Guru Shakthi

Date : 01-10-2006

Volume 1, Issue 1

Guru Shakthi
message from babaji
Om Nama Shivaya !
As you aware that your entire spiritual odyssey ends when you find yourself. The journey starts by you and ends at you. All you see and experience during the course of the journey are only milestones. Stopping at a milestone is leaving the journey incomplete, not finding your destination. So continue walking till you reach. Till you find yourself, the pure consciousness, vast and limitless. You will have to go beyond your conditioning. You are not your mind and that too just 4% of the conscious mind. A Conscious mind which is always thinking, please this person, harm that person, get that, leave this, get some more of that — endless demands, but all your energy is wasted in fulfilling these demands which are mostly useless. To find your self you will have to go beyond the conditioning of the conscious mind. You will have to stop listening to the commands for your conscious mind in the beginning or at least analyse the command before acting on it. Once your start walking in this direction you will find that the journey is also very interesting and blissful. May you all reach your destination. Bless you, Yours

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His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand

From the Compiler… It is an attempt to perform a Seva to the devotees of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand. It is also an attempt to convey the messages of Avdhoot Baba Shivnand to the Common man in order to bring them to His Divine Grace. Babaji’s messages are very powerful which needs to be conveyed to every souls seeking liberation. Further, the devotees of Matha Lalitha Tripurasundari would find this Newsletter as TREASURY. Hence we request you to kindly forward this Newsletter to near and dear ones. If any copyright material is included in the book, for which permission has not been sought, owning to the inability of the compiler to trace the copyright owners, apologies are hereby offered to all concerned. Most of the contents are from the publications of World Spiritual Healing Foundation. This Newsletter is NOT an authorized publication of either World Spiritual Healing Foundation or represent the Inner Strength Foundation. It is ONLY an honest attempt to bring the cheers in life to the Common— by providing content from the reliable sources in order to make them understand the system given by our Beloved Babaji.

Guru Shakthi

The Eternal Bliss—Anando Hum
Close your eyes and experience the Shiva inside you. Savor the elixir of Shiva Naam and make your life successful. The Anand or Bliss that you experience is nothing but your true form. You are a divine soul. And a part of the divine Atma, which you call Paramatma. It is also called collective consciousness is Paramanand Swaroop. If collective consciousness is Paramanand Swaroop, then you are a part of it. Daily take out an hour from your daily life and sit down at a selected place and relax. Introspect yourself and pray to Lord Shiva, whose constituent you are. Ask him, “Who am I? Why am I sent to this planet Earth? I want to know…….” As I see it, all of you are Param Divya Swaroop and Param Anand Swaroop. But the irony is, man tends to forget himself. Partly he is not to be blamed for this. Firstly, this is Mrityulok. Secondly, the Earth cannot handle so many Shivas. It cannot handle the collective aura of so many Shivas. Whenever a soul comes to earth it has full knowledge of its divinity, sanctity and power. Birth of every human being is not without reason. He or she takes birth to accomplish the divine objective of Shiva. You all have a divine purpose of coming to this planet Earth. But Maya-illusion leads you astray. So when you sit down and introspect about your self and your identity, the knowledge inside your Antarman and each of your cells called Intracellular Memory starts developing. What is the difference between a man and an animal? Physically they resemble a lot. There is stark similarity between eating pattern and progression of life between the two. That’s where the similarities end. Man is not just worried about the family that he has procreated. Instead he is concerned about the whole world. Wherever he sees someone suffering he is eager to wipe the tears. He is compassionate. On the contrary, animal never disp;ays these attributes. It lives for its own sake. Man has three traits, Pashubhav, Manushyabhav and Devbhav. Where as animal has none. Probably that’s why Man is called “Manav” meaning owner of Mann. Quite often man is gripped by Pashubhav. In this state he becomes greedy and acquisitionist and he leads Pashutulya Jeevan. Sometimes he goes into the state of Devbhav. In Devbhav a person regards the whole world as his family. He prays “ O Lord Shiva! Make me a medium of your divine tasks. So that whole world prospers. Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu.” all of you must once sit down, close your eyes and ask this question of yourself. Every one of you has the right to know the very purpose of your life. Upon learning this fact a person can lead a fulfilling life. Those who are unaware of this fact continue to live like animals. Similarly you mist know your destination. By that I mean your destination in this world and the destination beyond this world. He who knows the answers to these facts is called Paramgyani. And the person not knowing the above mentioned facts is called Agyani. Krishna says, “ A Paramgyani man can seek me and an Agyani person cannot seek me.” And mind you Gyan is nothing but basic information about your own self ! Aham Bramhasme means I am Brahma. If I am Brahma then as Krishna says in Geeta nothing is impossible for him. Everything can happen according to my wishes. Then how is it that in reality my power is extremely limited ? Despite being Anandswaroop, my bliss is short lived. Sorrows catch up quite soon. Shiva provides wealth to Kuber. And despite being a part of Shiva I am penniless. He is Mahamrityunjaya meaning the one who has vanquished death. Then how come being a part of Him I am vulnerable to diseases and eventual death. Either Vedic scriptures are not right or I am forgetting something. I need the knowledge that could lead me to Aham Bramashme. Speaking of myself, I did not find this knowledge. It was given to me by my Guru Nityananda. Today I want to give it to you. In order to obtain this knowledge it was necessary to bring to the appropriate level. Paramatma createdd man just like Himself in every aspect. He saw His own reflection in man. That being the case, why is it that man lived Pashutulya Jeevan. The solution lies in Shivatva. How can one reach up to Shivatva ? How can you

