the knife.52 SHERLOCK HOLMES . strange pagan charms hang from the ceiling. crucifixes punctuate the yards of text and collage. Something did. WATSON 55 They move further inside where there is a hallway and a basic bedroom. 53 54 Holmes winds his way up a twisting flight of creaky stairs. Holmes inspects it. HOLMES He clearly felt something was coming to get him.Rev. finds a door with scratches on the keyhole. It takes him a while. every available inch is covered in writing. CRACK! Watson’s boot flashes past him as he KICKS the door off its hinges. 55 INT. he gestures them inside.DAY The squalid doorway opens into a series of dark rooms. 52 Holmes heads for lodging house. (CONTINUED) . It is fiddly. WATSON I can spare ten minutes. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 45. 53 54 OMITTED INT. Off Holmes’ pleased reaction. Holmes takes out his knife and goes to work on the lock. REORDON’S ROOMS . moves through a door.

) Watson. Hemlock. Some of it gives off a distinctly electrical hum.55 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. He digs through them. An experiment generating a massive stench. WATSON Appears he was attempting to follow occult formula with scientific practice. Watson moves to the stove. their bodies frozen in strange contortions. Ungodly fragments of limbs and matter float in jars.Rev. sees a sheaf of BURNT PAPERS. WATSON (reeling) Bloody hell. 55 HOLMES (O. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 46.S. Formaldehyde.. pulls out vials. something ROTTING. a seething cloud of flies. A CREST stamped on it.. In the center of the room. Watson does his best not to gag.. come take a look at this -Watson puts down what he was looking at. REORDON’S LAB Instantly. HOLMES (mumbles) Phosphorous. The room is stacked with an alarming amount of scientific and biological paraphernalia. impossible to read. Holmes and Watson step closer to see: DEAD FROGS. WATSON Has he any hydrochloric acid? 56 (CONTINUED) ... Holmes moves around the room. Watson digs through his forensic bag. as if mid-death-rattle.. sniffing like a morbid perfumer. goes towards.. Watson covers his nose with a handkerchief. HOLMES (inhaling deeply. Eyes opened impossibly wide. finds one piece not as burnt as the rest. loving it) Ammonium sulfate.. 56 INT..

2/2/09 CONTINUED: 47. Holmes gets a whiff of something. WATSON He worked for Blackwood.. but something else.. 57 58 OMITTED INT. WATSON Why would she hire you to find him. Sweet. Sucks the iron right out of the ink. TWO THUGS spill into the 57 58 He He (CONTINUED) .Rev. Ghostly chemistry. stops at an open window.. Watson catches it. if she planned to do the job herself? HOLMES Maybe it’s not the man she’s after.. Watson sees the crest is Blackwood’s. 56 Holmes shuffles a few bottles. starts pouring the acid. Watson keeps rubbing the paper together. Watson presses the chemical-soaked paper onto the burnt paper.56 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes senses something. REORDON’S ROOM BOOM! room. raises an eyebrow. moves into the next room. starts walking back to the other room. Long as it’s not too burnt.. puts it by the lantern. Slowly. sniffs) Barley sugar. or sugar. The door WHIPS open. tosses one to Watson. smells the CURTAINS: HOLMES Irene was here. another chemical on a clean sheet of paper. (stops. HOLMES There’s one odor I can’t put my finger on.. almost like perfume. faint words APPEAR on the blank page.. Something he was working on? WATSON Ferrocyanide.

He looks at Dredger. WATSON Seems about fair. surprised to see Holmes and Watson. He catches the rod. gentlemen. but quickly -Dredger LUNGES forward. As they dodge and swing back -Holmes grabs a standing lamp. He grabs the rod and HURLS Holmes through the air. HOLMES Hello. The two thugs step toward Holmes and Watson. slightly deformed. swinging the lamp toward a CURTAIN. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 48. He sucks on a twisty stick of barley sugar (Victorian hard candy). 58 They are followed by DREDGER. DREDGER (smiles) You do like to talk. Sweet tooth. In the blink of an eye: He WRAPS UP the curtain. It stuns the giant for a beat.Rev. bringing the heavy STEEL ROD with it. Dredger is deadpan. DREDGER Sherlock Holmes. He keeps moving. They stop. who follows them into the room. ripping it down. just shy of seven feet tall and pushing 400 pounds. sending him flying into -(CONTINUED) Holmes’ . eyes widen at the giant. a huge man. Watson meets the men in the middle of the room. swinging at them. flipping it so the curtain-rings rain to the floor. SMASHING it into Dredger’s face. trapping the steel rod under his arm. I’ll handle’re here to extinguish any connection between the man who lived here and the man you work for? Curious you’d still be running errands for a dead man. HOLMES You take them. knows it won’t make a dent. HOLMES Let me guess -. sliding it into his hand as a weapon. He spins the rod expertly.58 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

sending it across the ground. He blinks. trying to gather his senses. Watson just barely ducks the blade. 58A INT.Rev. 58 INT. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 49. anything he can grab. knocking him off his feet. scattering all the bottles and tools. ZAP! A flash of light and crackle. kicking the other in the groin. Watson fights the first thug. One of the blades slices his shirt. who swings the metal shaft desperately. and KNOCKS Dredger back twenty more feet. As Watson follows the ring with his eyes. ripping off his pocket. and. Holmes reaches out for some kind of weapon.. He sees Dredger incoming. so -The ENGAGEMENT RING falls to the floor. a bar-room brawler. as -Watson tussles with the thugs. butting one. climbing off of Watson. then touches the other end of the pipe with the rod. as he scrambles toward the ring. and Dredger gets an ELECTRIC SHOCK that sends him flying back twenty feet -58B INT. cranks his weapon. REORDON’S LAB Dredger bears down on Holmes. the shaft SPARKS. and knocking the ring away. REORDON’S ROOMS Watson finishes off his thug and plucks the engagement ring off the floor. Dredger tries to recover. Dredger lurches toward Holmes. Holmes 58B 58A Dredger pulls himself up with the help of a water pipe on the wall. stunned by the efficacy of the weapon. just as -Dredger flies through the air. He snatches a SHORT SHAFT. SLAMMING into Watson. The rod sparks and hums. the first man HURLS his knife. Holmes thinks quickly. who falls. A truly pathetic weapon.58 SHERLOCK HOLMES . REORDON’S LAB Holmes crash-lands on the table. which SMACKS into the second thug. Head The men whip out knives.. (CONTINUED) . blades flashing on either side of him. Watson ducks and dodges. and ZZZAPPPP!! The electrical current RUNS ALONG THE PIPE. One of the thugs accidentally KICKS it. Holmes looks at the lightning rod in his hand.

Watson darkens. the rest of the ring mangled. They weave through the shadows. it sits in a wheeled carriage designed to see it smoothly into water. as -61A 62 OMITTED INT. picks up the ring. 58B Watson spots the ring rolling towards the window. He looks at the sparking rod and races for the window as well. 63 EXT. starts running for it. and -He 63 61A 62 59-60 61 (CONTINUED) . Holmes sees one of the cables shifting slightly.GATE Dredger runs down the street. grips his ruined ring.DAY Dredger runs towards a SLIPWAY. bends down. Holmes trails the hulking form of Dredger into this network of struts. THUD! Dredger’s massive foot STOMPS DOWN ON THE RING. the whole thing is attached to a heavy chain that coils back around the shed that they just ran through. sees: Watson The stone was knocked out of the setting.. landing atop a heap of coal. Dredger gives Watson a cruel smile. lost in the floorboards.58B SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev.. Watson brings up the rear. The vessel can’t be far from completion. TOOLEY IRONWORKS . takes an angle to cut off Dredger. SLIPWAY . trailing Dredger through the gates of a huge commercial shipbuilders. big wooden chocks hold it in place. frantic as -Dredger rises.. which holds the UNFINISHED HULL OF A LARGE SHIP.. then leaps out the window. UN-LAUNCHED SHIP . leaps out the window. and heads out -59-60 61 OMITTED EXT. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 50. a clear change in his demeanor. just as he’s about to grab it.FIRST SLIPWAY For now though. darting around people. knocking people out of his way. Holmes gives chase. Watson chases the engagement ring. Watson glares as -Holmes blasts past him.

Holmes wrestles Dredger’s head onto the runner and pins him down. tearing others out of his way. but the shaft starts to LOSE POWER.the PROPELLERS on the stern of the ship start sliding down towards them.. Watson can see what’s coming. SECOND SLIPWAY .. He reaches out. sizzles. out. splintering another chock. Dredger knows there isn’t much juice left. 64 EXT. The ship LURCHES forward. 64B EXT. smashing some of the wooden supports. 63 ZAP! Holmes steps into Dredger’s path.. both Holmes and Dredger look up as the HUGE CHOCKS holding the ship EXPLODE BACKWARDS --. 65 . 64A EXT. Dredger in pursuit. Dredger kicks out viciously. and swings the hammer at Holmes.. A moment of reckoning between Holmes and Dredger: The shaft slowly. ZAP!! Holmes gives another jolt.CONTINUOUS ACTION Grappling frantically on the runners. FABRICATION SHED From his vantage point. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 51. just long enough for -Dredger turns 64A 64 Holmes to launch himself at Dredger. FABRICATION SHED . smiles a terrifying smile.SLIPWAY A police WHISTLE echoes through the air. And now. grabs the weapon and. hitting him with the lightning-rod. the whole thing starts to creak.63 SHERLOCK HOLMES .DAY Watson runs round the end of the building and sees Holmes scrambling under the half-built hull.. They tumble down onto the massive runners on the floor of the slipway. Dredger tosses the rod. Holmes backs away. knocking him back. UN-LAUNCHED SHIP .Rev.. for a moment. Holmes! 65 WATSON 64B EXT. It’s the last straw for the support mechanism. as -Dredger grabs a sledgehammer.

parting the Thames with a vast. And. The timber finally gives way. And they find: (CONTINUED) . twice -. A quiet beat. and sees black metal an inch from his nose. He opens one tentative eye. Holmes collapses back. He tries to roll out of the way. A beat where the whole business hangs in limbo and. 66 he blinks back into consciousness. Holmes lies semi-conscious. Watson arrives. pulling him backwards across the runners. falling through the air -The ship is free again.the hull screams past him with a sound like the side of the world being torn off --. Holmes’ head hits the ground hard. He’s doomed. as the leviathan roars down towards him. The SHIP squeals and groans as its timber supports buckle and crack with the weight of the tethered ship. great gulps of air disappearing into his lungs.once. SECOND SLIPWAY .CONTINUOUS ACTION We see the chain extended taut as a tight-rope behind the half-launched ship.. but Dredger’s bone-shaking punches have taken it out of him and he sags back to the ground. but he doesn’t know why.Rev. knocks his head against the runner -. 66A Holmes rolls sideways as the propellers slice through the air above his head -. He tries to pull himself to his feet. They stagger back to the slipway where Dredger was standing. frothy explosion of water. helps him to his feet. he sees the great shadow sweeping over him.Holmes charges into Dredger again.. half expecting to find himself in the after-life..CONTINUOUS ACTION Dredger looks up at the approach of the propellers --. SECOND SLIPWAY ..SHERLOCK HOLMES . He realizes the ship has stopped.and then the ship’s away. The ground beneath him shakes. The stern lurches to a STOP INCHES from his face. 2/2/09 52. eyes rolled back into his head. Dredger pulls Holmes down with him. Holmes watches the ship drift gracefully out into the river -.from vortex to serenity in a matter of seconds. as -- 66 66A EXT.

Holmes and Watson. WATSON I haven’t slept all night. Watson shakes the notebook in Holmes’ face. I deserve this. 67 (CONTINUED) . officers swarm the scene.. it was selfdefense. 66A Nothing. deep burn. Watson? We were set upon..MORNING The next morning. bloodshot eyes. WATSON I’ve used the time to review my notes on our exploits of the last seven months...66A SHERLOCK HOLMES . Watson looks at his watch and does a slow.. and. LONDON JAIL . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 53. A giant holding cell where every shade and aspect of Victorian villainy is corralled. I clearly deserve it.. Holmes wakes up on a bench after a peaceful night’s sleep. the ship adrift. man. He’s reading his notebook. The big man is gone. 67 INT. making the odd change here and there. HOLMES (theatrically indignant) You’re not implying that I am responsible for our current situation are you. Holmes tries to wiggle his fingers which causes him enough pain that he decides to bind them with Irene’s handkerchief. No blood or trace. They see the wreckage. The police whistles get louder. Holmes looks up and sees Watson staring at him.Rev. exhausted. How could I ever be so deluded as to believe I could meet Mary’s parents for tea once I let myself be talked into going with you. Watson sits next to him. shaking his head. Now of course I’m in jail. and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be suffering from to some profound psychological aberration.

HOLMES Ah.. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 54. your mess. boys? Put me away for robbery a few years back? Holmes turns and comes face-to-face with a dangerouslooking man who has a few conspicuous WARTS on his face. your setting our home on fire! HOLMES That was an accident.67 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Now. HOLMES The first time WAS an accident.. if you’ll excuse us! Brownlee takes a swing at Watson.) Remember me. Holmes checks him and drops Brownlee without missing a beat. WATSON Who could forget that face? I told you. I never complain. 67 WATSON (CONT’D) Why else would I continually allow myself to be led into situations where you’re deliberately withholding your intentions from me? HOLMES You’ve never complained about my methods before. The fifteenth most dangerous man in London.Rev.. Watson snaps at the man.S.. Mr. Watson challenges him with a look. (CONTINUED) . I never complain about your violin playing at three in the morning.. WATSON I’m not complaining. Brownlee. your lack of hygiene. BIG MAN (O. a little nitrate of silver and the warts will be gone in two weeks... your stealing my clothes..

completely irritated at Holmes’ lack of understanding. Watson shakes his head in disbelief. I would be going with my future wife -HOLMES Certainly. WATSON No. It’s WATSON What I do take issue with is your ruthless campaign to sabotage my relationship with Mary. HOLMES Watson. Watson. WATSON If I were going to the country. We should have her along. HOLMES What you need is a rest. in the interest of science. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 54A. I completely understand now. You’re overtired and feeling a bit sensitive. Let’s get Gladstone out of the house as well. HOLMES Invited? Now you’re not making any sense.67 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 67 WATSON (to Holmes) Nor am I complaining about the fact that you terrorize my patients and perform outlandish experiments on my dog. Watson now turns away. Why would I not be invited to my own brother’s country home? (CONTINUED) . You’re not -Me and her. HOLMES Gladstone’s my dog as well.Rev. We could throw a lamb on the spit. Not you. It has marvelous grounds and a beautiful folly. You and I could go out to the countryside. My brother Mycroft has a small estate near Chichester. Holmes.

