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Cargo Smart Exception Management

Cargo Smart Exception Management

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Published by: TINALEETNT723 on Oct 28, 2011
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CargoSmart Exception Management Helps You Spot Exceptions to Keep Cargo Moving

Disruption in the supply chain can be costly to remedy. It is therefore critical for a company’s supply chain operations group to gain visibility to shipment cycle milestones and be able to spot exceptions in order to avoid costly delays. CargoSmart’s Exception Management solution delivers high-powered tools to solve these issues for shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers.
Proactive problem recognition speeds resolution Exception Management helps manage the mass of customers’ multiple-carrier shipments while improving customers’ ability to spot exceptions earlier in the shipment cycle, giving responsible parties time to resolve the issue or implement contingency plans to keep the cargo moving. CargoSmart’s solution includes: • Rules to set expectations for when critical shipping events should occur • The re-planning of downstream shipment events once a delay is detected • E-mail notifications to shipment stakeholders Powerful rules drive exception management In CargoSmart, a shipping party establishes a comprehensive set of rules to create a plan for each shipment. The template: • Assigns the milestones or shipping events to be monitored • Defines the criteria identifying the shipments to which each milestone will apply • Establishes the rules for when milestone completion is expected • Determines what kind of exception to report if a milestone does not complete as expected, such as overdue or completed late • Specifies when and how often to send e-mail alerts • Supports collaboration by identifying both internal users and external supply chain associates as alert recipients • Enables assignments of task-based milestones to third party associates Customers establish rules and criteria in CargoSmart for how shipment events are planned and what constitutes an exception. CargoSmart generates shipment plans that plot the expected milestones for a shipment based on these parameters, helping customers identify shipment problems and quickly adjust their logistics arrangements to avoid or minimize costly delays. While shipment plans generally conform to template If a delay occurs in the shipment cycle, Exception Management alerts designated recipients about the rules, they may also be customized to meet the needs of “hot shipments” requiring special attention. CargoSmart builds a plan for each shipment that matches the criteria set by the template. By following the rules established in the shipment plan template, CargoSmart provides around-the-clock vigilance to spot and report any exceptions in the shipment cycle. exception and automatically updates the expected times of the downstream milestones in the shipment plan.

Manage the plan, manage the exceptions, deliver on time: • Longer lead times for
problem resolution made possible with early warnings

• More precise problem
identification through the monitoring of 40+ standard milestones

• When delays occur
consistently, make changes to avoid future disruption

• “Hot shipment” handling
accommodated by flexible shipment plans

• Efficiencies gained by
monitoring shipment events alongside business processes set up as user-defined milestones

• Faster shipment look-ups
by using meaningful business reference numbers as search criteria

Finding a shipment plan is easy with CargoSmart’s robust search functions. Queries can be performed using shipping identifiers such as B/L and booking numbers. For more customized searches, queries can be run using reference numbers meaningful to the shipping party’s own business processes, such as by purchase order numbers. Proactive alerts signal emerging problems When CargoSmart detects that a milestone status has not been reported, it generates exception alerts online and by e-mail. Action can be taken immediately to determine what is causing the condition and either resolve it or take pre-emptive action to keep the cargo moving. Early action helps avoid costly alternatives such as air freight, or having to pay penalty fees for late shipments. Further, if shipments are consistently delayed at a certain milestone, the shipping party has the opportunity to modify its business practices to avoid the delay in the future. For example, if the Customs Export Declaration is consistently filed late, documentation handling practices may need to be modified to support on-time filing. Downstream milestones re-planned after a delay When a shipment plan is developed, CargoSmart analyzes the rules to understand the expectations for milestone completion. If a delay occurs, CargoSmart uses this intelligence to re-plan the new schedule for downstream milestones and dynamically adjusts the shipment plan accordingly. There is no need to make manual adjustments. Milestones - the key to monitoring exceptions Standard milestones: Shipping events for which carriers report status. CargoSmart supports over 40 standard milestones including rail. These milestones form the basis of CargoSmart’s robust monitoring capabilities.

User-defined milestones: Users can create a customized task-related milestone that is triggered by a standard milestone event and is inserted into the shipment plan. This type of milestone represents specific activity that: • Supports the shipment • Aligns with the internal business processes of the shipping party • Third party shipping associates are responsible for updating For example, the preparation, handling and filing of special documents related to a shipment are internal tasks performed by the user. By representing this activity with a user-defined milestone, the milestone is inserted in the shipment plan and monitored by CargoSmart. Company Headquarters
5/F, Lakeside 2 No. 10 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park Shatin, New Territories Hong Kong Direct: +852-2233-8000

USA Office
2700 Zanker Road, Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95134 USA Toll Free: +1-877-541-6625 Direct: +1-408-325-7600

China Office
Unit 4, 5/F, Block B-6 Southern Software Park No. 1 Software Road Tangjia, Zhuhai Guangdong 519080 China Direct: +86-756-363-3000

About CargoSmart: CargoSmart Limited is a global logistics Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider, with advanced visibility and exception management, enabling shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers to keep cargo moving and delivered on time. Through online tools and integration services, CargoSmart enables customers to plan, process, and monitor the critical path of multiple-carrier shipments and communicate in-depth, timely information to key supply chain associates. CargoSmart launched its services in October 2000, and has helped over 17,000 customers lower transportation management costs, streamline operations, and reduce the risk of late shipments.

For other regions, contact: info@cargosmart.com For more information, visit: www.cargosmart.com


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