How You Can Attain the State of Aham Bramhasme……..

The Anand or Bliss that you are experience is nothing but your true form. You are a Divine Soul. And a part of the Divine Atma, Which you call Paramatma. It is also called collective consciousness and it is Paramanand Swaroop. His Holiness Avadhoot Baba Shivanand

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Guru Shakthi

The Eternal Bliss—Anando Hum… Contd.
Achieve all that in your life which you want to achieve ? For such reasons in Siddha Marg it is said, “I am the creator of may own destiny.”. I can create my own destiny. Because creating is difficult and changing is easy. Honestly speaking we were under the impression that destiny cannot be changed because we believed that the destiny was written by Him. Here one tends to get confused between the two diametrically opposite versions of the same fact. In Mahabharata, Krishna says, “In this world whatever you do, it is in accordance with my wishes. I have Viraat Swaroop.”. Here we get confused. We say so and so Siddha has said that he is son of God and not us. Krishna says very clearly I am Param Satya Eternal Truth. He says its only Me. And we say it’s only Him. Krishna took Avatar of man to educate you “I am that I am”. You started saying He is that He is. All these great souls come to show the way. Instead of listening to what they say we derive our own interpretations of their worlds. Bhagwan Krishna referred to Hari and Shiva that reside inside you. When Krishna said nothing could happen without his consent, he was actually referring to collective consciousness. And you are part of that collective consciousness. Bhagwan also said, “you must integrate yourself with me. And then work with my energy.” Once you work with such a divine energy nobody can stop you. If you will work with His energy, His devotion and His conviction, Kartabhav would come automatically to you. Then you can never be unsuccessful in your life. Your first step towards state of Aham Bramhasme is your total and absolute faith on Shiva. Because Shiva has complete faith on you. - TEXT : ISB Source : Inner Strength– NovDec 2003 Vol II Issue VI

Om Sarvambikaye Namah ………….

There is but one thing in the world really worth pursuing …... the knowledge of God - R H Benson

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Guru Shakthi

Om Lalitha Deviyai Namaha...