Just Watson. He must make a decision.. PRISON GUARD As he slides open the bars.. turns. Holmes looks confused. bars.. forward. He touches his own heart. He steps Watson steps up. You don’t get it. then locks eyes with Mary. Watson stands for a beat between Holmes and Mary. But the Guard shakes his head. MARY emerges from behind the Guard.CORRIDOR Lestrade heads toward the holding room. And he does --. do you? You are this.. John Watson? They hear a BILLYCLUB hit the PRISON GUARD You made bail. flanked by prison wardens. 68 INT. She gives him a polite nod. The mob surrounds Holmes. 67 WATSON You’re not human.Rev. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 54B. without this. (CONTINUED) . 68 He’s never looked more alone. Holmes watches him walk out. The bars slide shut. (touches his own head) . heads off with Watson..67 SHERLOCK HOLMES .he leaves. LONDON JAIL .. they see.

69 EXT. strange carriage waiting.your usual impeccable timing. LONDON JAIL . you’d have made an excellent criminal.Rev. LESTRADE We don’t have time. The headline reads: “BLACKWOOD LIVES AND THE DEVIL WALKS WITH HIM! MURDERER RESURRECTED!” LESTRADE Tell me you have answers. an excellent policeman. door open. 70 71 OMITTED INT. the thug blasts out backwards. An ANONYMOUS MAN sits in the other seat. sir. CARRIAGE Holmes enters. 68 As the door is opened.68 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Who’s this? HOLMES 69 LESTRADE Try to behave yourself. HOLMES And you.DAY Holmes and Lestrade march along. having just been battered through it by Holmes. They just paid a small fortune to bail you out. I’ve an office full of policemen hanging crosses over their desks.. A public that’s working itself into a frenzy. HOLMES All in good time. LESTRADE You know. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 55. Lestrade holds out a copy of the newspaper. HOLMES Lestrade -. Holmes sees a dark. 70 71 (CONTINUED) . in another life..

CUT TO BLACK. FADE IN: 72 INT. Holmes shrugs.71 SHERLOCK HOLMES . the letters on your desk are addressed to Sir Thomas Rotheram. That would be your official title. TEMPLE OF FOUR ORDERS HEADQUARTERS The hood is pulled off. the only bakers to use a certain French glaze on their loaves. SIR THOMAS Mr. He’s in a grand office where a man in his late 60s. rises from a pile of papers. Lord Chief Justice. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 56. lost for a moment between Charing Cross and Holborn. apologies for summoning you like this. But I was saved by the bread shop on Saffron Hill..Rev. SIR THOMAS. HOLMES As to who you are -. then right. After that.that took every ounce of my notinconsiderable experience and skill. Sir Thomas shakes his head. admittedly. Holmes.. I’m sure it’s quite a mystery as to where you are. and who I am. Who you realy are is another matter entirely. 72 (CONTINUED) . Holmes takes in the scene. He holds a black hood. a bump over the Fleet conduit -need I go on? Somewhat stunned. Sir Thomas is not in the mood for this -.but Holmes is on a roll. HOLMES As to where I am -.I was. 71 ANONYMOUS MAN I’m afraid you’ll have to put this on. eyes flicking around the room. the carriage forked left.

) I think we have the right man. 72 HOLMES Judging by the sacred Ox on your ring.the mystery is why you bothered to blindfold me in the first place. James Square. Holmes shakes his head. Standish is an American in his sixties. well. ambitious man in his 30s. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 56A. Coward is a hard. STANDISH (O.72 SHERLOCK HOLMES . SIR THOMAS Yes. Holmes turns to see JOHN STANDISH and LORD COWARD standing behind him. on the northwest corner of St. what a massive lack of judgement on their part.S. it’s standard procedure. you’re also the secret head of the Temple of the Four Orders -in whose headquarters we now stand. (beat) And as to the mystery -.Rev. (CONTINUED) . I suppose.

or practical magic. That shocks them rigid. HOLMES Fear is the more infectious condition. 72 SIR THOMAS Sherlock Holmes. He SIR THOMAS Be as skeptical as you like -. fear of your own child. The danger is that they can also be exploited for more nefarious they enter.a rare dark green. (at Sir Thomas) In this case.practices of our Order? Yes. Ambassador Standish from America and Lord Coward. only our fears. variations of the SPHINX.72 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 57. LORD COWARD What some call the dark arts. sees FLAGS on the walls with ancient symbols. yes? You have the same colored irises -. with diamondshaped hazel flecks -(MORE) (CONTINUED) .barely -. STANDISH We know you’re are a rationalist. isn’t impressed by rank.Rev. We don’t ask you to share our faith. HOLMES They’re almost interesting. Holmes acknowledges them -. Holmes looks around the room.but our secret systems have steered the world towards the greater good for centuries. the Home Secretary. HOLMES Blackwood is your son. LORD COWARD I suppose you already have some notion as to the -.

SIR THOMAS The boy was a identical outer ears. come to some sort of conclusion. which would make you either brothers. A TENYEAR-OLD BOY -. Sir Thomas seems especially shaken. Holmes is appalled and shows it. I didn’t have the courage either to take him in or to -(CONTINUED) . It’s chilling: a death scene. It was before we fully understood the powers we were dealing with. She was a powerful practitioner. SIR THOMAS He was conceived during one of our rituals. SIR THOMAS We were young. 72 Stunned. A photograph from the 1860s. a BODY covered by a sheet. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) HOLMES (CONT'D) (pointing at Sir Thomas’ ear) -.looks on. Sir Thomas opens a bureau.72 SHERLOCK HOLMES . but she shared our beliefs..young Lord Blackwood -.. but we all knew -Sir Thomas hands Holmes a TINTYPE. Though not enough to survive giving birth to him. What family he had tended to. His mother wasn’t my wife. Evidently. father and son. 58. No one could prove anything of course. not survive. SIR THOMAS Very few people are privy to that information. from his birth to arms he made and sold. or. which only pass down through the direct bloodline. digs for something. the men consult silently.Rev. HOLMES SIR THOMAS Death followed him wherever he went. A man who’s just fallen out a window. They turn back to Holmes. more likely. and we want to keep it that way. or pinna.

stops at the door. What is it? SIR THOMAS Holmes holds up the tintype.Rev. but it’s not enough. I’ll get him. turns. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 59. The present and future are worse. LORD COWARD We’ll give you any assistance we can. I have considerable influence over the police. HOLMES I have one last question. why are you still alive? Holmes tosses the tintype onto a table. 73 OMITTED 73 . fixes Sir Thomas with a very bleak gaze. LORD COWARD His power grows daily and exponentially. SIR THOMAS We’ve done our best to stop him ourselves. What he does next will be far more dangerous -SIR THOMAS -. Sir Thomas. HOLMES One of the great benefits of my work is that I can pick and choose my clients.72 SHERLOCK HOLMES . leaves. We need you to find him and stop him before he does. Holmes stalks out -. As Home Secretary. HOLMES If the rest of his family’s dead. (beat) Name your price. Holmes looks at Coward with scathing disdain. His resurrection is evidence of that. but not for you. 72 STANDISH All this is history.he’s going to raise a force that will alter the very course of our world.

and could get you into a lot of trouble. He looks on silently until: IRENE If you’re going to watch me take my clothes off. OR ALT: IRENE To watch a lady undress without her permission is a criminal offense. IRENE I knew I could count on you.. She pulls long thin needles from her hair. 74 75 INT. (CONTINUED) . 2/2/09 60.. She pauses glancing briefly around the room before sitting at a mirrored dressing table. IRENE 75 HOLMES You can stop looking for Reardon.SHERLOCK HOLMES .DAY Irene enters wearing a stunning evening dress. IRENE So why don’t you come over here and help me instead.Rev. Sherlock. They both eye the Derringer on the table. lets her hair down. That’s better. Holmes approaches her somewhat tentatively and reaches for the top button on the back of her dress. IRENE’S HOTEL ROOM .. a Derringer from her waistband (which she puts down next to the wine glass). There’s a decanter on the table next to her from which she pours herself a glass of wine. the least you can do is help me with the buttons. and scoots up the steps of the massive hotel that’s bustling with people. Then she begins removing an impressive assortment of WEAPONS hidden on her person: she pulls a stiletto from her garter. 74 EXT.. PULL BACK TO REVEAL Holmes watching her from a shadowy corner. THE GRAND HOTEL Holmes comes out of a carriage. As she continues. Sherlock.

(CONTINUED) . IRENE (behind screen) The eye patch was a nice touch. IRENE That’s nobody’s business but my own. She moves back to the dressing table. HOLMES Tell me who you’re working for and what he’s after. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 61. Unfairly gorgeous. HOLMES But I've never known a professor to carry a gun. Irene is momentarily taken aback then recovers. Unbuttoning done. 75 HOLMES He was buried in Blackwood’s tomb.S. A professor perhaps? Irene gets up. Your services are no longer required. and on such a clever contraption. The huge DIAMOND still around her neck. Case closed then. I couldn’t see his face. walks behind a DRESSING SCREEN. refusing to get turned on. Holmes won’t look at her. IRENE (O.75 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes steps out to confront Irene. IRENE Wonderful. Your hand was trembling.) Let’s not argue. HOLMES I can’t help wondering if your employer will be as content with these results? You were uncharacteristically ill at ease in his presence.Rev. your gaze was averted. but I spotted chalk on his lapel. We’re not. now wearing an array of Victorian undergarments. HOLMES Irene steps out.

not only is it my business. HOLMES You’re in over your head this time. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 61A. missing his toe. becoming something else. should really try some.75 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Irene kisses him. 75 I disagree. Holmes snatches away the smoking Derringer. we are arguing.Rev. Which in relation to a crime of this magnitude would certainly mean prison time. The kiss leads them to the bed. Holmes gets closer and closer to Irene as he presses his case vehemently. BANG! A BULLET tears into his shoe. HOLMES When a man you ask me to find ends up dead in the coffin of the most notorious murderer since Jack the Ripper and that murderer manages to return from the dead. You Holmes notices her Derringer on the table next to the wine bottle. HOLMES IRENE You see. Irene. Another of the weapons in her arsenal. Holmes grabs her arm. IRENE This wine is excellent. Irene snatches up her gun. it’s the business of Scotland Yard and the highest levels of the British government. HOLMES So what’s it to be? IRENE Do we really have to decide now? Irene reaches for the wine. and the one that disarms Holmes. hard and angry at first. They will certainly consider your reticence to be an obstruction of justice. (CONTINUED) .

2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 62. While he struggles on the bed. She’s in charge now. IRENE But in shackles. Sherlock -. IRENE This is the only way it could ever work between us. She starts putting on MAN’S CLOTHING. now dressed as a man. IRENE I’ve NEVER been in over my head. IRENE Irene has handcuffed him to the bed frame. Just like you -. She approaches. She gets off him. Irene walks casually across the room.75 SHERLOCK HOLMES .well.Rev. IRENE He doesn’t resist. Irene pulls him down to it. straddles him. CLICK! Much better. not you at this exact moment -- (CONTINUED) . the other with the key. CLICK! Holmes’ eyes flare with surprise. 75 That’s better. And on my own terms. HOLMES How can you live like this -always a fugitive.

O’Neil didn’t have time to check out. throws the handcuff keys down there. as she leaves: IRENE Where’s Watson when you need him? 75A 76 OMITTED INT. SIR THOMAS No thank you.NIGHT Sir Thomas enters the hall from outside. IRENE -. PERIGRINE Good evening. Some figs and honey with a nice glass of port? I’ve prepared a tray. OR ALT: IRENE What were you doing consorting with a married business traveller in his hotel room is something you’ll have to explain for yourself. Holmes has no retort. stands there waiting for him. 75 She pulls at the front of his trousers. I’m going to bed. She picks up TWO SUITCASES waiting for her at the door (NEW PROP!) and.75 SHERLOCK HOLMES . SIR THOMAS’ HOUSE . PERIGRINE.Rev. IRENE If anyone asks. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 63. (beat) I hope you don’t mind settling the bill. he looks tired. sir. please let them know that Mr. will you? 75A 76 (CONTINUED) . moves to the doorway.but generally speaking. (as he heads upstairs) You won’t let those figs go to waste. Irene takes the scarf off his neck. Perigrine. His butler.

drip. 77 The CAMERA SLOWLY TRACKS IN. Not all the way. (CONTINUED) . SIR THOMAS’ BATHROOM Sir Thomas sinks into his bath. goes up.Rev. The silence is broken all of a sudden when the tap is magically turned on. Can’t. INT. licking his lips.76 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Thomas smiles. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 63A.. 76 PERIGRINE Nor the port. drip. like the rushing of wind. Sir Thomas opens his eyes in panic. as he hears an eerie WHISPER O. Relaxing.S. 77 Perigrine heads for the kitchen. tries to sit up. Sir Thomas is overcome with panic. sir. drip.

