By Christopher Landon Revised By Carl Ellsworth

March 2006

OVER BLACK: KALE (V.O.) (tense) Do you think he sees us? JEFF (V.O.) No, he can't see us. But he feels us watching. FADE IN: DEEP BLUE WATER FILLS THE FRAME. And there... a few feet beneath the surface... something SHIMMERS in the sunlight. As ripples dissipate, we make out the shape of a bright yellow CRANKBAIT waiting patiently for its prey on the end of a 10-pound line. We hold on this for another silent beat... then -- a huge BLACK BASS suddenly swoops into frame, circling the bait! ON KALE BRECHT (17) AND HIS DAD, JEFF BRECHT (45) Both startle at the sight. Kale, a clean-cut all-American kid, reflexively yanks back on his rod and reel. KALE Whoa, did you see that thing? Kale anxiously winds the spool -JEFF Settle down, slow it down... Jeff lightly puts his hand on Kale's, slowing the cranking to a slight, steady pull as we WIDEN TO REVEAL them standing near the stern of their 16-foot BASSMASTER. We are... 1 EXT. BISHOP LAKE - DAY The undisturbed beauty of nature serves as our backdrop as we MOVE CLOSER to Kale and Jeff, taking note of their tshirts: Jeff's has a silkscreened cartoon rendition of a Bass wearing aviator goggles with mounted missiles on its fins. Beneath it, the slogan: "Weapons of Bass Destruction." The fish on Kale's shirt wears a stock car uniform, a single word across the bottom: BASSCAR. As Jeff steadies Kale's hand and pulls away: JEFF You don't want to scare him off. You've got his attention, now just play with him. Tease him a little. (CONTINUED) D.J. Caruso 1

2. 1 CONTINUED: Kale and Jeff watch the water in anxious silence... Kale inching the line back toward the boat. One more crank, then -The BLACK BASS suddenly ATTACKS THE LURE with a tremendous SLOSH OF HIS TAIL! KALE Holy shit! JEFF It's all you, Kale, keep cranking! Kale cranks fast and furious. going down fighting. But this is one fish that's 1

KALE I need reinforcements! Jeff moves in, grabs the rod and reel from behind Kale. JEFF Heave, laddie! They PULL. The rod curls under the weight. JEFF (CONT'D) (pirate accent) Give it all ya got, mate, or you're gonna lose him! KALE (laughing; pulling; struggling) Dad, your pirate -- impersonation -sucks!! JEFF How would ya know, have ya ever met one? I doubt it -The BASS SLOSHES FURIOUSLY around the bait, now just a few feet from the boat! KALE He's freakin' pulling us in! JEFF (laughing) Never! No Brecht has ever -- lost a fight -- to a fish! The BASS suddenly snaps free. The line goes limp. Jeff and Kale lose their balance, nearly falling backward. Then --


D.J. Caruso

DAY . shoots a glance to Jeff. it's us. JEFF (not missing a beat) Let's nab the bastard.MOVING Jeff drives.. Kale's on his cell: 3 2 Both KALE (cont'd) (into phone as needed) Hey mom. on cordless. They both cast their lines -2 EXT. KALE'S HOUSE . Jeff takes a seat in the captain's chair. Then -JEFF (CONT'D) Hey. at least the weather's great. passing a slow-moving PATHFINDER.EVENING .EVENING An amber glow sets the mountainside ablaze as Jeff's SUV winds through the serpentine pass. then throws the rod aside in mock disgust. we're spending quality time together. Caruso 4 . JULIE You're kidding. JULIE. SUV .. KALE (grabbing pole) That fish is going down. 3 INT. 40. Kale winds the empty line back to the boat.CONTINUOUS ..KITCHEN . INTERCUT WITH: 4 INT. Listen. fire up the grill 'cause the Bassmasters are headed home! Jeff slaps Kale five as he veers the SUV into the left lane. JEFF (CONT'D) Throw me a -Kale is already in the cooler.J. HIGHWAY 395 . preps dinner. He throws Jeff a Coke.CONTINUOUS Kale's attractive mom. So I can actually put the burgers away this time? KALE Yes.NORTHERN SIERRA MOUNTAINS .. be gone with the red meat! (CONTINUED) D. sit in silence for a beat. 1 CONTINUED: (2) 1 All becomes silent save for Jeff and Kale's heavy breathing.3.

(CONTINUED) D. Blood streams from Jeff's hairline. VACANT CLIFFSIDE PULLOFF/VIEWING AREA . It TUMBLES off the highway. Dust settles. revealing a STALLED MINI-VAN directly in front of them! KALE DAD -Jeff instinctively reaches his arm in front of Kale as he SWINGS the wheel hard right and SLAMS ON THE BRAKES. METAL-CRUNCHING FLIPS send the SUV's undercarriage CRASHING to a violent stop on top of a rickety wood beam-mounted GUARDRAIL.. 4 CONTINUED: Julie smiles. But it's not in time. swerves back in the left lane in front of them. too.. Love you. Kale smiles as a LINCOLN NAVIGATOR PICK-UP zooms past in the right lane. The SUV spins into the right lane where that SLOW-MOVING PATHFINDER suddenly BROADSIDES IT with such FORCE that it FLIPS the SUV up and over. They both turn to face the road as -THE NAVIGATOR PICK-UP suddenly SWERVES back into the right lane. 6 INSIDE THE SUV Airbags deflate. barreling into. Jeff flips the phone shut. The SUV clips the mini-van's right rear bumper.CONT A couple of final.. A silent beat. 5 EXT.4. Jeff grabs the phone from Kale. A silent moment passes.steam billows from the hood. tosses it to Kale. 6 5 . His eyes flutter open. Caruso Then -.EVENING . SMASHING it into the left lane concrete barricade.J. They exchange smiles. JEFF (CONT'D) (over the above) I'd say an hour. 4 JEFF (into phone as needed) We're having fish for a week..

we may have thought the SUV was stable. unconscious.grab the door.It won't give -JEFF That's okay. A small gash on his forehead. Kale? JEFF -. not only at the sight of Jeff. JEFF I'm fine. The SUV's right front and rear tires precariously grip the rail. But we CRANE BACK UP AND OUT KALE'S PASSENGER WINDOW to REVEAL A MUCH GRIMMER REALITY: the SUV is PERCHED LENGTHWISE ON TOP OF THE GUARDRAIL AT A 45-DEGREE DOWNWARD ANGLE. preventing Kale from turning. Kale. KALE I can't -.5.J.just as a GUARDRAIL BEAM SNAPS LOOSE FROM ITS FOUNDATION! (CONTINUED) D. strapped in the passenger seat. Kale looks down at his dad -. 6 CONTINUED: He looks up to Kale. Can you do that? Kale's hands shake from the SHOCK as his fingers search for the seatbelt buckle. but he hangs on to the window -. grips the outside of the door as JEFF'S HAND shakily reaches to Kale's seatbelt buckle and presses. but of the ravine beneath them -For this brief moment. But you're gonna have to climb out. touches Kale's face. Kale's belt SNAPS LOOSE. keeping it from plunging 500 feet to the RAVINE below. Kale's body DROPS. I don't need your ass falling on my face -Kale reaches up. dad --. Caruso 7 6 Kale opens his eyes. . 7 BACK INSIDE THE SUV KALE Oh my God.Jeff's leg is trapped beneath the crumpled dashboard. We only see blue sky through Kale's shattered passenger window. are you okay? Jeff reaches up. I've got it -. He tugs it furiously. KALE I think so.his eyes widen in horror. But the shoulder strap is LOCKED IN PLACE.Kale.

then turns around on his chest. grabs Kale's legs and pushes. THE GUARDRAIL SNAPS IN TWO! KALE SCREAMS. but he's losing the battle and the balancing act. hangs on for dear life as the GUARDRAIL and SUV SWING OUT AND OVER THE RAVINE.. reaches his hand back down to Jeff -KALE Dad. JEFF'S WRIST slips from Kale's grasp.Kale slides a few more inches down the door and right front fender allowing HIS FEET to find the edge of the foundering rail underneath. 8 INSIDE THE SUV . But he's still clutching Jeff's wrist as the SUV CRASHES INTO THE RAVINE IN A MUSHROOM CLOUD OF DUST AND DEBRIS.6. 7 CONTINUED: The SUV ROCKS VIOLENTLY as the guardrail starts to bend and peel away from the cliffside under the SUV's weight. (CONTINUED) D.KALE slowly slides down the outside of the door. Caruso Having 9 8 7 . Another beam RIPS FREE of its foundation -. feet dangling. Kale's feet SLIP off the rail.J. Kale struggles to hang on..JEFF reaches up. And he knows it. pulls him up and through the passenger window just as the SUV FALLS AWAY! Jeff's weight pulls Kale down. you can do it -Jeff unbuckles his belt and reaches up. Tears well in Kale's eyes. 9 OUTSIDE THE SUV . grabs Jeff's wrist. Kale summons his strength. helping Kale climb out the window. Kale SLAMS chest down. The guardrail is buckling fast. Kale reaches back inside -KALE (CONT'D) Dad. at least some footing. please. here -Jeff reaches up as a SECTION OF GUARDRAIL RIVETS a few inches behind the SUV's rear bumper suddenly POP LOOSE. his TORSO wrapping around the top of the rail.

after visiting Hawaii.HALLWAY .Jeff's left hand enters frame. Then -. 11 Kale opens his mouth 10 9 INT.DAY ON THE RINGING BELL. stands at the front giving his speech. I will perhaps visit my grandparents in Korea. The guardrail continues to BUCKLE. Note: every time Ronnie says "quizás" ("perhaps") the class giggles because it sounds a lot like "kiss-ass.Jeff starts to PRY KALE'S HAND AWAY -Jeff's arm RELEASES FROM KALE'S GRIP.J. I've got you -JEFF (with a slight smile) I know -CU . Another beat of eyes on eyes. STUDENTS disappear into their respective classrooms. 11 RONNIE (CONT'D) (subtitles as needed) This summer.7. clasps Kale's." The teacher... SENOR GUTIERREZ. SUPER: ONE YEAR LATER RONNIE (V. 16. to scream as a shrill bell RINGS! 10 INT. a scrawny Korean kid with a knack for perfect Spanish. As the corridor quiets down. MORROW HIGH SCHOOL . bad comb-over and khakis up to his naval. a rotund 50. (CONTINUED) D.O. please. 9 CONTINUED: JEFF Kale. CLASSROOM . Caruso . después de visitar Hawaii. stands off to the side.I'm not leaving -JEFF Kale -Another GUARDRAIL BEAM UPROOTS -KALE NO -.) (prelap) Este verano.DAY . quickly picking up on Ronnie's excessive and increasingly dramatic use of the word. you have to climb up -KALE No -. quizás visitaré a mis abuelos en Corea.CONTINUOUS ON RONNIE YUN.Dad.

. The spark in his eye's been replaced with an empty haze. (more dramatic) Perhaps they will make my dream a reality! Perhaps they will take me to a beach on the French Riviera so that I may gaze upon the natural beauty of its female inhabitants." The class laughs again. Thank you.8.J. zeros in on the student behind Ronnie. RONNIE Dude -The kid stirs. flicks it at the kid. Quizás apenas permaneceré en el país. The class laughs. a grey hoodie pulled over his head. RONNIE (longingly) Quizás.." SR GUTIERREZ Gracias. The hoodie falls away to reveal KALE. still doesn't budge. think you can stay conscious long enough to tell us your plans for the three wondrous summer months ahead? (CONTINUED) D. 11 Over this. SENOR GUTIERREZ So Kale. SR GUTIERREZ (CONT'D) Thank you. a rail-thin BLONDE. claps. Ronnie.. only one GIRL. perv. Caruso He .. Perhaps I'll just stay at home. But perhaps my parents will take pity on me. raises his head. MINNIE TYCO. disheveled hair.. 11 CONTINUED: RONNIE Quizás no. picks up on this: MINNIE TYCO (under her breath) Keep dreaming. Gracias. RONNIE (CONT'D) Perhaps. Gutierrez shakes his head. Ronnie nudges him. heads to his seat. Sleeping with his arms folded on his desk. RONNIE (CONT'D) Perhaps I won't. Quizás le daré una "F.. Perhaps I'll give you an "F. Ronnie. Pero quizás mis padres tomarán la compasión en mi.. Ronnie bows. SENOR GUTIERREZ Senor Brecht. (more dramatic) Quizás harán mi sueño una realidad! Quizás me llevarán a una playa en la riviera francesa de modo que pueda mirar sobre la belleza natural de sus habitantes femeninos. Senor Gutierrez takes some chalk. Longer..

.. KALE Este verano -. frustrated at the interruption. sitting next to the school's PRINCIPAL and COUNSELOR in a single row of seats behind the attorneys' tables.DAY ON SENOR GUTIERREZ . 12 INT. JUVENILE COURTROOM .J. steps closer to Kale. SENOR GUTIERREZ (correcting) Verano. 12 (CONTINUED) D. SR GUTIERREZ (CONT'D) (subtitled) What are you going to do? I haven't SENOR GUTIERREZ Did you do the homework or not? KALE (no eye contact) Guess not. All eyes on him. alright? gotten that far. SENOR GUTIERREZ (in Kale's face) You "guess" not. You can't give me a straight answer. fine. Caruso . Trying to focus. SR GUTIERREZ ¿Qué usted va a hacer? KALE I don't know. He looks at Ronnie who nods in support. heads to the front of the class. Then -KALE Este invierno -The class chuckles. 11 CONTINUED: (2) 11 Kale glances around. Kale gets up. also losing patience.displaying a black eye.voy a -SENOR GUTIERREZ ¿Qué? Kale shuts his eyes. give me one good reason why I shouldn't fail you right now? Kale CLOCKS Gutierrez. Senor Gutierrez. He pauses.9. I don't know who you think you are or who you think you're dealing with.

Mr. The judge taps his gavel.. to go nowhere.. 13 As Parker clicks the bracelet's buckle into place. a GREEN LED light illuminates.. her expression a fusion of anger and sympathy. JUDGE (CONT'D) You can thank your counselors and lawyer later. Don't test me. JUDGE Okay.g. Brecht.KITCHEN . 13 INT. 12 CONTINUED: Kale. 12 JUDGE (CONT'D) But losing a parent isn't easy. JANET PARKER. but his head never turns.. are all set. The judge lets that sink in. you.DAY A pair of hands wrap an ELECTRONIC MONITORING Kale's left ankle.. (re: the LED lights) Now. no-nonsense. that means the assault-two charge you've pled guilty to carries a max of one year in juvey. Julie closes her eyes in relief. With these priors. 35. on the center island. Julie watches from the BRACELET around belong to Kale's Kale's perched b. I just cut you a break. glances at her son..10. PARKER (making final checks) Okay. Kale's lawyer prompts him to stand. noticeably tired. Kale's eyes shift her way. The JUDGE mulls over his notes. a little more cleaned up. JUDGE (CONT'D) You're six months shy of eighteen.. Brecht.. sits between Julie and his DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Which is why I'm sentencing you to three months house arrest.J. Next to this light is an additional RED LIGHT that isn't on. green means you're good. WIDER TO REVEAL the hands case officer. KALE'S HOUSE . you're in the safe zone which covers about (MORE) (CONTINUED) D. wearing a suit. Julie. Mr. Caruso . you're up to three. It's ON THE TOP EDGE OF THE BRACELET'S BAND so Kale can easily see it if he looks down. Kale remains silent.

So don't try sticking your foot in a bucket of water and hopping across the line. or else -KALE The execution squad shows up? PARKER And they don't bring blindfolds. but trust me. PARKER (CONT'D) He's like a modem. 13 CONTINUED: PARKER (CONT'D) a sixty-foot radius from this guy here.J. Now. (making her way out) Oh. JULIE What if he accidentally goes beyond -PARKER (anticipating. where you've been and what you're thinkin' 25/7. PARKER (re: a booklet) Everything else is in the manual. So make sure you find lots of constructive things to keep yourself busy. except this -. I've seen all kinds of folks get a bit loopy before too long. D. So they know where you are. Here's my card -You're set up to pay his incarceration fee.House arrest might sound like a breeze. some after just a day or two. It's also tamper proof and waterproof. Ms. Brecht? JULIE Automatic withdrawal. Parker points to a big black box (the CENTRAL TRACKING UNIT) on the kitchen counter. and you'll look stupid. (to Kale) Twelve bucks every day. Bracelet that he sends through your phone line to the monitoring station downtown. Means you've got about ten seconds to get your butt back to green. re: red light on bracelet) Red light flashes.11. I'll be checking up on you a lot. It won't work. He gets a constant signal from Mr. Caruso 13 .

