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2) United States Patent Baker (54) TELEMETRY POWER SYSTEM (76) Inventor: David A. Baker, 4251 S. Natches Ct Unit C, Englewood, CO (US) 80110 (#) Notice: Sujet to any diseaimer, the tem of this pateat is extended or adjusted under 38 USC. 1544b) by 358 days (21) Appl. No 10968,423, (22) Filed: Oat. 14, 2004 Incl, Ho2s 110 (2006.01) US. cL 307/43; 3409870.07 Fleld of Classification Seareh 3073; 320/119, 101, 118, 166; 603870007, 429.16: 325/225 ‘Sce application file for complete search history. US007199488B1 US 7,199,488 B1 Apr. 3, 2007 (10) Patent No. (4s) Date of Patent: 6.10565 882000 Alderman GU66SIS A 122000 Baste ta 6194793 BL 22001 Fisher, 6362597 B2* 42002 Leppo ea 20/116 20020158581 AL 102002 Conta 20040033082 AL_ 32004 McCluskey eta aougunsisrs AL* 92004 Nagel 4099.19, * cited by examiner Primary Examiner—Daniel Swerdlow Assistant Examiner Sigmund Tang on ABSTRACT A longlife telemetry power storage and delivery system ‘includes a power bus electrically connected through a vot- ‘age regulator foa wireless communications unit operable for periodic high-current transmissions. The power bus is con- ected 10 a dirt power source and at least three power storage sources. The direct power souree includes at least ‘one solar panel. The power storage sources include: (1) a (56) References Cited primary, low-voltage, non-rech: Q) a sec- meee San ow votage oases tery and) ato igh apaciy eapacon. To provide lng ie the 4uma96 A 101978 Grrr a Ss caren ting som entry Between the fee A tate Ciro x power bus and the primary and secondary batteries, such that S064 6 ALI Kalo ooo 320066 gh caret equrment fata are pe ty $2212 A wo only the of epaton mar the bs Ssoan & "ig Taha Sears A + wot Tema oe 11 Cains, 4 Drawing Shots x moran suns \ se wee a ‘COMMUNICATIONS ven CURRENT UNITING RESSTOR, 2 ‘EXTERNAL rover | ron |] onan “e a sooo ATER U.S. Patent ‘Apr. 3, 2007 Sheet 1 of 4 US 7,199,488 B1 CELLULAR A ae Sst NETWORK ‘CONTROL CHANNEL DATASERVICE PROVIDER l~—_] TOPIP FIG. 1 ‘SERVER ‘COMPUTER 22] _ INTERNET US 7,199,488 BL Sheet 2 of 4 Apr. 3, 2007 U.S. Patent a aTngon ‘SNOLLWOINNNAYOD ssoaUM 2 Old fa r- a. ONNOWIONOD |_| ¥aMOd sn0oMUNOS! ‘Bie mwa’ Youssou veRTO wOLYINORY 30¥LT0A ¥e ‘STAN UYTOS TYNOOOHLYO ee