77 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. BLACKWOOD . to be confronted by the snoring form of Holmes. who watches him drown.. BLACKWOOD You can’t fight it.. 77 BLACKWOOD (O.S. she misinterpreted my intention entirely. Her shriek wakes him. I must admit. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 78 78A . 78 INT.. and opposite CONSTABLE CLARK. Clothes in total disarray.. It comes from a power greater than yours. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 64. Thomas blinks and sees that BLACKWOOD now sits in the corner of the bathroom. The water closes over his face. POLICE CARRIAGE Holmes sits beside a COP. it’s better than I thought it would be.. He looks down at himself and reacts with shock. slowly and surely. lit in a sinister fashion.DAY Carrying an armful of laundry. Sir Thomas’ eyes widen....CORRIDOR . Sir Thomas stares up at Blackwood. Besides. The water flows over Sir Thomas. . You can only surrender. as Blackwood steps closer and takes the sacred RING from his rigid finger. THE GRAND HOTEL .Rev. the muscles stand out in his neck as he fights paralysis.) Hello. Father. a MAID slips a pass-key into a lock and opens the door. BLACKWOOD I’ve been imagining this moment for a long time. slowly. HOLMES Don’t take this the wrong way. He slides back down. still handcuffed to the bed.. HOLMES Chambermaids were once such a liberal breed. but might I borrow your hand? 78A INT. then grim recognition sets in.

it’s a good thing she was offended or we’d never have found you. The tub has been drained. Right now. CONSTABLE CLARK (realizing Holmes isn’t there) -. in fact. (CONTINUED) 78B 78C . As Constable Clark continues in. The coach stops. continues into the bathroom. there is no latitude for misunderstanding. in full virtuoso detective mode.78A SHERLOCK HOLMES .so that Const. looking for Holmes. 78B EXT. HOLMES Faith runs riot over reason. 78C INT. right here is where Holmes is at his very best -. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: HOLMES (CONT'D) This is why I find this modern religious fervor so troubling. eyes wide open --. He turns. No sign of a break-in. puzzled.DAY Holmes steps out of the coach. and is escorted inside by Constable Clark. The body was in the tub. why he exists. SIR THOMAS’ BATHROOM Holmes is briefed by Constable Clark as they enter. Clark ends up talking to thin air. 65. 78A He looks out the carriage window and sees signs of a spiritualist gathering. finds him right back at the doorway. where a POLICE OFFICER stands over the tub and Sir Thomas’ body (covered with a blanket).Rev. The Butler didn’t hear anything. Holmes swivels away -CONSTABLE CLARK We’ve checked everything.this is. CONSTABLE CLARK Well. Holmes is satisfied by what he sees or finds. The kind of crime scene violation that Holmes cannot get them to stop doing. SIR THOMAS’ HOUSE . The inspector’s been over to Baker Street himself this morning.only his ring was missing.

I suspect this comes from a larger cannister. not provide comfort to the corpse. sees a JAR OF BATH SALTS on the table next to the chair Blackwood sat in. sits in it himself. 78C HOLMES Why did you drain the water? POLICE OFFICER Out of common decency. (CONTINUED) . you could check the ground under the rear windows for any footprints not your own.. sniffs it. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 65A.. Now Holmes can really get down to work. Constable. He glances around the room. HOLMES Holmes thrusts the open jar under the Officer’s nose. Neither the officer nor Clark have a response.. high up where it’s warm and dry. And. Sometimes he hums or sings to himself. or in a linen closet with a vent. logic is rare.Rev. What is that? HOLMES POLICE OFFICER (smelling) Uhhhh. Holmes is happy. HOLMES (incensed) Crime is common. HOLMES Data. leans over. Holmes swivels.78C SHERLOCK HOLMES . scoops it up..Holmes is not their boss. It’ll either be in the pantry. This may mean he gets on his belly for a floor’seye-view. sees the chair where Blackwood was perched. Both cops hesitate -. Hmm. it may mean he looks down from a window sill. data. The decent thing to do is catch the killer. jasmine? HOLMES Superb. opens it. data! I cannot make bricks without clay! The cops hurry away.

78C SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. grabs a handful of TALCUM POWDER and tosses the powder against the wall. Holmes steps to the sink. He steps toward it. as if the wall cracked open. The dust has a line down it. runs his hand along a layer of dust. revealing: (CONTINUED) . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 65B. 78C His eyes keep moving. noticing something on a wall.

Holmes enters -78D 78E OMITTED INT. the Officer proudly hugging a 5 LB. He steps toward -An ALTAR below the image of the Sphinx. one book open to a picture of Alexander the Great at the Sphinx. As soon as they arrive. a large sharp FANG. four strange objects: a strand of human HAIR. opening to reveal a SECRET ROOM. .they are even more startled by the sight of Holmes kneeling at the altar and singing to himself.DAY Holmes walks up the stairs and finds Watson’s office door open. Clark and the Officer return.Const. SIR THOMAS’ BATHROOM -. spellbooks. He pushes the panel. (vis Excellent 79 80 OMITTED INT. and the wall shifts. Maybe he continues singing between words. 221 BAKER ST. CANNISTER OF JASMINE BATH SALTS. and a FEATHER. Holmes pockets the altar items and a couple pieces of paper. HOLMES the secret room) idea what to make of the bath salts) work. SIR THOMAS’ SECRET ROOM Holmes finds a desk with a prayer table. (vis I have no that. just as -78F INT. the walls and shelves are very sparse. The office is full of boxes. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 66. They are startled by the secret room --. On the altar. 78C FINGERPRINTS on one of the panels.HOLMES’ APARTMENTS . He is well into packing his things. Holmes springs to his feet and walks out. a cow’s BONE. 79 80 * * * * 78F 78D 78E (CONTINUED) .78C SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. and ancient texts.

Rev. 80 HOLMES Don’t forget the wallpaper. WATSON * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOLMES Bring him in. HOLMES Figure of speech. heavy bag and unceremoniously dump it on Watson’s desktop. do you mind if I employ it? Be my guest. HOLMES Since this room is no longer in use. boys.80 SHERLOCK HOLMES . They unzip the bag. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 66A. Holmes steps aside. WATSON There isn’t any. (CONTINUED) . Holmes steps into the room. revealing the dead body of the thug from Reordon’s lodging. Two/three policemen enter carrying a large.

) Really. Poor fellow. Holmes grabs various instruments and other items from Watson’s newly-packed boxes. Watson keeps packing. with the outer elbows and forearms of his coat. 80 Who was he? WATSON * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOLMES My new roommate.80 SHERLOCK HOLMES . But there is some consolation in the knowledge that he can still be of service to his fellow men. of all places. He didn’t survive Dredger landing on him. Watson snatches them back as quickly as Holmes takes them out. (alt: He has more humor than you. he’s your friend from Reordon’s. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 67. starting. * * * (CONTINUED) . Frustrated.Rev. He’s an inspiring conversationalist. Holmes analyzes the body. WATSON HOLMES No.



68. 80

HOLMES Elbows and arms stained with blood, but older than his own injuries. Plenty of it, layer on layer... Holmes scrapes at the layers of blood with his knife, examines it. HOLMES Though none of it human. Watson slows down slightly. He keeps packing, trying to resist the mystery, but it’s not easy. HOLMES A butcher perhaps...? What else?

Holmes cuts a lock of the man’s hair, ignites it, studies the color of the flame carefully. Watson wrinkles his nose at the smell. HOLMES Hm -- predominantly yellow flame, but with distinct green bursts. Sulfurous. He spent lots of time around industrial work and very little around a wash basin. Holmes uses a curved nail file to scrape dirt from under the man’s fingernails, rubs the evidence between his fingers like a connoisseur. HOLMES Coal... river silt... Watson slows down further, struggling. HOLMES That plus the river silt and industrial slag on his trousers puts him squarely in... A hanging beat. And Watson finally cracks, blurting out: WATSON

Nine Elms.

HOLMES Well done. Now, you didn’t happen to pack the Lord’s Register of members’ interests, did you? Watson pulls it out of a box.



68A. 80

HOLMES See what Blackwood admits to owning. As Watson flips through it, Holmes plucks a few chords on his violin, thinking. Watson finds the page. WATSON It’s endless, he’s had a hand in just about everything that’s not good for you.




69. 80

HOLMES Something brutal by the river... WATSON Woolwich Arsenal... Limehouse Chemical... Queenshithe Slaughterhouse, Nine Elms! HOLMES That’s it, Watson! This should lead us right to Blackwood. Holmes leaps up and readies himself to leave. Not us, you. This gives Holmes pause. HOLMES Right. Well uh... best of luck with everything, then. Same to you. WATSON WATSON * * * * * * *

A brief nod, then Holmes is gone. A beat as Watson continues packing. He heaves a box up, moves for his suitcase. After a moment, he notices... Holmes’ PISTOL. Not again. WATSON * *

He picks it up. As he contemplates the weapon, he becomes more serious. Then angry. He mouths a curse to himself, and sees their DOG giving him a disapproving look. WATSON Yes, I know. Don’t give me that look, Gladstone. He pockets the gun, grabs his jacket and heads out. 81-82 82A OMITTED EXT. COURTYARD - NIGHT A figure moves across the dark, Gothic courtyard. It is AMBASSADOR STANDISH. As he cuts through the shadows...

81-82 82A

NIGHT Standish comes up the stairs. Effective immediately. turns to the others -. A RAVEN flaps into the night. TEMPLE OF FOUR ORDERS HEADQUARTERS . industry -they were given to me for a purpose. 82B INT. I am honored.82A SHERLOCK HOLMES . we see the rain stops behind him. gone as fast as it came. STANDISH What’s the meaning of this? did you call us here? Why 83 82B LORD COWARD Sir Thomas is dead.S. He bangs on the door. TEMPLE OF FOUR ORDERS HEADQUARTERS . trying to dry himself. A few dozen venerable-looking characters arrange themselves in seats. BLACKWOOD I am humbled. Blackwood enters. shipping. betrayed. Coward? Have you any idea what he’s capable of? BLACKWOOD (O. He hits the door to a building. and keeps moving. as he enters -83 INT. as the rain comes harder. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .COUNCIL CHAMBER A five-sided room. Lord Coward stands next to a central throne. 82A A few DROPS OF RAIN trickle down. He looks up. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 70. and come back more powerful than ever.who are transfixed by the sight of Blackwood suddenly kneeling before them. The door finally opens. As he enters. It is locked. He stays standing as they all sit -. wiping the raindrops off his coat. (beat) My powers and my assets -munitions.Rev.all except STANDISH. surprised by the rain. I nominate Lord Blackwood as head of the Order.) Of course he does. Standish looks at Coward. STANDISH Are you mad. He raises his collar. He looks as if he’s been to hell. The crowd is stunned. It’s why he’s here.

Across the Atlantic lies a colony that was once ours. we are not! (turning to the others) The powers he’s playing with are beyond any man’s control. sir. Nobody moves.. STANDISH Help me stop him before it’s too late.Rev. (beat) . we’ll create the future. Blackwood stands. (beat) With their resources and our power. Now... Then. (beat) England will know our power.83 SHERLOCK HOLMES ... (beat) Are you with me? STANDISH No. BLACKWOOD The first act is a necessary one.he’s won. Blackwood smiles -. and will be again. at noon tomorrow. Their civil war weakened them. (CONTINUED) . their government is as corrupt and ineffective as ours. we’ll remake the world. A different future.. you’ll make it openly. BLACKWOOD They’re limitless -. prowls.even death holds no sway. the whole world will. a future ruled by us. We’ll take it from them. 83 BLACKWOOD (CONT’D) A magnificent and simple purpose. BLACKWOOD You’ve made policy in secret for centuries. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 71. for without death there can be no rebirth. The men are beginning to like what they hear. we will take the first step towards a new chapter in history.

Flames consuming him. but they are with him. gape.83 SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. TEMPLE OF FOUR ORDERS HEADQUARTERS Blackwood turns away from the window. faint. are terrified. at Blackwood BLACKWOOD I wouldn’t do that. People scream. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 71A. People look up. The flames flicker blinding white. combusting with an impossible BLAST OF BLINDING HOT FLAMES! The men in the room reel backwards. cross themselves. surveys them. gasp.he IGNITES. 83B INT. lighting city blocks. as they witness this unnatural act. as his body contorts. melting away. LONDON STREET . Standish flails. They 83B 83A (CONTINUED) . crashing through a window out to -83A EXT. But as he aims it -. 83 In desperation. Standish pulls a gun.NIGHT The fireball plummets through the sky. terrified. Horses and carriages SCREECH to a stop. shocked. and -WHOOMPF! Standish lands on the roof of a carriage.

but it tastes like power. nods. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 72. As they drink. BLACKWOOD Come. The members line up to drink from a CHALICE. Blackwood leans close to Coward: (CONTINUED) . 83B Blackwood turns to Coward.83B SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. drink your allegiance here. Coward produces a brimming silver chalice. It doesn’t taste good.

WE SEE a boat is being loaded. Watson glares.CAPTAIN TANNER. and furious. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE . Work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Coward nods. Holmes’ head is just visible before he drops over the prow. Watson’s pissed. Holmes is on the deck along with a much older man in a sailor’s hat -. 84 WATSON There must be fifty yards of mud out there. Slowly a decrepit and eccentric little steam launch chugs INTO VIEW. Just above the thump of industry we can hear a distinctive and irregular CHUGGING sound. are you. aren’t you? You wouldn’t have lasted long in the Navy. Wharves stretch out into the water. Tanner whispers: TANNER That’s as far as we can go. TANNER Just a little leak.83B SHERLOCK HOLMES . EXT. Watson is busy with a bucket clearing the boat of a very serious leak. He whispers at Tanner. HOLMES Everything all right. We PULL BACK FROM the scene and look ACROSS the water. the boat drifts. He sees a jetty with a few shadows shifting on it.ESTABLISHING . Holmes starts clambering over the side. The engine shudders off.NIGHT An industrial area on a bend of the Thames. Captain Tanner? Captain Tanner has few teeth and a large white beard. TANNER Not a great one for the water. Holmes scans the banks with a telescope. 83B BLACKWOOD You control the police. (CONTINUED) . nothing to worry about. doctor? Army type. He’s soaked. 84 Use them. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 73.Rev.