Jet.. gathering her things.S. KALE (CONT'D) Hobby. wanders out of his room.damn straight I'm trying to get you smoked. JULIE (CONT'D) (glancing around) Where's my apron. picks through his food. rounds the corner into. sets them on the counter..CONTINUOUS Kale runs into Julie who wears a black blouse and slacks. for a beat. wearing his X-box live headset.. makes sure all the wires are connected. She's just thrown a couple of microwave dinners on the kitchen table. takes a couple more quick bites.J. apron. KALE (into headset as needed) Hobby. eating a couple bites. 14 INT.. Eyes her watch. JULIE Dinner's on the table. the extra tips couldn't hurt..12. playing HALO 2 -. comes back in with her apron and purse. The XBOX LIVE LOGO APPEARS along with the words: SERVER ERROR. you've been hiding behind my ass the whole game -The TV SCREEN suddenly GLITCHES..NIGHT . Checks the TV screen.CONTINUOUS Kale slowly heads down the stairs. Caruso . sits at the table..NIGHT . Kale sits at the table. She's scrambling around.. 14 15 INT.. you read me? I said come around my left flank and draw his fire -. I'm closing at the restaurant the next few nights. then gets up.NIGHT .LATER Kales sits in his video game chair. KALE'S HOUSE .KITCHEN . ENTRY HALL . She heads O.." GUNFIRE and EXPLOSIONS BLARE over his stereo speakers. 15 16 INT. the required uniform of the steakhouse she works at.he's on the final "boss level. KALE'S BEDROOM . Same thing. but hey. you guys still there? The screen goes black.. Kale glares at the screen another beat. Could be some late ones.. Kale throws the headset aside. Then -- 16 (CONTINUED) D.

Kale glances around the kitchen. A mess of 17 16 (CONTINUED) D. that one could've been avoided. 17 INT. Phillips? KALE What. Whatever chance we had of a lighter conversation panning out here quickly fizzles. the other families' lawyers. JULIE (CONT'D) (heading out) Do the dishes. Caruso . Kale looks back up. KALE'S BEDROOM . He blows on the Halo 2 CD.LATER Kale.. Julie can't help but crack a little smile: JULIE Well. He's behind it. Another beat.. Carefully studying the manual as he goes. stacks of paper. screw that.13. He's not smiling..Julie pushes her chair back. and severe IAD? JULIE IAD? KALE (messing with bracelet) Freakin' irritated ankle disorder. 16 CONTINUED: JULIE (CONT'D) You wanna talk about anything? KALE I got nothin'. wipes it down with his sweatshirt. maybe you should go back and see Dr.J.. grabs her apron and purse.. when we're finally free of all this legal stuff with the accident. looking disheveled and very perplexed. gently puts it in the tray. heads to the counter. then -.NIGHT . meticulously checking and re-connecting all the wires and ethernet cable. so he can tell me I'm ADD. JULIE Y'know. have PTSD. there might be a little insurance money left. giving us the idea this might not be his first attempt at this.. dirty dishes. now has his TV pulled out from the wall. (pleading) Please? Julie leaves.

MOMENTS LATER Kale lounges in on the couch watching "The Price is Right" as he spoons the peanut butter from the jar.J.MORNING . he scrolls through the screens. rummaging through the cabinets. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE BATHROOM . Otherwise.. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . He stands there a beat. hair disheveled... KALE (to contestant on TV) C'mon. Then. We TRACK ACROSS the floor and a virtual DEBRIS FIELD of junk food bags. KITCHEN . Kale belches as he raises his spoon. Kale opens the door. slowly turns it. LIVING ROOM . He grabs the nearest bowl. 22 INT. Clothes strewn everywhere. it's a tomb. Rips the controller cord out of the XBOX -18 INT. leans against the frame. KALE'S BEDROOM . SERVER ERROR. Click. so far. a look of grave concern crosses his face -21 INT. devours it. Bob.DAY . spent.. Kale pushes. Pringles. dips it in the bowl of chocolate syrup. Lots of Costco-size boxes: crackers. Kale throws a mini-fit.DAY The toilet flushes O. He's about to throw the syrup bottle in the trash when something in the bottom of the can catches his eye.S.the doorknob. after a beat. pulls a bottle of Hershey's syrup from the fridge. saluting the screen. arm hangs over the side -19 INT. Kale spots a jar of peanut butter.14. Mountain Dew cans. He eyes a door at the end of the hall..SECONDS LATER CU . a little hope returning. Caruso 22 21 20 19 18 17 . 17 CONTINUED: He powers up the Xbox. slams the controller to the floor. wrappers. a HUGE BOX OF TWINKIES. pulls out a bill for XBOX LIVE: SUBSCRIPTION CANCELED. one dollar -CONTESTANT (ON TV) I'll bid one dollar. 20 INT.. so good. He reaches in.. bid a dollar. Kale's hand enters frame. takes a big swig to wash it down.MORNING Still a mess as we find Kale. absorbing the silence of the house. ankle and bracelet stick out from the sheets.. grabs a controller. Brings up a two-liter of Mountain Dew.THE NEXT MORNING A few stray beams of sunlight pierce the blinds. The door CREAKS open to reveal (CONTINUED) D. pours it all into the bowl. find Kale in bed...

.. KALE'S BEDROOM . Find Kale looking utterly miserable.age six.like we all do to be sure. His eyes say everything.15. Same thing. After a beat. Kale takes it all in from the doorway.non-fiction. Jeff at a book signing. 24 INT. Caruso .THAT NIGHT Kale samples some rap clips on I-tunes. poster-size covers of Dad's books ." The account screen pops up. Same thing. Likes what he's 23 ON THE SCREEN ..a family portrait of Jeff. Kale fumes. Kale types his password.. THE WALLS -. Kale's door is closed. 24 (CONTINUED) D.. Kale types his password at a rate of ONE KEY PER SECOND. ON ANOTHER WALL -. true account titles: WHISTLEBLOWER The Inside Story of a Real Corporate Insider. His feet never once cross into the room. Then -. smelling a rat..adorned with framed.. Loss. He gently pulls the door shut. KALE (innocently) News. chairs. THE SENATOR'S SHADOWS: How Eight Men Conspired to Control One.Thirty-three year old Patricia Walsh was last seen three nights ago. Ornate. hearing. 22 CONTINUED: DAD'S OFFICE Hardwood floor. Plush leather 22 ON THE DESK -.DAYS LATER The shades are drawn. and Kale . Julie.J..dad's reading glasses sit on a stack of papers next to an antique typewriter." Kale types it again. KALE'S BEDROOM . lounging in bed watching "Bikini Destinations" on HD NET. anger. regret. smiling wide. Kale quickly changes the channel to the local news.Kale moves the cursor to "buy song. cherry wood desk. Quiet. JULIE (heading to the window) More trash TV? NEWS ANCHOR (ON TV) . Julie enters wearing a business suit and name badge emblazoned with the RE/MAX LOGO. bold red letters pop up: "THE APPLE ID OR PASSWORD YOU ENTERED WAS INVALID OR INCORRECT. 23 INT.

anymore. then rips open the blinds. KALE And your point is? JULIE (heading O.16. UNPLUGS IT. too. you're a felon. JULIE The lawyer's sending some papers over. (then) You know what else I'm canceling? Kale turns to Julie who suddenly drops a pile of Kale's clothes on the floor in front of him.S. VIBRANT. Kale. FLOWING RED HAIR . (off Kale) Sorry. Julie goes to the TV. That's the point. KALE That might be difficult. KALE You canceled my Xbox subscription. pours in. you've gotta sign for them.) I-tunes.S. Caruso Sunlight 24 . isn't it? I'm just gonna plug it back -Julie suddenly yanks a pair of scissors off Kale's desk and SNIPS THE POWER CORD IN HALF."MISSING" keyed in underneath. This isn't gonna be vacation as usual. And we're broke. I want these washed and the kitchen cleaned by the time I get home. (CONTINUED) D. KALE That's a little dramatic. She gathers trash off the floor. 24 CONTINUED: Kale points to the TV showing a photo of a smiling PATRICIA WALSH. JULIE (CONT'D) Maid service. I can't do it all.J. Julie shoots him a look.) I've got two open houses. JULIE Well let me make it easier. JULIE (O.

. He eyes the clock. JULIE (O. leaves. cranks the knob.DAY .LATER Kale SHOVELS dishes and glasses into the dishwasher.S. Caruso 29 28 27 26 25 24 . TWINKIE TOWER.DAY . mental? JULIE (a very stern tone) One more look at that kitchen and I will be. 28 INT. NEIGHBORS out on walks.17.. presses start. 27 INT.. KALE (into phone as needed) Dammit. on cell.Kids on bikes.. sits in his video game chair painting his toe nails. He glares down at his ankle bracelet.. Kale glances out the window. (MORE) (CONTINUED) D.DAY . Julie picks up her keys and briefcase..) (CONT'D) You heard what I said about the lawyer? KALE Yes! 25 INT. KALE'S BEDROOM .. And Kale's not invited.J. kicks the door up and closed. 26 INT. Tick tick tick.DAY . pecks Kale on the forehead. ahh.LATER Kale sits on the floor as he spreads a line of Elmer's glue across the bottom of a Twinkie..LATER Kale furiously stuffs clothes in the washer.LATER Kale sits on his bed. He's just completed the first couple of floors of what will be. 29 INT. Ronnie. KALE'S BEDROOM . KALE'S BEDROOM . HIS POV . blindly cranks the knob.DAY Kale. the sights and sounds of summer. I'm losing my mind. We hear KIDS PLAYING IN THE STREET O.. LAUNDRY ROOM . staring into space. breaking a couple as he goes.S. He pours half the box of Cascade in the dispenser. KITCHEN . 24 CONTINUED: (2) KALE (CONT'D) What are you.. It glares back.

SECONDS LATER Kale goes to the window. HARD CUT TO: 30 INT. Sits there in silence for a beat. We PULL BACK to reveal SCUFF MARKS on the walls and CEILING where Kale has figured out the exact points to hit it allowing him to bounce the ball off multiple walls and return it perfectly to his hand.. He SWATS it.. now FURIOUSLY SWATTING the racketball against the wall -. KALE'S POV . party sounds in the b. It's backed into driveway next door. BONNIE.g. KALE'S BEDROOM .. Belay that. 43. 31 INT.He's able to make out some bits of movement next door. Ronnie -. carrying a moving box. I've gotta hop -KALE Wait. 29 CONTINUED: KALE (CONT'D) Give me some details.) Dude.J. Picks it up. JOLTS him awake. Starts mindlessly bouncing it against the wall. 2ND FLOOR HALLWAY/WINDOW . and keeps bouncing it. ALAN NORRIS. Then eyes a racketball on the floor. what's happening out there? RONNIE (V.S.DAY . trying to see where the noise is coming from. tilts his head.. slowly sticks his head out.LATER Kale reclines in his chair.. studies it a beat -. this one is totally showing me her kite board. Kale. 32 INT.. Look. the racket still in his hand. who walks back in the house. but his VIEW is OBSTRUCTED by the architecture of his house..STILL LATER Kale's passed out in his chair. Kale steps back from the window.) (phone filter.Hello? Kale tosses the phone and the nail polish aside. KALE'S BEDROOM .with a racket.A U-HAUL TRUCK comes into view.18... HIS the the his POV .O. He's about to fall out of the chair when a loud BANG O. appears from inside truck's cab.. the chicks here in Oahu rock the houusse! Oh my god.DAY .DAY . she wasn't pointing at me. and keeps bouncing it. Caruso . 42. He hands it down to wife. and SWATS it.then opens it. 32 31 30 29 (CONTINUED) D.

S.but the flames are already out. 32 CONTINUED: Kale's about to pull his head in when another PERSON comes out of the moving truck. 33 INT..J.FRONT PORCH . picks them up and heads into the house. Bends over to retrieve another smaller box. BRAT #1 What a retard! Kale glares -. 34 EXT. Suddenly. ENTRY HALL . the Norris' daughter. bucket. D. Mesmerized.. Kale snaps to.then heads down the steps into. I'm coming!! Kale swings the door open to see -. Kale glances up as two neighborhood BRATS on bikes emerge from their hiding place behind a shrub across the street. Caruso .and KERBONGS it on the underside of the window. We hear GIGGLING O. anything wet -. She's carrying a box that's obscuring her face as she carefully negotiates the incline of the moving truck's ramp. her face still a mystery. Kale looks down. the DOORBELL RINGS O. They high five each other. But her blonde hair and perfect legs look to be about 17.DAY . We'll soon know her as ASHLEY..CONTINUOUS Kale instinctively STOMPS ON IT with his SOCKED FEET! Oh shit! KALE Shit water shit! 34 Kale heads down the stairs to the KALE 33 32 Kale frantically hops around. KALE'S HOUSE . yanks his head back in -.19. She reaches the end of the ramp. He drops to the floor. front door.DAY .S.but there's another problem -his socks are smothered in SLIMY DOG SHIT. Ashley stacks the boxes. KALE GODDAMMIT! Kale staggers to his feet. finally realizes this -. Kale watches her go. looking for a hose..SECONDS LATER More doorbell RINGING. her back and ass to Kale who stares in utter disbelief.A BURNING PAPER BAG on the welcome mat.

back away as Kale draws closer-BRAT #2 What are you gonna do.. kill us like your teacher? KALE CHARGES THEM! KALE Not before I shove this shit up your ass! The brats pedal away. STREET . Caruso He glances to the ANKLE BRACELET: .20. his shit-stained feet leaving tracks as he goes. Kale races by ASHLEY'S PARENTS. leaps back into. stops cold.CONTINUOUS Kale walks briskly. 35 36 EXT.DAY .CONTINUOUS The chase is on.. crossing his yard into the far corner of Ashley's. Still FLASHING RED.. Almost catching 36 BRAT #2 (terrified to Brat #1) Dude. KALE'S FRONT YARD .J.CONTINUOUS He looks at the bracelet. you said he couldn't leave his house!! Kale overhears. He cuts through Ashley's yard again. I'm way inside. He hops up and down as the SPRINKLER STREAMS approach him from behind. up to them -Kale increases his speed.DAY . turn green -(CONTINUED) D. 35 EXT. c'mon.DAY . KALE Shit! Kale races back down the street. Kale races through the sprinkler. KALE (CONT'D) No.. EXT. KALE'S YARD . trying to cut the Brats off as they race down. menacingly toward them -KALE You think that's funny? The Brats grow more concerned... yelling at the bracelet all the way-KALE (CONT'D) Turn green turn green turn green. FLASHING RED LIGHT.

BOTH TAKE A NERVOUS STEP BACKWARD as ASHLEY steps out the front door. KALE (CONT'D) It's cool. The doorbell RINGS. Kale yanks the envelope away.O. COURIER Hi.The doorbell RINGS. Kale flips the phone shut. KALE'S HOUSE .ENTRY HALL . Kale's foot jiggles the sprinkler free. He then sees the ankle bracelet: GREEN LIGHT. JAWS DROPPED. SLAMS the door in the guy's face. I'm all green. KALE'S BEDROOM . his Louisville Slugger firmly in hand. EACH WITH A MOVING BOX.21. Then smiles and waves. COURIER. groggily heads to the door. falls on his face.THAT NIGHT Kale. Kale locks eyes with her. Now his foot's tangled in the sprinkler. With papers. The officers knew that. Then -. But next time they will take you to jail. pressing an ice-filled Ziplock back to his head. Caruso 38 37 . the officers were probably in the neighborhood already. runs SMACK into the STREAMS.) Kale. fine. shit-and-grass-stained Kale. I'm from McNeill-Stewart law firm. 37 INT. Kale heads away. trips on the sprinkler. but if I'd known -PARKER (V. KALE (into phone as needed) Okay. Spraying water all over him. on cell phone.EVENING ON KALE .J. Kale turns to the street: TWO POLICE CARS SCREECH TO A STOP. 36 CONTINUED: He spins back toward the house.O. (CONTINUED) D. PARKER (V.SIRENS WAIL. first times happen. STAND THERE.) (phone filter prelap) Kale. Kale loses the smile. Yes! KALE (CONT'D) That's what I'm talking about! 36 He gazes over: ASHLEY'S PARENTS. Freezes at the sight of the sopping wet. calm down. collapses to the bed -PRELAP . swings it open. dropping off for Ms.pacing. Julie -Over this. 38 INT.

inching their way through the yard. Ashley throws him a quick glance. KALE Hey doggie. shovels. Kale's hand enters frame.. red light FLASHES. Click.ASHLEY lifts more boxes from the back of their station wagon.THE NEXT DAY ON KALE'S FEET . KALE (CONT'D) (re: his ankle bracelet) Hey. signs his name. Caruso . 40 EXT. come here.DAY CU . She sets them on the drive. 39 EXT.Kale ties kite string around the gnome's hat. grabs the courier's clipboard.. Spins back around.. Kale pushes.The green light suddenly goes out. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . KALE'S BACK YARD .G. mallets. It YELPS away.entering frame.DAY . We PULL BACK to REVEAL Kale's emerging KITE STRING PERIMETER -a crude SEMI-CIRCULAR ARC around the yard tied off at different points using makeshift "stakes" -. The dog trots toward Kale. GREEN LIGHT. 41 INT. SLAMS THE DOOR EVEN HARDER. WIDER .SHORT TIME LATER Same "BOUNDARY CONSTRUCTION" here. you and me both. Kale stares after her. Kale shoves a screwdriver into the ground a few feet shy of his mailbox.22. ON THE BRACELET . sits and stares. . screwdrivers. sees their black Labra-doodle watching him..J. SLAMS the liftgate. Kale turns around. He ties some string to it as he glances over to the other neighbors' (the PILCH's) yard. A beat. He pulls the string taut and ties it off. then -A SMILING GARDEN GNOME SLAMS DOWN INTO FRAME.gnomes. It almost reaches his outstretched hand when it suddenly gets ZAPPED by the underground electric fence.The doorknob. slowly turns it.. Kale's foot quickly steps back. KALE'S FRONT YARD . 41 40 39 38 D. 38 CONTINUED: Kale opens the door. then heads around the back of her house.. then unspools it across the yard to a waiting croquet mallet already hammered into the ground. OVER KALE'S SHOULDER IN THE B.

