Women Tell You How to Meet Women

Edited by Jon Jensen, R.A.


You always wanted to be a spy, right? Finding out the top-secret information, the stuff that’s really, really valuable, the stuff that will make all the difference. Then bring back that top secret information and use it to win the war. That’s what this book is. It’s the top secret information that’s been kept from guys far too long. It’s the information every guy needs to pick up the woman of their dreams. Sure, there are other books on meeting women, but they are always written by some guy who claims he has met and bedded


thousands of women. He claims that his tricks will work for you. But how can they? You’re different from every other guy. Maybe that guy is taller than you are. Maybe he’s thinner, or drives a better car. Maybe he’s attracted to different kinds of women than you are. How are his techniques ever going to help you? So I took a different approach. Hey, I’ve picked up my share of women over the years, and it’s been great. I have a few tips up my sleeve that have worked magic for me, but I don’t think they’ll work for everyone. Instead I set out to have WOMEN talk about THEIR experiences being picked up. We know these techniques worked because they WORKED ON THESE WOMEN. In this book women tell you how to pick them up. They tell you where to pick them up, when to pick them up, and how you should never try to pick them up. By the way, I underlined things that I think every guy should know. Good luck out there!

Jon Jensen, R.A.



athletic. light blond and blue eyes.The Women The Women Kelly: Mid 20s. mid 30s but looks like she’s straight out of college. This love-em-and-leave-em gal has traveled the world and loves the online dating scene. former serial dater. Brenda: Early 30s. Has a great job but plays it cool – never lets the guys she picks up know that she made more money this year than they’ll make in the next ten. dates tons but never seems to make it to the second date. now a soccer mom with memories to spare and a body sculpted from daily aerobics. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 4 . Lori: Blond.

exotic brunette with a body that won’t quit. dark hair. Rene: Early 20s. likes guys who take action and keep their mouths shut.The Women Marie: Late 20s. tough-minded career woman who doesn’t like games. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 5 . A straight shooter who wants what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Tall.

What’s the best way for a guy to meet you? Kelly: All he needs to do is ask me to dance. Marie: Most guys need a lot of help. JJ: I agree. So let’s start with you. Hell. Kelly. I’ll dance with just about anybody. just to dance. I don’t like them to talk. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 6 . thank you for your cooperation. I feel as if this project will help open a lot of guys’ eyes to mistakes they are making when trying to meet gorgeous women like you. you know. I kind of use them like a stripper uses a pole.Getting Her Number Getting Her Number JJ: Ladies.

right? Kelly: Sure. JJ: Why not? Lori: Guys can be stalkers. really quiet and unassuming. I almost NEVER give a guy my number. JJ: But some guys DO get to talk to you after you dance. if he’s the right kind of guy and says the right things. That’s how to meet me. I didn’t say that’s how he picks me up. but then they become stalkers. Most guys seem okay when you meet them. The last thing you want is a guy stalking you. JJ: So how does a guy get your number? Lori: [interrupting] Oh man.Getting Her Number JJ: So that’s how a guy picks you up? Kelly: Oh. Most of the time guys have nothing to say after I dance with them. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 7 . They’re like fish – I just throw them back.

Guys should realize that if they call and leave a message that we got the message and that if we really want to call them back we will. No one wants to go out with a stalker. just one message. Leave one message. If you call and don’t leave a message then call back again and don’t leave a message a woman is just going to figure that you’re a stalker and that’s it. I hate that. They think because you give them your number they can just call and call. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 8 .Calling Etiquette – Guys Don’t Get It Calling Etiquette– Guys Don’t Get It Kelly: Guys just don’t get it. Rene: In this age of caller ID people should assume that every one knows that they are calling and how many times they called. and that’s it. Don’t keep calling.

Marie: Guys have to understand that there is something essentially scary about men. Being too persistent makes a guy seem like a stalker. really. I want him to call. And that they should steer clear of being scary. JJ: As a guy. Kelly: And another thing I want to bring up: when I DO give my number to a guy. If a woman likes him she’ll be glad to hear from him. Did he think that I’d find that attractive? Guys have got to get a grip on reality. Kelly: That’s bulls**t. What is with this “I won’t call her for three days” crap. If I give a guy my number he should just call. it’s because we don’t want to seem too eager.Calling Etiquette – Guys Don’t Get It Brenda: I gave this one guy my number and he called me five times a day for a week. I had to get the cops to tell him to stop bothering me. Kelly: Guys think being persistent is complimentary. this one guy followed me around an airport like he was my dog. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 9 . Like. He probably seemed pretty eager when he was asking for it. If I had wanted to talk to him I would have called him back right away. It’s not so complimentary. Waiting a few days just pisses us off.