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Guru Shakthi

Ascension or Doomsday ?
An important message for your ascension. Many years ago there was an interview held for a radio officer to work on board ship. All the hopeful candidates were sitting, waiting to be called in. Some were chatting, others strolled around or read old magazines, wondering when their turn would come. Suddenly one man sat up, pulled out a paper and pencil from his pocket and jotted down something, then stood up and walked through the door into the inner office. He came out five minutes later, and said, “You guys can go. I’ve got the job.” The others surrounded him, demanding to know how and when he was called in. “Simple,” he said, “The call came through in Morse Code. They were testing our alertness as radio officers. I was the only one who paid attention to the signal.” They also requested Babaji to throw some light on the truth in predictions made by eminent astrologers and environmentalists worldwide about some Indian cities including Chennai, Trivandrum and Mumbai being submerged in water in the near future. Following are the Babaji's comments when asked about frequent occurrence of natural disasters. Babaji: Everyone today is talking about the ecological disturbances; it is good that the people are increasingly becoming aware about the ecological balance but they still cannot perceive the real factors that control this delicate balance of nature. It is not the ecological disturbances we should worry about, rather we should be worried about the energy disturbance and the negative thoughts polluting the collective consciousness. Every thought creates energy; positive thoughts create positive energy and negative thoughts create negative energy. Negative energy is the root cause of destruction, sorrow, sufferings, natural calamities and man made disasters. Positive energy indicates peace, harmony, happiness and a wonderful planet and humanity. Although the holy masters and higher energy beings are worried about the direction in which the human race is heading, they have not given up on their hope for humanity. All the ascended masters and their representing Gurus are working with a deadline towards the creation of positive energy fields. More the positive energy we create, more we can avoid these disasters. A clear example is of the time when an earthquake rocked whole of Gujarat, there were predictions that a more severe earthquake will strike Mumbai. We collectively meditated in Mumbai and performed yajnas, as a result the disaster was averted. This was because we collectively generated more positive energy than the negative energy people were creating due to ignorance.

Your Wake-Up Call The Divine message of the Guru Mandala (The Holy Siddhas) through Avdhoot Baba Shivanand
This message is your signal, your wake-up call. Babaji, for the first time, openly talks about what the increasing natural calamities, doomsday prophecies and Divine Compassion mean. Read it, share it, and help as many people as you can to go towards the light. We will appreciate if you send at least 100 emails and courier 100 copies of this message to your dear ones for their benefit and ascension; All the holy siddhas and masters love you; they all are very much concerned about your spiritual growth and happiness in life. From time to time they are giving guidelines, instructions and messages through Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji. And Babaji is conveying these messages which he is receiving from the holy masters. This is the beginning of series of messages conveyed by the Guru Mandala for the benefit and ascension of mankind, as this is the very crucial period through which the humanity is going through. With love and blessings from Babaji. A few environmentalists who have done a lot of research met Babaji and sought his views regarding the ecological disturbances that are taking the planet Earth towards destruction.
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Guru Shakthi

Ascension or Doomsday ?
This positive energy destroyed the dark clouds of grayish energy surrounding the Mumbai city and restored the delicate balance of energy. A second example is of the earthquake that rocked North India, which was more intense than the one that devastated Gujarat and also lasted for a longer duration. This earthquake shook whole of North India but it could not shake the faith of the sadhaks who kept on blissfully performing their anushthan even when floor beneath them was violently shaking. It is because of all these sadhaks who were meditating deeply and were performing yajnas throughout the period of Navratras that Shiva saved us. The third example is of Chennai. Recently a cyclone of 400 km diameter moving at a speed of 250 km/hour was about to hit the Chennai city. Everyone was sure that once this cyclone enters Chennai, the whole city will get uprooted. As the Divine wished, I was in Chennai on that very day and in the morning at 10:30 am we all sat for Sri Vidya meditation. After 3 hours of deep meditation, we received the information that the cyclone suddenly changed its course and started moving towards the Bay of Bengal and by the time it will reach Bengal its energy will be totally dissipated. Chennai city was saved. This is the power of collective positive energy. There are many more such incidents where collectively
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Bengal its energy will be totally dissipated. Chennai city was saved. This is the power of collective positive energy. There are many more such incidents where collectively we got the course of disaster changed. What the masters perceive presently about the disasters and calamities which are likely to strike in future, can be changed if we start moving collectively on the path of truth. I further want to convey that we can collectively save the humanity and the human race from going into the clutches of destruction. The ascended masters are observing and guiding us constantly with a hope that we will save ourselves and this divine creation. Collectively we can – The Power is Their Within Each of Us. I can guide but you all have to join together to bring up the energy level. Q. Every religion is talking about the 'doomsday' and in our religion also 'Mahapralaya in Kalyuga' is mentioned. And the year 2012 is considered to be the doomsday – the day of judgement. Please elaborate on this. Babaji: December 21st in the year 2012 is the Ascension Day for the evolved human beings. It can be the doomsday for those who have not followed the path of truth. Actually every human being has an individual conscious-