DAD'S OFFICE .and not letting go -- 43 44 INT.MOMENTS LATER Kale leads Ronnie up the stairs and to the window. yanks off her t-shirt. HIS POV . Caruso . quart of Haagen Dazs in the other.DAY . steps closer. Kale tilts his head up. stacks of open moving boxes.23. you need some sun. ASHLEY enters the room. 2ND FL HALLWAY/WINDOW .she pulls her hair back. ON KALE ... you look like hell. He takes a moment. He smiles. sees Ashley and her mom standing by the swimming pool. He holds his bat in one hand. half a dozen leis and a hawaiian shirt. hugs Ronnie. gently pulls the blind up to reveal the BACK OF ASHLEY'S HOUSE He peers down.J.DAY The front door swings open to reveal Ronnie.. RONNIE Seriously man. KALE'S HOUSE . 42 INT. Kale squints. Digging clothes from boxes. He goes to the window. Then -. poster frames waiting to be hung.Dude.now with a patchy stubble. revealing a black bra. Tight -.ASHLEY'S BEDROOM Unmade bed. considering what he's about to do.ENTRY HALL . Off Kale -CUT TO: 42 43 INT. wearing a bathrobe and a SHRUNKEN t-shirt that used to be white but is now LIGHT PINK. with her back to us. Ashley disappears through the back door. He's wearing aviator shades. and. REVERSE ANGLE TO REVEAL KALE . RONNIE (hula dancing) Aloooha Senor Ka-. stuffing them in her dresser.DAY . curiously gazing through the pair of OPEN WINDOWS on the SECOND FLOOR of Ashley's house. pulls off the bra and disappears into the bathroom. DV camera in hand.CONTINUOUS Kale stands in the doorway.HIS FOOT steps inside.he continues to watch as Ashley digs a towel out of a moving box. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 44 D. then -..

.. Kale gestures out the window. exits the house....J.. one.... down to the Pilch's backyard... slightly crazed) I mean. so many layers. but it's invisible if you're not looking close enough. LONNIE..24. KALE (CONT'D) Four o'clock every Thursday. The Pilch's dog darts out the back door -. (then) Three. RONNIE -.. The dog hops around her as she waves back to her heavy set.. two..Mrs.. They peer A Ford Escort is in the drive. Pilch. Ronnie looks out. RONNIE What are you talking about? KALE The world right outside the window. she goes to the country club to play tennis with Betty Big-Bangs there.. there's such structure to it... RONNIE Husband? KALE (shaking a "no") Maid. Caruso .Fascinating. (then. dog. Pilch. wearing an unflattering tennis skirt. male maid. I've gotta show you this. Besides that. saying goodbye to Lonnie. 44 Maui KALE (anxious) I've got something to show you. 35.. too. (CONTINUED) D. 44 CONTINUED: RONNIE (CONT'D) (re: DV cam) Hey. Over the above. and.. all's quiet.. Mrs.then -KALE (CONT'D) . KALE (eyeing his watch) Just wait. chicks rule.

it only seems like he could see us. RONNIE Kale -KALE Now tilt your gaze up.25. cue white Mercedes. Pilch enters the room behind him. Pilch. Plus the angle's sharper from ground level. cutting the power to the vacuum.. RONNIE Oh. A white mercedes pulls in the driveway.. Lonnie startles.Lonnie jumps in Pilch's arms.. A beat.. line-of-sight doesn't apply to the subject. gets RONNIE Great. KALE Optical illusion.J.. MR. I did the math. you did the math. PILCH. that still doesn't explain why you're in a bathrobe at four in the afternoon. ladies disappear... As they walk away. RONNIE DAMN!! (CONTINUED) D. he's gonna see -KALE He can't. RONNIE AND KALE'S POV . arriving from the office. Mr. out. Pilch flips off the light switch. carrying briefcase and flowers. 44 CONTINUED: (2) 44 Kale and Ronnie watch as Mrs. 63.. the dog tries to follow but gets ZAPPED by the electric fence and YELPS back into the house....TILTING UP TO THE PILCH'S BEDROOM WINDOW . sees Pilch standing there with the flowers and a big smile. We don't have any lights on. turns around. Mr. then -. Pilch heads down the walkway. KALE (CONT'D) And..Lonnie vacuums as Mr. Caruso . kissing him passionately. meets her rail-thin 50-ish female tennis PARTNER at the curb. KALE (pulls Ronnie closer) Will you just look -RONNIE Dude.

the completed TWINKIE TOWER. reaches in his pocket. RONNIE What.26.In the yard across from Kale's back yard.. you become a stalker? KALE No. yanks out his ASTHMA INHALER and takes a hit. fit. 45 INT. These are just simple observations. RONNIE Huh.J. KALE C'mon. but I've never noticed he mows his lawn every two days. sees a penciled GEOMETRIC DIAGRAM of Kale's line-of-sight spying theory -shit.DAY Kale leads Ronnie to the window..he did do the math. pushes it around the side of his house toward the front yard. gassing up his lawnmower in the driveway. there's more. KALE AND RONNIE'S POV . decent looking. natural side effects of chronic boredom. 44 CONTINUED: (3) 44 Kale slaps his hand over Ronnie's mouth. Then -RONNIE (CONT'D) (re: hallway and window) Seal this area off. then fires up the mower. clean-cut.. Robert Giles. He closes the garage door via remote.. Ronnie takes in the mess in Kale's room -. 45 (CONTINUED) D. I guess he likes his grass short. Kale wasn't lying -. Kale.the scuff marks on the walls. Kale. He glances to the desk. He's early 40's... KALE'S BEDROOM . stalking's for psychos. KALE (CONT'D) He's lived there a couple of years. KALE (pointing out) So. find ROBERT GILES. I go to Maui. As Kale heads away: RONNIE (pleading) Find your passion. Ronnie pulls away. Caruso .

KALE'S FRONT YARD .J.now clean-shaven. Who be she? They watch as Ashley steps out of the pool.ASHLEY swims underwater the length of the pool.DAY . lies in the lounge chair. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . listening. steals their newspaper.THE NEXT DAY ON KALE . Yawns. then puts it back before they even wake up. DAD'S OFFICE . You never can tell these days. RONNIE (sarcastic) No shit? (weirdly eyeing Kale who heads out) People. I guess reads it or swipes the coupons.SPLASH!! Kale smiles. 48 47 46 45 (CONTINUED) D. RONNIE Oh-. KALE AND RONNIE'S POV . Then -. sitting on the front steps. considering -48 EXT.God.S. She finally surfaces in all her two-piece glory.my-.DAY . 46 INT.CONTINUOUS Kale leads Ronnie to the window. He eyes his watch. Caruso . It creaks open. Dude.MOMENTS LATER Kale slowly pushes on the door. RONNIE What was that? 47 INT. towels off. KALE Last stop on the tour. Then he sees something O. then stretches his neck. Kale tilts his head. RONNIE What's stopping you?! Off Kale.27. 45 CONTINUED: KALE Next to him is Judy Thorp. She pulls her bikini from her butt. she freakin' sneaks over to her neighbors' every morning. KALE Don't know.

KALE Thanks. Caruso . ASHLEY Please.he looks back to Ashley who's now heading toward him. approaching the kite string boundary and mailbox.how'd the move go? (CONTINUED) D. hands it over. Kale tries to push himself upright -. 48 CONTINUED: KALE'S POV .keeping his feet planted in what looks to be a very practiced maneuver. KALE Oh. A slight smile crosses Kale's face as -ASHLEY Can I help you? KALE Nope.peering down the street. total foul up. grabs the mail. Kale struggles under his own weight. Then -. trying to keep his feet from crossing the line -. that was really humiliating. so -. ASHLEY (helping him up) Too late.but his feet SLIP. opens the door. I think any pride you had left was gone a while ago. Ashley's stationwagon rounds the corner -Kale hops to his feet. Kale casually strides into the yard.28. She glances at Kale 48 As the stationwagon heads up the driveway. He pitches forward more. I'm Kale by the way.J. starts to head away -KALE (CONT'D) Hey. He glances back over his shoulder. Reaches around with his free hand. quickly fixes his hair as the stationwagon draws closer. who nods and smiles back. no I'm fine. he suddenly falls forward against the mailbox. going to grab the mail inside just as ASHLEY pulls the car into and up the drive. Ashley reaches in the box. Ashley nods with a semi-polite smile. sees Ashley getting out of the car and looking his way. you mean that thing with the cops? They had the wrong guy.

but. sighs) Forcefully relocated. ASHLEY Yeah. I was just gonna see if you wanted to hop in my Hummer and cruise to a kegger. Ashley walks closer to Kale.J. (re: ankle bracelet) I'm a little spatially challenged at the moment.. raised. KALE That doesn't sound good. ASHLEY (cracking a smile) Wait. please? 48 (CONTINUED) D. I -BONNIE (O. And no lame "Apprentice" spin-off.. Caruso .. if I have another clueless jock hit on me or one more soccer mom cuts me off in her oversize SUV. (off her laugh) So where'd you move from? ASHLEY I'm a city girl. KALE I'd help. and now. (glances around. KALE Oh.S. you've kinda got the whole Martha Stewart thing going on -KALE (nodding) But minus the 48-hour allowance for office visits. checks out his ankle bracelet. sorry.) (from inside house) Ashley? Can you come in here. I'm gonna go postal. ASHLEY I'm telling you. (turning away) Nice talking to you.29.. Born. 48 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY Still going.

Julie's in the chair. A waitress said Ms. NEWS ANCHOR (ON TV) . by an unidentified person driving a black 1960's era Mustang that was dented on the left side and may have -Kale CLICKS the TV off -. Walsh was picked up around 10:30 P. 50 INT. Kale sits on the couch flipping channels. She stirs but doesn't wake up. ASHLEY (heading away) Oh.. grabs the blanket off the sofa.. did you notice? KALE I know the tone. 50 Kale's in love.. too.Ashley's working out to a YOGA DVD.she's very polite.looks over to Julie who's now sound asleep. He then picks up his soda and bowl of popcorn from the coffee table.30. 49 48 (CONTINUED) D. He quickly shuts it off. Ashley smiles. LIVING ROOM . immersed in shadow. positions it just right. enters. Kale quietly gets up. nodding off. Caruso . heads away. 49 INT.M.NIGHT The wind HOWLS outside. covers Julie up. I'm Ashley -KALE Noticed that.SECONDS LATER Kale. the MISSING REDHEAD we saw earlier. 50 miles east of here. KALE'S POV .NIGHT . Kale's watch ALARM suddenly BEEPS. DAD'S OFFICE . He quietly pulls Dad's leather chair toward the window. eyes Julie.Kale lands on that same photo of PATRICIA WALSH. ON THE TV . always says "please" but she's got that tone. and sits. 48 CONTINUED: (3) ASHLEY (quietly to Kale) My mom -.. disappears inside.J.attended a friend's birthday party at a local nightclub before she was last seen alone at a diner outside Madison.

31. then -. flips off the TV. He sits up. Kale instinctively lowers himself in the chair. Dark.Kale's breathing intensifies -.. From this angle..NIGHT . it almost looks as if her eyes could meet Kale's at any moment. Bad dream. Kale pulls himself out of the chair.Ashley emerges from the bathroom with a box of tissues. peers across to Ashley's windows. Caruso 52 51 50 . He glances out the window: (CONTINUED) D.with a huge gust of HOWLING WIND we SMASH TO: 51 INT.He looks back up. HEADLIGHT BEAMS appear from O.. Looking pissed.. She takes a breath. too.. DAD'S OFFICE . sees Ashley gazing in his direction -. his eyes never leaving her.. another beat. Ashley SLAMS the door behind him." then -.she slowly raises her arms and bends into a ridiculously sexy pose. The scene quickly devolves into a heated argument.NIGHT . waiting. KALE (CONT'D) What are you stopping for? She goes to her window and peers out -. Ashley suddenly stops. Breathing hard. KALE'S BEDROOM . But Ashley's dad gets the last word in and leaves. grabs his PSP and falls back to the bed. shades pulled. From her body language. Kale watches the vacant room. As he starts playing.could she actually be seeing him? KALE (CONT'D) (convincing himself) No -ASHLEY turns around. KALE (CONT'D) Whoa.. pulls THREE TISSUES from the box. Kale leans closer -Ashley stops the DVD. goes back to her yoga mat.S. She sits on her bed. getting back in "the zone. staring off.J. Kale watches Ashley another couple of beats. 50 CONTINUED: KALE (to Ashley) You started without me? As if eerily on cue. Then her dad appears in the doorway... Then -.SHORT TIME LATER Kale enters.LATER Kale SNAPS AWAKE. storms in the bathroom and SLAMS that door. 52 INT.. she's clearly annoyed at the interruption.Kale ducks -.

heads to the window -KALE'S POV . Kale goes back to playing the PSP. KALE (CONT'D) Jesus.A BLACK 1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE pulls in Giles' driveway. just watching the wind blow.. What? JULIE Christ. leaves the car running as he heads inside the house. JULIE (re: binoculars) Anything else? (CONTINUED) D. whips around -. trying to see under the CLOSING DOOR. KALE No. 52 CONTINUED: KALE'S POV . the MAIN GARAGE DOOR raises up. Giles appears. heads back to the window. revealing a bashed-in right front fender.32.. ducking underneath...Julie. lands on Kale's shoulder! Kale SCREAMS. Kale! JULIE (CONT'D) I thought you heard me. Giles is already out of the car.. After a beat. I -- JULIE What's going on? KALE Nothing. Giles maneuvers the car around the driveway.Mustang -Kale hops up. heads back to the Mustang.J.. Holy shit. then suddenly stops -KALE (realizing) -. too.Kale watches as Giles hops out. mom! I'm sorry. rounding the back as the garage door lowers.In the garage. The front end of the car swings around. She SCREAMS. catching a glimpse of Giles popping the trunk -A HAND suddenly enters frame. Caruso . KALE (CONT'D) A dent -52 Kale races to his closet. BINOCULAR POV . gets in. Kale crouches. pulls down a pair of binoculars.

