About NMAT The National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) is an instrument designed to upgrade the selection of applicants seeking

admission to Philippine medical schools. It evolved from a widespread concern to screen qualified candidates aspiring for a medical degree. It intends to improve the quality of medical education in the country and envisions to elevate the medical profession to a level of competence through a careful evaluation of student potentials for future medical studies. Pursuant to the Medical Act of 1959, the Board of Medical Education (BME), under DECS Order No. 52 series 1985 and in consultation with the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC), required the NMAT as a prerequisite for admission in all medical schools nationwide beginning school year 1986 - 1987. The Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM) has been authorized to manage the affairs and activities related to the operation of the NMAT since the first administration of the test in December 1985. With CEM’s experience as an educational testing agency, it was commissioned to develop the NMAT, ensure the reliability and validity of the test and uphold the confidentiality of results and integrity of its administration. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE TEST The NMAT is a two-part test: Part I consists of tests of mental ability and Part II tests, of academic proficiency. The four subtests that compose Part I measure aptitudes that were found to have significant correlations with academic performance of medical students, while the four subtests that compose Part II measure subject proficiency in areas which are part of the academic background required of applicants to the medical course. The subtests in Part I are as follows: Verbal. This subtest consists of two types of test items, namely, word analogies and reading comprehension, which measure verbal ability in English. Items in reading comprehension are based on the content of portions of published materials covering a wide range of topics, e.g., social, scientific, medical, philosophical, literary. Inductive Reasoning. This subtest consists of number, letter, and figural series and figure grouping items. These items are known to measure induction which is the ability to form and test a hypothesis directed at finding a principle with which to identify an element fitting a given relationship. Quantitative. This subtest consists of three types of items, namely, fundamental operations, problem solving, and data interpretation. These items are intended to measure general reasoning which is defined as the ability to organize and apply knowledge of basic mathematics and reasoning to find solutions for them. Perceptual Acuity. This subtest consists of three types of items, namely, hidden figure, mirror image, and identical information. Solutions to these items involve accuracy in visual perception, an ability linked to extensiveness of scanning, a cognitive style

associated with meticulousness, concern with detail, and sharp, yet wide-ranging focus of attention. The four subtests that compose Part II are Biology, Physics, Social Science, and Chemistry. Social Science includes items in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The items in the four subtests are limited to the content coverage of the areas that are common and basic to the curricula of the degree programs considered as premedical courses. On the whole, these four subtests measure complex mental abilities because solution to the items require the use of the different cognitive skills of knowledge, comprehension, application (process), analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. PREPARING FOR THE TEST The NMAT is intended to measure mental and academic skills that are regarded as necessary in the successful pursuit of medical education, and possibly in the profession itself. You, the prospective test taker, may have learned a wide array of mental and academic skills, but unless you know definitely which ones to use on which part of the NMAT, you will not perform in the test as well as you should. UNDERSTANDING THE NMAT Test taking will be greatly improved with the use of a practice set that, more or less, reflects the content and test length of the NMAT and the skills that the test measures. The practice test will help you know what each particular subtest is about, and what it measures by analyzing the information, concepts, and principles involved in the items. The brief description of the NMAT in the previous section gives you an idea of the relative difficulty of the subtests. Part I requires more of innate abilities. The items in any of the four subtests of Part I measure a primary aptitude. Basic concepts or principles can be found in the items presented. In Part II, the items in any of the four subtests, with the exception of recall items, require the use of complex abilities such as application and analysis. This is where Part II will require references and note taking. For example, in the practice test, a problem in physics that requires the use of a formula will need your ability to recall the formula and apply it. It is, therefore, good practice to note down your analysis of the problem. A formula has a number of variables, and it is likely to appear in similar problems involving the other variables. MANAGEMENT OF STUDY TIME There are about three months between the registration for the NMAT and the administration of the test. Apportion your time wisely so that you can cover all the areas included In Part II. Your practice can be a good indicator of your weak areas. Early in your preparation to take the NMAT, you should try to answer all the questions in your practice set. Tick off or note all the items where you have difficulty understanding and getting the correct answers. Then reread your notes or reference books and analyze why your answers differ from the correct answer. Do your review systematically so you proceed by sections. After you have finished reviewing your weak areas, you should now be ready to take the NMAT.

