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Harker Report 8

Harker Report 8

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Published by: Ron Usher on Oct 28, 2011
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Harker Report #8 The Monte Vista Tournament This was an interesting tournament.

It brought out some of best skills…and some of our worst. It showed we’ve made progress…and that it’s easy to slip back. First Game (Half Moon Bay): B-. We should have won this…even with the B players we were better. I watched them play their next game…and we are capable of beating them by 4 to 6 goals. I think a lot had to do with a mental let down. Perhaps it was not having Jeton at goal…perhaps it was not warming up with enough intensity. Either way, we didn’t look focused. I did like the way we were able to score two quick goals at the end to tie it up. Second Game (Carmel B): C-. We went from fair to poor. We sat, didn’t swim, didn’t pass, didn’t look and didn’t score. It was interesting how once we got missed a few goals and got behind we really fell apart. I didn’t like that. We need to be able to refocus as athletes…and as a team. Third Game (Bellermine): B+. This was much better. Watching us warm-up I thought you looked a little intimidated. But you also goofed around, played as a team and had fun. You brought that loose attitude into the game. The starters were on fire the first quarter; lots of swimming and aggressive play. You didn’t back down one bit. We still had too many defensive mistakes (not picking up men) and offensive mistakes (poor passes and pushing off). The A and B teams played well together. The faster guys helped out the slower ones. On our 6 on 5 situations we actually looked like we knew what to do. That was much better in all the games. Still we had WAY too many offensive fouls…always for holding the player when passing. And we are setting up too far back…we need to get down to the two or three yard line. Bottom line we were content to sit, rest and chat. We didn’t take it to them on offense. Did you notice that they took it to you? They swam all the time…and moved. I’m not sure if our problem is one of swimming skill, speed, or conditioning. Actually, I think it’s more mental than physical. We have to have a WILL to win. Even if we aren’t going to. Outstanding Players: Alex was awesome playing 2 meter D. It was rough and physical and he was having a great time. Albert did a great job of dropping down to help Alex out. Brian was excellent stepping in for Jeton in the goal in the first two games. Sidd did a nice job covering their 2 meter man in the last quarter. Final thoughts: Let’s have a great week of practice and games. We have a night game this week which will be cool. Come focused and ready to work on individual and game skills. It’s time to perfect everything we’ve learned and do them under pressure.

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