Rene: That’s true. Absolutely. Marie: Not necessarily aloof – confident. Man Lori: But it’s true. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 10 . The last thing you want is a guy who is up your butt.Confidence. sometimes women don’t want a guy who is too eager. Kelly: But down to earth. Man Confidence. Brenda: Confident. Women are sometimes attracted to guys who are aloof.

Confidence. will you give him your number? Rene: I’ll lie and give him a fake number. Even if he isn’t a good dancer he needs to show his confidence dancing. Kelly: Confidence can go a long way no matter what you look like. JJ: So. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 11 . and reasonably good looking. You don’t have to be a good dancer to show confidence. if a guy is confident. Man Marie: He needs to show his confidence dancing.

Kelly will lie about it. Rene: I’ll take his number if I really want to call him. Rene: Kelly will lie about her age. school. JJ: Did he believe you? Kelly: Hell yeah. JJ: Why? WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 12 . her name. We said we were roommates. Kelly: Rene and I lied to some guy the other night. address – you name it. We said we were both students at Harvard home for a break.Why Women Lie Why Women Lie JJ: Lying and giving a fake number is awful.

Guys don’t really care. An English or Australian accent is really nice. Rene: I love accents on guys.Why Women Lie Kelly: I don’t want to give guys my real information because I don’t want them to be stalkers. A guy gets extra points for an accent. too. not New York accents or Southern accents. Why not pretend to have an accent. Rene: Sometimes we pretend to have accents. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 13 . You can always tell him the truth later. JJ: That’s just cruel. Kelly: Hey. Foreign accents that is. you know? It’s easier than telling a guy to get lost. guys can do it.

but could you be more specific? Tell me some of the lines that have been used on you that worked. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 14 . JJ: Great advice. I ended up marrying the guy. how should a guy approach women like you? Kelly: Take a risk and don’t be cheesy. JJ: A great story for the grandkids.How to Approach Women: Lines That Work How to Approach Women: Lines That Work JJ: So. Brenda: How about “Should I call you in the morning or just nudge you?” JJ: That worked? Brenda: Hell.

Lori: One time in a bar this guy walked up to me and said “do you really need to wear those glasses. Compliments like that work great. I lost my Teddy Bear. really. I hate my glasses and was only wearing them because my contacts were out of commission. can I sleep with you instead?” I mean. What really matters is what works for that moment. But if a guy asks how you like the concert or if you like this kind of music or something that makes sense. And simple. Marie: But you have to be sincere. or do you just like looking sexy?” That was great. that’s awful. we’ve heard them all. a guy can’t come up to you in the middle of a White Stripes concert and say “Hey. that’s okay. Brenda: Definitely. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 15 . Rene: Yeah.How to Approach Women: Lines That Work Marie: My current boyfriend used “how’s your heart?” JJ: Is he a cardiologist? Lori: It’s not the line. I bet between us all we’ve heard every line that ever existed. I mean. compliments make you feel more attractive.

where do you get your clothes?” (consensus: awful) • “You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.” (consensus: fantastic) • “You have great hair – who is your stylist?” (consensus: bad. unless you’re gay) • “Have you seen any good concerts lately?” (consensus: not so bad. but not good) • “What kind of man turns you on?” (consensus: terrible) • “Are you from around here?” (consensus: okay) WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 16 .How to Approach Women: Lines That Work JJ: Okay. please tell me what you think of these lines: • “Tell me.

where are the good places to pick up women? Where would you be most likely to be picked up? A bar? Kelly: I guess. How about an airport or an airplane? Kelly: If it seems natural. Lori: Every woman expects to be hit on in a bar. Rene: You know.Good Pick Up Spots: Not What You’d Expect Good Pick Up Spots: Not What You’d Expect JJ: Okay. tell me. JJ: Okay. Like instead of taking a plane you take a train. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 17 . It’s probably an okay place to meet women. but a bar is pretty played. I heard the train is a really great place to meet guys. Don’t be a stalker about it. but not the best. But if you happen to sit next to someone that catches your eye. Guys can approach you on the train because it’s more relaxed and there are no assigned seats. Their defenses are up. you can talk to them.

if you want to be really basic about it. Lori: Dale Carnegie classes – or any class – works well. that can be good. but unless a woman has a perfect body she might be a little nervous at the beach. Like “I’ve got to cook a meal for my boss and I don’t know the difference between regular and Italian parsley. Or the beach.Good Pick Up Spots: Not What You’d Expect Brenda: Food shopping is a great place. Rene: Yeah. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 18 . a guy can come up with a lot of good things to ask you about while you’re food shopping. Kelly: Even if she has a great body she’s going to be nervous. “how can you tell regular potatoes from sweet potatoes?” But then she might think you’re kind of dumb.” Or.