All redheads. a slurpee cup. RONNIE (O. (CONTINUED) D. wanted to say good night. HIS POV Giles' garage door is now closed. Caruso . KALE No. KALE (now flipping through magazine) '65 or '66. couldn't tell. a bag of beef jerky and an AUTOMOTIVE MAGAZINE with a MUSTANG on the cover. BINOCULAR POV . 52 CONTINUED: (2) 52 Kale turns back.Kale TILTS DOWN to see Ashley's mom backing out the driveway... then) That's okay. BINOCULAR POV . She's reading Lolita.Ashley ducks back inside her room.S. Giles' house.sitting in the leather chair. On the floor next to the chair is a 7-11 bag.sitting at dad's computer looking at the FBI'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE. JULIE (beat.) So you don't know what year the Mustang is? REVEAL RONNIE . 53 Kale turns back to the window. The feds think your missing girl might be related to three murders in Austin. 53 INT. Kale TILTS UP to Ashley's window -. binoculars raised.J. stares out at The lights go out. see for yourself. I just. Kale processes that as we suddenly hear a car door SLAM O. DAD'S OFFICE .Ashley sits on the roof leaning against her closed window.THE NEXT DAY ON KALE .33. KALE Movement. disappears. RONNIE Check this out. Julie leaves.S.

puts them to his eyes. there's no way she heard that. RONNIE (CONT'D) DUDE!! KALE (re: bikini) That's definitely new. Ronnie joins Kale at the window. 53 (CONTINUED) D. The end of the binoculars HIT THE WINDOW just as Ashley dives into the pool -Ronnie and Kale hit the deck as we hear the splash O. baby...S.. takes a deep breath. scoops a handful of water from the pool. RONNIE (CONT'D) Cleansing breath. splashes her face. runs her hands through her hair. RONNIE Dude.J.. Ronnie grabs the binoculars from Kale.THWUMP. Caruso .. holds it -.then exhales. 53 CONTINUED: BINOCULAR POV .Ashley flips her sandals off one at a time. She stands.. This is for the gold. Ashley slinks out of her shorts revealing a "near-thong" bikini this time..but his zoomed-in vision causes him to underestimate the distance -.Kale TILTS DOWN to the pool. KALE Jackass! RONNIE Dude. THEIR POV ... runs her fingers through the water. it's so warm. moves closer to the window -. sees Ashley emerging from the house with a towel that she throws on the lounge chair. Ashley stretches her arms high above her head.. pulls her tank off revealing her bronzed back and bikini top. Ashley crouches down. Ashley cups her hands.. RONNIE (CONT'D) Concentrate now..34. RONNIE Oh. KALE (CONT'D) Better late than never.

ON ASHLEY . BINOCULAR POV . 53 RONNIE Now where is she? The DOORBELL RINGS. RONNIE (peering out) She's got great lung capacity.Ashley's underwater at the far end of the pool.and shifts her GAZE UP toward Kale and Ronnie! KALE (pulling Ronnie down) I think she saw me -RONNIE There's no way -Ronnie grabs the binoculars back. she usually takes her time -They turn back. She spins and sits on the ledge. rings the water from her hair. KALE Seriously? Kale peeks out -THEIR POV .Ashley's slipping back into her shorts and tank top. 53 CONTINUED: (2) KALE Dick. Then -- (CONTINUED) D. maybe she did. swims back. Ronnie turns to Kale: RONNIE Her swims always that short? KALE (growing concern) No. Locked.She suddenly surfaces. Kale grabs the binoculars from Ronnie. She heads to the back door. Over this.35. tries the knob. Caruso . RONNIE (CONT'D) (re: Ashley O.J. Ashley's gone.) Okay.S.. But she suddenly stops -. She tucks and pushes off the wall. my deaf aunt in Omaha heard that.. Kale and Ronnie freeze. hoists herself from the water.

Kale heads to the door. Ronnie suddenly The DOORBELL RINGS AGAIN.Ashley. pulls Kale back.J. RONNIE Don't. Then stop! RONNIE Just -.LATE AFTERNOON . One look at Ashley and he covers his mouth." practically spinning in circles as they speak in hushed. 54 RONNIE 53 INT. giggle. it could be her! KALE It's not gonna be her. ENTRY HALL . Shit shit!! RONNIE (CONT'D) Oh my shit! Both laugh. 53 CONTINUED: No. panicked whispers: KALE She totally saw us -The DOORBELL RINGS again. KALE I have to. Don't answer it! (CONTINUED) D.let 'em go away. Kale calmly turns to Ronnie. 54 (3) KALE No.36. What?! RONNIE What?! Speak.MOMENTS LATER Kale and Ronnie quietly approach the door. Kale heads to the door. acting "girlie. RONNIE We are so busted. Kale peeps through the peephole -DISTORTED PEEPHOLE POV . RONNIE You're full of -Ronnie tip-toes to the door. Caruso . KALE It's her. grabs Kale and pulls him back.

. Then -Ashley stands there a beat. Video games. ASHLEY Nice to meet you. KALE (CONT'D) That's Ronnie. 54 CONTINUED: KALE (re: his bracelet) Dude. huh? (then suggestively to Kale) I like to play.37. what brings you here. Oh.Locked out. we were playing upstairs -Ronnie cringes at how that sounded. Kale swings the door open. come on in -Ashley steps inside.. but I'd rather stay stranded if you don't mind.J. she knows I'm here. ASHLEY -... Caruso . (CONTINUED) D. KALE Yeah. checking out the place.g. sure. glances around. then) So. no. ASHLEY (CONT'D) May I? KALE Uh. Her 54 ASHLEY What took you so long? (eyeing Ronnie in b. KALE Do you need to call anyone? ASHLEY Thanks. arms folded. Kale and Ronnie trade glances.? KALE (awkward beat. RONNIE (covering) Video games.) The house isn't that big.

RONNIE (stepping in) Actually. RONNIE Exhibit A. 54 CONTINUED: (2) 54 Kale trades a look with Ronnie as Ashley nonchalantly heads up the stairs. Ashley turns around. ASHLEY Is that so. be a cold-blooded killer. he has this neighbor -. 55 (CONTINUED) D. binoculars still raised.J. in point of fact. peers outside. Kale? Kale freezes. KALE Excuse me.. aiming them like a gun at Kale. Ronnie points out the window to Giles' house. tossing them to Ronnie who tosses them in the closet.38.who may. KALE It's a little messy. KALE'S BEDROOM . 55 INT.LATE AFTERNOON . ASHLEY (CONT'D) Are you spying on the neighbors. RONNIE (CONT'D) See. Robert Giles.MOMENTS LATER Ashley barges in. starts grabbing underwear and garbage off the floor. Caruso . ASHLEY (CONT'D) Anything interesting out there? Kale and Ronnie trade looks.. ASHLEY A little? Kale keeps gathering clothes.who I guess by definition would also be your neighbor -. instantly struck by the mess. Kale's eyes widen in panic. Kale pushes past her. Ashley picks up the binoculars from the window sill. he is.

Giles pulls the Silver Toyota out of the garage and out the driveway. KALE Hey -ASHLEY So that's the infamous black mustang.39. goes to the window. So? 55 KALE So you hear about that missing girl from Madison? ASHLEY (realizing. I've seen him. huh? KALE Yeah -- (CONTINUED) D. that really narrows it down. peers out. 55 CONTINUED: ASHLEY Yeah. ASHLEY Gee. Kale RIPS the binoculars out of Ashley's hand. Caruso . RONNIE Black Mustang. RONNIE What? BINOCULAR POV . then pointing out to Giles') What. His has a ASHLEY (re: binoculars) So this is why -. KALE They said it was dented. bashed-in fender.. you think he -KALE He drives a car like the one she was seen in.you're -Suddenly seeing something O. Ashley suddenly grabs the binoculars from Kale.S.J. KALE 60's era Mustang.

Shit. 55 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY The one with no dent? KALE (grabbing the binocs) What? BINOCULAR POV . their dreams realized -Ashley eyes D. Caruso . the Mustang NO LONGER HAS A BASHED-IN FENDER. no bashed-in fender. The garage door starts to close -KALE (CONT'D) How'd he fix it so fast -ASHLEY Because it was never there in the first place? Kale eyes Ashley.Ashley catches a glimpse of a faded TEXAS LONGHORNS BUMPER STICKER.then: ASHLEY Okay. Texas Longhorns. fine.Giles' garage door finally SLAMS CLOSED.Sure enough. THEIR POV . Ashley 55 BINOCULAR POV . Kale and Ronnie eye Ashley as if to say "see?" them another beat -. stakeout.J. ASHLEY (CONT'D) Sorry guys. (grabs binoculars) Who's on my shift? Off Kale and Ronnie. KALE (grabbing the binocs) You serious? (then to Ronnie) She's right.40. RONNIE Austin. could he have imagined it? playfully grabs the binoculars back from Kale. KALE (CONT'D) (off Ashley's questioning look) They think it might be linked to some murders in Texas two years ago. just a Longhorns bumper sticker. Texas.

ASHLEY Do you know how long Giles has lived there? KALE About two or three years. reads the Amazon web page for the book: RONNIE "Murderer: Tell Tale Signs of a Serial Killer. right? KALE Not that I've seen -ASHLEY You said he lives alone -RONNIE What's the fourth? ASHLEY (nonchalant) Sexual dysfunction. WIDER TO REVEAL RONNIE: RONNIE This is all the stuff I could find -Ashley sits at Kale's computer as Kale anxiously sifts through Ronnie's stuff.. 56 (CONTINUED) D. wires. bulky VHS camera. Our guy meets at least three. ASHLEY So he could've lived in Texas. He doesn't have any pets." ASHLEY The summary lists four main criteria. White male between the age of twenty-five and fifty. 56 INT.. walkie talkies.LATER A BOX OF SPYING CRAP is dumped onto Kale's bed. an old. Ronnie goes to Ashley. couple of tri-pods. KALE'S BEDROOM ..J.. Caruso ." Qualifies for free shipping if you pair it with "The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer. a real mess. Another DV Camera. (re: computer screen) Hey.41. a black and white portable TV.EVENING . check this out.

shaking their heads to each other as if reassuring themselves they don't suffer from such a condition. After a beat. his hand resting inside the pizza box just inches from the last slice. 56 CONTINUED: Silence.NIGHT . dials.42. Ronnie's passed out on Kale's bed. ASHLEY (CONT'D) (changing the subject) I'm hungry. wearing a pink sweater.Kale and Ashley sit on the floor near the window.J. KALE'S BEDROOM . let's order pizza. ON ASHLEY . Caruso 57 56 . (CONTINUED) D. In the b. KALE How'd you get my phone? ASHLEY I'm crafty like that.LATER TRACKING ACROSS KALE'S ROOM . 57 INT. Kale laughs as Ashley delicately re-clips the phone to Ronnie's belt. ASHLEY Every time he calls. flips it open. that's what you'll hear. ASHLEY (handing him his cell) Here. Kale's cell RINGS with Madonna's "LIKE A VIRGIN. Kale and Ronnie trade awkward glances.The two tri-pod-mounted DV Cams stand watch over Giles' house. suddenly darts into Kale's yard. One camera feeds a grainy close-up shot of Giles' garage door to Ronnie's portable TV on the floor.g.she's messing with Kale's cell phone. KALE (re: Giles) He's been gone awhile." Kale laughs. The other feeds a WIDE SHOT of Giles' entire house to Kale's color TV. Both images appear on Kale's computer monitor. KALE What'd you do? Ashley carefully unclips Ronnie's cell from his hip. WIDER TO REVEAL .the Pilch's dog. KALE'S POV . Kale peers over to Giles with the binoculars as Ashley messes with Kale's cell phone.

had its temptations.J.. spins around and takes a dump.S. scoops up the 57 KALE So that's why the grass is greener...Pilch's dog stops.43. I guess my mom thought it'd help keep dad on a shorter leash.. There's a beat as Ashley locks eyes with Kale. KALE (CONT'D) Where's -Mr. she nods. (beat. Caruso . the safer pastures.. then matter of fact) But my mom pretty much cries just as much as she always did. seriously. suddenly appears from the shadows... City life. Then. watches the dog do its business. in his robe. Pilch calls it over.more than ever. an extra bathroom and two-car garage would actually change things. KALE No.. ASHLEY (re: Mr.. Pilch. and dad doesn't care -. The dog finishes. Pilch) Three to one he doesn't pick it up.. KALE So why the move? ASHLEY What do you mean? The greener grass. 57 CONTINUED: KALE What the hell? THEIR POV . with: Then -- (CONTINUED) D. somehow protect them and you from all that crap you can never escape? Ashley holds Kale's gaze for a beat.. ASHLEY Only in disturbia. ASHLEY Well.. Nope. dog and heads O. KALE What did they think.

DV CAM POV . (eyeing the bracelet) So. wearing a black cocktail dress. no tie.. ASHLEY (CONT'D) You seen her before? KALE No. The GRAINY IMAGE finally steadies to reveal a SECOND CAR pulling in behind Giles. KALE That's him.. ASHLEY (CONT'D) There's a club girl for you. Giles goes to the woman's car.Kale ZOOMS IN. We see in his eyes that he's flashing to the past. ASHLEY Another car -DV CAM POV .J. DV CAM POV .. ASHLEY (re: Giles) Cute for a killer.a REDHEAD -. flips out the three-inch LCD SCREEN. "going there. Caruso . ASHLEY (CONT'D) Who said chivalry's dead? The woman gets out. what're your issues.44..Giles gets out. She pulls in next to Giles' car.. pulls one of the DV Cams off its tri-pod. 57 (CONTINUED) D." There's an uneasy beat as Ashley picks up on it: Then -..is at the wheel. Engine and headlights turn off. Kale? Kale hesitates. KALE How do you know? Wearing a suit.Giles' silver Toyota pulls in the driveway. Kale quickly turns away from Ashley. 57 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY Something like that. opens her door. Stops. A thirtysomething attractive WOMAN -.HEADLIGHTS APPEAR OUTSIDE.

(then aside to Ashley) Your I. ASHLEY (CONT'D) (been there.. They toast. done that) Oh no. he put on music. she sits on the sofa as Giles enters with two glasses and a bottle of wine.The woman shies away from Giles. DV CAM POV . spots the woman moving around inside.. moves to the center of the room... 57 (CONTINUED) D. and has a black stamp blotch on her hand. c'mon. Didn't say which one though. Giles. stands from the sofa.Kale ZOOMS in on the woman's wrist and hand." DV CAM POV . and starts to get a little groove on. They watch as the woman gets up.. DV CAM POV ." the big black stamp's from "Flavor.. They turn back to the window. 57 CONTINUED: (3) ASHLEY Bright green bracelet's "The Pyramids.Kale ZOOMS IN on one of the living room windows. ASHLEY (CONT'D) Oh. Sure enough. A light comes on inside. looking at artwork. He sits down...45. pours the wine." purple's "Club 360. must be pretty good.D. ASHLEY (with a smile) I don't need one..J. DV CAM POV . take sips. KALE (over the above) Missing girl was seen at a club.. she's wearing both a green and a purple bracelet.Giles watches the woman as she seductively moves her body to the music we're not hearing. all she wants to do is dance. Caruso . ASHLEY Denied. shows her in. watch as Giles escorts the woman to the house. Giles moves in for a kiss -KALE He's going in.

. still asleep." ASHLEY (CONT'D) Stop. ASHLEY (CONT'D) (watching the woman & Giles) No.. faces back toward Giles' with: ASHLEY Now's the time to bust your move..Ashley raises the binoculars. holds her gaze. Kale's and Ashley's eyes shift to each other. turns on his receiver. They're really dancing close now.. As he toggles through radio stations -. They ever so slowly lean toward each other when -RONNIE . Ashley and Kale eye Ronnie for a beat.46. no.Ashley watches as Giles takes the woman's hand and dances with her. then quickly flick away. ON RONNIE . Then turn back to 57 DV CAM POV . Alternative. Their rhythm fits the music perfectly.. Kale flips to an easy listening R & B station playing Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine. RONNIE (eyes closed. grinning re: music) Hmmm.. A beat. Caruso . Then -.Rock. Kale sets the camera down. RONNIE (yawning. the window. Kale turns. A palpable tension between these two. BINOCULAR POV .Kale pans back to the woman and Giles.he stirs on the bed. Ashley glances to Kale. See if you can find the station. 57 CONTINUED: (4) KALE What do you think they're listening to? ASHLEY Could be radio.. pushing himself between them.suddenly interrupts.J.. re: woman with Giles) Who's that? (CONTINUED) D.

No.Giles and the woman are back on the couch. Kale and Ashley cringe.Ashley's CELL PHONE ominously RINGS with the first measures of BEETHOVEN'S 5TH -"BUM BUM BUM BUMMMMM. I'm Ashley flips the phone shut. joins Kale who's watching the LCD screen: DV CAM POV . Out cold. Then -58 ASHLEY Y'know.NIGHT . (then. 58 EXT. leaves. ASHLEY (re: cell) It's my mom. 57 CONTINUED: (5) 57 Ronnie looks to Kale and Ashley who glare back. mouths. They lean in again when -. Okay. KALE'S BACK YARD . (taking Ashley's hand) A pleasure.J.MOMENTS LATER Kale and Ashley cross the yard to Kale's kite string boundary. turns back to Ashley. just fill me in later. The woman is leaning her head on Giles' shoulder. No. KALE Looks like. Caruso . (CONTINUED) D. Ronnie stands. They peer into each other's eyes. ASHLEY Looks like this is as far as you go. RONNIE (CONT'D) (realizing) Ookay. re: Ashley) Duude! (slaps Kale's hand) Later. the woman falls over behind him. you're different than I expected.47. (with a smile) I'm at Barnes and Noble. KALE And she's down for the count. I'm fine. leaving. (into cell) Hi. I have to admit. I'll walk." She pulls the cell from her pocket. As Giles leans forward to take her wine glass. Kale shakes his head. aside to Kale.