the SA Composite. a copy of their Transcript of Records together with their NMAT Identification Form. The NMAT you will take will not include the same questions you see in the Practice Set. The CEM does not entertain rechecking of NMAT answer sheets. The test is developed and administered by the Center for Educational Measurement. he/she may file a written request for a second copy of the ERF at CEM after two weeks from the release of the test results. Requirements & Procedures for Admission to Philippine Medical Schools The requirements and procedures for admission to Philippine medical schools discussed below are applicable to both Filipino and foreign nationals aspiring to pursue medical education in any of the schools. TEST RESULTS Your NMAT score will be printed in the Examinee Report Form (ERF) and the original copy of this form will be mailed to you (or be ready for pick-up) six weeks after the test date. he/she automatically waives the reporting and release of his/her NMAT results. or GPS. An examinee must sit for both parts of the test. the ERF is given only to the examinee himself/herself. 10. The NMAT scores obtained by a medical school applicant at any given examination year are deemed sufficient and valid as basis for evaluating applicants for admission to a college of medicine. local and abroad. a percentile rank scale was generated specifically for the General Performance Score (GPS) for purposes of ranking. A minimal retrieval fee is charged for every copy of the ERF. Prerequisite 2: National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). take your practice set and simulate the actual test time which is 3 hours for Part I and 2 ½ hours for Part II. your score will also appear in the masterlist of test scores which will be sent to all Philippine medical schools. Phoned-in inquiries on an individual’s scores will not be entertained. the APT Composite. now Technical Committee for Medical Education. Click here to view an image of the Examinee Report Form (ERF) on which the NMAT scores are printed. Part II yields five scores. An examinee’s raw score or number of correct answers in a subtest is converted to its equivalent standard score. s. and the office of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC). In addition. respectively. Similarly. (CEM) as authorized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) per Memorandum of Agreement (1985) between the former Board of Medical Education. This makes possible the comparison of reported scores across the eight subtests. is the summative score derived from the eight subtests. you are in good shape and ready to take the NMAT. The masterlist safeguards the authenticity of the NMAT results. score your test against the Answer Key. Do not memorize the test questions and the answers in the answer key. His/her answer sheet will not be processed and no official NMAT results will be released or received by the examinee. These scales were mathematically derived from the NMAT performance of the norm group. The eight subtests have a common normalized scale. NMAT consists of two parts – Part I is given in the morning and Part II in the afternoon. The results contained in the ERF and in the NMAT masterlists are official and are guaranteed free of discrepancies. To safeguard the authenticity of the results. Inc. Standards and Guidelines for Medical Education”. This scale has points ranging from 1.To prepare yourself to take the test under time pressure. Prerequisite 1: Bachelor’s Degree. The APT Composite and SA Composite are the summative raw scores of Part I and Part II. In case an examinee needs a second copy of the ERF. Applicants to medical schools in the Philippines are required to take the NMAT. To maintain confidentiality. Foreign students and graduates of foreign schools may be required to present on the day of the test. The results on the test are converted to standard scores from normalized scales which have points ranging from 200 to 800 and midpoints of 500. CAUTION: The Practice Set is meant to guide you in your review and to provide you with an opportunity to simulate the NMAT testing procedure. 2006. therefore. and CEM. Students seeking admission to the medical education program must be a holder of any baccalaureate degree. If the examinee fails to sit for Part II of the test in the afternoon. TEST SCORES Part I of the NMAT yields five scores. one for each of the four aptitude subtests and their summative score. Thus. which are then converted to their equivalent standard scores from a common normalized scale. the three standard scores are independent scores although they yield to the same interpretation of standard scores and percentile ranks. Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The General Performance Score. CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. After answering the test under time pressure. Lower than 75% correct answers will mean the need to improve your base information level on the various subtests and to sharpen your application and/or analytical skills. Higher Education Regional Offices (HERO). Updates on the requirements are based on the “Updated Policies. Medical schools and Higher Education Regional Offices must therefore refer only to the masterlist for official scores. are decided and announced by the CHED and CEM. The test results of examinees are automatically compared to those of the norm group which has mean scores of 500 (coincident to the midpoint 500) and a standard deviation of 100. The applicant is encouraged to do well in the test and obtain . with a midpoint of 50 which-corresponds to the midpoint of 500 in the normalized standard score scales. An NMAT applicant must be a graduate or a graduating student of any college degree course at the time of testing. The test. one for each of the four special subject areas and their summative score.to 99+. If you get 75% of the items correctly. The General Performance Score (GPS) is the summative raw score of the eight subtests which is converted to its equivalent standard score and corresponding percentile rank. The testing dates. is norm-referenced.

