The Crisis of Church and State Brian Tierney BV630.2.

T5 Studies in the Institutional History of Early Modern Japan John Hall and Marius Jansen DS871.H29 Tokugawa Japan: the social and economic antecedents of modern Japan Chie Nakane and Shinzaburo Oishi DS871.T5271991 Philip the Fair and Boniface VIII Charles Wood BX1253.W61971 Dante and the Church Paolo Acquaviva and Jennifer Petrie PQ4416.D3552007 Boniface VIII T. S. R. Boase BX1253.B6 Tokugawa Ideology: Early Constructs 1570-1680 JA84.J3O551985 Herman Oons Economic Theory and History of Japan in the Tokugawa Period Eijiro Honjo HB125.A2H5463 Alistair Swale Meiji Revolution DS881.4.S932009 Japan in Transition from Tokugawa to Meiji Marius Jansen and Gilbert Rozman HIST.005 The Meiji Restoration W. G. Beasley HIST.005

H281970 .Japan's Emergence as a Modern State Herbert Norman HIST.3.005 Harry Harootunian Toward Restoration DS881.

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