Talking SERIOUSLY about something -GILES (voice raising) Just come back in the house. you shouldn't drive -ASHLEY He wants her to come back in -KALE I can't hear -ASHLEY Let's get closer -- (CONTINUED) D. They peek back over to Giles'.S. Ashley glance over to Giles' house. Kale and Giles 58 THEIR POV . THEIR POV . KALE Does that disappoint you? 'Cause I can be more messed up if you want me to. Ashley grabs Kale's arm and pulls him behind a shrub on his side of the boundary. They suddenly hear VOICES O. KALE "Fine?" ASHLEY Yeah. so we only hear the barely audible voices of Giles and the WOMAN. is right behind her. Caruso .The woman is heading briskly to her car.J. 58 CONTINUED: KALE What were you expecting? ASHLEY I thought you'd be more messed up. ASHLEY No. you're fine.48. KALE "Fine" like your first cousin "fine" or "fine" in kind of a Brad Pitt sorta way? Ashley smiles.We're crouched low now.

then PLOP DOWN underneath it just a couple of feet from Ashley's position! ON ASHLEY . purposefully steps toward the woman.. takes her arm. WOMAN (CONT'D) Here -GILES You're in no condition -WOMAN Give me my keys. ASHLEY'S POV . Caruso . the driveway. WOMAN I just don't think it's a good idea -(still searching..She sees Giles make a motion toward the fence. Hears the woman start to LAUGH.she startles. picks up her car keys. GILES Sorry. Giles.49. 58 CONTINUED: (2) 58 Ashley suddenly darts from behind the shrub and bolts toward the fence -KALE (re: his bracelet) I can't -But Ashley keeps going. GILES (CONT'D) C'mon. WE FOLLOW BEHIND ASHLEY . The CONTENTS spill onto ASHLEY'S POV .J.Giles bends down. Suddenly.She looks back toward Giles and the woman. more frustrated) Where the hell are they? The woman suddenly drops her purse. the woman's CAR KEYS WHACK the other side of the fence. presses up against it.She creeps over to the fence. (CONTINUED) D. not laughing.Ashley shifts her head. straining to listen -GILES You really should stay. peering through the cracks -ASHLEY'S POV . sees the keys. ASHLEY'S POV .We see the dark silhouettes of Giles and the woman -. looks over.

WITH KALE .She slowly turns her head.Giles .peering over the fence. (CONTINUED) D.she reaches for the car keys -CLOSER . eyes the car keys sparkling in the moonlight.50.heading back toward the fence! ON KALE .He ducks behind the shrub.STANDING RIGHT THERE. He glances down.. KALE (whispering) Ashley. She scoots toward them as -WE CRANE UP TO REVEAL . He pops out and tosses it over into Giles' yard. come on.seeing this. We can only hope it's tall enough to keep him from looking down and seeing Ashley. WITH KALE ...J. Shifting his head back and forth.He's seeing it all. sees Giles through one of the cracks -.she glances down. the house... 58 CONTINUED: (3) Giles helps her back toward 58 ASHLEY'S POV . She peers back through the nearest crack. contemplating his next move. Caruso . Kale tries to get Ashley's attention..doesn't see him -Ashley presses herself even harder against the fence as we.ASHLEY'S HAND .S.He raises up.searching for Giles -. WITH KALE . ON GILES . ASHLEY'S POV .. She puts her hand over her mouth to silence her own breathing -KALE'S POV . but she's not looking -CU . standing on his tip toes to get a better look down. PRESSES HERSELF AGAINST THE FENCE.ASHLEY'S FINGERTIPS barely TOUCH them when -GILES' HAND .suddenly SWOOPS IN from O.Giles stands frozen in the shadows behind Ashley. when suddenly -. WITH ASHLEY .a TWIG SNAPS under her foot! Ashley FREEZES. Ashley starts to slowly SLIIIDE away. BRUSHES ASHLEY'S FINGERS just before grabbing the keys and swiping them back to his side! Somehow Ashley keeps herself from screaming as she YANKS HER HAND BACK.The woman relents.He's seeing it all. picks up a large pebble. WITH ASHLEY . TILT UP AND PAN OVER TO REVEAL GILES .

KALE Mom? No answer. gives him a peck on the cheek and bolts away -Off Kale. SCATTERING to the ground as Kale ducks back behind the shrub. He then peers back out -HIS POV . sits.NIGHT .CONTINUOUS Kale cautiously steps into the hall." Ashley heads back over to Kale. Waves Ashley the "all clear.J.Giles lowers back down.51.shades still drawn. taking position. KALE Are you nuts?! Ashley silences Kale with a finger to his lips.Ashley walks in... slowly swings it open. He looks around. Lights are out now. He heads to. Kale's eyes POP OPEN. Damn. She then leans in.. The wind picks up outside as we PAN TO REVEAL Kale asleep in the leather chair... Did he hear something or did he dream it -. BINOCULAR POV . 58 CONTINUED: (4) 58 We HEAR IT DROPPING through branches.S. turns and heads back toward the house. Caruso . DAD'S OFFICE .MOMENTS LATER Exhilarated. 61 60 59 D. DAD'S OFFICE . binoculars in hand.he pulls himself out of the chair. Kale slumps. heads straight for the window and draws the blinds. 61 INT..LATER ON ASHLEY'S WINDOW . breathing hard.. ASHLEY (oddly exhilarated) That was intense. makes his way to the door.NIGHT . Kale SLAMS through the office door. We suddenly hear GLASS SHATTER O. breathless. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . TIME CUT TO: 60 INT. Kale sighs in relief. utterly stupefied -59 INT. He goes to his chair..NIGHT .

. he suddenly GRABS HER ARMS.Giles. SHE WALKS AWAY AS GILES STANDS THERE FROZEN. He frantically finds the 62 KALE (CONT'D) Dumbass dumbass -Kale stays on the floor.CONTINUOUS Kale enters.not noticing as he strips down to his boxers -IN THE B. KALE'S BEDROOM . we notice over his shoulder -IN THE B. takes off his socks. Caruso . Then -. Kale drops the binoculars and grabs the DV CAM. now alone.THE WOMAN HEADS INTO THE ROOM FOLLOWED CLOSELY BY GILES. turns off the lamp. The BULB shatters on the floor. KALE Dammit. tosses the binoculars on the desk. As Kale unties his shoes. ON KALE . pulls back the sheets.GILES' LIVING ROOM . turns off the light. But as he presses the power button. has turned on another light and is simultaneously picking up pieces of shattered light (CONTINUED) D.Giles and the woman are arguing.he slowly raises up. flips open the LCD SCREEN. finally turns back and sees -KALE'S POV . . BINOCULAR POV . throws a glance out the window to Giles' house. He fumbles with it. Dark.Giles standing in the living room. The woman paces around the room as Giles stands there. MOMENTARILY LIGHTING UP KALE'S ROOM! Kale spins and hits the floor.G. the camera's LAMP suddenly IGNITES. slouched under the window sill for a couple of beats.he throws his clothes in the closet. SHE SPINS AND SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE. 62 INT. ON KALE . DV CAM POV . The woman's arms flail about. grabs the binoculars.G.NIGHT . peers out. KALE (CONT'D) Shit! Kale watches as the woman yanks herself from his grasp and knocks over the lamp.52. switch. Kale turns to the bed.A LIGHT COMES ON IN GILES' LIVING ROOM. Kale darts to his desk. throwing the living room into total darkness. glaring at the woman.J. As she paces back by Giles.

fumbles the phone -. Ashley is ho-ho-hotttt -KALE Giles totally busted me. flips the phone open -KALE (CONT'D) (into phone as needed) Ronnie -RONNIE (V.O. BLARING MADONNA'S "LIKE A VIRGIN. comes to the last one and see GILES STARING RIGHT BACK AT HIM. picks it up -Kale's about to flip it open when the PHONE'S LCD SCREEN SUDDENLY LIGHTS UP. turns it off. He spots his CELL PHONE -. KALE (CONT'D) Oh shit oh shit. Kale SLOWLY PANS BACK ACROSS THE SAME WINDOWS.. SLOWLY PANS ACROSS those windows -. knocking the other camera and tri-pod over.Over the above. 62 CONTINUED: bulb and wiping some RED LIQUID OFF THE FLOOR. RONNIE (V. nothing. picks up one of the woman's HIGH HEELS lying near the couch.on the floor a few feet away. picks up the woman's OTHER SHOE. frozen in terror.. Kale spins and dives to the floor. uses his foot to slowly SLIIIDE the phone toward him. leans down. He extends his leg out. KALE (CONT'D) Okay. KALE'S TREMBLING HAND reaches for the phone. BINOCULAR POV .. Caruso . Kale shoves himself against the wall.. He TILTS UP to the second floor.) What do you mean..J. Could be 62 Giles wads the towel up. Kale trades the grainy DV CAM for the binoculars. or blood even. He flips off the lights.Kale PANS ACROSS the lower floor windows of Giles' house that's now become eerily still.Again. are you sure? (CONTINUED) D. He doesn't dare get up." Kale startles.53..O. Giles then moves to the stereo.. wine.) (phone filter as needed) Dude.. so where is she -BINOCULAR POV . heads out of the room.realizes it's Ronnie.

62 CONTINUED: (2) 62 Kale finally musters the courage to peek over the sill -KALE'S POV . They had an argument.O. I'm serious. KALE Wait -RONNIE (V. Kale.) (in his best sinister "Scream" voice) That's right.O. KALE They were arguing -RONNIE (V.O.) Then call your friends at the police department.S.) What? KALE A door just slammed.) I'm not and I'm hanging up.54.Gile's BACK DOOR is OPEN.O.nothing. KALE Dude. RONNIE (V. too? RONNIE (V.) Who? KALE Giles and the girl he brought home.) And then what? KALE And then -. What if he killed her.J. (CONTINUED) D. Caruso . RONNIE (V.O. he grabbed her -RONNIE (V. RONNIE (V. something is going on over there.) Uh-huh. and now I'm coming up to slash your guts out.O. you little bastard! KALE Asshole. A DOOR suddenly SLAMS O.O.

Caruso . barely visible in the darkness. Kale falls back to the bed.wait -. don't! JULIE What's going on. who were you talking to?! KALE Ronnie -. JULIE Kale. screams. slowly approaches his door. it's me!! Kale doesn't immediately drop the bat as he focuses on Julie.O. She flips the light on. (catching her breath. raises the bat. KALE (CONT'D) I heard the door -JULIE I'm sorry. KALE No.55.wait till I check the hall -This as Kale grabs his bat. He turns back to the door just as IT SUDDENLY PUSHES OPEN. Ronnie yawns. KALE Okay -62 JULIE Okay then. dressed in her serving uniform. so. Kale. Good. throws it to the bed.just Ronnie..) BOO! KALE Goddamn you!! Kale flips the phone closed. Kale's hand is about to grab the knob -RONNIE (V. SMACKING KALE IN THE FOREHEAD! Kale STUMBLES BACK. starts snoring. (CONTINUED) D. the wind caught it -Fine. 62 CONTINUED: (3) KALE Just -.J.. then) You want anything from the grocery? I'm going in the morning.

KITCHEN . ON KALE . slow down.LATE THE NEXT MORNING Kale saunters down the stairs. He opens the fridge.THE NEXT MORNING A groggy Kale tugs on the blind. 65 INT. He cracks open the carton. your neighbor -(gesturing outside) Behind you? Kale glares.pulls the door closed.eyes wide open. KALE I know. either in the pattern. cautiously raises it -KALE'S POV ..GILES' DRIVEWAY . notices a few full grocery bags on the counter and the coffee maker brewing. KALE'S BEDROOM . What to say. Kale JUMPS. heart racing. Kale turns back on his side. settle down. Julie eyes him a long beat. that caffeine in the morning.. ENTRY HALL . whoa. GILES (to Julie) Think I startled him.CONTINUOUS Kale enters..The silver Toyota's gone. 64 INT. The woman's car is still there. 62 CONTINUED: (4) KALE Anything caffeinated.. sees a new Mountain Dew twelve-pack. pulls out a can. Giles taps on the top of the dented soda can. how did you -Giles puts the soda on the counter as Julie comes through the kitchen door carrying groceries.. Kale doesn't take it.. then -. stripes.J. she flips off the light. Caruso . IN KALE'S KITCHEN.DAY . etc. breathing hard.IN THE FLESH. closes the fridge door revealing GILES . Robert Giles. hands it to Kale.56. (CONTINUED) D. Note: Giles' shirt should have BURNT ORANGE somewhere in it.. 65 64 He's gonna need 63 62 GILES (picking up the can) Whoa. It rolls to Giles' feet. drops the can. 63 INT.

. There's an awkward silence as Kale's eyes instinctively glance down to the ankle bracelet. KALE (with attitude) Gee. JULIE No.. Caruso .57. GILES Just glad I could help. 65 CONTINUED: JULIE (laughs) Oh. Kale reacts to that.At the grocery. We tried to change it. bends down to get a closer look at the ankle bracelet. (then. GILES I've always been curious about those things... favors Julie) Must be a little difficult when the man of the house is stuck in the house. I ran into Mr. but -KALE Dad put those security bolts on -JULIE And that adapter thingy that unscrews it ended up stripping it instead -GILES My fault. (then to Kale) We had it towed to Frank's.. You saved my life. it wasn't. JULIE Oh. Kale.J. we're managing. really lucky you were there. do you mind? KALE Yeah. 65 (CONTINUED) D. Giles at -GILES Robert.. I do. Giles steps closer to Kale. it's okay. I had a flat tire when I came out. no. JULIE (smiles) .

(to Giles) I'm sorry.... 65 CONTINUED: (2) JULIE Oh c'mon. GILES And I think I opened my big mouth again.. Kale. milk's. you seem like a straight hitter. Awkward beat. Then -Giles turns to Kale. You're absolutely right. You ask me. mean. GILES It's none of my business. hey. by the way.58. what about your coffee? KALE I popped my Spanish teacher. JULIE Wait. still in the car. No. JULIE (stepping in) Okay. silent beat. (then.. An awkward. KALE I like your shirt. Giles turns back to Julie: GILES In that case. I don't think that's the case. por favor? JULIE (searching bags) Shoot. GILES Whoa. I (CONTINUED) D. Kale reacts. heading for the door) I should go. Julie heads out the door. and -KALE I think I'd like to hear his opinion. whoever they are deserved it..J. 65 KALE That's right. surprised at how genuine that sounded. the color. no. dude. cafe con leche. Caruso .

. Kale eyes him. the. that dark orange. (CONTINUED) D. I get it though. about to turn and leave. GILES So when you say you "popped" your teacher -KALE Just a black eye. kill. he casually sits at the kitchen table.. Yeah? Always 65 GILES You a Longhorns fan. could you grab the sugar? (to Giles) Sugar? GILES (favors Kale) Why not. too? KALE Sure. but: JULIE Kale. Even though I've never stepped foot in Texas -GILES Me neither. reminds me of Texas. absolutely. As Giles says this.59. the high road's always the better choice. GILES Phew. KALE Huh. Caruso .. Listen.. Giles quickly adjusts his tone as Julie comes back with a last bag of groceries: GILES (CONT'D) But no matter how hard it is to hold back. I had plenty of teachers I wanted to just. I stayed in Minnesota till I moved here. just making sure I wasn't living next to some psycho killer.J. 65 CONTINUED: (3) GILES Which one? KALE Oh. Had a lot of friends who went there.

We've got the car -ASHLEY With the non dent dent -KALE The bumper sticker. Off Kale -ASHLEY (V. because he slashed your mom's tire? (CONTINUED) D. 66 INT.60. man. he's a total freak.And now he's showing up in my kitchen -ASHLEY Why. GILES (CONT'D) Thanks. She's just heard the story from Kale.LATER Ashley sits on the bed. He delivers it to Giles as Julie brings the coffee. 65 CONTINUED: (4) 65 Kale quickly grabs the jar of sugar from the counter and even thinks to grab a spoon from the drawer. sits at the table. KALE'S BEDROOM . Did you even notice my hair? KALE So you think it's all a coincidence. hey. She looks damned good.J. right? ASHLEY And very vague. did he genuinely mean it was nice meeting you or was he sending you a "sinister message?" KALE Are you messing with me? ASHLEY Maybe a little. That's creepy. (as Kale turns back) Nice to finally meet you.. Kale.. lipstick.) (prelap) Oooh. KALE I know.. up. Kale turns to leave again. the staring contest -.O. the argument.. GILES (CONT'D) Oh.DAY . Caruso Dolled 66 . too.