Rev. WATSON Come on. Tanner nods. Holmes doesn’t seem bothered. 85 86 OMITTED EXT. 84 HOLMES Pull in at Vauxhall. with his walking stick. Watson glares. let’s get this over with. HOLMES What are you doing with my gun? Oh. A soft “splosh” as Holmes disappears. towards the entrance. Watson carefully leaves his valued possessions behind. They look up and see a jetty that heads out into the river. Send for the police when you get there. WATSON I know precisely how much money is in there. etc. doctor. while more THUGS are loading the boat with something. covered in mud. Watson steps forward. Watson does. Holmes looks back at Watson. Holmes and Watson scuttle forward. TANNER (taking the piss) I am sure you do. Two shadowy THUGS guard the dock. the closest he’ll come to a confession. says nothing. please. watch. goes over the side. (CONTINUED) . where two more THUGS patrol. WATSON 85 86 HOLMES It was an honest mistake -WATSON There was nothing honest about it. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE Holmes and Watson emerge out of the shallows. takes the gun. He lays down his wallet and looks at Tanner. Watson pulls out Holmes’ GUN. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 74.84 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

86 They look out at the thugs guarding the door. Holmes slows. He runs his finger through a layer of dust.) You need to see this.ANTECHAMBER Shadows on shadows. and pockets it as he follows Watson. stopped in his tracks. The twisted blades of slaughterhouse instruments glimmer in the darkness. A few RATS lay dead. sees something on its skin. HOLMES The one on the left seems more attentive. Nothing. might prove easily distracted. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE . and sees Watson standing at a set of doors.. picks up one of the dead rats. Holmes whispers. A truly creepy scene. He slows. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 75. notices that both men have hip flasks. like a plaintive wail. looks at shadows. Holmes and Watson move through it. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE .. sensing something behind him. Holmes follows. He simply walks up to the door and whacks the larger man in the face with the gun -before dispatching the other with a backhand pistol-whip. And he enters -87 88 OMITTED INT. not minutes ago. He picks one up. The big one’s been drinking -.TUNNEL Holmes walks towards Watson who stands in the doorway. WATSON (O. As they go.86 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 89 87 88 Holmes looks up. spooked. inspecting it. Holmes. He inspects it..Rev.. Watson? Watson has already left. trying to figure out the best strategy. Holmes catches up. Quiet: HOLMES They cleared something out of here. Metal groans softly. some kind of dark spore. passing Watson into -89 INT.S. (CONTINUED) . He turns. takes a whiff.whether for courage or from habit. Holmes notices rows of empty tables.

strangely. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE . a huge number has been scrawled: One-eighteen. whispering in the wind. 90 Holmes shakes his head. the world as you know it ends. Holmes and Watson react: this is the first time they’ve seen him in the flesh. An automated butchery on a grand scale. Amen.’ Another voice completes the passage. Blackwood continues. a 118. BLACKWOOD I want you to bear witness. This is the killing floor.’ Holmes and Watson follow the voice to see: BLACKWOOD in the rafters.) ‘And behold.89 SHERLOCK HOLMES . lifeless and silent for now. pulls the trigger. Revelation 1:18. Click.Rev. echoing from above: BLACKWOOD (O. the ceiling. HOLMES It’s chapter and verse. ticking. Shadows hang heavy around him. Misfire. ‘I am He that liveth. CLIPS off the rat’s TAIL. 89 Holmes pulls out a CIGAR-CUTTER. draws a bead on Blackwood. On the high walls. gliding on a track. as he joins Watson. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 76. and was dead. slipping it into his pocket. Now you see the truth for yourself. and have the keys of hell and of death. BLACKWOOD I cautioned you to accept that this is beyond your control. I am alive forevermore.FACTORY FLOOR A massive space with a maze of machinery full of deadly gears and blades and saws. time? WATSON It’s a date. swaying softly. stepping into -90 INT. Holmes tightens. Watson pulls his gun. Huge hooks hang from chain belts on an Ibeam. his eyes narrow. At noon tomorrow. as the hooks move through the air. his voice echoes. The hooks in the ceiling are shivering softly.S. (CONTINUED) .



77. 90

BLACKWOOD And because I appreciate your help, Holmes, I have a gift for you. Holmes starts climbing up towards Blackwood. BLACKWOOD (voice moving away) She followed you. You led your little lamb straight to slaughter. Suddenly the whole machine starts up. Industrialstrength loud, movement everywhere, empty hooks jerking towards the processing line. Blades and gears and grinders churn. Watson’s eyes go from Blackwood to -A pig carcass as it comes swinging out of the killing area, towards the SCORCHER (which scorches the carcasses with live flame). Then next carcass emerges --- not a carcass, Irene. She is alive, for now. She hangs from two hooks on a track-line, her wrists shackled above her, her mouth gagged. Her eyes show terror until she sees them, then immense relief for a moment, then determination. Holmes looks up to see Blackwood’s shadow retreating. Decision time. 90A INT. QUEENSHITHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE - ASSEMBLY LINE Holmes drops on to the machine and leaps from gear to gear like stepping-stones. He heaves himself up to the conveyor, where Irene is being pulled down the assembly line towards the flames. Watson sprints ahead, looking for a shut-off switch. Holmes unties Irene’s gag. HOLMES It’s your turn in shackles this time. Ahead of them, the pig carcass is scorched in an overwhelming burst of flame. Holmes and Irene are next.




78. 90A

IRENE But this time no key, unfortunately. Holmes notes that Irene’s hands are shackled to separate hooks. It’s going to take two actions to free her. The flame machine gurgles ominously, gearing up for the next blast. Watson sees a LEVER (PLEASE NOTE, NEW PROP!) that looks promising, turns to head for it -- then his eyes focus on a big canvas splatter cloth. HOLMES I’ve been meaning to ask you something -IRENE Well, I’m a captive audience. Watson rips down the splatter cloth, sprints to Holmes and Irene, tosses the cloth across the conveyor belt to Holmes --- who wraps them up in the thick cloth just before the flames hit them. The heat is excruciating -- but the cloth protects them. Watson watches anxiously as the scorched cloth drops away, revealing that Holmes and Irene made it -- just. Relieved, Watson heads for the lever until “Oh Shit!” he looks ahead --- sees the scorched pig carcass being dragged into a long, conveyor-belt-wide SCALDING TANK OF BOILING WATER. Decision time for Watson -- help Holmes and Irene, or try the lever? He goes for the lever, reaches it, pushes it all the way over --- and the belt speeds up with a jerk. Watson hauls back on the lever, gets the belt back to the original speed, looks around for another possible off switch. Just as they reach the scalding tank, Holmes jumps off the belt (still opposite side to Watson), grabs Irene’s legs and pulls her horizontal just before she’s dragged into the boiling water.




79. 90A

She’s suspended just above the boiling water, with Holmes moving sideways, keeping pace with her. IRENE (trying her best not to show the strain) You had a question. Holmes keeps hold of Irene’s feet as he maneuvers past various obstacles -HOLMES (same) Ah. Yes. Do you still maintain you’re not in over your head? IRENE (panting) In some countries steam is considered excellent therapy for the skin. -- then is gouged in the back by a whirling fan belt, jerks away, and Irene touches the water, SCREAMS. Watson hears the scream, turns -- then sees something again. It pisses him off. Fuck this machine. When Holmes has Irene stable again: IRENE (weakly) I have to say -- it’s overrated. Holmes has to admire her courage -- until he hears Watson yelling at him. Up ahead a huge pipe spews boiling water into the tank -and impassable obstacle from Holmes’ side of the conveyor belt. Watson points at the I-beam running above them. nods. Irene sees it, too. Holmes

Holmes helps her reach one foot, then other up to the Ibeam. She hooks her feet over it, and is suspended upside down by her shackles and her feet --- and still heading for the pipe spewing boiling water. Watson appears opposite Holmes, nods up at Irene. swings off the I-beam, through the air -She


leaves her for Holmes to deal with. catches up to Irene --. scalded pig carcass precedes them.90A SHERLOCK HOLMES . Irene swings aside. the scorched. just misses it. Then both of them see that Watson has reached the SWITCH. Holmes wastes no time.close one -. but significantlooking SWITCH on the wall.just as they both see the pig carcass CUT IN HALF LENGTHWAYS BY A GIANT BANDSAW. Sparks fly as metal kisses metal.Rev. still shackled by her right hand. The bandsaw whines viciously. but that’s all. sprints for the switch. painted red. Whew! Watson looks at them with relief -. Shit a brick. As Watson holds Irene. following her. equipment. with CLEAVERS HANGING FROM CHAINS. pulls her horizontal. he spots a small. She’s still shackled. she’s showing nerves. Irene swings sideways violently. (PLEASE NOTE. facing the other way just in time to avoid the gush of boiling water.and Watson catches her feet. swings the meat cleaver at the lock shackling Irene’s left hand. swings the cleaver with all his might --. Holmes clambers the Up ahead. Irene rides the belt upwards. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 80. He braces himself on the belt.smashes the shackle lock. jumps onto the belt. 90A -. Holmes darts through a trimming station.and pulls the switch down with a really satisfying CLUNK! A bank of lights goes out but the conveyor belt keeps moving towards the giant band saw. (CONTINUED) . So is Sherlock. Sherlock? IRENE Now. NEW PROP!) Watson helps Irene back onto the conveyor belt. grabs one.

Then Holmes is under her. Irene unhooks herself.90A SHERLOCK HOLMES .. Irene. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 80A. She hears Watson opening the door to the dock. stops her.pulls a knife. They plummet downwards OUT OF FRAME.. (MORE) Holmes (CONTINUED) . -. heads for the door. (angry) No more games. Lately there’ve been rumors of something new. gets up. Irene gives Holmes a sweet. grateful smile -IRENE Thank you so much. magical. heads after Watson. boiled. And. More powerful than anything else. Watson sprints towards where they fell. looks down --.Rev.sees them lying on a carpet of scorched. looking for Blackwood. lifting her high so that she can free her right hand (a move not possible with both shackles). taking Holmes with her. My job is to find out if the rumors are true. grabs her. turns. their eyes locking. She looks at Holmes. 90A Gets a free haircut. cutin-half pig carcasses. I owe you. Finally. Watson shakes his head. They’re okay. falls forward. HOLMES You owe me information. the truth: IRENE Blackwood’s manufactured largescale weapons for years.

he turns realizing he has set off a trap and turns back to warn the others -Holmes. occasionally knocking him to the ground. As he opens his eyes -(CONTINUED) .90A SHERLOCK HOLMES . flames and debris fly all around him in slow motion. but to safety. The drums of chemicals all EXPLODE! A blinding conflagration engulfing Watson. NINE ELMS JETTY Watson runs out of doors and towards the end of the dock. picks her up and grabs part of an exploded barrel to shield the two as they run for cover -BOOM! The barrel splinters as a final blast knocks them down. Watson! A chemical.. seeing something on the planks: Steel drums are dripping. BOOM! Irene is by the blasts and flying debris. processing. it. 81. looking around the dock. They blast through the doors to -91 EXT. tripping a wire connected to the steel drums. Holmes trails her. running toward the door.Rev. Holmes slows. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (5) IRENE (CONT'D) (beat) I would say they are. Holmes recognizes 91 HOLMES Watson continues down the dock.. BOOM! A metallic conductor SPARKS. HOLMES WAATTTSSSSSONNN!!!! Holmes is pushed back barrels that line the it looks as it Watson knocked to the ground by the explosion as the rest of the dock begin exploding arond them -hasn’t survived. He sees: Blackwood and the boat are disappearing into the darkness. 90A And she’s off. Holmes races towards her as more explosions. For a moment. Holmes and Irene run out of the doors following Watson. it lights up all of London. WATSON Time slows. He reaches Irene.

HOSPITAL ROOM WE SEE a newspaper on the nightstand next to a hospital bed. Clarky. The headline: “AMERICAN AMBASSADOR STANDISH BURNED ALIVE!” Mary returns past them. pauses. HOLMES Thank you. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 82. THROUGH THE GLASS. The two coppers nod respectfully. 93 INT.CORRIDOR Two POLICEMEN half-heartedly guard the end of a corridor. 91 We see Lestrade and his men swarming the scene. 92 INT. Irene has disappeared. reaches for the handle.Rev. the headline reads: “AMERICAN AMBASSADOR STANDISH BURNED ALIVE!” 93 92 (CONTINUED) . but --. HOLMES From Lord Coward? CONSTABLE CLARK Yes. but unconscious. studying Watson’s chart. makes his escape fast. Holmes sees this and heads toward his friend. CONSTABLE CLARK There’s an order for your arrest all the way from the top. she sees a white-coated DOCTOR. Holmes turns back to look at the explosion.91 SHERLOCK HOLMES . so make it look intercepted by Constable Clark. sir. they spot Watson. helps him gently to his knees. sir -so you’ll have to hit me now. alive. One reads the paper. unsure whether to enter or not. Mary stays at the door. Holmes cracks Constable Clark in the sweet spot. HOSPITAL . there is a smear on her cheek. Mary arrives at the windowed door of a private room. Holmes turns away. having unsuccessfully washed away tear-stained makeup.

bruised.Rev. He mumbles inaudibly. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 82A. 93 Watson is burned.93 SHERLOCK HOLMES . his eyes still closed. He’s delirious. sweating. (CONTINUED) . scraped. pock-marked with shrapnel. cut.

(CONTINUED) . Doctor. The shot wakes him. This reveals that Mary has entered the room.Rev. letting the Doctor do his work. already in the room. 93 (NOTE: Mary’s detective novels and magazines. DOCTOR I can’t authorize that. handbag. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 83. A sixth of a grain. who’s served his country and deserves a peaceful. wincing with pain. DOCTOR There are four pieces of shrapnel. WATSON What are you administering? DOCTOR Morphia.93 SHERLOCK HOLMES . for the pain. Watson tries to sit up again. private life.) The doctor injects Watson in the arm. etc. WATSON Get a mirror. We must first manage the pain and combat the infection. I’ll extract them myself. Watson looks at his wounded shoulder. coat. stands back respectfully. Watson tries to sit up. and puts him so directly in harm’s -Watson grabs the Doctor’s arm angrily. friend is in dire -My DOCTOR Your friend? What kind of friend takes a retired soldier. or deeper? DOCTOR They’re near the carotid artery. WATSON Are they subcutaneous. WATSON I haven’t time for that. The surgeon should be along shortly.