ness. Planet earth also has its own consciousness which is very clear and pure. That's why the whole Galaxy and the planet earth are ascending. Year 2012 is the transition period for planet earth when it will enter in the fourth dimension from the present position in the third dimension. Planet earth has been continuously ascending since late 1980's and its vibrational frequency has been increasing ever since. In early 1990's, it was vibrating at the frequency of 7 hertz resonance. By December 2012, it shall vibrate at the frequency of 16.8 hertz resonance. That means the vibrational frequency of Earth will become double. More vibrational frequency indicates more purity and the energy, i.e. earth heading towards higher dimension. So, this is the period when the our planet is going to ascend into the fourth dimension, becoming more pure, divine and full of love energy. Now the question is what will happen to the human beings who are living in the third dimension? People are talking about saving planet earth, but it is not correct. It is because of our ego that we talk like this. Planet earth has its own consciousness and is already ascending to higher dimension. We should rather be talking about saving ourselves, about saving fellow human beings. All individuals have different consciousness levels and are still vibrating at much lower

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Guru Shakthi

Ascension or Doomsday ?
frequencies. More than 2/3 of our population is vibrating at below average frequency level. That's the reason in every such human being only 3.5% DNA is active and rest of 96.5% DNA is totally inactive, indicating the ignorance level, spirituality level and the level of truth within us. Baba Gorakshnath, Buddha, Christ and all holy Siddhas had 100% active DNA and had a much higher vibrational frequency. That's why they were much more evolved beings. The low DNA activation influences thinking of mankind, making them think negatively thus generating negative energy. Collective generation of negative energy will take mankind towards disaster. As on today 2/3 rd of the population has to be saved from the destructive negative energy field of ego, greed, hatred, resentment, holding on to herd mentality and trying to create herd of people which can be dominated by individuals and so on. The grace of the evolved beings can activate your DNA and erase your past accumulated karmas. Then you rise above all these negative qualities, your vibrational energy gets enhanced and the DNA activation starts. That's why it is said that it cannot happen on its own. Divine light is needed to initiate this process and at every stage of growth and activation. Therefore, if we also consciously make efforts to raise our energy levels and move towards higher spirituality, then we too can easily ascend to 4th dimension along with planet earth. But it can be the doomsday for those who are not growing spiritually. Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam, all religions say that the doomsday is the day of Judgment for all those who are unfaithful to the Divinity. But in the Siddha philosophy it is mentioned, as I said earlier, that on this Day of Judgment those who follow the divine path will be saved by Shiva (Infinite) himself. This means that those who are on the path of purity will ascend to the fourth dimension during their living time, and from the year 2012 to 2028 all these living human beings will be totally submerged in the fourth dimension experiencing the higher level of spirituality powered with unconditional love, bliss and happiness. And those who are still vibrating at lower frequency level of third dimension in 2012, when the earth is entering into higher dimension are likely to perish in the natural and manmade calamities. And when they are reborn, they will not come on this planet where we are living. Instead they will go down to another planet which is vibrating at the lowest 3rd dimensional energy and they are likely to face the ‘Ghor Kaliyuga’ with more suffering, sorrow, pain, disease and 'alp aayu' as mentioned in the scriptures. So let's take the period from now up to the year 2012 as an opportunity to collectively work towards our ascension and also help all our near and dear ones to achieve the same. If we work collectively, we can take the whole humanity towards happiness, towards unconditional love and towards self realisation. Let's be one divine ray of light of holy Siddhas and let us work for the divinity. Due to ignorance we might have worked for the Devil and might have been instrumental in making many people drift from the right path. But it's never too late. Let us illuminate our lives and work to illuminate the lives of others. Q. Babaji you always say that the second name of Shiva is unconditional love. And 'Shiva' is essential for our self realisation. But 'Rudra' is said to be the destroyer. How can the same supreme energy that is essential for the ultimate ascension can be responsible for destruction. Please explain. Babaji: 'Shiva' is the Supreme Consciousness; it is the purest of the pure unconditional love, purest of the pure bliss, purest of the pure abundance and self fulfillment. Every individual has its own consciousness and we all are the part of the Supreme Consciousness that is Shiva.