Caruso . KALE Well what if she's really "not moving?" What if she's tied in the dungeon with the other girl.. starving to death -ASHLEY (getting up) Then come up with a rescue plan and get back to me." Kale.. KALE You're leaving? Have to. Sorry. Nobody moves after a night like that. I didn't -(off Kale's confusion) I met this girl earlier. mine? KALE How is that possible? ASHLEY Excuse me? KALE Well. 66 CONTINUED: KALE Maybe. ASHLEY It's called "the day after. Whose? ASHLEY Uh. "Skinny Psycho?!" I sat next to that bitch in Spanish -ASHLEY Party.J. I just didn't think you knew anybody -ASHLEY I don't. I mean. KALE 66 (CONTINUED) D. Ashley rolls her eyes.61. Minnie Tyco? KALE Oh my god. KALE (CONT'D) (pointing out window) Her car hasn't moved.

62. Ashley turns to leave. You don't have to explain. I appreciate the thought. So I figured I can either shut myself in and keep hating it or.. KALE Hey.. ASHLEY (returning the tude) Glad to hear it. though. will ya? Ashley leaves. you're welcome to come. Really. She picks up the DV cam and binoculars. realizes what she's referring to as he glances down to the ankle bracelet. Ashley glares. but -Kale looks at Ashley.J. A sullen Kale stares after her -66 (CONTINUED) D. approaches Kale. Caruso . KALE It's funny. furious. try to make the most of it. hands them over with: ASHLEY Try to keep these in your drawers tonight. 66 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY (skipping that one) I told her my parents were outta town -KALE And now the whole neighborhood's coming. I'm stuck here. ASHLEY Look. KALE (with attitude) Well. ASHLEY (turning back) What? KALE I didn't peg you as a conformist. I get it. ASHLEY Kale.

The guy turns around. grabs the binoculars.But a nail usually acts like its own plug for awhile.Ashley excuses herself from the group and approaches the drink and food table where MINNIE TYCO (a.k.. "Skinny Psycho") is standing. .CROWD WALLA and THWUMPING MUSIC. . I guess anything's possible.Kale on the phone: KALE (into phone) Yeah. I'm calling about the Jeep Cherokee that was brought in with the flat and the stripped lug -it's ready? Listen. He's on the phone. did they have to replace the whole tire -. Caruso . 67 INT. KALE (CONT'D) Wait. Kale slams the phone down.. (beat as Kale listens) -.they patched it? Is there any way to tell if it was slashed or -.a.63.J. BINOCULAR POV . I'm not.S. heads to the window. talking with a group of PARTYGOERS.EARLY EVENING Kale sits in the darkness at dad's desk. We can't be a hundred percent sure if it was on purpose. (CONTINUED) D. what was that? You think I'm watching? Well. makes Kale jump from his chair. RONNIE (phone filter) This is Ronnie. A ROAR of LAUGHTER O. He JUMP CUT: 67 JUMP CUT: BINOCULAR POV .. nitpicking over her snack choices. Ashley hugs her then taps the cute GUY next to her on the shoulder. it can't flatten a tire in twenty minutes. Nope.. DAD'S OFFICE . Kale. on phone. She pretends to listen to one of the guy's stories as she furtively glances toward Kale's window. 66 CONTINUED: (3) 66 PRELAP . pressing his other finger to his ear. But it's quick. I am minding my own business. gets Ronnie's VOICE MAIL. leave a message. trying to drown out the NOISE emanating from Ashley's party next door.Kale scans the crowd until he finds Ashley. sits there a beat.Yeah. doesn't it? I mean it's a really slow leak.The white pages THWUMP onto the desk.

SECONDS LATER Kale SLAMS a speaker down on the edge of the roof facing Ashley's. 68 EXT.SHORT TIME LATER Kale SLAMS a ladder up against the roof. Kale PANS AROUND. heads out. Kale tosses the binoculars.Kale's hand flips on dad's bookshelf amplifier.EVENING . JUMP CUT: 70 INT. The speaker EXPLODES with the ROAR OF BARRY MANILOW (or AIR SUPPLY). Ashley hugs the surprised guy who wastes no time in hugging her back. Kale smiles with perverse (CONTINUED) D. Fire in her eyes as she storms O. KALE (CONT'D) You think I'm buying that? Kale keeps watching. Kale presses play.EVENING . Makes sure the speaker wires are securely clamped in place..SECONDS LATER Kale runs the wire down the hall.Ashley glances up in Kale's direction again -it's more obvious this time as she keeps HUGGING THE GUY. His thumb hovers 71 70 69 68 67 BINOCULAR POV .MOMENTS LATER SERIES OF QUICK SHOTS: CU .EVENING . 71 INT.. 2ND FL PORCH .Ashley's party comes into focus.J. CRANKS THE VOLUME CONTROL KNOB. over the PLAY button.Kale's I-POD LCD SCREEN lights up. 67 CONTINUED: Ashley mouths "Oh my God" like he's some long lost lover. 69 EXT. 2ND FL PORCH . KALE (CONT'D) That's it.S.. KALE (CONT'D) I'm not biting -BINOCULAR POV ..64. then unwinds the roll of wire back across the roof toward the ladder.EVENING . Glaring. DAD'S OFFICE . picks up Ashley again. ROOF . Caruso . BINOCULAR POV . CU .Ashley's party comes to a grinding halt.

She spins around. maintaining his wicked grin. The music stops.CONTINUOUS Where she holds the I-pod out the window. Caruso .DING DONG.65... 73 Ashley increases her speed.. ASHLEY (peering out the window as if shocked by something) Oh my God -Kale falls for it. 72 INT.SECONDS LATER Kale descends the stairs. He spins around to see ASHLEY storming in from the kitchen and marching up the stairs! KALE Hey! Kale races back to the stairs. spots Kale's I-pod. then -. 71 CONTINUED: satisfaction as he tilts his head. 74 INT.EVENING . Kale chases her out into. AD LIB MOCKING Kale as they laugh and race away into the shadows. Kale's about to pursue when the sound of a DOOR OPENING O.EVENING .S. He stands in her way. stopping Kale in his tracks. 75 76 INT. Kale stands there. runs smack into Kale who SWIPES the I-pod out of her hand and SLAMS it back in the dock.. but instead -. rips it out of its dock.gets PELTED WITH A BARRAGE OF WATER BALLOONS. Another beat. but Kale blocks her path.CONTINUOUS Ashley SLAMS through the door...EVENING .EVENING . anticipating the doorbell to ring. She tries to get around him. stops him cold. DAD'S OFFICE .CONTINUOUS Ashley bolts into.EVENING . 76 (CONTINUED) D. Ashley shoves him out of the way. 74 75 INT. grabs the I-pod.. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . 73 72 71 INT. Ashley moves in.J. He opens the door for Ashley. He looks. sees the speaker wires running into dad's office.. The music BLARES. KALE'S BEDROOM . 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE . ENTRY HALL .CONTINUOUS Ashley storms down the hall. frozen as the two BRATS jump from the bushes.

ASHLEY What does that mean? KALE Forget -ASHLEY No. I'm trying to conform -KALE Coulda fooled me. ASHLEY (realizing) So you were watching me. ASHLEY Even better.okay -ASHLEY What are you doing? KALE What are you doing? ASHLEY I'm trying to enjoy my party. that's wrong. KALE Okay -. Wait. Caruso . Question is for how long? Just tonight? Or maybe a week? Two weeks? Since I moved in? Kale tries to respond. I'm not gonna forget it. KALE Take it easy. but Ashley keeps pressing: ASHLEY (CONT'D) And the whole "my-neighbor's-thekiller" thing. fine.66. 76 CONTINUED: ASHLEY Back off or I'll throw it where you can't follow.J. KALE You wanna blend in with that crowd. According to you. that's sixty gigs of my life. then stop looking up and trying to get a rise outta me. Great cover -76 (CONTINUED) D.

The world according to Ashley.J.It sucks. Not two. 76 CONTINUED: (2) KALE It's not a cover -Over the above Ashley glances around ASHLEY So what is it. but just so you know -. always three. Caruso .. Now one would think with the whole numbers thing you've got going on that you'd put them on your shelf alphabetically. or just.. You're also the first girl I've ever seen who spends more time on her roof than in her own house... you savor each one by dividing it into four precise bites. when it seems like those curveballs are never gonna stop -. The ones you like go on the bottom. not four. And guess what? It's a very entertaining and beautiful thing. you don't paint your nails. you read books. Even when it takes a hit. and the ones you need.67. ASHLEY What else? Huh? What 76 KALE Okay -. I've seen you're the only one in the world who eats pizzaflavored Pringles. the ones you love go in the middle.. Kale? else have you seen? KALE What else have I seen? Yeah. well they go straight to the top next to the dream encyclopedia. the ones you keep going back to.. And you never stuff the chips in. When you end up in a place like this. I didn't know that was even possible.I've seen how you always pull your kleenex from the box in groups of three. Your system's much more perfect. (MORE) (CONTINUED) D. when your parents dump their baggage on you. You know what all this tells me? You know how things should be.I get it. And what do you do out there? You don't talk on the phone. but you don't.

" ON THE SCREEN .Ashley pulls Kale by his soaking wet t-shirt. 77 INT.. 76 CONTINUED: (3) KALE (CONT'D) But I've also seen those designer window shades of yours. his eyes glazed..As Kale clicks pages.. Kale leans in and kisses her.BLOODIED. He's hiding something behind his back as he sits on the bed next to a sleeping Ashley. WE SLOWLY PAN to reveal -KALE .he doesn't blink as he clicks on ONE PHOTO after the OTHER. Heavy make-out. 78 INT. opens her eyes.. We see a FLASHES of the victims' eyes -. or the sweetest thing I've ever heard. She stirs.they stumble back toward the bed out of frame as we hold on Kale's window -and Giles' house beyond.NIGHT ..NIGHT OUR POV . moves to the window. peers up at him.MOMENTS LATER Kale quietly enters and shuts the door.. gets up.no matter what. DAD'S OFFICE . LIFELESS. Kale SNAPS TO. HIS POV . They pull away.the bodies of the three redheads -.WIDE OPEN. KALE'S BEDROOM . The only thing I'll even consider apologizing for is.J.S.looking tired.. 78 77 She slowly 76 (CONTINUED) D. BRUISED. steps closer to him: ASHLEY That was either the creepiest. Caruso .peering down into Ashley's back yard. lock eyes. Then -. and guess what? They always go up the next day -. And even if no one else has.68. He runs a hand through his hair. smiles. We suddenly hear laughter O. ON KALE . not dropping the binoculars and telling you this a lot sooner. Then -. sitting at dad's computer surfing a website: "BRUTAL KILLINGS IN AUSTIN. A long beat as Ashley peers into Kale's eyes...a couple of girls GIGGLE as they stand at the edge of the pool pouring beer onto the passedout guys' chests.ASHLEY'S POOL . we see FLASHES of CRIME SCENE PHOTOS from the three murders -. And I ain't sorry. I've noticed that.. kisses him back even harder. There's a couple of guys passed out on rafts floating in the pool.

when you said you thought I'd be more messed up. Ashley smiles. opens it to reveal a printed-out picture of a long-stem red rose. (kisses him again) I know. hands it to Ashley. as they lock lips.69.. then takes it. ASHLEY Hey. Caruso .I know. KALE If would have gone to the flower shop.the first hints of daylight out the window. KALE I didn't kill my -ASHLEY Shhh.For a guy who killed his teacher. ASHLEY . ASHLEY (CONT'D) So how much longer? KALE Oh. A beat as the two peer into each other's eyes. HER POV . falls back to the bed.. nineteen hours give or take. twelve days. But this time. We get the impression she knows a lot. -. what time is it? Then: 78 (CONTINUED) D. where have you been? Kale holds up a folded piece of paper. two months.. ASHLEY (CONT'D) Oh my God. She curiously eyes Kale. 78 CONTINUED: KALE Hey. KALE (CONT'D) You know the other night. She pulls away. Ashley's eyes shoot open... Her eyes glance down at Kale's ankle bracelet.. Kale leans in for another kiss.. Ashley pulls Kale in for a kiss..J. but -ASHLEY I know.

Kale spots it behind the bed. Ashley looks over.J.We catch a glimpse of a few CRIMSON RED SMEARS on the blue bag as Giles heaves it behind the Mustang. he hears a NOISE O. THEIR POV . joins Kale at the window. getting dressed. (Note: The woman's car is still in the driveway. Ashley throws on her shoes. Ashley scrambles out of bed for her clothes. KALE (CONT'D) Look. BINOCULAR POV . peers out the window again.Giles is dragging a HEAVY BLUE PLASTIC BAG down the stairs leading to the garage. KALE (re: woman's car) Her car..Giles pulls the bag into the garage next to what we presume is the Mustang that's now been covered with a TARP. Ashley pauses.S.. ASHLEY I've gotta go. Giles' GARAGE DOOR CLOSES. searching for her shirt. KALE You better see this.) Kale grabs the binoculars. Caruso . quick -ASHLEY What? Kale gives her the binoculars. Kale peers out the window -HIS POV . still hasn't moved. As he gets up to retrieve it..70. 78 ASHLEY (CONT'D) (sarcastic) That's normal.. but be a little concerned. Then -ASHLEY So what do you wanna do? Off Kale -She can't help (CONTINUED) D. 78 CONTINUED: (2) KALE Three-thirty.

Caruso 79 78 . KALE'S BEDROOM . steal his code from his opener. "On" or "off. but -KALE (re: universal remote) This is good up to thirteen digits -RONNIE (realizing) How long have you been planning this? Ronnie eyes Kale with concern.LATER ON KALE ." RONNIE For the later purpose of doing what? Breaking in to his house? KALE No.. RONNIE There's more than one phase? KALE There's only two.. We're just talking about having access to his garage so we can go in on our own time . All you have to do is pop it open and read me the switch settings.J. (CONTINUED) D. Now look.71. to get a closer look at the car. eyes a little puffier. the bag -RONNIE (to Ashley) All this sounds reasonable to you? ASHLEY I don't know about that.when he's not there . Note: Kale is wearing the same clothes he was yesterday. Kale doesn't answer.holding up a UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR REMOTE still in the package. KALE Phase one. 78 CONTINUED: (3) RONNIE (prelap) You want me to do what? 79 INT.to just. not breaking in. Ashley and Ronnie are on the bed. the stubble coming back.. Hair more disheveled.DAY . his remote's in the glove compartment of his Toyota..

then grabbing the remote) It isn't safe. KALE'S BEDROOM . KALE (into headset as needed) Yo..J.LATER CU . then) Ashley.Kale flips his cell open. (getting up. Caruso . 80 INT. Ashley grabs the remote. RONNIE No. ASHLEY I'll do it.) Ten-four. you set? RONNIE (V.KALE'S CELL PHONE . suddenly sounding not so macho) I can't believe I'm doing this. WIDER . holds it in one hand. KALE Look. (punches buttons."LIKE A VIRGIN" suddenly blares. binocs in the other. He takes twenty-one minutes average to mow his front yard. 80 79 (CONTINUED) D. KALE'S POV .O. it's gotta be now. macho) Let's do it. KALE Let me conference Ashley in. you there? ASHLEY (V. 79 CONTINUED: GILES suddenly FIRES UP HIS LAWNMOWER O. KALE Nice.O..) (phone filter as needed. if we're gonna do this. you'll be hearing him the whole time. (beat.DAY ..72.Giles pushes the mower around the side of the house to the front yard..S.

