Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal mines

ABSTRACT AIM: The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system to monitor harmful emissions in the mines like corbon di-oxide , LPG etc. IMPLEMENTATION: This project is implemented on an ARM based LPC2148 developed board interfaced with LPG , Temperature sensor , read sensor, Buzzer and LCD for display purpose. Zigbee for wireless data transmission and WiFi for network creation. BLOCK DIAGRAM:


temp Se


A LPC2148

zigbee Read sensor



Our project is particularly designed for the coal mine emission monitor.RPS Rabbit Processor RCM5600 zigbee buzzer Wifi module Pc at remote area with Wifi connection POWER SUPPLY: Step Down Transformer Bridge Rectifier Filter Circuit Regulator section DESCRIPTION: Coal mine emission parameters like temp. Our project hardware is arranged at the helmet of the coal mine workers. Whenever TEMP or methane is . LPG etc are monitored by using this project and various other parameters need to be continuously monitored for various reasons ranging from industrial automation to safety management in industries.

detected by the sensor connected to the microcontroller will give buzzer for alert and transmits data to the authority.. The system uses a compact circuitry build around flash version of LPC2148 microcontroller with a non volatile memory. Programs are developed using Embedded C SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ Dynamic ‘C’ KEIL to write code Lpc 2000 flash utility to burn the ARM chip Dynamic ‘c’ to write code and burn the Rabbit processor HARDWARE: LPC2148 based our own developed board Rabbit development board (RCM5600) Power Supply TEMP Sensor Buzzer LCD LPG sensor Read switch Zigbee modules .

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