The CEMed does not automatically assure the applicant of a slot in any of the medical schools in the country. 5. Only applicants who are properly registered with the CEM will be admitted at the test site. calculators. and the printing and delivery of test results. transmitters and notes are not allowed in the testing room. A student who has been issued a CEMed is given full acceptance only upon meeting the other requirements of the admitting school. cellular phones/beepers. or any such entity. Applicants who register from abroad and will take the test in the Philippines can only pay through credit card. Diliman. Refund is in the form of a check that will be issued two weeks after CEM receives your request letter. is solely your responsibility. This will make it possible for you to spend less time reading instructions and more time answering questions on the actual test. maintaining. Each part of the test has a time limit. 3. You are entitled to a ninety percent (90%) refund of your test fee only if you submit a letter requesting for a refund of test fee within the regular registration period. Foreign students may apply at CHED Office of Student Services (OSS) located at the National Engineering Center Building. This includes the online Application Form and Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ). Failure to claim the check within such period shall negate your entitlement to a refund. test administration.g. 2. and deployment of the online registration system. . 2.. slide rules. It may be advisable. Prerequisite 3: Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to a Medical Course (CEMed). and the Supplementary Handout containing the answer key to the Practice Set and other information for the medical school applicant such as the addresses.   NMAT Identification Form Valid ID (e. Driver’s License. Any untoward incident arising from your dealings with a review center. Quezon City. processing and scoring of answer sheets. the transaction emails. and the downloaded materials like the NMAT Identification Form. University of the Philippines. Bring the following when you report at the test site: Important documents: 4.his/her best scores in the NMAT to increase his/her chances of being accepted in the best medical schools in the Philippines. On the day of the test. Prerequisite 4: Applicant’s Acceptance in Medical School. 2 or HB) Erasers Watch (optional) Pens. The NMAT test fee covers the costs of test development. Registration & Test Fees THE ONLINE REGISTRATION AND TEST FEES The NMAT registration fee covers the development. updating. Failure of the applicant to take or complete the test on the scheduled test date under any circumstances totally forfeits his/her NMAT registration and test fees. Each section of the test also has specific directions. etc. The check should also be claimed within six (6) months from the date of receipt of request letter. The applicable NMAT registration and test fees are posted together with the announcement of the NMAT testing schedule and in the NMAT Supplementary Handout. Practice Set (Parts I and II) which serves as a reviewer. 4. REFUND OF TEST FEES Registration fee is non-refundable. photographic devices. Passport. to seek preliminary acceptance from the medical school chosen by the applicant before obtaining the CEMed. pencils with colored or liquid lead. 3. dictionaries. Official School ID. including sample questions. you will read a set of general instructions before you begin the examination. Instructions on the Day of the Test 1. Fully accomplished CEMed application form Transcript of Records Copy of Diploma or Certificate of Graduation authenticated by the Registrar of the school where he/she graduated (for graduates of government school) NMAT results (original or duplicate copy of Examinee Report Form) issued by CEM Birth Certificate Certificate of good moral character Please take note that review centers are NOT authorized to collect or accept in behalf of CEM any NMAT registration or test fees from NMAT applicants. 6. processing the application form. Try to work fast but observe care and accuracy. therefore. books. The examiner will tell you when to start and when to stop. You should become familiar with the specific directions before you take the test. No refund shall be made after the regular registration period.) Other materials:    Pencils (No. The requirements in securing the CEMed are as follows: 1. such as passing the interviews. The CEMed application form may be obtained from the regional offices of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). telephone numbers and college deans of Philippine medical schools. Payment of NMAT fees can be made using major credit cards or through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branches nationwide. Official receipt of payment will be send or can be picked-up together with the official NMAT test results.