She’s suddenly very angry. but not surprised. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 83A. Excuse me -MARY DOCTOR (leaving) I have other.. MARY You have nothing more to say to me? DOCTOR Um. worth many wounds. I’ll check in on him again shortly. sharper look at the Doctor. Mary steps towards the Doctor. to face her. patients. MARY Is that the best you can do? I’m disappointed.. The Doctor turns just outside the door. 93 WATSON The best and wisest man I’ve ever known.. eyes flashing. WATSON (succumbing to the morphine) It was worth a wound. Do you understand that? Can you? -- (CONTINUED) . MARY If anything happens to him. both our lives are lost.Rev. The Doctor has no words... DOCTOR But evidently not wise enough to value your life over his misadventures. Do you really? MARY Doctor..93 SHERLOCK HOLMES . ON MARY As she takes a closer.

.93 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 83B. 93 The Doctor can’t face her anger any longer.or are you so selfish that’s just not possible. turns. MARY -.Rev. leaves fast.

SHERLOCK HOLMES . 93A/93B OMITTED 93A/93B .Rev. 2/2/09 84.

Rev.CORRIDOR The doctor strides down the corridor past the policemen. 94 INT. HOSPITAL .SHERLOCK HOLMES . 2/2/09 84A. 94 .

They begin to overflow with tears. Emotions swirling. The Ox bone directly in front of him (at 12 o’clock). fang) from Sir Thomas’ house. We PUSH IN ALL THE WAY. He then draws lines which join the circles together in the shape of a cross. He brushes them away then looks at his wet hand. Then he pours a ring of salt around that circle. LONDON . horrified.SHERLOCK HOLMES . The human hair behind him (at 6 o’clock) and the Lion’s fang to his left (at 9 o’clock).Rev. the pages and strange sacrificial offerings (bone. obscuring him --. Parts of it hang down. The eagle feather to his right (at 3 o’clock). In the center circle he draws a pentagram (using wax from a burning candle?). disturbed. feather. Gathering himself. 2/2/09 85. 94B-94E 95 He pulls out a newspaper with the story of Standish’s death. pained. Then with a piece of charcoal Holmes draws a circle around each image and a circle directly in the center of the four other circles. There is something grotesque about his face. A train crosses on an overhead railway.the Doctor from the hospital is slumped down against the wall. 94A 94B-94E OMITTED 95 INT. hair. (CONTINUED) . PUNCH BOWL PUB . 94A EXT. possibly the bustle of Fleet Street during the morning rush hour.but not obscuring the light of instability in his eyes. so that we CAN SEE that the Doctor is actually Holmes. cuts his thumb and allows the drops of blood to drip onto the ground just outside the circle. He pulls a pocket knife from his coat. He lights four candles (one at each point of the cross) then stands in the center of the circle. Holmes stands in the middle of the bare room and starts to lay out the clues he has on the floor. he hasn’t completely removed his disguise.ATTIC Holmes enters. opens the blade. We PUSH IN UNDER the railway arch until we can make out a splash of white in the shadows -.NIGHT ESTABLISHING SHOT of London.

followed by a larger circle beyond that. (CONTINUED) .S. Suddenly one of the drops of blood bursts into flame in mid-air -. The words are eerily reminiscent of Blackwood’s chanting. He struggles to focus on Blackwood. BLACKWOOD (O. Blackwood has appeared behind him within the outer circle of flame.Rev. 95 Then he begins to chant.) And now it dawns on you. the circle around Holmes ignites. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: it hits the ground. Holmes sways. BLACKWOOD You see the path he chose for you. you begin to recognize your part in his play.95 SHERLOCK HOLMES . fuzzy. Holmes snaps around.

Why would I take a sixth under St.Rev. Blackwood raises a sacrificial sword and swings at Holmes’ head. BLACKWOOD Unless I simply wanted to be caught by the great Sherlock Holmes. or is he hallucinating.. PUNCH BOWL PUB .. (CONTINUED) 96 97 . BLACKWOOD . has Blackwood killed Holmes. It looks as if Holmes has no time to react -WHOOSH -. caught in the spell he conjured? CUT TO: A CLOSEUP OF HOLMES His face covered with earth -.just as we saw Reordon in his coffin. Holmes’ eyes snap open. We see -HOLMES’ POV as Blackwood swings the sacrificial sword at Holmes’ head.the sword WIPES the FRAME -96 97 OMITTED INT. he can barely see straight..ATTIC We see a SERIES OF QUICK CUTS. so I could die on the biggest stage of all. You made me what I am. he breathes in air -As he comes to life we see events of the recent past flash through his mind.95 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 86. Paul’s? Holmes shakes his head. BLACKWOOD’S TOMB. 95 BLACKWOOD Didn’t you wonder why it was so easy to catch me? I told you I needed five lives for my resurrection.

THE PATTERNS HOLMES HAS DRAWN ON THE FLOOR OF THE PUNCH BOWL. THE SPHINX. THE DEAD RATS. Holmes’ eyes snap open. Holmes sees a hazy image of Irene. CUT TO: A CLOSEUP OF HOLMES His face engulfed with flames -.just as we saw Standish. THE RAVEN FLAPPING ITS WINGS. CUT TO: HOLMES Writing and sweating on the bed in the attic. 97 THE STUFF IN REORDON’S ROOM. CUT TO: A CLOSEUP OF HOLMES His face submerged in water inside a copper bath tub -just as we saw Sir Thomas. STANDISH FALLING THROUGH THE AIR CRASHING INTO THE CARRIAGE. We SEE WATSON turning to warn Holmes before EXPLODING -HOLMES!!!! FADE OUT. IRENE SAYING “WHERE’S WATSON WHEN YOU NEED HIM?” BLACKWOOD IN THE ROOM AGAIN WITHIN THE FLAME CIRCLE. . THE OBJECTS IN SIR THOMAS’ SECRET ROOM. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 87.Rev.97 SHERLOCK HOLMES . She leans over him smiling sweetly then wraps her hands around his neck and starts to strangle him. he breathes in air -THE OPENING CONFRONTATION IN THE CATACOMBS.

They both look back over to Irene who just finished loading her gun. 2/2/09 87A. He’s been through it. into the light. They both smile.ATTIC The sun is rising. PUNCH BOWL PUB .is sitting in the chair where Blackwood appeared. HOLMES (quietly. He is decidedly alive. oddly.Rev. In the b. but with burn flashes. it seems she might understand the power of partnership. between them) She brought you here? WATSON Yes. (CONTINUED) .. WATSON Interesting artwork. bloody awful. FADE IN: 98 INT.g.or some deathly version of his old friend -. Irene is at the fire heating some coffee. United in agony. HOLMES What about the shrapnel in your arm? Watson shows him a piece of shrapnel -WATSON Took it out myself. Holmes’ eyes open and we see: 98 WATSON -. A ghost or a man? He gestures towards the diagram on the floor..? Watson leans closer. His arm is in a sling. cuts and bruises.then tosses it away. HOLMES (confused) Watson. -. The coffee seems ready so she pours a cup. Mary said I had a lousy doctor. You look He writes something in his notebook.SHERLOCK HOLMES .

Irene walks over and hands Holmes the cup.98 SHERLOCK HOLMES . You know. Exactly.. I dreamt that you were strangling me..Rev. They smile at their unique. 98 HOLMES The fair sex was always your department.. IRENE I was. but I believe my head requires something a bit stronger to clear the -WATSON I brought you this. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 88. HOLMES Excellent brew. HOLMES Thank you. I had to get you to pass out to settle down. HOLMES (CONTINUED) .. HOLMES What time is it? WATSON It’s half past nine. Holmes takes a drink of coffee. twisted understanding of one another. Watson.

98 He hands Holmes his VIOLIN. (beat) (MORE) (CONTINUED) .Rev. sits opposite him with the other. IRENE Oh. puts one down in front of’s called psychology. 99 INT. 99 Watson and Irene sit at a table.98 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Irene arrives with two pints. I’m simply a woman.from the pub’s band -. IRENE No. It appears you’re what’s considered a para-neurotic deviant with anti-social proclivities. He takes a sip. WATSON With your own venom no busy getting drunk with the money he has acquired. doctor. Could it be poisoned? He wouldn’t put it past her. IRENE Better a snake than a lap dog. But then he decides that’s absurd. The fiddler’s owner -. WATSON There’s a new field in the treatment of abnormal personalities -. Watson looks from Irene to the pint with open suspicion. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 89. Quite severe. I poisoned that one. And untreatable. PUNCH BOWL PUB Holmes takes it. the SCREECH of a fiddle now comes from upstairs.

a flash to an Eagle in flight -. He plucks it. as he STARES AT THE RITUAL PATTERN he’s laid out on the floor. Next.ATTIC . and you’ll have a happy marriage. but not with a bow. Let me make it simple for you. He stands up and draws a sphinx in charcoal on the floor. PUNCH BOWL PUB The music stops. A beat. 101 100 . he strums it. Flash to Reordon’s red hair. Next to it Holmes writes Man.a flash of Sir Thomas’ ring with the Ox crest. Next to the feather he writes America. he makes strange atonal sounds.OX ring. HOLMES I need a map of London. he moves to the feather -. and you’ll have a happy marriage. They swap a glance. doctor. He draws a man’s face. Next to the ox bone Holmes writes -. 99 ALTERNATE DIALOGUE: IRENE (alternate dialogue) Not quite. with a lot fewer words -. And Holmes emerges. 101 INT.Sir Thomas -.99 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Where? Who? Holmes returns to his violin. Then he moves to a Lion fang.I’m what’s called a woman. (beat) Understand that. PUNCH BOWL PUB .Rev. Then he moves to the ox bone -. Flashes to various images of the sphinx that he’s observed over the course of the investigation. Then he moves to the hair. Next to it he writes a big question mark. Staring at the Lion fang as if willing the flashes to come. Irene and Watson notice the silence. He sketches out a lion -he thinks -. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: IRENE (CONT'D) Understand that. then to Standish with his eagle-topped cane. Then to an American flag.BUT no flashes. 89A.he quickly sketches an eagle. 100 INT.ON HOLMES as he plays the violin. He draws an ox in charcoal.

HOLMES Now that you’re sitting comfortably. I re-enacted the ceremony we interrupted in the crypt.Rev. share the belief with the Kings.. To fully understand this system. My initial approach was far too narrow. HOLMES But I have emerged enlightened. to get inside it. at minimum.ATTIC Holmes is excited. I shall begin. and Man -(CONTINUED) . the Eagle. HOLMES My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit hole than I had intended. WATSON 102 Watson and Irene shoot Holmes knowing looks.. electric.. At minimum. I may well have reconciled thousands of years of theological disparity. Blackwood’s method is based on a ritualistic mystical system that has been employed by The Temple of the Four Orders for centuries. IRENE Yes.. Pharoahs. But that’s for another time. In fact. the Lion. HOLMES It is made up of four parts: The Ox. 2/2/09 90. your little white tail got rather dirty. The fraternity who silently control the Empire. 102 INT. I have done just that. a gateway to immeasurable power -He tosses Watson the pages from Sir Thomas. PUNCH BOWL PUB . he suggested I widen my gaze and. and Emperors of old that the Sphinx was a door to another dimension. with a few enhancements of my own.SHERLOCK HOLMES . When Blackwood invited me to Pentonville prison.

the hair of a man. He points to a spot on the map south of the Thames. It corresponds to the point on the cross that Holmes drew that has the hair (6 o’clock). Master of the Temple. HOLMES Then Sir Thomas. Eagle wings.. Lion paws. 102 He points out the individual parts of the Sphinx... wore the ox ring.. it is a widely held belief that within the architecture of the great cities are coded references to this system. HOLMES In Sir Thomas’ secret chamber I found the bone of an ox. Blackwood has killed three men. therefore the System.. Then he picks up the charcoal and (following the map) draws a serpentine curve of the River Thames straight through the middle of the cross that he drew on the floor. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 90A. Man’s face. We found his body here.Rev. HOLMES Since he rose from the grave. HOLMES Now. Map! Watson throws the map down on the floor. Again the spot Holmes points is directly north of the river and corresponds to the point on the cross that has the ox bone (12 o’clock).102 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Each murder was committed at a location that has a direct connection with the Temple. covering other parts with his hand. (CONTINUED) ... (beat) Reordon. the ginger midget. really flying now. We see the Ox body. the feather of an eagle. He runs his finger over the map tracing the shape of a cross.. he died here. the tooth of a lion. represents Man.

102 HOLMES Standish was Ambassador to America.the ethereal. the map will tell us the location of Blackwood’s final act.. HOLMES Correspondingly. Parliament. WATSON And last on the list: They form three points the Lion. Eagle. He points to corresponding points on the map and on the cross.102 SHERLOCK HOLMES .Rev. WATSON IRENE What is the meaning of this circle? Irene indicates the fifth circle Holmes has drawn -. Ox. where the Eagle has been the national emblem for over a hundred years -. HOLMES It is the fifth element -. He connects the dots on the map.. WATSON Man.. Holmes scribbles on a piece of paper.. They look to where it would correspond to on the map -.the point at which the other four come together. HOLMES The headquarters of Temple of the Four Orders where he died is here.right in the middle of the river. of a cross. Their eyes widen as they realize what they’re seeing.. (CONTINUED) . Holmes points to the map. Watson and Irene step closer looking at the lion’s fang and then the map..and not by coincidence. That which can’t yet be known. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 90B. Right here.

