"If you adopt the thought 'I want to be healthy', then ask God ( The Supreme Being) for help.

Man alone is too weak to help himself, - but God is Almighty. Accept the unconditional fact that God is the Supreme Physician, - and believe and trust that the Divine power (light of God) - helps and heals."

Bruno Groening:,

'Without our God we humans are nothing, we are nothing at all. We cannot imagine God away. All of us are, and will remain, Children of God The only Father we have is, and will remain, our Lord God.'
Bruno Groening:

"I give you the rules of the game of life so that you can master life!"

"My work and activity merely serves to lead all people of this earth onto the right path again, onto the Divine path."
----------------------------He saw his task as opening the door for man towards Divine understanding and experience, thereby guiding him back to trust in God; this was the main topic of his talks. He saw himself as a pointer, a mediator of Divine energy. The far-reaching effect of such trust in God as the primary source of all positive occurrences is ancient. It is to be found in many writings. Bruno Groening’s comment on this was: "I am not telling you anything new, I am merely telling you something that you no longer know today." This explains why Bruno Groening never wanted to be thanked. "Don’t thank me, thank God, He has done it". The acceptance of the teachings frequently leads to regained or intensified religiousness Bruno Groening said: "In the Circle of Friends everyone must absorb the power of belief. I do not wish to found a new religion. Everyone must remain in his Church or religious community, and what he hears there he must also believe and act upon. I have come for all people, no matter of which religion, no matter of which nation. This is why the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is no sect." "All people are worth helping."

"I am allowed to help a person find the way to what is good, but I may neither relieve him of the responsibility of making a decision about it, nor am I allowed to force him towards it. Everyone has to find his own way for himself
Bruno Groening: Man must bring his life into line with the divine laws if he doesn’t want to be completely at the mercy of evil!"

"A true child of God always complies with the will of his Father, everywhere. And the more people there are that live in this way, the sooner paradise will arise on earth for the blessing of all creation." "Good, the divine, will prevail in the long run. There is a saying that says it well, ‘God’s mills grind slowly, but surely.’ Naturally it is a long battle, for the "Great turnaround" is accompanied by a great adjustment of humanity, and will tear it away from the power of bad habits, the rule of intellect and from self-conceit and all satanic qualities. Only in this way can salvation take place." "Good is not to be dogmatically recognized in an outward form, but is to be recognized in the spirit of love, unity and trust." "It is wrong to hold a lecture about spiritual realms if I don’t yet have access to these realms, if I have obtained all my (apparent) knowledge only through reading, but have not realized it in my life." "Let us remember this: to always pay attention to our thoughts and not to play with evil, that is, not to underestimate it, for it has might! Yet we should also remember that God is almighty!" "All love comes from our Heavenly Father. Without Him we would be unable to love. He is the source from which all love springs, and He is the sea to which all love returns. He alone is the giver of love; from Him it flows into our hearts. "Let us believe deep within our heart that the final victory of good over evil will come about on this earth, regardless of the form in which Satan wants to rear himself up in all his cruelty." "Let us forget, once and for all, this judgmental way of thinking that has been so prevalent in our society today. Let us recognize the divine in everyone, learn to love it more and more, and to respect everyone. In this way we can become completely one with God and mankind." "With every new day, every new hour we can do either good or evil. And that is where the destiny of man lies." A healed person is a person blessed by God." The blessing of healing is a form of grace that God wants to grant to all people. It isn’t God’s will that man suffers. God wants people in distress to be helped. Everywhere where the work of God has been seen, it has been the poor, the sick, and the burdened who were given His help first. When man is ready to turn around and live in the divine order he will experience the blessing of healing.

"God’s will is firm; God wants man to be helped when he has recognized that evil degrades him. God helps him; God guides him; God also forgives." "Should I lie to you, should I say that it is only up to a person such as me? No, Friends, it is up to you yourself to absorb the good! When can you absorb it? Not until you have separated yourself from evil and really have nothing more to do with evil. The absorption won’t come any sooner! It is not possible any sooner! Therefore open up your heart now and empty it all out! Get rid of all worry and distress!" "The battle against the evil is that simple: do not accept the evil, believe in the good, and ask for help. Bruno Groening says: ‘Ask God that He may help, on his own man is too weak!’ That I did. The evil left and had to cease its working because I no longer believe in the ‘incurable, ’ no longer believe in the illness, the sorrows and the misery. The inner struggle is solely that of the human being having to separate from it mentally. And so it can happen that God’s great help can become obvious, and sanctification can penetrate the human being. It penetrates the whole person, the soul and the body. Healing becomes sanctification [Heilung wird zur Heiligung]. "I must re-enliven again what had long been lying dead. People don’t always feel it immediately that new life has entered. Often a person has to wait for a long time, but then it comes all of a sudden, if he hasn’t let himself be touched by the evil spirit of doubt and little faith in the meantime” "It is no miracle; man enters into the divine order when regaining connection with God." "My healings are based on a power arising from within the divine order of nature and not from breaking the laws of nature. One shouldn’t speak of them as miracles, simply because they are difficult or impossible to explain through modern scientific means."
Bruno Groening made the laws of nature, on which his healings were based, understandable for everybody with simple words. Everyone can use them for himself. Every individual reacts in his own way to the divine power of God. This explains why some people receive their healing within a few

minutes or days – as for instance Susanne Weidig -, and others need a longer period of Regelungen – as for instance with Andreas Ermisch or Renate Opitz. Bruno Groening said in Herford:

‘A human being can’t perform miracles and isn’t in a position to perform the healings you have seen here.’" 52
Again and again Bruno Groening said: "No human being can heal, it can only be God!"

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