CEM shall not be held liable if an . will automatically invalidate the test result.00). Your score will be based on the number of correct answers made. You are. A paid applicant should also visit the NMAT Online website two (2) weeks before the test date to view his/her room assignment and download his/her NMAT Notice of Admission. You will receive credit only for correct answers marked in the proper places on the sheet. Keep the Client's Copy of the deposit/payment slip for reference or verification purposes. Account Name/Merchant's Name is Center for Educational Measurement. If an examinee will not or cannot sit for Part II in the afternoon. exactly as written in your NMAT ID. the applicant will immediately receive his/her payment confirmation email together with his/her NMAT Application Form. he/she must inform the examiner in his/her room and accomplish a waiver wherein he/she waives the reporting and release of his/her NMAT scores. As soon as credit card payment is completed online. but try to answer all of them. The applicant can then view his/her application status and download the NMAT Practice Set (Part I and Part II) and the Supplementary Handout. You should not use note papers or write anything on your test booklet. Please note that you are not completely registered or fully qualified to take the NMAT if you have not paid the NMAT fees even if you have already downloaded. 10. Requirements 1. Copy. (CEM) has been commissioned since 1985 by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through its Technical Committee for Medical Education. If you clicked and chose to pay through BPI. Inc. His/her answer sheet will not be processed and the test fee will be totally forfeited. Download. Bank payment Bank payments can be made in all Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branches nationwide. You can pay online using a credit card or go through an overthe-counter transaction at the bank. Some of the questions in the test are harder than the others. Those currently enrolled in the UP College of Medicine Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) program should take the NMAT on their second year in the program. BPI Payment Procedure The NMAT Registration and Testing Fee is One Thousand Nine Hundred Pesos (PhP1. An examinee found cheating will be dismissed from the testing room. In case the NMAT cannot be administered on the date announced because of a major weather disturbance or some unavoidable circumstance. print. You may then view your application status and download the NMAT Practice Set and Supplementary Handout as soon as payment is confirmed. therefore. and accomplish the NMAT ID Form. A paid applicant shall receive his/her CEM Official Receipt (OR) of payment when he/she receives or picks up his/her official NMAT Examinee Report Form (ERF). NMAT consists of two parts – Part I is given in the morning and Part II in the afternoon. a postponement will be necessary and the test will be given a week later at the same time and place designated. Do not make unnecessary marks on your answer sheet. you will immediately receive an email that shows your assigned NMAT Application Number and Bank Reference Number. Cheating in any form. to develop and administer the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). He/She is disqualified to take another NMAT. Applicant must be a graduate of any baccalaureate degree or graduating at the time of the testing. His/her answer sheet will not be processed and no official NMAT results will be released or received by the examinee. respectively) into the BPI deposit/payment slip. encouraged to answer all the test questions.900. the Bank Reference Number and your full name (as Policy/Plan/Reference No. An examinee must sit for both parts of the test. Only cash and full payment of PhP1. Begin with the easy questions and go to the more difficult ones later. NMAT Online Registration System Welcome to the NMAT Online Registration System (ORS). Interested NMAT applicants must read the following information and those posted at the Information Menu before they proceed with their registration.900. 6. There is no deduction for a wrong response. Payment should be made on or before the deadline for registration. Bring this form with you to the nearest BPI branch and fill out a deposit/payment slip. Inc. Present the deposit/payment slip to the bank teller together with your payment. Credit card payment Major credit cards are accepted and processed by Yes Payment System. All foreign applicants or those applying from abroad and taking the test here in the Philippines are strongly advised to pay by credit card. 8.00 is accepted. printed and accomplished your NMAT Identification Form. and Policy/Planholder's Name. You shall receive your payment confirmation email within two (2) banking days. (CEM) and CEM's BPI account number is 1881-0450-24. 7. Attached to this email is your NMAT Identification (ID) Form. The Center for Educational Measurement. He/She is likewise disqualified to take another NMAT. An examinee who is found to be in possession of illegally obtained NMAT booklet will be dealt with accordingly.5. 9.