…...And those who are still vibrating at lower frequency level of third dimension in 2012, when the earth is entering into higher dimension are likely to perish in the natural and manmade calamities.

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Guru Shakthi

Ascension or Doomsday ?
When we attain self realisation, our individual consciousness merges with the Supreme Consciousness and we experience the self-real-I – The Shiva. But as the human being has its own consciousness he has the liberty to connect either with the darker or the divine consciousness. When we connect ourselves to darker energies of the Universe, we start drifting away from Supreme Consciousness and the more we drift; more negative energies, egocentric anger, resentment and greed energies surround us. And these energies further influence thoughts of the individuals and force them to think negatively. And these negative thoughts are of ego, greed, anger, resentment etc. This is the beginning of cause and effect of theory of karma. As I mentioned earlier that the earth has its own consciousness and every particle on this planet is trying to head towards the ascension and so is the planet earth itself. And if a certain individual surrounds himself with negative energy, he starts moving into direction opposite to the direction of ascension where the earth is moving. Such individuals become heavier on the planet and that is the time when the Planet Earth prays to Shiva to relieve it of its burden. And to balance that energy the calamities are created. But 'Rudra' lovingly gives them another chance and puts them on another planet which is lower than this planet Earth; but matching with the lower vibrational frequencies of those beings, so that shift appears in the shape of destruction. Whereas those who keep connecting themselves to the supreme consciousness, Shiva paves a path for them towards unfolding of the divine secrets by way of the 'Guru' – one who shows them the path of infinite dimension till the time these individuals are not fully merged with supreme consciousness i.e. they attain self realisation and their individual consciousness rises to supreme consciousness. So it's not 'Rudra' but it is the human beings who either choose to ascend or choose to jump into the clutches of destruction and experience the 'Ghor Kaliyug' on the lower energy planet. Let's learn the secrets of ascension, secrets of truth. Let's learn the secrets of Shiv Yog, the Union with the infinite. We have been granted a grace period of under seven years to prepare ourselves. This is a message both of warning, and great hope. There are many unfortunate souls who will never get the opportunity to read it. There are some even more unfortunate ones who will read it, but like the bunch of unsuccessful radio officers, dismiss it as – noise. Will you be among those who heed it? And take action? Hopefully most of us will, and make it across.

Contemplation of Mantra without involving yourself is like a parrot repeating a Mantra. - Babaji

For more information on DNA activation and raising your vibration level, and other topics mentioned above, please contact: Inner Strength Foundation, D 170, Sector 8, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075 Ph: 981106531, 32909026. Web:; Email: Soundarya Lahari Verse 1 Sivah saktya yukto yadi bhavati saktah prabhavitum Na ced evam devo na khalu kusalah spanditum api; Atas tvam aradhyam Hari-Hara-Virincadibhir api Pranantum stotum va katham akrta-punyah prabhavati Meaning “ United with Sakthi, Siva is endowed with the power to create the universe. Otherwise, He is incapable even of movement. Therefore, who except those endowed with great merits acquired in the past can be fortunate enough to salute or praise Thee, Mother Divine, who art the adored of even Hari, Hara and Virinci ?”
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Guru Shakthi

