Research In Public Relations

By: Joy Moitra Akshay Shukla Sachin Juneja

What is What is Public Relations? Public Relations? .

Types of Public Relations Research  Applied Research Strategic Research Evaluation Research  Basic Research  Introspective Research .

Research in the Public Relations Process  Defining public relations process  Planning public relations process  Implementing public relations programs  Evaluating the program .

Defining Public Relations Problems  Environmental Monitoring Programs  Public Relations Audits  Communication Audits  Social Audits .

Planning Public Relations Programs  Interpretation of the information  Identification of specific problems  Finding the opportunities that can be addressed .

Implementing Public Relations Programs  Gatekeeping Research  Output Analysis .

Evaluating The Program  Implementation checking  In-progress monitoring  Outcome evaluation .

Qualitative Methods in Public Relations .

. • It employs content analysis to analyse these descriptions. • It derives interpretive themes based on the results of the content analysis. • It uses informants’ detailed narrative descriptions of their experiences with the phenomenon.Critical Incidents • It focuses on a particular event or phenomenon.

Discourse Analysis  The form and content of the language used  The ways people use language to communicate ideas and beliefs  Institutional and organisational factors that might shape the way the language is used .

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