Then he can ask you to recommend a book. he can’t be cheesy. JJ: What about the gym? Kelly: Here’s a great rule of thumb – if she’s wearing makeup at the gym. He has to make sure that his line makes sense in Starbucks. or if you’re in a specific section of the store. A guy can just ask you where something is. he can’t ask me to dance or anything. But once again. I mean. like mystery or science fiction. stay away.Good Pick Up Spots: Not What You’d Expect Marie: A bookstore is good. Rene: Starbucks works for me. you can absolutely ask her out. he can ask you if you like the kind of book that is in the section. If she isn’t wearing makeup. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 19 .

Marie: And Rene is the queen of the sexually charged look. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 20 .Eye Contact: Better Than Words? Eye Contact: Better Than Words? Rene: The sexually charged look always gets my attention. JJ: Okay. Kelly: I know. It’s better than a pick up line for a lot of women. tell me more.

Rene: If the look goes on for a solid five minutes then it’s okay to approach the woman. for God’s sake. If she’s looking back at you then you’re in the clear. Also.Eye Contact: Better Than Words? Rene: Well. it’s eye to EYE contact. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 21 . Kelly: And no winking. you’ve got to break away from the look for a count of 30 at least once and then look back. And gentlemen. If she isn’t then it’s over. not eye to BREAST. And not saying anything. it’s all about eye-to-eye contact. The key is to hold off saying anything as long as you can.

kind of like a meat market.Online Dating Online Dating Kelly: I meet a lot of guys online these days. and it helps me screen out guys really fast. don’t seem all crazy and don’t seem boring. JJ: But how would a guy know what you have in common if you’ve never met? WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 22 . Lori: Really? Kelly: At first I thought it was really kind of weird. But it’s really easy. JJ: How can a guy stop himself from being screened out by you? Kelly: Just seem normal. I guess it would probably work best if we had something in common. I mean. you know.

To me 90% of the guys online say the same stupid things. JJ: In other words.” There are just so many guys to choose from that if there is any reason to screen a guy out I will. don’t give you a reason to screen them out. you can say some of the same stuff. I mean. not you. Smart will work. JJ: He should just write something funny? Kelly: Funny will work. Also you’ve got to stand out somehow. it’s too easy to say “no. The guy just has to make sure he doesn’t give me a reason. but not TOO smart. but don’t repeat everything. He just has to stand out.Online Dating Kelly: I guess it’s just best to list a lot of hobbies and interests and figure that something will make an impression. Kelly: Yeah. JJ: So you email guys who you see online? WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 23 .

and I’m telling you I have never. JJ: But you DO go out on dates with these guys. so there are a lot of guys in the area. I get so many of these that every night that I’m not on a date I’m sorting through the emails I get. it’s literally in the thousands now. Plus. ever paid to send an email.Online Dating Kelly: I really don’t have to. It’s like it’s a full time job. Too tall. why would I want to put myself out there to have to email someone? I’m on one of these pay-by-the-message sites. generic profile. I mean. JJ: What about the guys who don’t email you? Kelly: First off I don’t think there is a single guy who participates in online dating within 100 miles of me who has not emailed me. there is no way that I have time to go looking for a guy on one of these date sites. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 24 . Thousands of guys have emailed me. I live near New York City. I can hardly keep up with them. So I immediately try to start weeding them out. There are far too many people emailing me. And if there is. too short. anything.

It’s not a turn on to be stalked. JJ: So a guy should ask you out via email? WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 25 . Just be natural and not stuck-up. a funny or clever subject line helps. I really don’t care about all that. And don’t be a stalker – I can’t tell guys about that enough – DO NOT BE A STALKER. Why would anyone submit themselves to the humiliation of these online dating services unless they were interested in going on a date? It’s not like you’re at a restaurant or a bar and maybe you’re just out for a night with the girls. Maybe it’s a turn on for guys to have a woman stalk them. So if you’re reading this and you’re stalking someone right now. just cut it out. how can he get your attention? Kelly: When a guy sends an email. Don’t brag about yourself or talk about how much money you make. but it’s not for women. I do. If you’re online then you are definitely looking for a guy. JJ: So a guy emails you.Online Dating Kelly: Yeah. And make sure you don’t talk about how sexy you are – that’s a real turn off.

for God’s sake. JJ: Should a guy ask you out for a romantic dinner? WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 26 . And I’ve got to see a picture of him. Don’t rush things. Just be honest. You don’t want to be on a date with me when I’m pissed off. Something that’s been taken in the last five years. If you’ve recently gained thirty pounds I want to know about it before we go out. so guys. If I trust you I’ll trade phone numbers with you. get a decent picture of yourself. Then after we talk on the phone you can ask me out.Online Dating Kelly: No. Your winning personality is not going to smooth over the fact that you’ve been hitting the buffet a little too hard. But I’m not going to meet a guy unless I talk to him on the phone first. because I don’t want any surprises when I go out on a date. Even if you’re turned down via email it’s better than wasting my time on a date and pissing me off. Just get to know me via email.