is solely your responsibility. Download your Notice of Admission (NOA). you shall receive a payment confirmation email in your inbox (or spam mailbox) after two (2) banking days. Editing of application form 1. School ID. 4. If your NMAT application number is not included in the list. click the Edit Registration link under the Online Options of this website and proceed accordingly (This option is automatically disabled once your bank payment is confirmed. 2. Choose your preferred mode of payment -.  2.inbox and spam mailbox . Report to the Test Site before 7:00 AM. If you choose to pay by credit card. Make sure that all information given in the form is true and correct before you proceed to accomplishing your NMAT Identification Form.2. The electronic copy is NOT valid for admission purposes. follow the instructions below. Scanned picture will not be accepted. Commission on Higher Education (CHED). All applicants shall get their CEM official receipt (OR) together with their official NMAT Examinee Report Form (ERF). Examinees can view online (and/or download) the electronic copy of their test results after five (5) working days at this website (click on the link for Test Results). One copy of recent 2”x 2” colored picture with white background. PRC ID. Application 1.ph or contact the NMAT Secretariat at (02) 813-3694 or 95 local 108 for any changes in your NMAT Identification Form.) If changes have been made successfully. Applicant must bring the following documents and materials : NMAT Identification Form (signed by the schoolhead if the applicant is a graduating student or attached with a photocopy of transcript of records if the applicant is already a college graduate) One (1) valid ID (e. Passport. click on the link for Room Assignment. Accomplish the application form online.either by credit card or by bank payment. 3. you must go to the nearest Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch and accomplish a Deposit/Payment Slip using the bank reference number and CEM BPI account number given on your NMAT Identification Form. the official NMAT Examinee Report Form (ERF) will be mailed (at the . Your NMAT scores will appear on the masterlist of test scores that will be sent to all Philippine medical schools. NMAT Results Payment 1. Fill up the required fields in the form. and the office of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC). Download and print a copy of your NMAT Identification Form. you must email nmat@cem-inc.for the confirmation of your application and for your NMAT Identification Form. 3. both your inbox and spam mailbox. Discard immediately the old NMAT Identification Form. College graduates of local or foreign institutions are required to present a photocopy of their Transcript of Records (TOR) at the time of testing. you will be directed to the website of YESpayment System and will be instructed accordingly until payment is successful. with a review center. Notice of Admission To know your test site and room assignment two (2) weeks before the test date. On the day of the exam 1. Confirmation of payment 1. Please make sure that all information entered is true and correct. 2. Any untoward incident arising from your dealings  For December NMAT result.    3. for the payment confirmation email and the attached NMAT Identification Form. call the NMAT Secretariat at (02) 813-3686 or 813-3694 to 95 loc 108 immediately. Proceed with accomplishing the Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ). If you choose to pay by bank deposit and need to make changes in your NMAT Identification Form. 2. If you choose to pay by credit card. you will receive a new NMAT Identification Form which you will accomplish and bring with you on the day of testing. Credit card payments are automatically confirmed by email once payment is successful. Check your email account -. If you pay through BPI. 3. or any such entity. Check your email account. Applicant is also advised to wear appropriate attire for airconditioned testing rooms.org. If you choose to pay by bank deposit.) Pencils (no.g. Graduating students or those in their second year of the UP INTARMED program are required to have their NMAT Identification Form signed by their schoolhead. NOTICE: Review centers are NOT authorized to collect or accept in behalf of CEM any NMAT registration and test fees from NMAT applicants. If you need to change some or all the information given in the NMAT Identification Form. 2. 2 or HB) Eraser 5. Driver’s License. applicant is refused admission to a medical school because he/she did not satisfy this requirement. etc. Higher Education Regional Offices (HERO).

