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Published by: Tooba Mubarak on Oct 28, 2011
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Computer Applications II Assignment 1

Due : 28 Sept 2011 Exercise 1: Given the following relation and example data
ID 1 2 3 4 Name Ali Mazhar Rabia Saima City Karachi Hyderabad Islamabad Karachi Population 30 10 12 30 Course 1 Logic Physics Chemistry English Marks 1 77 55 44 67 Logic 66 IT II 82 Course 2 Database Urdu Marks 2 77 88 CA II 98 Course 3 Marks 3

a) Normalize to 1 NF b) Normalize to 2 NF c) Normalize to 3 NF Exercise 2: Given the following relation and example data:
PartNumber 10010 10010 10220 10220 10220 10440 Description 20 GB Disk 20 GB Disk 256 MB RAM card 256 MB RAM card 256 MB RAM card 17" LCD Monitor Seagate IBM Kensington IBM Sun Microsystems IBM Supplier SupplierAddress Cuppertino, CA Armonk, NY San Mateo, CA Armonk, NY Palo Alto, CA Armonk, NY Price $100 $90 $220 $290 $310 $2,100

Normalize this relation into 3NF.

Exercise 3: You want to record the following data in a database: restaurant name and location, employee names and IDs, capacity of restaurant (smoking and non-smoking), hours of operation (assume same hours

person ID. Attributes of SPORTS are: sport name — type of sport — timed or untimed. Players may play multiple sports. employee salaries and titles. Map the ER diagram to a relational database and include some sample data. what are the English language statements you can make about the figure? Exercise 5: Construct an ER diagram for sports and players. Attributes of PLAYERS are: name. Exercise 4: Refer to Figure below. Map this ER diagram to a relational database. . date of birth.every day). Draw the ER diagrams. An employee can work for only one restaurant.

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