Homework Chapter 9 Questions 4, 7, 8, and 11 4.

To get an the best insightful and realistic pilot experiment for a test consumer reactions

for a new TV series it is important to deal with some independent variables that might disturb the test. The researcher should make sure that uncontrolled event occur during the experiment. The researcher should make sure that no external intervention that could alternate the result of the experiment will occur during the time of the experiment. In addition, a researcher has to make sure than individuals under the experiment do not evaluate or change status which could affect the experiment. Indeed, researchers should make sure that all variables other than the ones manipulated are constant and do not interfere with the experiment in order to get the best pilot experiment results for a test consumer reactions for a new TV series. 7. Although quasi-experiments are theoretically not as precise as true experiments, their use

is very common in marketing research for many reasons. If samples are not quite random, in quasi-experiment the researchers can observe or interact with the individuals in the real time field where they can point out and record natural and unbiased behaviors and attitudes of the sample tested. Quasi-experiments are also popular because of the difficulty to operate a true experiment because many independent variables can not be under of control. 8. While operating an experiment any researcher should make sure that two major variable

are under control. First, researcher should make sure that the individuals selected within the sample will not mature or change within the period of the experiment. For example, if testing a product over a period of time to a target population under eighteen, the researcher should make sure that no individual tested turns eighteen while the experiment is running. History from the

other side has to do with out of control or external events that alternate the experiment results. . the researcher should try to lower as much as possible the effect of external events that may affect the results of the experiment during the time of the research. In other words.

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