2. Original Honorable Dismissal or Transfer Credentials 4.mailing address indicated on the online NMAT Application Form) or ready for pick up (at the testing center indicated also on the online NMAT Application Form) six (6) weeks after the test date. All NMAT examinees can personally request and pick-up copies of their Examinee Report Form (ERF) at the CEM Head Office. . the NMAT ERF will be mailed (at the mailing address indicated in the NMAT Application Form) or ready for pick up (at the CEM Main Office) four (4) weeks after the test date. You may request for a duplicate copy of your official NMAT ERF if you have not received your original ERF one (1) week after the official mailing date. Makati City. 3. A credit evaluation report will be made available to the prospective student indicated duration of program completion. the following documents should be presented: 1.  For April NMAT result. The NMAT examinee must present a valid ID if he/she will personally pick-up his/her ERF. 2 2" x 2" ID photos (Colored) B) Previous college coursework is evaluated and credited accordingly to the degree being enrolled. Authorization letter signed by the examinee Photocopy of the examinee's valid ID Valid ID of the representative OLFU COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Proceed to the Student Admissions Office and submit the ff Entrance Requirements: 1. Clear Photocopy of Birth Certificate (present Original for Verification) 5. Application Form (download form) 2. If a representative of the examinee will request and/or pick-up his/her ERF. Certificate of Grades/Scholastic Records/Class Cards for Initial evaluation 3.

2011 9:50 AM DATE OF APPLICATION: 10/25/2011 . you shall receive a payment confirmation email in your inbox (or spam mailbox) after two (2) banking days. Please remember that this is not the final step. If you need to edit the given information. Be sure to read and fully understand the CEM policy on refund of NMAT fees as viewed from the Information Menu (Registration & Test Fees) of the NMAT Online website before paying the NMAT fees. you may proceed to accomplishing the form and have it signed by your School Head. NO editing of information is allowed once receipt of your payment has been confirmed. you will receive a new NMAT Identification Form. if necessary. Follow the instructions given on your NMAT Identification Form on how make the bank payment. please go back to the NMAT Online website and click on the link to Edit Registration. Go to the nearest Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch to pay the NMAT registration and test fees. if necessary. You may now discard the old form and proceed to accomplishing the new form. If payment has been made. If true and correct. Your security question is What is your mother's maiden name? and your security answer is bautista. .9:42am APPLICATION NUMBER: 1121107535 Hello MARIE SKLODOWSKA STA. After editing the given information.Your NMAT Identification Form Tuesday. Your bank reference number is 2597274149. Have it signed by your School Head. You may also edit other information you have given in your application form if you have not made your payment. You must download and print the attached NMAT Identification Form and verify if all the information given in the form are true and correct. You have successfully submitted your NMAT Application Form using our online facility. October 25. ANA.

You can choose from either of the following different fields of medicine as a career. There are many students who often want to know more about types of doctors and what they do. . This is one of the best paying jobs around and earn a cool average of $6000K or more annually. highest paying jobs in America.719 These are doctors who diagnose and treat various heart diseases as well as blood vessel problems related to the heart. Different fields require different educational qualifications and knowledge related to the medical field. The table below will enlist the kinds of doctors. require different training. Some of these best fields of medicine are as follows:  Cardiovascular Surgery: Annual Income: $558.What are the Different Fields of Medicine There are different fields of medicine that have a different nature of work. List of Different Fields of Medicine                                     Allergists or Immunologist Acupuncture Addiction Medicine Adolescent Medicine Aerospace Medicine Allergy/Immunology Anesthesiology Audiologist Bariatrician Cardiologist Cardiac Electrophysiology Cardio Thoracic Surgeon Cardiovascular Disease Physician Cardiovascular Surgeon Chiropractic Clinical Laboratory Immunologist Clinical Pathologist Cosmetic Surgery Colon/Rectal Surgeon Critical Care Medicine Cytopathology Dermatology Dermatopathology Diabetes Speciality Diagnostic Radiology Dentist Emergency Medical Technician Emergency Medical Doctor Endocrinology Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiologist Family Practice Gastroenterology General Practice General Surgery Genetics                                     Geriatrics Gynecology Oncologist Hand Surgery Head and Neck Surgery Hematology Oncologist Hepatology Holistic Medicine Hospitalist Immunology Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Interventional Cardiology Legal Medicine Medical Oncology Medical Toxicology Neonatology Nephrology Neurology Neuroradiology Nephrologist Neurosurgery Neurologist Nuclear Cardiology Nuclear Medicine Ophthalmologist Optometrist Oncologist Orthopedics Otolaryngology specialist Other specialization Nutritionist Pediatricians Psychiatrist Psychologists Rheumatology Veterinarians Urologist Best Fields of Medicine There are a few best fields of medicine that earn the title.