He looks at Holmes. PUNCH BOWL PUB . cuffed and bruised. though we can see from his face that his spirits are unaffected by his physical state. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 91. Watson goes down. sees POLICE OFFICERS flooding the pub. Flings it open. shaking his head -.HALL Holmes races down the hall toward the back door. 104 103 102A (CONTINUED) . HOLMES Watson is about to follow her down. where more police block his path. POLICE CARRIAGE . Police. but the door EXPLODES inward. He simply raises his arms.Rev.MID-MORNING (LATER) Holmes sits battered. We’re at the Houses of Parliament. Tough-looking cops sit either side of him. 102A INT. Irene jumps down. 103 INT.he can’t believe it’s come to this. 104 EXT. Police fill the hall. He quickly moves to a hatch in the floor. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT PULL BACK FROM an image of a GOLDEN LION on a banner. boots echoing.102 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES Follow these plans. Holmes kicks the hatch closed and steps towards Lestrade. Lestrade sits opposite. Irene looks out the window. hands it to Watson. IRENE Holmes folds up his piece of paper. 102 WATSON It’s right in the middle of the River Thames. and they drag him away. BOOM! They hear doors slamming outside. It looks as though Holmes is about to join them when Lestrade and his men burst into the room. Ladies first. Holmes looks back.

at its ceremonial best. Lestrade? LORD COWARD 106 105 LESTRADE Begging your pardon. revealing a temple of four orders pin. They come to a door.104 SHERLOCK HOLMES . 104 The carriage pulls up. Holmes sees the hands of BIG BEN. LORD COWARD I have five minutes before my next engagement. Lestrade pulls his lapel. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 92. Holmes has been making serious accusations about you and the order. that solves the great mystery as to how you became inspector. Lestrade punches Holmes. preparing for pomp and circumstance. (CONTINUED) . but Mr. who is marched through a series of doors and checkpoints along the corridors of power by an angrylooking Lestrade. All of which is in stark contrast to the battered figure of Holmes. HOLMES Oh. m’lord. sir. Lestrade knocks. hawkers and tourists. Crowds are gathering outside. Thank you. if you could wait outside. plenty of flags and enthusiasm. I know it’s unorthodox. 106 INT. why don’t you regale me with your stories of conspiracies. climbing toward noon.LORD COWARD’S CHAMBERS The door is opened by Lord Coward.Rev. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT The place is a hive of activity. Lestrade leaves and shuts the door. who’s halfway through putting on his official robes. PARLIAMENT . and caught off guard by the sight of Holmes cuffed (hands behind him) and flanked by Lestrade and men. Lestrade. 105 INT.

isn’t it? Lord Coward slows. LORD COWARD I have told you nothing. 106 HOLMES I’m curious. there is nothing more stimulating than a case where everything goes against you. We are giving the weak masses a strong shepherd. He opens it to try and clear the smoke. but I don’t care much what you think. HOLMES Nonetheless.106 SHERLOCK HOLMES . and now you have given it to me. it starts to smolder and fill the room with smoke. Don’t you see it’s for their own good? Smoke fills the room so that Holmes is concealed. I confess to being completely out-matched. Coward pulls a gun from the desk and moves to the window. but the price of quality is the unique imprint they leave. lion -. Coward. It’s mercy.the lion is parliament. But it’s not murder. LORD COWARD Very clever. did you assist Blackwood in all the murders or just the one I prevented? Very distinctive those hand-made shoes of yours. looks at Holmes in some astonishment. I could deduce very little from my investigation. How many members of parliament do you intend to murder at noon today? (beat) Man. Coward turns away for a moment -. HOLMES Fortunately. eagle. HOLMES No.Holmes subtly kicks a log from the fire. Mr. (CONTINUED) . I simply wanted to know the location of Blackwood’s final ceremony. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 93. Holmes goes to warm himself by the fire at the other end. ox. Coward walks towards his desk at one end of the room. Holmes.Rev.

The powers at our disposal are far greater than you can imagine. you would have made a valuable ally. We see a -SERIES OF FLASHBACKS Coward’s heel walking through mud. from where you’ve been kneeling. The mud smeared on your boots from where you’ve been walking. HOLMES But your clothes say infinitely more than you ever hope. HOLMES (V. Blackwood. from where you have been standing.) A touch of red stock brick dust on your knee. He looks up and Holmes is nowhere to be found.. Coward’s knee dropping to the ground. HOLMES (V. Coward quickly moves across the room to lock the door. The big ceremonial sword is prominent.. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . and the Temple members perform a ritual around a pentagram in the SEWERS.106 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES (V..O. Coward.O. Coward performing a ritual.O. 106 A pair of handcuffs.Rev..O. slide across the floor to Coward’s feet. CLOSEUP ON COWARD’S CLOTHES That he’s changed out of and discarded in the corner of the room. HOLMES (V. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 94..O.) It’s a shame you made an enemy out of Blackwood.. LORD COWARD (V.) A small bandage on your thumb from where you’ve been vowing. Holmes.) A faint aroma of excrement.) You and Blackwood laid the final touches to your ceremony in the sewers beneath parliament less than an hour ago.

is there? Coward spins around and shoots at Holmes. when it brings no profit to the wise. 94A/94B. looks about in the water. 107 (CONTINUED) . Holmes. REVEAL Holmes sitting in a chair behind Coward. THAMES . 106 LORD COWARD How terrible is wisdom.O. HOLMES Well there’s no time to waste then. PLUMMETING down down down to -107 EXT.OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT SPLASH! Holmes dives into the river handcuffed.) (CONT'D) Both Houses met today. A moment of concern until we hear the familiar “chug” of a struggling engine. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) HOLMES (V. Coward runs to the window and sees Holmes DIVING toward the river Thames. He misses. With a single bound.106 SHERLOCK HOLMES . He disappears for a moment then surfaces. The entire government will be present. Holmes leaps out of the window Coward opened. Holmes runs towards the open window as Coward fires another shot. (turning to Holmes) We take power at noon.Rev.

Tanner smiles. into the sewers. still pleased with himself. TANNER (to Watson) I told you he’d be coming out the top window. grimaces. And. her eyes narrow. did you bring my clothes? Watson hands over a pile of clothes and Holmes’ PISTOL. WATSON Well.. pockets it. it pulls him closer to the rickety boat of Captain Tanner. about everything except the window.Rev. soldier boy. your instructions were fairly precise. pulling Holmes in on the rope. Irene is also present.. checks the load. Irene looks out. Watson leans over and clips off his cuffs using bolt cutters. A Watson has the PAPER that Holmes gave him in the attic. Holmes opens the drum. He’s never going to like guns. Tanner turns the boat. Holmes is pulled up into the boat. IRENE Where to. Clearly the whole escape has been planned. Tanner takes it happily. little too perfectly. HOLMES Port side. Watson hands over the change from the engagement ring.. Sherlock? Holmes points to a dark recess in the embankment. No way he’d be coming over the terrace. Captain Tanner. come to think of it. He grabs it with his hands. 107 Holmes looks in the water and sees a rope trailing on the surface. HOLMES Watson. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 95.. WATSON How was Lestrade? HOLMES Performed his role perfectly. Watson stands on the rear deck. When Holmes is level. (CONTINUED) .107 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

He takes a shot. unlit. TANNER Far as I can go. working their way around corners and through junctions back under the Houses of Parliament. HOLMES Trust me. We see familiar faces from the Temple of Four Orders. Holmes and Watson leap off the boat into the mouth of the sewer. she takes a hit.. (CONTINUED) 107A 108-109 110 . Holmes glances up toward Big Ben. floats at the opening to the tunnel. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT . who swallows it without flinching.Rev. He drinks. on the edge of the darkness. 107 Then Holmes reaches inside a pocket of clothes he is still wearing. smiles. Irene follows. Holmes nods towards Watson. wipes his mouth. The entire government is here. Doctor. She can see this is more than a social invitation.107 SHERLOCK HOLMES . grimaces. 108-109 OMITTED 110 INT. aren’t we? He offers the flask to her.. pulls a face. 107A EXT. and pulls out the hip FLASK that he took from the men at the slaughterhouse. Irene passes him the bottle. hands it on to Tanner. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 96. the time moving toward noon.BOAT Tanner’s boat. As they head toward the sewers. heading into this epic building. SEWERS . The boat is almost at the sewers. have a drink. I am about to show you. Holmes has changed into the clothes Watson brought for him. (Watson has his SWORD STICK and a GUN. WATSON What are we doing in the sewers? HOLMES Patience.) They move through the shadowy sewer tunnels. IRENE Starting early.DAY Expensive carriages fill the courtyard.

the pentagram remains. HOLMES That shaft leads directly to Parliament. In the center. stops. They look down a long tunnel to: The area where Coward and Blackwood were seen in the flashback ceremony with the sword. the faint smell of bitter almonds. exposing a VENTILATION PIPE. He pulls something out of his pocket: HOLMES I snipped this off a rather recumbent rat at the slaughterhouse. Quiet: HOLMES A chemical weapon. those electrodes on either side will send a charge converting the cyanide powder into a gas. WATSON You can tell that from here? No. (CONTINUED) . A black glass cylinder is housed in a metal cradle with electrodes on either side. The first of its kind. He points at the device and the exposed shaft over it. It sits below a shattered ceiling. When activated. But there is something sitting in it. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 97.110 SHERLOCK HOLMES . bricks dismantled. the RAT TAIL. Blackwood’s magic. standing in shadows. Tell-tale signs of cyanide. Irene and Watson flank him. Cyanide.Rev. Holmes looks back at Watson and Irene. Note the blue discoloration. to be precise. But now: Blackwood’s THUGS patrol the area. a futuristic device: HOLMES Behold. 110 Holmes ducks around a corner. IRENE All of the people inside that building -WATSON Will be dead at the strike of noon. HOLMES I can tell it from here.

110 HOLMES As if by magic. They nod. completely surprising the three thugs. checks the crowd.DAY Holmes checks his watch. next. As they start to take seats. Watson slides his sword stick into a loop on his belt.DAY Air blows UP through the grate. The chamber is now full of Lords and senior Royals. Shoulder-to-shoulder. HOLMES Seven minutes to twelve. Watson pistol-whips the nearest. 111 112 OMITTED INT. It’s there when he needs it. He sees a shadow up in the Lords’ Gallery. I wouldn’t. They draw their guns. WATSON I’ll keep these under wraps. Irene trails them closely. Holmes front-kicks the 111 112 110A The third thug looks down the barrels of both their guns before he has a chance to fight or flee. They burst into the area. PARLIAMENT .110 SHERLOCK HOLMES .. There will be no one left to stop Blackwood and his followers from assuming control. Irene comes in behind them and heads straight for the device. out of the way otherwise.. Lord Coward steps up. The CAMERA MOVES THROUGH the shattered ceiling. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 98. UP a channel.Rev. SEWERS . faster and faster. they move down the tunnel. all the way through a GRATE TO -110A INT. (CONTINUED) . HOLMES He doesn’t. DOWN a bend.

Watson’s wrists are crushed from behind. A totally wire-free weapon. Irene recoils. 112 Take this. surrounded by humming.Holmes’s gun splashes into the sewer.Rev. Dredger spins Watson around. Watson turns so that he can watch the action at the device --. Now unguarded. She grips her knife. but without much resistance. Before Irene can alert him. WATSON Sullen. Really quite -She reaches out with her knife and. they move away (two dragging the pistol-whipped one. which falls into the cradle. (CONTINUED) . Dredger jerks Watson’s arms sideways. Over there. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 99. sparking coils. HOLMES There’s never been anything like it. head-butts him with a teethrattling blow. the two conscious thugs charge Holmes and Irene. He must have some kind of remote device sending a signal to the receiver. Electrocuted. who is out). sparks flashing. looking for a way to detach the CYLINDER from the CRADLE (where electric coils and circuits pulse). Watson herds the three thugs away from the device. both hands held high to grab the guns and smash Watson. she drops the knife. HOLMES Holmes hands Watson his gun. sending both guns spinning away --.. flings Watson away like a discarded paper cup. sees something past Holmes -RACK PAST HOLMES TO WATSON -Where DREDGER LOOMS OUT OF THE DARK BEHIND HIM.which puts his back to another tunnel. Gun in each hand.112 SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes joins Irene at the device. IRENE I’ve never seen anything like it.. ZAP! Her blade hits a coil.

LORD COWARD 113 All eyes rise to see: BLACKWOOD.Rev. and points. Dredger grabs Holmes. Dredger charges towards the device and Irene. deflecting him for a moment. BONG! The second chime resounds. staring at a ghost. simultaneously strangling him and hammering him against the bricks hard enough to dislodge some. commanding. Holmes goes for Dredger. very emphatically.112 SHERLOCK HOLMES . thrusts him upwards against the sewer roof. waiting for the session to begin. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 100. BONG! 114 (CONTINUED) . trying to figure out how to defuse it. Holmes crushes the other’s larynx. HOLMES (to Irene) Keep at it. Holmes’ kicks lose steam as he loses air. Blackwood’s followers move to block the doors as -BONG! The first CHIME OF NOON from Big Ben.DAY The chime echoes. 113 INT. Holmes lashes out with his feet at Dredger -. Holmes flies into him feet-first. 114 INT. Coward looks up.who doesn’t even bother to block anything. Irene sits at the device. SEWERS .DAY Lords and Royals sit in this august hall. PARLIAMENT . Voices rise. Blackwood is calm. up in the Lords’ Gallery. 112 Irene shoots one point blank with her Derringer. It is now clear that Dredger’s sole purpose is to protect the device. Look. The hall goes silent.

