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Fixing Errors in Excel

Fixing Errors in Excel

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Published by: Ida Aladjem on Oct 28, 2011
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Suppress #DIV/0 Error Value

To keep #DIV/0! from appearing, use the following formula in place of the standard division formula:


"Numerator" refers to the cell to be divided. "Denominator" refers to the cell that is the divisor.

This formula checks to see if the denominator equals zero (or is blank); if so, a blank cell is displayed. For example, if you want to divide cell A1 by cell A2 and put the result in cell A3, the formula in cell A3 would be:

$A$3: =IF(A2=0,"",A1/A2)
Cell A3 appears blank if cell A2 is blank or contains a zero. Otherwise, A3 contains the result of the expression A1/A2. To display other information in the cell if the divisor is blank or zero, type the necessary information in the formula where the quotation marks ("") appear. If you want to display text, type it between these quotation marks. If you want to display anything else (values), type it instead of the quotation marks. NOTE: If the denominator is a nonzero value, the division is calculated.

Dividing by Zero in Excel
Without getting into a semantics debate, Excel does allow you to divide by zero. It also lets you know you have an error. In the resulting cell, it shows the famous line of #DIV/0!. It’s one of those error messages where the letters and numbers make sense, but you also wonder if your PC is swearing at you. Although your PC isn’t mad, the message may fluster users. Some look at the alert and see the help text “The formula or function used is dividing by zero or empty cells” as shown below. Others might question the data integrity. Personally, I think it’s an aesthetic issue.

The reason I got this Excel error was that I tried to divide my Cost value in C7 by my Catalog Count in D7. This test ad cost $77.45 and generated 0 catalog requests. A similar error occurs if the Catalog Count cell was blank.

Add Logic to Your Excel Formula


(e. Column E Conv Cost) 2. Otherwise.There are several ways to fix this error. Excel can continue as normal. You do have control of Excel and an easy way to change this message is to use the IF function. 4.g. In the Insert Function dialog. The process is similar in other versions. In this case. Click Insert Function on the Excel ribbon. Click the next cell down in that column. these steps are using Excel 2007. How to Display a Blank Value instead of #DIV/0! (For illustration purposes. E2) 3. select IF 2 . This is a logic function where you can direct Excel to do one action if a condition is TRUE and another action if the condition is FALSE. The best way would be to produce test ads that converted better.g. (e. but you may not have control of this item. Create a column for your formula.) 1. I want Excel to take a different action if I have a Catalog Count of “0”.

Click OK. For example. They might prefer something like a text value or even the contents from another cell. 6. You can see in the example below. In the same text field after the cell reference type =0. I could’ve used “na”. 10. In the Function Arguments dialog. The blank value in the Excel formula is represented as the double quotes. Copy the Excel formula down to each cell in the column. Click the top cell in the column which you’re dividing by. 12. 7. you’ll start entering this function directly in the Excel formula bar rather than using the Insert Function dialog. (e. click in the Logical_test field. =IF(D2=0.5. Other Substitutions for #DIV/0! Just as some people don’t like the divide by zero error messages. Excel left the Conv Cost value in Column E blank.g. in each case where I had a “0” or a blank cell in Column D (Catalog Count). You can substitute text or a cell reference instead of having the cell be blank. others might object to blank cell values or the zero."na". Leave the Value_if_true field blank. In short order. (The field should show something like D2=0) 9. Click OK. D2) 8. enter your formula such as C2/D2 11.C2/D2) 3 . In the Value_if_false field.

Therefore. and then click OK in the New Formatting Rule dialog box. Excel allows you to fix this error in several ways. Back to the top 4 . and cell A2 returns the #NAME? error value. 9. You can find more details on ERROR. As you can see there are several ways you can remove the divide by zero error in Excel. 3. Enter the following data in a worksheet: 2. 10. using the Cost value might be better than “0” or a blank. and then click New Rule. On the Home tab. Microsoft has assigned an error value of “2” for this #DIV/0 example. Another popular solution from readers mentioned that the ERROR. and then click the White square in the Color list. This occurs because the nofunction() function that is used in cell A2 is not a valid function.TYPE on the Microsoft site. Click OK.C2/D2) In this last example. In the Format Cells dialog box. Excel would insert the Cost value in the Conv Cost cell instead. 7. click Use a formula to determine which cells to format. 5. Click the Format button. 6. Depending on your situation this may be more accurate.or =IF(D2=0. In my example of catalog conversion costs. click the Font tab. any other cells in column A that return error values will not display the error value. Select column A. A1: =B1/C1 A2: =nofunction()*B2 B1: 5 B2: 6 C1: 0 C2: 0 Note Cell A1 returns the #DIV/0! error value. all the cells in column A were formatted with this conditional format. In the Edit the Rule Description box. In the New Formatting Rule dialog box. Chances are whichever method you choose will be less annoying for your users than seeing #DIV/0! Microsoft Office Excel 2007 1. Note Because you selected column A in step 2.TYPE method works well. click the arrow next to Conditional Formatting in the Styles group.C2. type the following formula in the Format values where this formula is true field: =ISERROR(A1) 8. 4.