339 Those doctors who treat disorders of the blood vessels surgically are called vascular surgeons. . CT scans etc.361 Doctors that use radioactive equipment like X-rays. Orthopedic Surgery: Annual Income: $346. Radiology: Annual Income: $309. spine and associated bones though surgical. They earn a nice sum of about $300K or more annually.426 The doctor that provides the patient with operative as well as non-operative management related to the central. medical and physical means. to diagnose and treat medical problems are called radiologist.    Neurosurgery: Annual Income: $438. These doctors earn about $550K annually. peripheral and autonomic nervous system are called neurosurgeons.224 An orthopedic surgeon carries out preservation or restoration of the form and function of the bodies extremities. They are just under the vascular surgeons earning about $390K annually. They earn $400K or more. Vascular Surgery: Annual Income: $359.

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2039.088.7  08:709470./0 4:8.190794  -.20.9 197:0.4770./ 1 30.984:724907 82.070..00/94.3/9054.4770.7/904/1472.0711.8070202-079.2039./.2039   0/934131472.3/...03:2-078   4:.9434724342..2 !!% &#    04#$  $$%    4:7-.90%70897..09830/-4:7$.70.943 4:70.431720/  4949030.00/17429031472...3/.9 !0.9438.99.8-003 2.22.34 /8.0.8-003.0331472.:796:089438.943472.09830/-4:7$.0331472./04:75.804-..43701:3/41%1008.4390394/9 #0897.0/%/0391.8.3/.35.4258390 1472.574..3.840/9490731472.090-.94302.7  14:300/940/990.  .3/.40/43..0..0334:7.:989.5.3/574.9 4:2.9434:././ 130.4258390301472 .9490% 3300-890.38078 -.7097:0.390%1008  4:2.00/94..2039.:79.03492...34:73-4 4785.3/./033..059414:75.43172.3/573990.3/1::3/0789.943147214:.943 50.-4 .440..943 03: #0897.3/90891008 44 903897:. 9031472.08:.9438.945.9 9883499013.0.2039 15.37010703.943 %089008 4190% 3300-890-014705..440.3/4:780.30%/0391.8905 4:2:89/434. 19070/9390.0881:8:-2990/4:7%55.943472:834:743301..03434:7%/0391..0.34190!55308.7089.088.943.3/8 ! -7..943 4:780..033901472.943.33 /.55.0.8                         .943472 4:2.


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ZU[[Y_` W\S`[[Y  [_`U WVUZW [_\`S_` aZ[[Y  ZXWU`[a__WS_W Z`W^ZS WVUZW Z`W^bWZ`[ZSS^V[[Y  WYS WVUZW WVUS.

ZU[[Y  WVUS[ U[[Y  W[ZS`[[Y  W\^[[Y  Wa^[[Y  Wa^[^SV[[Y  W\^[[Y_` Wa^[_a^YW^  Wa^[[Y_` aUWS^S^V[[Y  aUWS^ WVUZW .

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`W^_\WUS S`[Z a`^`[Z_` WVS`^USZ_ _ US`^_` _ U[[Y_`_ WaS`[[Y  W`W^ZS^SZ_ ^[[Y_`  W_` WV_[X WVUZW  W^WS^WSXWcTW_`XWV_[XWVUZW`S`WS^Z`W``WYW_`\S ZY[T_ZW^US[W[X`W_WTW_`XWV_[XWVUZWS^WS_ X[[c_ O S^V[bS_UaS^a^YW^  ZZaS ZU[W % % W_WS^WV[U`[^_c[VSYZ[_WSZV`^WS`bS^[a_WS^`V_WS_W_S_cWS_T[[VbW__W\^[TW_^WS`WV`[`WWS^`__ [ZW[X`WTW_`\S ZY[T_S^[aZVSZVWS^ZSU[[SbW^SYW[X [^[^WSZZaS  .

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