I’m not owing you anything. A romantic dinner for the first date is the last place I want to go with a guy I don’t know. the ones that only talk about themselves. I’ve got to endure hours of him droning on and on about some boring thing or another. buddy. the last thing I want is to feel as if I owe you something at the end of a date just because you took me to a fancy restaurant. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 27 . The worst guys are the boring guys.Online Dating Kelly: Of course not. And also. If I’m at a fancy restaurant I can’t just leave if I don’t like the guy.

JJ: If you split the check. Rene: Whatever feels right at the time. Lori: That’s right. Maybe he pays. Kelly: No way – HE pays. who pays? Lori: Whoever asks the other person out pays. maybe we split it. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 28 . no matter what.Who Pays for the Date? Who Pays for the Date? JJ: That brings up a good point: if you go to a fancy restaurant. or just out to a drink. I assume that the guy has absolutely no chance of scoring with you.

Whether he scores is based on if I like him and if he’s hot.Who Pays for the Date? Rene: Not necessarily. That seems the most fair. not whether he pays or not. Whoever can most afford to pay should pay. Marie: I think it should be based on economic necessity. however. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 29 . Rene: Kind of takes the romance out of it.

2. but don’t talk about yourself unless you have to. 30 WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN . Here’s a good first date question to ask: what’s your favorite childhood memory? 4. It makes you seem like an ass. It should never be longer than a drink because you don’t want to get stuck with anyone. Never mention the price of ANYTHING – expensive or cheap.First Date Etiquette First Date Etiquette Kelly: Here’s some tips for any first date: 1. listen and respond. But don’t JUST listen. 3. Ask questions and listen.

Do You Have to be a Supermodel? Do You Have to be a Supermodel? JJ: Something Kelly said when we were taking about online dating really stuck with me: you said a guy has to be handsome for you to go out with him. How important are looks when a guy is trying to pick up a woman? Kelly: First off I said “hot. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 31 . like bad breath and dirty teeth. JJ: This is the first time I’ve heard about this. bad breath is going to turn me off. Marie: I mean there are some obvious turn offs. JJ: Really? Rene: You don’t have to be handsome to be hot.” not “handsome.” There is a big difference. I don’t care if you’re Brad Pitt.

It’s all about how he acts. Most of the guys I’ve dated have not been your traditionally handsome kind of guys. for God’s sake. do you believe in this sexy-ugly theory? Brenda: It’s not a theory. Well. Like your eyes or your lips. Lori: It’s all about the way a guy looks when he approaches you. my husband is bald. maybe he’s not as ugly as he is unusual looking. And have some confidence in yourself. JJ: Okay. Hell. Rene: If you’re not a great looking guy. it doesn’t mean that you have no chance. but he’s also incredibly sexy. Just try to find something that is good looking about yourself and bring it out. I’m not sure I can believe this. if he feels he has confidence. JJ: Explain this to me. dammit.Do You Have to be a Supermodel? Rene: There’s this thing called sexy-ugly. not just how good looking he is. The rest of you. Then wear clothes that really bring that out. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 32 . it’s the truth. You can be ugly and sexy at the same time. I think he’s an ugly. ugly man. But he’s very sexy. Like Willem DaFoe.

beat up shoes. And no sandals -. Lori: Yeah. casual dress shoes. JJ: What kind of shoes? Kelly: Good shoes. I cannot stress that enough – no dirty shoes.Shoes – It’s All About the Shoes Shoes – It’s All About the Shoes Kelly: Shoes are really. but they cannot be dirty. really important. no boat shoes. You know what I mean. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 33 . Kelly: And no dirty shoes. no old. Attractive. They don’t have to be real shiny or anything.please.

that’s no good. guys. Lori: Yeah. Enough said. stop biting your nails. But don’t get a manicure either. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 34 . Brenda: And nice hands are very important.Shoes – It’s All About the Shoes Rene: Black shoes mean black socks.

Rene: Yeah. I guess it’s okay as long as it’s light. Rene: You see. But just not too much of it. WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 35 . you don’t want to smell the guy’s cologne unless you’re pressed up to him. I disagree. I like cologne.Cologne or No Cologne Cologne or No Cologne? JJ: Do you like cologne on guys? Lori: Depends on the guy. Marie: There’s nothing good about cologne.

WOMEN TELL YOU HOW TO MEET WOMEN 36 .Final Thoughts Final Thoughts Marie: Be confident. Lori: Don’t be cheesy or a stalker. we’re just here waiting. Rene: Meanwhile. Brenda: You don’t have to be beautiful. Kelly: Wear decent shoes.

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