Siddha Pastlife Therapy & Psychic Self Defence
Once again our Revered Guru His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand has put a great effort to put together a workshop to teach us the secrets to a happy, prosperous and healthy life. In the workshop ‘The Siddha Past Life Therapy & Psychic Self Defense’ we will have the opportunity to learn about how to take others into their past lives to heal the root cause of a suffering that is there in the present life. Also in this workshop Babaji will make us aware about Psychic attacks and the art of self-defense against such attacks. We are aware of conscious psychic attacks and do ward them off with prayer and healing. But a very silent and dangerous kind of psychic attack is unconscious psychic attacks. Each one of us is capable of making unconscious psychic attacks and at the same time we are all susceptible to these attacks. The most alarming part is that the worst affected victims of one’s unconscious psychic attacks are his/her dearest people like one’s children, parents, etc. At a conscious level we struggle against all odds to protect our families and dear ones from any harm. But if you yourself are unknowingly becoming a cause of obstacles in their path, would you want to continue doing so? Or learn the techniques to reverse the functioning of this dangerous mechanism that is operating within the mind and steer away to a bright and positive life for everybody? What is Psychic Self Defense? Psychic Self Defense is creating a safe space around us, screening out the negative and evil influences and preventing energy loss from lower dimensional beings. We are surrounded by a host of unseen vibrations both positive and negative in nature. It safeguards our inner and outer space. It keeps out unwanted intrusions and prevents energy leakage. It is a defensive screen around us, a cocoon within which we are safe. An unseen force that operates in the psychic realm, could be the cause for all the suffering we undergo sometimes in life. As a part of education in India, people were trained to protect from the psychic world. To revive that ancient knowledge this program has been designed by His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand. Apart from the vast ocean of divine knowledge you will also learn; • What are the sources of Negative Psychic Energies? • What are the symptoms of psychic attack? • Can simple thought forms like jealously from others create a psychic attack? • Can our own thoughts create an attack on ourselves? • Do we attract negative psychic energies with our own words or actions? • Do we absorb negative psychic energy from objects which are used to remove such energies from others and thrown on the road? • Spirits and entities – how can we get rid of them? Particularly when we heal others? • Do emotional bondages take away the energy and make a person vulnerable to psychic attack? • Energy parasites – people who suck away our energy? How to deal with them? • Black Magic, Witch Craft? How can we heal – ourselves? Others? • How can we defend ourselves continuously? Can we program any object and keep it with ourselves? • In daily practice what all should we do to keep our aura strong? • Should we take any additional precautions during counseling / healing sessions To attend this programme, you are requested to register with Inner Strength Foundation. For Further details, Please check the last page for contact details.

This article contains the brief introduction on Siddha Past Life Therapy & Psychic Self Defence

All lead to Him The spirit of every religion is the same. All paths are beautiful and divine. All lead to Him, the One who has no form, gender, shape or name. Never born, never died and is infinite. Religion helps in the evolution of a soul only when its spirit is realized. In order to understand Him, it is very important for every human form to understand the living form of the religion—the Creator.
Avdhoot Baba Shivanand
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Volume 1, Issue 1

Babaji Tour Programmes
October 2006
Programme Name
Shree Vidya Guru Dheeksha Shree Vidya Guru Dheeksha Mass Healing & Satsang Siddha Healing & Dhyan— I Mass Healing & Satsang Shree Vidya Guru Dheeksha

Programme Location
Ulhas Nagar Delhi Delhi Delhi Lucknow Lucknow

Programme Date(s)
03-10-2006 to 04-10-2006 07-10-2006 to 08-10-2006 09-10-2006 to 13-10-2006 14-10-2006 to 15-10-2006 26-10-2006 to 30-10-2006 28-10-2006 to 29-10-2006

Programme Timing
9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM 6.00 PM TO 8.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM 6.00 PM TO 8.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM

November 2006
Programme Name
Shree Vidya Guru Deeksha

Programme Location

Programme Date(s)
03-11-2006 to 05-11-2006 11-11-2006 to 12-11-2006

Programme Timing
9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM

Psychic Attack & Self Defence Lucknow

December 2006
Programme Name
Siddha Clairvoyance Shivyog Samadhi Shivir

Programme Location
Chennai Rishikesh

Programme Date(s)
08-12-2006 to 10-12-2006 30-12-2006 to 04-01-2007

Programme Timing
9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM Residential

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Inner Strength Foundation
Head Quarters Inner Strength Foundation, D-170, Sector-8, Dwarka, New Delhi—100045 Phone Numbers : 011— 32909026 / 98110-16531 Official Website :

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