Watson dives desperately. Dredger backs off.Rev. rips the sword out of Watson’s grasp with his muscle. and moves in to cut Watson in two with the ceremonial sword from head to toe. He chops open the bullet casings with his knife. BONG! Watson ducks a whooshing cut. His eyes narrow.114 SHERLOCK HOLMES . flexes his bicep. as if scared of the sword -. enough. The bullets. I need the bullets. WATSON You owe me for the ring. Holmes heads back to Irene. but not very big. snaps the blade against the wall like a twig.but only until he can reach up and pull Blackwood’s ceremonial sword down off a brick ledge. Dredger drops Holmes.the bowl of his pipe. slides the bullets into Holmes' hand. lunges with his little sword. 114 IRENE (without looking up) Nine strokes left.Holmes sees that the cylinder is welded onto the cradle by two RODS. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 101. gets a haircut from the sword -(CONTINUED) . then he pulls it out. staggers back holding his bleeding ears.until he is earholed from behind by two bricks. HOLMES Give me your gun. BONG! As Watson parries Dredger’s massive slashes and thrusts all around them. This is going to be more uneven than usual. a plan forming. Watson draws the sword from his sword stick. sticks it into the meat of Dredger’s bicep. Dredger grunts angrily. pouring the gunpowder into --. Dredger grins --. Deadly Irene pops open her Derringer. swung with full force by Watson. only just keeping Dredger at bay --. BONG! The clock is ticking down.

and it will work for long enough because -BONG! IRENE (breath crushing out of her) Three. Dredger punts him into the sewer with a splash.. He calmly intones a familiar chant.Rev. HOLMES We need a light. angles his huge legs and pushes. SEWER TUNNEL . Shaped charge. She rolls up a sleeve. Then he braces his massive feet.. BONG! 114A 115 OMITTED INT. That’s the extent of Dredger’s plan. 116 INT. then turns back to the device. While Watson is down. Guards are banging outside the doors.which shatters against the floor. Got it.hammering them into the wall with a mighty thud. Lords are on their feet.114 SHERLOCK HOLMES . IRENE her 116 114A 115 Which is when a blood-maddened Dredger thunders into them both. Members of the Temple of Four Orders stand in front of anyone going to open them. 114 -. a match -Irene’s eyes narrow. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 102. Victorian-style. (CONTINUED) . arms wide.DAY Holmes rips the stem off his pipe. driving Holmes and Irene away from the device --. squeezes them against the wall like a human vice. seeing something in the cradle: KNIFE. but the doors are locked. HOUSE OF LORDS Blackwood has lit four small red candles. places the open end of the bowl against the bolt holding the cylinders in place. placed them on the balustrade in front of him.

just barely avoiding the sparks and coils. out of his limp hand. snatching her blade. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 103. eyes bulging. gears ratchet past each other. and. the dying giant falls like a tree. Fizzling. and she angles the blade.where he found HOLMES’ GUN.S.and continue to burn inside Dredger. He lurches away. redirecting the spark toward -Holmes’ pipe. stitch a line down Dredger’s back (aimed so as not to hit Holmes or Irene on the through-and-through) --. (CONTINUED) The 116A 117 * * . Holmes and Irene reach for the cylinders. cams turn.Rev.116 SHERLOCK HOLMES . boiling inside. crawled from the sewer -. Hey! WATSON (O. Watson is face-down on the stones. The gun falls Irene swipes her hand down into the cradle. BONG! 116A 117 OMITTED INT.DAY Blackwood stands on balcony looking down at the assembled Lords. still. mouth wide with a silent scream. on his belly.) Dredger turns his head so that he can see Watson.. HOUSE OF LORDS . 116 ON THE DEVICE AS IT GOES ACTIVE The batteries begin to fizz madly. ZAP! A spark hits the blade. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Four white phosphorous tracers strobe through the sewer. which BLOWS WITH A VICIOUS CRACK! shaped charge shears the steel rods. Bad news. BONG! Two! IRENE Holmes and Irene stagger for the device..

. In your hands this once great parliament has become nothing more than a drunken satyr. SEWER TUNNELS . triangle of flame erupts on the opposite wall. BLACKWOOD I am the pale rider.117 SHERLOCK HOLMES . stumbling about the world’s stage seeking nothing more than to satiate your own lust and gluttony. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 104. 117A INT. 117 BLACKWOOD You seem surprised. Holmes and Irene RIP the cylinder out of the way just as. I will not sit idly by and watch you violate the innocence of the public trust as you drag this great Empire into the quagmire that your pride has dug and filled with the excrement of your corruption. 117A A A * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . He raises his hand and traces a triangle in the air. Did you really take me for a man who could be dispatched like a truculent servant? I see before me a conspiracy of arrogant old men puffed up by the illusion of their own vainglory. I am here to change all this. the sparks collide in a blinding flash and. The second triangle of flame erupts on the opposite wall to complete the pentagram within the circle.DAY ZZZZP! The electrical charge zaps through the device... BLACKWOOD I am the fourth horseman. circle of flame erupts on the opposite wall. He raises his hand and traces a second triangle in the air. electrodes sizzle. sending blinding sparks through the cradle. your britches stained by the incontinence of your hypocrisy.Rev. BLACKWOOD And my name to you is death.. He raises his hand and traces a circle in the air.

. Blackwood hits the remote again. Watson -IRENE HOLMES For the 117D 118 (CONTINUED) .DAY BONG! The clock strikes twelve. Other Temple members eye him. 117D 118 OMITTED INT. Yes. IRENE That was something new for us. They look around.DAY Holmes and Irene look each other in the eye.SHERLOCK HOLMES . magical.. Nothing at all. Everyone is still standing. PARLIAMENT The men wait for something mythic.. 117B EXT.. She looks past Holmes.Rev. WE SEE something new in his eyes: fear. nothing happens. 117C Nothing happens. Coward looks confused. 2/2/09 104A. BIG BEN . And. But again. 117B 117C INT. it was. He ducks away fast. first time. neither knows what to say. disappearing into the gallery. scared. SEWER JUNCTION .

118A . and so is Irene. Just. Where’s Irene? WATSON Holmes turns. 118A He watches Holmes sprint into the darkness.118 SHERLOCK HOLMES . HOLMES Make sure Lestrade keeps it intact. had enough. Watson looks around. HOLMES Come on.. sits up. 118 Holmes whips around -.sees Watson. He’s done. Holmes looks down at his friend. Watson rolls over. we made it. With his face still pressed to the stones: WATSON I’m pretty sure I heard the last chime. seemingly dead. He goes to him.. INT. face grim. Holmes sees Irene’s lithe shadow moving fast into a maze of tunnels. His face darkens. HOLMES Yes. He misread her yet again. relieved. feels for a pulse. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 105. The cylinders are gone. you’ve got to admit. heads for a staircase spiralling even further down.Rev. WATSON Which part? The stench of the sewers or the broken bones? (beat) My ankle’s done. Watson nods. you’re going to miss this. WATSON Holmes.DAY Blackwood flashes downward through the ornate official understory of the Houses. I’m sorry. looks. drops to his knees next to Watson. He motions to the disabled device. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT .

next to Irene’s head. Irene runs along a tunnel that steps lower --.DAY 118B Irene hears Holmes’ angry footsteps behind her. 118B INT. claustrophobic gamble. flung there from the previous action with Dredger. almost imperceptibly. horrible. damp. turns. She picks up speed. PIPE . Light increases. into the unknown. pinched down. subterranean. then sees Irene sprint across the maze. dark and nightmarishly claustrophobic as it gets. A large-diameter water pipe angles down the tunnel wall. light. sees a flash of movement through the labyrinth of tunnels and columns. ahead -.SHERLOCK HOLMES . CUT TO: ANGLE FROM THE SIDE Blackwood enters the maze of tunnels.DAY Panting. This is as tight. Irene’s quick. The continuation of the pipe passes through solid brick at the end of the tunnel -. then slithers into the pipe.DAY The pipe angles down. 118D INT. SEWER TUNNELS . and so does Irene’s rate of movement. For a long moment it is pitch black.Rev. Irene hesitates for a moment. Then. forcing Irene to turn sideways to continue. about 500 yards away. Then Holmes. The sound of Holmes’ footsteps drives her forward.and pinches tighter. The water pipe breaks off jaggedly in mid-air.pauses. Blackwood scoops it up. 118D 118C .a dark. hears. And then the tunnel ends. 118C INT. SINGLE SEWER TUNNEL . anxious breath the only point of reference. 2/2/09 106. We can make out Irene’s determined profile. Sees something on the ground It’s WATSON’S SWORD STICK. Blackwood follows them.

HOLLOW BUILDING . The only ready way out. cylinders in the other -reaches an iron grate. 118H Gritting her teeth.Rev.more stairs.climbing with one hand. chest heaving.SHERLOCK HOLMES . 118H INT.DAY -.just as Holmes pops out of the pipe.DAY 118G Irene -. Stonework fairly new. Irene charges the stairs -118I INT.DAY Irene emerges at the base of a dark. yes --.and -SMASH CUT TO: 118J 118I . and sees. PIPE . hollow building full of construction equipment. enters the pipe.DAY IN A SERIES OF TIME JUMPS MARKED BY INCREASING EXHAUSTION: Irene finally makes it to a floor in the building that is flooded with sky-bright daylight.a brick-framed window -. vaults onto the fixed ladder and swarms up it. CELLAR . has to use all her strength to shoulder it aside. She surges for light -. this is a grind. Irene accelerates for it. 118F 118G INT. CELLAR . 118J INT.DAY The pipe emerges from the brick wall in what looks to be the cellar of a building. Anger lends him energy. An even tighter fit for him. CELLAR .DAY Holmes grimaces.ON THE LADDER . upward. 118E INT. HOLLOW BUILDING . As fit and athletic as she is. 2/2/09 107. shimmies TOWARDS us. Dim daylight from an unseen opening shows a fixed ladder heading upwards. 118E 118F INT.

TOWER BRIDGE . PULL BACK and SWEEP INTO a massive. SHERLOCK It’s bad manners to leave without at least saying ‘goodbye. * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Irene works her way through the construction debris on the bridge. NEAR 360-DEGREE HELICOPTER SHOT that starts with Irene at the (unfinished) window --.WALKWAY . IRENE You of all people know I will pull this trigger. We’ve gone straight from maximum claustrophobia to maximum knee-buckling exposure. the center of the world. She makes it to the end.SHERLOCK HOLMES . TOWER BRIDGE . 118K 119-119G OMITTED 119H EXT. They circle around each other.Rev. 2/2/09 108. spectacular beauty --. winded. .she darts onto the walkway scaffolding that crosses above the Thames.and returns to Irene as. recovered somewhat -.then the glory of London.then shows the skeletal bridge spanned tenuously with scaffolding --. Woman! SHERLOCK Sherlock appears behind her. She’s 250 feet above the Thames.’ Irene turns.REVERSE ANGLE DAY OF IRENE at the top of TOWER BRIDGE. Goodbye! He start to move towards her. 118K EXT.HELICOPTER SHOT . She’s climbed up the inside of the Tower. laid out for us in breathtaking.DAY 119-119G 119H * * * * * * * * IRENE She whips out her gun. no further to go.

2/2/09 CONTINUED: 109. BLACKWOOD You’re better off without her. He moves in again. give it a try. Her gun goes flying off the side of the bridge. HITS her with WATSON’S SWORD STICK. HOLMES Why hurry off. and KICKS DOWN and -IRENE FALLS OFF THE BRIDGE. (CONTINUED) . 119H IRENE I’d tell you I’m sorry. She shoots him in the arm. She drops. Holmes! High above: a RAVEN lands. and kicks her gun away. But Irene doesn’t pause: She swings her legs through the air. that I wish things could be different but you wouldn’t believe me anyway. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * And in that split second -Blackwood drops down from behind Irene. Blackwood plucks the cylinder out of her hand. trying to take out Blackwood’s knees. As she falls. stunned.Rev. But he swipes her legs away.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES .

TOWER BRIDGE . Holmes is on the defensive throughout. Flimsy. Blackwood smiles. (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . mounts a frenzied attack. BLACKWOOD All I have to do is break this cylinder. with Holmes cast off towards the end of the bridge. They continue to spar. but. but hits a bucket twirling above his head. Holmes swings towards the blade and then pushes off the bridge once again to avoid it. but now because of you thousands are going to die.whipping a coil of rope across the floor. which Holmes simply tries to survive. Blackwood fires at Holmes. hooking Blackwood around his ankle. BLACKWOOD I planned to kill a handful of senile old men to make this empire strong. his target is the cylinder first. chops six inches off the batten. self defense third..WALKWAY . Holmes turns. as before.. The bullet misses him. whips off his scarf and twirls it around Blackwood’s arm. Holmes quickly ducks.which is immediately apparent as Blackwood comes in.Rev. binding them together. slashes. 119H EXT. He lands. no match for the sword --. He looks back to Blackwood. Blackwood second.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES .DAY A look between them and then it’s on. which falls --. A black liquid (tar) begins to pour out in a circle around him. The two men continue their swordfight: Holmes grabs some rope hanging from the scaffolding above and swings off the bridge. Blackwood steps to the edge with his sword out.Holmes kicks a huge scaffolding plank. -. He grabs Holmes’ gun (which Blackwood knocked from Irene’s hand earlier). The wind will do the rest. as if to flee (not that there’s anywhere to go) -. Blackwood snarls. And you’ll be the first. The two men finally part. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 110. now bound.his eyes lock on to something. Holmes swings back onto the bridge a few feet away from Blackwood. Holmes grabs a short section of wooden batten out of the railing. awaiting Holmes.

. He sees the plank swinging dangerously in the storm. (burial ground/ licking rocks) Others required more elaborate preparation. like the prison guard.a mixture of egg and honey. You had it broken before your burial then put back together using a mild adhesive. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 110A. Designed to be washed away by the rain or eaten by animals. HOLMES The simplest involved paying people off.Rev. As Holmes steps closer we INTERCUT with relevant FLASHBACKS. Your reputation and your jailers’ fear did the rest. His fingers are white from strain.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . (bath/Reordon flashback) Arranging for your father to drown in his own bathtub required more modern science. Blackwood digs his fingers into a gap. like the sandstone slab that covered your tomb. Holmes looks over the edge of the walkway. Holmes remains cool. An ancient Egyptian recipe I believe -. Holmes grabs the cylinders as Blackwood passes. Very clever of Reordon to find a paralytic that was activated by the combination of copper and water and was therefore undetectable once the bath water was drained. Blackwood strains desperately to hold on. 119H Blackwood is DRAGGED down the walkway by the weight of the falling plank. (MORE) (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . HOLMES There was never any magic. conjuring tricks.. HOLMES (guard choking/ payoff) Who pretended to be possessed outside your cell. pulled toward the edge. Above Holmes: Only * * * * * * * * * the raven starts PECKING at a rope. screeching to a painful halt.