O. KALE Dude. glove compartment.Green light.O.) (CONT'D) Shit. then very ungracefully hops the fence and falls into Giles' yard out of sight.OUT HIS WINDOW . KALE (CONT'D) Okay. He peers back out the window.Ronnie lifts up on the latch. other side. KALE'S POV . Nothing. BINOCULAR POV .Over Kale's shoulder. He PANS BACK to Ronnie. RONNIE (V. Locked. Locked. KALE (CONT'D) You're all good. darts to the driver's side door of Giles' Toyota.) Excuse me if I'm used to my mom's import. We hear Giles' lawnmower O.73. Ronnie tries the back door.RONNIE . Both sides of his house are clear. peers back up to Kale.) What do you think? BINOCULAR POV . RONNIE (V. Ron -. 80 RONNIE (CONT'D) (in Korean) Shit. Can I just try this one while I'm here? BINOCULAR POV . 80 CONTINUED: Kale presses "RECORD" on the tri-pod-mounted DV CAM. (CONTINUED) D.Ronnie draws a breath.O. we see Kale is clearly aiming his binocs at Ronnie.S.J. OUR POV . gives him the thumbs up or down. Caruso .suddenly appears from the bottom of frame.Ronnie scrambles to his feet from behind the fence.O. keeping low as he darts to the fence. shit -KALE You okay -RONNIE (V. RONNIE (V. Ronnie turns.) Oww.Kale PANS ACROSS to the other side of Giles' house. BINOCULAR POV .

on. that one was "off.74. I found it.) What's wrong? RONNIE (V. RONNIE (V.) Oh my God -ASHLEY (V.) (CONT'D) They're all gonna be locked -KALE Well. off.) There's like a month-old order of Nachos Bell Grande under the seat.S -But Kale isn't seeing this! RONNIE (V. on. will you just check? Ronnie goes around the back of the Toyota to the other side. KALE Whenever you're ready. while you're there. Kale grabs the pencil and notebook.) "On. his ass to us.) I'm in. He lifts up on the passenger door latch.O.. RONNIE (V. 80 CONTINUED: (2) 80 But we also see ON THE FAR SIDE OF FRAME GILES' NEIGHBOR PULLS HER LAWNMOWER OUT OF HER GARAGE AND ROLLS IT O. Just happens to shift his gaze to the side of Giles' house to see -KALE'S POV .J.O. Kale glances up..O.O. off. off." Ronnie pauses. on. Caruso . off. (then) Okay.O. on -. KALE You see the package? We see and hear Ronnie." No wait. RONNIE (V. on.) Looks like "on. (CONTINUED) D. RONNIE (V." KALE Just start over.O.GILES IS WALKING BACK AROUND with no lawnmower! But for some reason we still HEAR A LAWNMOWER.O. on. Bingo. off. rummaging around the inside of Giles' car.

80 CONTINUED: (3) KALE No. KALE (trying to remain calm and succinct) Ronnie. Caruso .75. RONNIE (V.) Kale. what do I do?! Where -KALE GET IN THE CAR!! KALE'S POV . he's coming straight for you -What?! RONNIE (V.O. stop dicking with me.) (full-on panic) Kale.O.) I did. JUDY THORP CUTTING HER GRASS. KALE (CONT'D) Don't panic.) I'll get it right this time.O. no -Kale grabs the binoculars. TOO. I still hear his -BINOCULAR POV . you've gotta get me -80 KALE Back seat. Ronnie gently pulls the door shut.O. NOW! (CONTINUED) D. The neighbor is also mowing her lawn and he's going to see you -RONNIE (V.J. I did -KALE Easy on the door.Kale WHIP PANS to Giles' neighbor.Ronnie dives in the car just as Giles rounds the corner of the house. KALE Ronnie. RONNIE (V. he's coming around.) Dude. I am not dicking with you.O. KALE (CONT'D) Put the remote back -RONNIE (V.

. KALE (V. sees Ronnie sneaking out the back seat door on the driver's side as Ashley distracts Giles. Caruso . KALE'S POV . 80 CONTINUED: (4) 80 BINOCULAR POV . Whatever it is. looks over to see ASHLEY Heading up the driveway. Ashley. you're good.O.) I'm on it. uneasily shakes her hand.O.Giles opens the passenger door. RONNIE (practically crying) Kale. KALE (CONT'D) (talking to Ashley even though she can't hear) Okay.76. Giles steps around to the front of the car.Kale PANS BACK to Ronnie as he hops the fence back into Kale's yard. Bird-watching perhaps. Who knows what they're talking about.Giles pulls himself out. pointing up to the trees on the opposite side of the yard. was that the whole code? Ronnie? BINOCULAR POV .Ronnie TUMBLES into the back seat and out of sight just as GILES heads for the car. KALE (CONT'D) Ronnie.) (CONT'D) Ashley -ASHLEY (V. About to reach in when something distracts him -. KALE (CONT'D) Ronnie. (CONTINUED) D. We barely hear her introduce herself to Giles. Kale TILTS BACK UP to Ashley and Giles in the driveway. KALE (CONT'D) Ronnie? BINOCULAR POV . it's working..J. tell my mom -KALE Shut up.Kale TILTS BACK TO THE TOYOTA. stay down and don't move. you're good -No answer. come on.

Kale.THE CLUB GIRL Giles brought home the other night exits the back door and walks up to Ashley and Giles! RONNIE (stepping closer) Great.J.The club girl gets in her car. 80 CONTINUED: (5) 80 Over this.) No way. Caruso . KALE'S POV . shakes his hand. heads back down the driveway and out of sight. Kale raises the binoculars again. then throws a quick surprised glance up to Kale and Ronnie.77. still trying to get the rest of the number as Ashley enters. watches as she backs out. Kale and Ronnie watch as Ashley shakes hands with the club girl. a breathless Ronnie stumbles into the bedroom. RONNIE (CONT'D) What are you doing? KALE Getting her license number -RONNIE Why? Kale doesn't answer. joins Kale at the window. BINOCULAR POV .S. Kale TILTS DOWN to her license plate. Giles closes her door. KALE (re: something O. eyes Ronnie who gestures to Kale. Ashley gets the hint. starts jotting down the number. did you get it? RONNIE You've gotta be kidding. Ronnie and Kale lock eyes for a tense beat. She lives. then furiously grabs for his pad and pencil. Then: (CONTINUED) D. KALE (CONT'D) Was that the whole code? RONNIE (pissed) Excuse me? KALE (serious) The code. Giles' body language tells us he's ready for Ashley to leave.

DAY . But now.. Note: Up till now. goes to the desk. the office has been in reasonably good order. Now he thinks he needs her license number. That's what all the neighbors always say -." That's what they all say. why are you so -Ashley and Ronnie stop in their tracks at the MESS. but he was always nice to me. what's in the bag? (then from O. 80 CONTINUED: (6) ASHLEY Okay. case closed.S.The shades are drawn. Why. 80 Kale's starting to get manic: KALE "Yeah.. just.) Can anyone tell me that? Off Ronnie and Ashley -81 INT.. Sure he kept to himself. but what about the bumper sticker. Caruso 81 . Only after they've caught the guy. Soda cans everywhere. RONNIE Try telling Inspector Clouseau that.CONTINUOUS Kale enters. clicking keys as Ashley and Ronnie enter -ASHLEY Kale. Kale? ASHLEY It's over. WIDER . there's still a girl missing.78. ASHLEY Okay. DAD'S OFFICE . papers are spread on the floor: PRINTED OUT FULL COLOR GRUESOME CRIME SCENE PHOTOS.. I think we all just need to take a breath. sits at dad's computer.after the fact. he seemed like such a normal guy. KALE (heading out) Fine. it's noticeably different.J. BLACK & WHITE AUTOPSY PHOTOS of the (CONTINUED) D. after he's killed thirty people -Ashley and Ronnie trade concerned looks.

right? You can find any location on earth and take a picture -RONNIE Yeah. Ronnie shows them to Ashley who takes a RECEIPT out of a nearby Home Depot box -on the page -. KALE Maybe I am.. right now. for a small fee -ASHLEY Kale. Ashley and Ronnie turn to Kale. it doesn't look that way. more pictures of the girl who disappeared. ASHLEY (beat. what are you doing? KALE Trying to get to the bottom of this. Caruso . ASHLEY (delicately) Kale.you were this -What.99. "MISSING" FLYERS. KALE What's it look like? ASHLEY Like you're determined to turn Giles in to who you think he is.com box: "Murderer: Tell Tale Signs of a Serial Killer" and "The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer" -. Giles' house is circled and labeled in flourescent ink.the titles Ashley was referencing earlier..SMITH'S UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR REMOTE QTY (1) $29. Kale finally looks up. crazy? I'm right. a BLACK AND WHITE POSTER-SIZE SATELLITE PHOTO of THE NEIGHBORHOOD.. hanging next to his Dad's book cover posters. They notice on the wall behind him. notices them looking -KALE (re: satellite poster) Ronnie. lifts a couple of books out of an Amazon. you've seen this satellite website. then) I just didn't realize -. KALE Not who I think. But maybe 81 (CONTINUED) D. Ronnie leans down.. Over the above.J.79. 81 CONTINUED: murdered redheads. PATRICIA WALSH.

(peers at dad's book cover posters) I'm seeing you sitting at your dad's desk -That gets Kale's attention.... Caruso . (beat. this is all I need. shocked she hasn't gotten through to Kale.80. you ever really knew him.J. (CONTINUED) D. it's about -(beat. 81 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY It's not about that..Because you lost him before maybe. then -81 KALE Are you two gonna help me or not? Ashley pauses. Then -ASHLEY I want to. What Ronnie and I are seeing right now. I see a guy who looks like he hasn't slept in days. so -. (re: mess) This." Kale. by getting all wrapped up in.I guess I'll see you later. then) Obsessing's not gonna "protect you. Before the world according to Kale took a hit from that same stuff you were telling me about. KALE (beat. then) Well. It's not gonna make the hurt go away. Kale locks eyes with Ashley. A long beat.. KALE (picks up a stack) Then start looking through these -ASHLEY That's not what I meant.. ASHLEY (CONT'D) -. then quietly) -. remember? All those curveballs? But it's like -it's like you're still trying to dodge them by forcing pieces together that are never gonna fit.What I see.

Ronnie 81 Ashley and Ronnie trade looks. grabs the bat.NIGHT In the darkness. 82 INT. Caruso 83 82 . Staring ahead.. Catch you later? KALE Sure. trying to keep them in check... 83 INT. RONNIE Dude -. and Kale. grabs Kale -KALE Get off me.. Kale throws intermittent glances out the window as he starts to UNSCREW the back of the DV CAM. his thoughts unreadable -- Kale falls back in the leather chair.Giles' garage door is open.then -. turns back to Kale. ENTRY HALL .NIGHT . HIS POV .. find Kale sitting in his video game chair staring out at Giles' house. There's suddenly fierce KNOCKING at Kale's front door. smiling wide. JUMP CUT: Kale screws the back of the camera on.Ashley leaves.SECONDS LATER Kale swings the door open -. but -. Mom.81. Dark. There's a light or two on inside Giles' house but no signs of movement. takes a swig of a soda. He lifts the back off.I've gotta pull it together and -. his DAD'S PHOTOS. Giles' silver Toyota is parked inside next to the Mustang.change my underwear. Kale just sits there. JUMP CUT: Kale sits in silence.the articles. fighting his emotions. Kale jumps from his chair..my cell phone's -. the family portrait of Dad. He glances out to Ashley's. Ronnie leaves. man.J.nobody's there -.. dude. 81 CONTINUED: (3) Then -. More knocking and DOORBELL RINGING. He peers around the office -. He starts connecting it inside the camera.Ronnie suddenly STEPS INTO FRAME..still in his car. their lives ahead of them. KALE (CONT'D) So what's your deal? You hanging out or not? RONNIE I would. (CONTINUED) D. then reaches in a nearby BOX and pulls out a BLUE TOOTH WIRELESS CIRCUIT BOARD. KALE'S BEDROOM . the books.

. then) Ronnie. RONNIE (shaking his head) Phase two. out.SHORT TIME LATER A SHAKY and grainy VIDEO IMAGE appears on Kale's computer screen.O. 83 CONTINUED: Kale eyes Ronnie a beat.Ronnie suddenly aims THE VIDEO CAMERA AT HIS FACE. did you hear me? KALE (beat. Caruso .) I guess it's now or never. Moving There's a How am I 84 83 (CONTINUED) D.Giles' garage door is still open. I know you think I'm losing my mind. I'll help you get it.. looking? Kale picks up the binoculars. Kale picks up one of Ronnie's old walkie-talkies. you got a signal? ON KALE'S COMPUTER SCREEN . BINOCULAR POV . listen. KALE Light on. RONNIE (V. light on at the opposite end of the house. RONNIE (CONT'D) Kale.O. RONNIE (V. I knew it. SMASH TO: 84 INT.82. but.) Yeah. mic's on the fritz.J. KALE'S BEDROOM . KALE Got video. KALE (into walkie talkie as needed) You read? RONNIE (V. no audio. I just need you to do one thing. far end.O.NIGHT .) (walkie talkie filter as needed) Yeah.

RONNIE (V.he takes out a pen light. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . lifts up on the latch.Rapidly approaching the back of Giles' Toyota. RONNIE (V.We barely make out Ronnie's silhouette as he makes his way toward the garage -Twenty feet. He has to let it go.The image goes to SNOW for a split second -. Shit.O..the signal weakening.O. RONNIE (V.J. Caruso .O. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . (CONTINUED) D.) (CONT'D) I'm not seeing it -KALE Stay calm. KALE (re: Giles) No movement.O.he TILTS UP -. 84 CONTINUED: Kale turns back to the computer screen -RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . He looks at the CALLER I.O. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . it's there.Ronnie's hand finally pulls out the cell phone.Ronnie hops the fence. RONNIE (V.We see Ronnie's hand feeling around the back seat floor of Giles' car. Kale's CALL WAITING suddenly BEEPS..) First hurdle -RONNIE'S DV CAM POV .) (CONT'D) Garage -RONNIE'S the back the door The door DV CAM POV .Very shaky as Ronnie makes his way to seat door -. RONNIE (V. aims it at as his hand enters frame.83. Kale peers out the window -BINOCULAR POV .His feet dart across the yard -.D: ASHLEY.approaching the fence. pops open.) (CONT'D) Ten feet -84 RONNIE'S DV CAM POV .) (CONT'D) Bingo.

But suddenly.S. Still no sign of movement.O. He raises the walkie talkie -RONNIE (V.O. check the bag.Giles' house. RONNIE (V.we're now watching Ronnie's feet as they stride deeper into the garage. BINOCULAR POV .) (CONT'D) I'm setting the camera on the trunk.J.We watch as Ronnie kneels down. RONNIE (V. heading toward the bag. walking in between the Toyota and Mustang. starts to open the bag. RONNIE (V. RONNIE (V.84.O. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV .We see Ronnie's hand gently push the door of Giles' Toyota closed.) That was close.) (CONT'D) It does look like blood -.) (CONT'D) Oh shit -Kale looks out -- (CONTINUED) D. The angle TILTS DOWN -. the still POV suddenly STARTS TO SLOWLY.O.) I'm checking the bag first.We watch as Ronnie spins and grabs the camera. 84 KALE You're still clear. aims it perfectly at the BLUE BAG sitting in the corner.) I've got it.O. We hear another NOISE O. 84 CONTINUED: (2) RONNIE (V.O.Ronnie sets the camera on the trunk of the Mustang.and hair -RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . KALE Try to get the plate number of the Mustang and check for dents -RONNIE (V.And Kale realizes -KALE The camera's sliding -RONNIE'S DV CAM POV .O. STEADILY TRACK TO THE LEFT -. We watch with Kale as Ronnie enters frame. Caruso .) Hang on -RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . crouched low.

Looking terrified. aims it at his face.Ronnie suddenly PANS THE CAMERA up to his face as he runs. The camera swings away as we see Ronnie's feet scrambling along the concrete floor and then -. ROUNDING A CORNER ONTO CARPET.We watch as Ronnie picks up the camera. We catch GLIMPSES OF RONNIE'S FEET -.hauling ass down a HALLWAY. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV . clearly mouthing "HELP ME!!" RONNIE! KALE (CONT'D) Shit -- Then -.Giles' GARAGE DOOR STARTS TO CLOSE. Caruso . THE IMAGE CUTS OUT -. KALE Ronnie? RONNIE (staticky) -.they appear to RACE THROUGH A DOORWAY ONTO DIMLY LIT HARDWOOD FLOOR -.in there. Kale eyes his D. pacing.make it -.the camera seems to fall. SLIDING ON THE HARDWOOD FLOOR TOWARD AN OLD BOOKCASE.GOES TO ALL SNOW -Kale jumps up.. THEN BACK ONTO HARDWOOD -KALE (CONT'D) What the hell -ON THE SCREEN . Fuck it. RONNIE'S DV CAM POV .or happened -.interference -somebody's here -KALE Ronnie?! Dead air.Shaky.J. Giles' GARAGE DOOR SLAMS SHUT. 84 CONTINUED: (3) 84 KALE'S POV . Grabs it. Green light. Peers out the window to Giles'. No telling what the hell's happening -. bat. Kale eyes his ankle bracelet.making us and Kale realize -KALE (CONT'D) He's in the house -(into walkie) Ronnie? Still nothing..85.