/02489.0.990.3.7077474.9970/94/.94:  94:4:7!83 92.9.1:8907:8078 $42044.:78190.44:393 %8 9089.007747.9.90/ .08 .471:3.3/8009005909 %0 1472:.8434998.  9 8430419480077472088.4706:0898 82.88:0    %070.080380 -:94:.8443/0714:7!880..0472:.3/3:2-0782.0807090 099078.3/0307.73.   .9.8-..8843-04  9078296:0894390 /.943:80/8/.489 ./.:03-2..02.39079 !07843.44:39.944:7. 939 8.08909./ 902088.89.079.9./3-074470259.3  //4.

094/4430.    49485..43.43/9438%#&.3..0790/-09907 -:94: 2..30...44:3941  90780 .943  %88.0.%070..9.943190 ..9..0....94..34907.0.4397441.89419807747 %0-089.9430704:.9431.0./41'.30982088.43/9438$  398.:03890./89.3/..3'.3/70.07.4:/-094574/:.4..9431. .83472.80 .8.0.0949.09089..0894:80 901:3.1:3.349./1107039.7080.439744198902 4:/4.3/.

90309.943/.90.489   .  0  4:2343.  47:897.078438    70.9   .0  %0574.088882.9.70:83.4 800.38079:3.4:231474:71472:.9434390.9435:754808 908089058.4:23  0     .07--43   39038079:3.0/4339.734907..

9437:20398/.3904.8010/ 039074:71472:.:0*1*1.:0*1*97:010/-.*908910/   .90945..07010703.    390:3. ..8.3   390'.4: 70/.4 .0950  %010/84:/848420930   0.190790../3-  0     3908.4:23.0390.8:..090'.2090910/.

.9.:0390.034:23 .:034:23-.79039073981:3..3.00199043.01472:..01472:.3./43940.890 /4:-06:4908    3847947/07 4: 89.943/70.87057080390/.80070.0390...    4590.3 %0-.9079.  .01472:.44:39  .9390.250-04 30.943/..4:23   4:.3:839038079 :3.-.77./.-. 47.4  907$:-899:9438147'..38003900.489..

4:/ ..  :89.8842050450/43 9090/.3..08 49078294-0.:0470.07010703.34907./41.0-0-..03890.250 .    3. .390.0  4:.43903981742.3 470..994-.909..0:80/ 3.:084790 074 %0295701078420930.0./0-074077472088.0390.38:-899:9090947.


47    .

-02470.25041.943 982..0.250 .90 320.:7..990 ## # %!2094/4780 .4.:039043.  398.307747.484:9419807747380.3 47./0782039430/9.:041  14798'...04:/3807990489./ 0503/3434:789:.4898 :8390489.8...07843.07.03890.43..784:943174270.8830/.:029-0-099079.748419.-.890.489.9.3  .8 34907545:.

.3 13/2470/09.33431474:7:80789.748419890  84:..37024./0-074077473.07 2094/4:.7080.38009070.84:..843## # %!4390. .4480-0088.07.0..090/.38003'. 0.250 4:.

3.  .0    3907901443/.478009   .9.0.748419 11.

    341:3.943         4900709:73890'.

:0  .4:239..3/903.0709:7389007747.9..9  %0701470 .908/.:08349/85.943    $00./1:3.993#:0/...390472.3/903.34907..90/...0#:0    3900472..90. 3900472.:08070981472:.&80.7743099443/943.9709:7307747.4-4   4900.4:230701472.90472.9490945    .4:2338905 ..7039044789    .43/943.4-4 .4-4 .993390$90874:5 .943 1:3..:8090 341:3..08349.083.909086:..75943-4 9509014431472:.9    390/990#:008.08941472..993#:0/..897:0 10/ $## #     .1472..1472:...4:23    3904209.9007747.3/903.:78-0..90.  .472.3/.98:80/3.:0 . 07747.:0 %84...9439.94/0907230.083.904399.:804:800.9...990/998.9-:9943    390472.

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