Did Standish mistake it for rain as he entered your Temple? All it took was a spark. they would have believed it was magic and that you harnessed the ultimate power. (CONTINUED) .119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . your followers in Parliament would have watched unharmed as their colleagues were dying around them. (Parliament/flask/ ceremony. A simple rigged bullet in his gun. until you used the same compound to blow up the wharf. one of your ceremonies I suspect.yet it burned with an unusual pinkish hue. Had it worked. (Standish in rain/ pulling the trigger/ wharf explosion) The death of Standish was a real mystery. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) HOLMES (CONT'D) That might have been quite challenging had he not also tested it on some unfortunate amphibians.Rev. They didn’t know that you had given them the antidote -. tasteless. An odorless. Instead. flammable liquid -. Ingenious. 119H * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END FLASHBACKS. dev ice) Like all great performers you saved your piece de resistance for the end.

* * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . Wind whips harder. Holmes looks around at the gathering storm. the atmosphere electric and dangerous.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes grabs a workman’s ax placed on the side and hurls it at his feet. HOLMES You better hope that it’s nothing more than superstition as you performed all the rituals perfectly. (NOTE: Each time one object strikes another. Quick as a snake. hits a row of standing timbers. strikes another crane. Blackwood’s imminent death is brought suddenly to a halt. IN B.G. inexorable dominoes continue to fall. 119H Blackwood struggles to hold on. BLACKWOOD Cut me loose. Blackwood can hold on no longer.) HOLMES You hated your father and the other members of the Temple of the Four Orders for what they did to you. subtle DOMINO EFFECT IN B.: We see the slow. Blackwood is on his knees. lands on a rope.G. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (5) 111.Rev..: a bucket drops. The timbers start to topple. The storm grows in ferocity. cowed. we hear a faint musical note moving up the same pentatonic scale that Holmes played earlier for his flies. starting a slow. Holmes! Blackwood’s eyes are full of fear. Holmes bends down. Holmes doesn’t notice: The Raven’s rope SNAPS. How satisfying it must have been to use their own system against them. the crane swings. Holmes gives the slightest hint of a smile. Holmes thoughtfully looks out at the angry storm. he loses his grip for a second and is dragged back toward the precipice.. The rope yanks down a crane. The last timber falls over the edge. He screams as he releases his grip and is torn down the walkway at breakneck speed. cutting the rope.

... with Tower Bridge as his gibbet.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . a silhouette against the stormy sky. He takes her hand. Blackwood screams as the chains begin to snap off one by one. killing him instantly. Blackwood looks up. Holmes just stands there. (CONTINUED) . Blackwood looks up. Sending Blackwood falling into a lattice of HANGING CHAINS below. BLACKWOOD We’ll see about that shall we. CREAK.. His brow furrows. disappearing into a cloud. stunned. Holmes looks up. which misses Holmes by inches as it crashes through the floorboards -Blackwood smirks. Oh. and finally -SNAP! The last chain CATCHES. TIGHTENS around Blackwood’s neck. CRACK! The crane dislodges a METAL GIRDER. HOLMES * * * * * * * * * His fingers move to take her pulse. 119H HOLMES First. the world will see you for what you are. BANG! The top of the crane crashes down. She appears to be dead.. hanged like a common man after all. Perhaps there really are some things that cannot be explained.. sees: IRENE is awkwardly splayed on the lower level.Rev. He falls farther. Holmes looks over the side of the bridge. Then you will hang. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (6) 112. He looks out to see: the RAVEN flying away.. Holmes moves down to her. Irene. properly this time. The wooden infrastructure supporting Blackwood falls away. The bird flaps its wings. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOLMES We’ll see about that shall we. and farther. It’s a long journey from here to the rope.. Blackwood dangles on the rusty chain. possibly a small trickle of blood is coming out of her mouth.

But * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * He takes a They sit there for a beat. Moriarty. HOLMES We’ve still got a moment. IRENE You were right. 119H Her eyes pop open.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . Key’s in the watch pocket. seat next to her. Irene makes a quick move: she tries to CUFF him. (CONTINUED) .Rev. cuffing her instead. an odd lovers’ moment looking out over the Thames. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (7) 112A. Holmes is ready for it: He reverses the move. this time. he is a professor. IRENE It looks like rain. A bit of a smile and break.

Lestrade. Their faces close. Then Lestrade cracks a smile. Holmes keeps moving into the night. LESTRADE It’ll be a hell of a trick if Blackwood comes back from this one. HOLMES Thank you. near a kiss. The storm curls around him. Holmes drops the keys down the top of her shirt (just as she dropped them down his pants). the rain falling hard. HOLMES * * * * * * * * * 120-122 122A Holmes walks away. He snatches the DIAMOND from around her neck. TOWER BRIDGE . keeps walking.DUSK Rain falls softly. LESTRADE Now you’re going to be even more arrogant and insufferable than ever.. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (8) 113.Rev. yes. Sadly. pauses to pick up Watson’s sword stick. Cylinder to one of the policemen. She smiles. detective. At the end of the top of the stairs.119H SHERLOCK HOLMES . 120-122 OMITTED 122A EXT. And he sees.. 119H Holmes reaches over to grab the key. turns and walks away. Sherlock. calls out: IRENE You’ll miss me. LESTRADE You’re welcome. (beat) Is the woman up there? HOLMES She won’t be by the time your boys get there. Holmes hands the (CONTINUED) .

2/2/09 CONTINUED: 113A. 122A A shadow is waiting for him.122A SHERLOCK HOLMES . Holmes holds out Watson’s sword stick. Watson takes it. We recognize the figure of WATSON.Rev. He joins Watson. The two of them stand looking out down the Thames. Holmes can’t help but smile. . no words spoken.

Watson opens the door of Holmes’ apartment revealing a horrific scene: Holmes is hanging from a rope. 123A INT. Watson laughs then pauses for a moment to consider this idea before they enter. . his back to them. 221 BAKER ST. WATSON 123 Watson takes a quick look in one of the boxes..DAYS LATER MOVING DAY. . Mary and Watson walk towards 221B. 221 BAKER ST. cases we’ve worked on over the years. MARY Do you think he’s finally come to terms with you leaving? Of course. MARY What’s in all those notebooks? WATSON Nothing really. Holmes had it made into an engagement ring. 221 BAKER ST. it becomes clear that Mary now wears IRENE’S DIAMOND on her finger..SHERLOCK HOLMES .. 2/2/09 114. (CONTINUED) 123A * * WATSON No question about it -123B * * * . A DRIVER loads Watson’s boxes into a CARRIAGE that waits in front of the apartment..STAIRCASE As Watson and Mary climb the stairs.Rev. 123 EXT. One moment. 123B INT. Just a few scribbles... I’d love to read them sometime. MARY All your adventures. WATSON Please make sure this one is put on the desk in the front room. He looks dead. WATSON I still can’t believe he’s given us that ring.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOLMES Good afternoon. like a caterpillar in a cocoon. dear. Watson and Mary step in but do nothing to help Holmes. WATSON Suicide is not in his repetoire.Rev. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 114A. But it had a surprisingly soporific effect and I was carried off in the arms of Morpheus. Watson pokes him. he’s far too fond of himself. as it were. Might we continue this at ground level? WATSON How did you manage it. Holmes? (CONTINUED) . MARY Shouldn’t you help him.123B SHERLOCK HOLMES . 123B WATSON Don’t panic. Clearing your good name. thus allowing the weight to be distributed around the waist and the neck to remain intact. HOLMES The executioner attached it to a harness. John? WATSON I hate to stop when he’s on a roll. WATSON Get on with it. My lord. HOLMES Cleverly concealed in the hangman’s knot was a hook -. Turns him around. I can’t feel my cheeks. Watson and Mary walk by. I was trying to deduce the manner in which Blackwood survived his execution. Do carry on. Holmes. I should probably come down.I believe my legs have fallen asleep. Holmes.

mad honey disease. I’ll be of no use to you at all. MARY * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . He doesn’t mind. HOLMES He is demonstrating the very effect I’ve just described. WATSON But none of this explains the lack of a pulse. Watson. belts and a coat hook. CLOSEUP OF WATSON’S DOG Stiff as a board. Holmes tumbles to the ground. 123B HOLMES I managed it with braces.123B SHERLOCK HOLMES . It is quite infamous in the region of Turkey bordering the Black Sea for its ability to induce an apparently mortal paralysis. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (2) 115. John.Rev. HOLMES There is a toxin refined from the nectar of the rhododendron ponticum. Watson draws his sword. He finally uses his sword stick and slices Holmes down. WATSON Worse things could happen. Enough to mislead a medical mind even as tenacious and well-trained as your own. It is known locally as -MARY What’s wrong with Gladstone? HOLMES -. my tongue is going next. Please. WATSON His heart should be ticking in no time.

complete change of demeanor -.he shakes his head. sir. We believe the sergeant was our first man on the scene. Moriarty.. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. HOLMES With small caliber bullet. WATSON Where is Blackwood’s device now? .. The dog has regained its vital signs. Holmes. CONSTABLE CLARK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) WATSON Point blank range. 123B Watson feels for a pulse in his dog’s neck -.. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (3) 116. the day you stopped Lord Blackwood. Inspector Lestrade asks that you come with me.Rev. MARY There’s a brave boy. right away. a maintenance man found his body this morning. Constable Clark enters. CONSTABLE CLARK Mr. HOLMES Were there powder burns on his eyebrows? Clarky nods. He went missing in the sewers.. Clarky? CONSTABLE CLARK It’s one of our sergeants. Yes. HOLMES What is it this time. Shot in the head... Indeed. there. CONSTABLE CLARK HOLMES Holmes and Watson look at each other -. Well. There. looking concerned.123B SHERLOCK HOLMES .mind racing. everything’s going to be all right.

124 OMITTED Clarky. Holmes pulls his coat on. Constable Clarke nods. Watson nods. 123B CONSTABLE CLARK The secret service has it.. HOLMES The wire-free invention was the game all along. case * * * 124 . Imagine being able to control any device simply by sending a command via radio waves. HOLMES I’ll leave with you. The Driver pokes his head in. They’ve taken over the case. WATSON Watson turns to Holmes. WATSON Adler was just a diversion. the Driver exits. CLOSEUP ON HOLMES AND WATSON Piecing it together: HOLMES I’d wager there’s a piece missing.123B SHERLOCK HOLMES . A KNOCK. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * WATSON So you’re saying Moriarty was after a part of the machine and not the poison.Rev. Well. Mary looks at Watson who is clearly trying to curb his enthusiasm and interest. sir. Watson nods. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: (4) 116A. DRIVER (to Watson) I’ve loaded the last of your boxes. reopened. sir..

BANG! 125 .) We believe Sergeant Smith was the first officer there.) Shot in the head. 2/2/09 116B.O. SEWER JUNCTION We FOLLOW POLICEMEN heading into the sewer tunnel.O. and a GUN slides into his hand by means of the same device we saw in the carriage scene with Irene. SERGEANT Oi. We don’t see his face. SERGEANT SMITH sees a POLICEMAN leaning over the device. where Holmes had dismantled Blackwood’s device. 125 FLASHBACK .SHERLOCK HOLMES . They spread out to seal the crime scene.INT. CONSTABLE CLARK (V.Rev. what you doing? The policeman looks up. CONSTABLE CLARK (V.

126 (CONTINUED) . however. The dog has regained its vital signs.. sir. They’ve taken over the case. HOLMES Where is Blackwood’s device now? CONSTABLE CLARK The secret service has it. HOLMES Wager. Excellent deduction..complete change of demeanor -.mind racing. Watson.. everything’s going to be all right. looking concerned.THE POLICEMAN removes a small receiver-like object from Blackwood’s device. Holmes pulls his coat on.. 126 INT. 221 BAKER ST. 2/2/09 117. CUT TO: FLASHBACK . There. Holmes and Watson look at each other -. (PRESENT) HOLMES Were there powder burns on his eyebrows? Clarky nods. I thought those days were behind you. CLOSEUP ON HOLMES AND WATSON Piecing it together: WATSON I’d wager there’s a piece missing. CONSTABLE CLARK He was shot at point-blank range.SHERLOCK HOLMES . there. BACK TO PRESENT Constable Clark nods. WATSON There’s a brave boy.Rev.

... .. The MAN from the stairs pokes his head in. Holmes nods. 126 WATSON Moriarty was after the machine not the poison... WATSON Watson turns to Holmes. HOLMES Blackwood’s wire-free invention was the game all along. 2/2/09 CONTINUED: 117A. It is undoubtedly the more dangerous and the more valuable of the two.Rev. A KNOCK. Mary looks at Watson who is clearly trying to curb his enthusiasm and interest. sir. (wistful) Irene was just a diversion. Well. Watson nods. the Driver exits. HOLMES I’ll walk out with you. MAN (to Watson) I’ve loaded the last of your boxes.126 SHERLOCK HOLMES .

HOLMES Magnificent woman. Watson shakes Holmes’ hand.. FADE OUT. Holmes. WATSON Take care of yourself. A stiff beat. 2/2/09 118. warm look. 221 BAKER ST. Watson A THE END . puts a hand on his arm. We PULL BACK FROM the carriage WIDE and UP like our opening on Baker Street -.Rev..perhaps the POV of the raven. Watson. looks relieved and excited. 127 HOLMES An honor working with you. be careful. an understanding between the two men.DAY Mary and Gladstone wait for Watson in the carriage. . 127 EXT. Doctor. Holmes and Watson stand in the doorway. Holmes extends an awkward hand. Magnificent! They climb into Constable Clarke’s black mariah which pulls away down Baker St.SHERLOCK HOLMES . Watson moves to the open door of the carriage but Mary stops him. MARY Try not to be too late for dinner with my parents and. She waves to Holmes as the carriage pulls away.


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