Brand Awareness Questionnaire Sample



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Q1. When you hear about a product category, can you recall our products?
a) Yes
b) No
Q2. What is the serial number of our product in the brand recall order?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) More than 3
e) None
Q3. Which products of our company are you aware of?
Q4. Which of the following is true for our product?
a) It is a niche product targeting to only a particular segment
b) It is a commodity product
c) It has a differentiation strategy for different segments
d) None

What is the market share of our product? a) < 5 % b) 5 % – 35 % c) 35 % – 55 % d) > 40 % e) Don’t know . please name a few ___________________________________________ Q8. Which of the following touch points have you been exposed to? a) Exhibitions b) Point of sales c) Showrooms d) Sales representatives e) Other _____________________________________________________ Q9. Do you know who our competitors are? a) Yes b) No Is yes. Can you name the personality who endorses our products in advertisements? _________________________________________________________ Q6. Can you quote the price and quantity of different packages of our product? _________________________________________________________ Q7.5.

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