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How to Write an Article Review

Different instructors use different terms for this kind of assignment, including article review, article summary, and article critique. Moreover, each instructor will probably have his or her own guidelines for writing an article review; however, some of the more common elements of an article review are described below: Generally, an article review is headed by a citation of the source being reviewed. For instance, the top of the paper may look like this:

Name of Student Date, Name of Class, etc. Review of Joe Smiths Missouri Butterflies Smith, J. (2001). Missouri Butterflies. Scientific Missourian, 36(2), 25-28. Text of paper starts here and generally uses present tense to describe the article (e.g., This article contains the long-awaited results of Smiths field study of butterflies in Missouri.). The first paragraph or so usually contain a summary of the highlights of the article. Subsequent paragraphs may explain the significance of the article: Does it fill a void in the existing literature? Does it contain breakthrough information? Will it cause others in the field to revise their ideas about the subject? Conversely, is it just a rehash of previously known information? Concluding paragraphs may contain your own evaluation of the article: Is it well written? Clear? Complete or missing important information? Is more research on the topic needed? Remember, your instructor may want you to include other information, such as how this article will help you in your studies or future career, or how this article relates to the content of the course.

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