ICL – Indian Cricket League

most of the national cricket boards warned their players against joining it. this was expanded to 9 in early 2008. • . A third edition which commenced on 9 March 2008 and matches being played at two further venues. The second edition was a 50 over tournament played from 7 January 2008 to 28 January 2008 at Mayajaal Cricket Ground. The second season. Chennai. The Hyderabad Heroes won the 3rd edition. Due to the unofficial nature of the league. HOWEVER The first edition of the league commenced on 30 November 2007& concluded on 16 December 2007 with Chennai Superstars winning it. with Chennai Superstars winning again. part of the Essel group created the ICL. Hyderabad and Gurgaon. The fourth edition was a domestic Twenty-20 tournament won by Chandigarh Lions. The first edition had 6 teams. which added Ahmedabad as a venue. commenced in the last quarter of 2008.Brief on ICL • • • • • • • Subhash Chandra promoter of Zee Telefilms. with the Lahore Badshahs from Pakistan winning.

TEAMS OF ICL • Nine teams of private clubs : – Mumbai Champs – Chennai Superstars – Chandigarh Lions – Hyderabad Heroes – Royal Bengal Tigers (Kolkata) – Delhi Giants – Ahmedabad Rockets – Lahore Badshahs – Dhaka Warriors There was a US$ 1 million prize for the winning club team .

Players participating in this league had been threatened with bans by the cricket boards of their respective countries. Subhash Chandra had earlier stated that the ICL will go ahead regardless of the BCCI's stance. The official league. is called the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket. the BCCI jacked up prize money for winners.000 per match day from the season of 2007-08: more than double the Rs 16. • • . The International Cricket Council gave a statement that the ICC would not recognize the ICL unless the BCCI chooses to recognise it. The huge success of IPL is also a reason of the coming down of ICL. The BCCI refused to recognize the ICL as a cricket league.000 they got in 2005-06. The BCCI started its own international Twenty20 league. Faced with the threat of young players joining the ICL.Reasons for failure • • • • • The ICL was regarded as an unsanctioned rebel league. which launched in April 2008. runners-up and losing semi-finalists across all tournaments. An average domestic cricketer could hope to make around Rs 35. and criticised Kiran More and Kapil Dev for joining the ICL. The ICC looks at the ICL as an issue to be sorted out by the BCCI.

INDIA being host country and from next year it will be played across different cricketing nations. • Smaller grounds • Team format – 6 players in each team of which 3 international & 3 national players.NEW FORMAT OF ICL ICL. • All cricket playing nations will be part of ICL.SUPER 6’s • Game of Super Sixes backed by ICC and BCCI. . • This format of the game would happen once every year.

Advertising Strategy •Ad-campaign starting Mid-IPL •Audio – Visual Ads at Airports. . Malls. T. Sports magazines. Bill Boards at all locations across the country. •Hoardings on Caravan trucks moving across the metro cities. •A Hoarding Suspended by a Helicopter moving across the metro cities. News Papers.V channels •Print Ads in Airline Magazines. •Hoardings.


while the ball is still in the air it changes into a Leather ball.The same leather ball is then hit by a Ranji player in the stadiums which crosses the Stands of the stadium. ye hai fatafat cricket ka baap” / “ Pachaas aur bees hua purana.TVC .ICL • Scene 1. • Scene 3.Tribal Kids from himalaya’s playing cricket with a cloth ball & stick(bat).The same Rubber ball is hit by another Kid playing a gully cricket in one of the towns whereever. • Scene 4. kyonki aa raha hai CHHE(6) ka zamana. while the ball is still in the air it changes into a Rubber ball(filmi ishtyle) • Scene 2. The batsman hits the ball for a six.Kapil Dev appears on the screen saying “ho jaayiye tayyar. aa gaya CHHE ka zamana” .

KEY SPONSORS OF ICL • Broadcasting partner: • Prize Sponsored by: • Radio partner: Red Fm 93.5 .

THANK YOU Group Members: • Yuvraj Savant – 86 • Ditya Ved – 107 • Abhishek Dadhich – 20 • Zoheb Naqvi – 61 • Divyesh Oza – 64 .

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