(CONTINUED) D. UNIFORM #1 Hands above your head. open the door!! The house is still. uneasily feeling his way through shadows and low-hanging branches. approaches the front door -it's open a few inches -.NIGHT . Then -. races across the yard. racing to. KALE (CONT'D) Ronnie. my friend's been kidnapped. tries the knob -. GILES' FRONT YARD .NIGHT . Kale eyes it a beat. aims it at Kale -Freeze.he's inside. KALE'S BACK YARD .steps up onto the porch.he hops the fence. Kale races toward it as two uniformed officers step out -KALE Hey! The officer pulls his sidearm. 85 86 EXT. No lights on in Giles' house.. now!! 87 KALE Please.CONTINUOUS It's even darker on this side.darkness beyond. 85 EXT.NIGHT . Kale cautiously rounds the side. can you hear me?! Giles.Red light FLASHES. skips over his kite string boundary -ON HIS ANKLE BRACELET . I think the owner's trying to kill him -UNIFORM #1 Stay right there. GILES' BACK YARD/HOUSE .locked.86. about to push it open when -.MOMENTS LATER Kale SLAMS out the back door.SIRENS BLARE O.S. he's in this house -. WITH KALE .CONTINUOUS KALE Ronnie?! Kale darts to Giles' back door. Kale bolts around the side. UNIFORM #2 I've got it -Uniform #2 heads briskly to Giles' front door. Kale SPINS AROUND to see A POLICE CRUISER ROLLING TO A STOP. Caruso .. 86 87 EXT.J.

87. 87 CONTINUED: UNIFORM #1 (into radio mic) Dispatch, 13A74, we're 10-26 with the kid, he's claiming a 10-31 at... (eying numbers above Giles' door) 4710 Fairway Court. House behind his residence, request 10-78. DISPATCHER (V.O.) (over mic) 13A74, ten-four, units already in the area, will advise -Kale watches as Uniform #2 approaches the Giles' door. UNIFORM #2 It's open. KALE It was already open. Uniform #2 knocks on the door. Rings the bell. No answer. Uniform #2's about to knock again when a light comes on inside. After a beat -- Giles opens the door. Looking disheveled, in his bathrobe. GILES Uh, yes, can I help you, officer? UNIFORM #2 Sorry to wake you, sir, we have a young man here claiming a friend of his is in your house. Would you know anything about that? GILES (laughs) No, I certainly wouldn't. KALE You're a lying son of a bitch! Uniform #1 retrains Kale as another CRUISER rolls to a stop. Uniforms #3 & 4 hop out, head to Uniform #1 to assist. UNIFORM #1 Take it easy -KALE He's in there, goddammit! inside! He's lying! He's 87

Uniform #1 pulls Kale back to the cruiser, opens the back door and pushes him down on the seat -(CONTINUED) D.J. Caruso

88. 87 CONTINUED: (2) UNIFORM #1 Sir, calm down -KALE Okay, but he's lying -- he has my friend, and he kidnapped that girl last week, he killed maybe three others, all redheads, they could be in a bag -- a big blue plastic bag -in his garage -- my friend knew this -(re: Giles) That's why he's covering -- he didn't just wake up five minutes ago -Uniform #1 looks concerned as he steps away from Kale. UNIFORM #1 (to Uniform #3; re: Kale) Can you -Uniform #3 nods as Uniform #1 heads back up to Giles and Uniform #2. KALE'S POV - Uniform #1 whispers something to Uniform #2. They turn back to Giles. UNIFORM #2 Sir, do you mind if we take a look inside? A beat. A couple more police cruisers roll to a stop. Curious NEIGHBORS are now gathering across the street. GILES Absolutely, be my guest. Giles ushers them through the door and follows them into the house. Giles turns, shoots a quick glance to Kale before closing the door. ON KALE - all he can do is wait. He shifts his gaze to the gathering neighbors. A few lock eyes with him, shake their heads. Kale turns back toward the house... TIME CUT TO: 88 EXT. GILES' BACK YARD - GARAGE - NIGHT - SHORT TIME LATER ON THE GARAGE DOOR - as it slowly raises up. WIDER - The uniforms, standing with Kale, wait as the door opens all the way. 88 87


D.J. Caruso

89. 88 CONTINUED: A light comes on inside. Giles and Uniform #1 come out the inner garage door as Uniform #2 Giles drags the BLUE BAG out from the garage. Sure enough, there's blood smears and visible strands of matted hair near the top. Uniform #2 unties the bag, pulls the sides away. Everyone gathers around, peers inside, then suddenly yank themselves back at the horrible STENCH emanating from within. Kale eyes Uniform #1 who gestures him to look. toward the bag. Kale steps 88

KALE'S POV - We peer into the bag to reveal the WIDE OPEN eyes of a dead -- DEER. GILES (to the cops) I hit it the other night. Thought I'd save a few steps and get it off the road myself. I was gonna bury it sooner, but it's been a helluva week -KALE So why'd you have to have the car fixed in record time, huh? Because it was covered in her blood -GILES (talking over him; re: Mustang) Because it's a classic, I got it out of storage for the auto show, I needed it in pristine condition. UNIFORM #2 It's one of the biggest in the world. (off Uniform #1) The auto show. All eyes on Kale. everything. He slumps. Giles has an answer for

UNIFORM #1 I think we're done here. the intrusion, sir. GILES Please, I understand.

Sorry for

As the Uniforms lead Kale back down the driveway...


D.J. Caruso

NIGHT ..... He looks up -89 88 JULIE (CONT'D) I really am. 89 INT. You know. concern. Uniform #3 meets Parker and Julie at the front door. LIVING ROOM .. staring off.LATER Kale sits on the sofa. Not the words Kale expected. drained) So where's my friend. then) I'm sorry. I thought time would heal this and taking a second job was..because I have to tell you something. come on -Kale turns back to Giles' house. sits across from Kale. I was too caught up in my own grief to see straight. 88 CONTINUED: (2) KALE (quietly. the answer to keeping a roof over our heads -(CONTINUED) D. JULIE Kale.J. Sees lights being turned out inside. drops his head as the cops. opens the door.. sees PARKER. JULIE (a beat.90. Parker nods to Uniform #3 who's standing next to Kale. Julie heads back into the living room. I would always know what was going on with my kid -KALE Mom -JULIE Let me finish -.. As Kale shifts his gaze forward. Caruso .. sadness.. he locks eyes with ASHLEY standing in the crowd of neighbors. Julie quietly nods to them. one thing I always told myself was that no matter what. Kale. standing with JULIE whose eyes are filled with it all: anger. (then) I feel like I let you down. Kale turns away. He looks to the stairs as Julie and Parker head down. A few more inaudible words are exchanged before Julie gently closes the door behind them. then? Can anyone tell me that? Does anyone believe me?! Kale looks over. a FLASH OF LIGHTNING in the distance. She watches him with concern. Parker and Julie lead him away.

I just -. for a beat -.it'll get better.a grainy image suddenly pops on -. Kale stares races to the phone. I want us to be honest with each other like we used to be.A text message: LOOK AT YOUR SCREEN. 90 89 INT. A wide eyed Kale puts the cell phone on his desk. The battery's dead. He collapses to the bed.. (beat) I want us to be us again. goes to Julie and hugs her -. No matter what. It may not look like it sometimes. head tilted against the wall. slowly shifts his gaze to his computer monitor -.J. Okay? Kale nods. Eyes open.shaky at first -. Do you hear me? We're still not through this -obviously -. Dead. He heads to his window. then jumps from his bed.and that's just gotta be okay. 89 CONTINUED: KALE It was -JULIE (points to ceiling) That's just wood.NIGHT . The wind's picking up. Kale closes his window. The LCD SCREEN suddenly BLACKS OUT.it's gonna take more time -. KALE'S BEDROOM .maybe a lot more time -. Caruso .then it finally steadies. and clears up.LATER Kale enters amidst a few more LIGHTNING FLASHES and distant ROLLS OF THUNDER. it from the charger. flips it open -- ON THE PHONE'S LCD SCREEN . Dark.. rips stares at the roof over his head A VIRGIN" suddenly BLARES ON HIS at it. glances out at Giles' house.91.tight. KALE OH MY GOD -- (CONTINUED) D. Is that possible? KALE Yeah. And we'll get through this. but it's the truth. A torso and face come into focus: RONNIE. because I know -. draws the shade.then "LIKE CELL PHONE. lying in the corner of a very enclosed space.didn't think you'd believe me -JULIE Listen to me. sticks his cell in the charger. I am always on your side. 90 He stands.

KALE (CONT'D) Ronnie -Kale kneels down to Ronnie who suddenly POPS BACK TO LIFE! RONNIE BOO! Kale screams.. RONNIE (CONT'D) Dude. Kale leans closer to the screen. 90 CONTINUED: Nearly hyperventilating.Ronnie's IN HIS CLOSET. Kale staggers to his feet. popped out and said. KALE (CONT'D) Shit -Kale realizes -. "oh yeah. I got lucky. Not knowing whether to hug Ronnie or beat the shit out of him. but dude. I heard you yelling. MORE LIGHTNING FLASHES and THUNDER. sees a pile of clothes and a stray racketball trophy lying next to Ronnie. you could have -RONNIE What. falls back to the floor as Ronnie cracks up." Are you kidding me? 90 (CONTINUED) D.How long have you been here? RONNIE You should have seen your face -(off Kale's glare) I got out his front door. I was just in that house. Kale slowly turns. don't kill me. don't kill me -I can explain -KALE How -.92.. He then steps toward it. eyes his closet door.J. reaches out -and SLIDES THE CLOSET DOOR OPEN TO REVEAL -RONNIE . my friend's right. officers. Stunned. I'd gone to get my cell phone out of the guy's car I broke into earlier. Caruso . cops were everywhere -KALE Still.lying dead in the corner.

90 (CONTINUED) D. but maybe he didn't. DV CAM in hand. slap happy as hell. I thought he did. then) I get it. RONNIE But I do have to ask..93. Both laugh hysterically. Kale paces around. remember? Kale grabs the DV CAM from Ronnie -. Ronnie cracks up. KALE What if he wasn't always a guy? Ronnie eyes Kale for a beat. you know? I mean. Caruso .. he's a guy. he was a kid once. Kale and Ronnie lock eyes a beat. 90 CONTINUED: (2) KALE (beat. right? RONNIE You know. detective? KALE I was watching.Ronnie pulls it away. RONNIE Dude.... Can we just. hug it out? KALE Why didn't Giles tell the cops someone broke in? I mean. runs a hand through his hair as Ronnie steps out of the closet. Then Kale cracks a smile.J. Then crack up again. and he didn't wanna make a big deal of it. wondering if he's serious. what was in the bag? KALE (as if it were obvious) Dead deer. (re: DV CAM) Hey. Kale eyes Ronnie. I am sorry.. Or maybe he's a nice guy afterall. RONNIE Naturally.. let's be positive for a change. you want more evidence. he did see you..

its POV -..hauling aaaass. cracking themselves up as we see -They're 91 90 ON THE TV . Then -. no.The camera is quickly scooped up by Ronnie whose feet dart across Giles' entry hall floor toward the front door. this is comedy. Ronnie grabs some wires. RONNIE Yeah. RONNIE (CONT'D) . He came through the inside door -(re: TV screen) This is where I ducked low and started. KALE That's great. I caught that.Ronnie's feet start motoring across the concrete floor. (CONTINUED) D. slides across the floor toward that bookcase.. racing through the doorway onto the hardwood floor... Ronnie diving for it. we're mostly watching Ronnie's feet as they scamper around Giles' house..This we didn't see earlier -..the camera falls away.NIGHT .94. ON THE TV .As before. ON THE TV . I lost signal -ON THE TV . KALE'S BEDROOM .SHORT TIME LATER Kale and Ronnie watch the video of Ronnie's break-in. it deserves big screen treatment. starts hooking the camera up to Kale's TV. RONNIE Hey. 90 CONTINUED: (3) RONNIE No.aiming UNDER THE BOOKCASE. he must have heard me. the camera sliding away off the trunk of the Mustang. KALE Yeah. RONNIE Dropped it.. KALE So that's when the garage door started closing.J. TIME CUT TO: 91 INT. Caruso .Ronnie's feet stumbling through the garage.FOR A SPLIT SECOND ..

. The camera falls from Ronnie's hand. Giles. slides to the bookcase. RONNIE But I never leave evidence behind. 93 INT. starts rummaging through the fridge. Kale FREEZES THE IMAGE.95. ON KALE .. presses "PLAY".did he see something? Kale scans back again. then goes for the cabinets. sits on the floor.. 91 CONTINUED: We see Ronnie's hand reach for the knob. KALE (re: video) I'm gonna burn this.NIGHT . keeps running. KITCHEN . ON THE TV . Ronnie heads from the room. All that running around...his eyes suddenly narrow -.J.just as the camera slides to a stop at the bookcase and aims underneath it.. Dark. heads to the camera. scans back through the tape. KALE (CONT'D) You're not fooling me.CONTINUOUS ON THE TV .CONTINUOUS Ronnie enters. this time just to the point where Ronnie drops the camera.NIGHT . The TV SCREEN goes black. 92 INT.. He pulls the camera off the TV.. Nothing glaring stands out. grainy. ON THE TV . when a thought stops him. About to eject the tape. Caruso 93 92 91 . Kale scans the tape back again. RONNIE (CONT'D) (getting up) I'm starving. Ronnie quickly scoops the camera up. Kale gets up. RONNIE (CONT'D) And that's about when you started yelling bloody murder and the shit hit the fan. pulls a soda out. KALE'S BEDROOM .The same footage.Ronnie's feet dart out Giles' front door and into the darkness of the yard. (CONTINUED) D.

we start to see SOMETHING UNDER THE BOOKCASE. Presses start. his face just inches away as a few more blurry frames FLIP BY then -. ON THE TV .Kale's eyes are transfixed on the screen. THERE. KITCHEN .) Ronnie. 93 CONTINUED: Kale grabs his remote.FWACK! Ronnie WHIRLS AROUND in excruciating pain to come face to face with GILES who swings the bat across Ronnie's face. of frame behind the island..PATRICIA WALSH -.The next frames are blurred -.J. Kale presses the button a couple more times. a BASEBALL BAT suddenly enters frame and SLAMS DOWN on RONNIE'S ARM -. UNDER THE BOOKCASE..NIGHT .pressing the FRAME BY FRAME ADVANCE button -ON THE TV -. get your ass up here! But a ROLL OF THUNDER drowns our Kale's voice -94 INT. As he reaches behind him for his soda can on the island.presses the advance button one more time. cranks the brightness all the way up on his TV.. KALE (calling O.BAM -THE FACE OF THE MISSING GIRL -. WE SEE A FADED BLACK STAMP ON THE BACK OF A WOMAN'S HAND! Kale's eyes widen as he keeps pressing the ADVANCE BUTTON.this is the point where Ronnie grabs the camera back -. WIDE OPEN EYES THAT STARE RIGHT INTO CAMERA! Kale recoils in horror as LIGHTNING IGNITES his room.S. punches the clock.CONTINUOUS Ronnie throws a bag of popcorn in the microwave. ON THE TV ..The next frame POPS INTO FOCUS. Ronnie drops out 94 93 D.96. HER LONG RED HAIR PARTIALLY COVERING HER GHOSTLY.POPS ON THE SCREEN IN SHARP FOCUS.but -KALE'S FINGER . Caruso . CU . ON HIS FINGER . Kale scoots closer to the TV amidst another FLASH OF LIGHTNING & MUCH LOUDER CLAP OF THUNDER.

Regardless.IN THE KITCHEN . raises the trophy. ready for anything as he approaches the stairs. KALE'S BEDROOM .NIGHT . buries it in his closet.NIGHT . 98 99 EXT. peers out -KALE'S POV . KITCHEN .CONTINUOUS Kale heads down. Kale grabs the cordless off his bed. SCREAMING for anyone to hear.MOM!! Kale spins around as GILES SUDDENLY APPEARS FROM THE SHADOWS. peers down.The popcorn's POPPING in the microwave.CONTINUOUS Kale rounds the island to the microwave.CONTINUOUS Kale steps out.swings the bat and trips Kale up. sees Ronnie's body -KALE Ronnie -. 99 (CONTINUED) D. No movement. pulls out his racketball trophy then creeps to the door. peeks around the corner -KALE'S POV . He reaches the railing.CONTINUOUS KALE Ronnie?! No answer. 95 96 INT.NIGHT .The hallway's empty. glancing in every direction. it slows Kale down. clicks it on: DEAD.Now right behind him -. Kale whirls around. Shit. More THUNDER. HURLS the trophy at Giles. ENTRY HALL . Clear shot to the stairs. He grabs the tape out of the camera.J. Giles knocks it away as Kale BOLTS for the back door. He staggers into the yard. Caruso .CONTINUOUS Kale bolts out the door. Giles pursues. Kale falls just short of his kite string boundary line. presses "STOP" then glances down.NIGHT . Another lightning FLASH. 96 97 INT. Giles or the brats must have put it there. 2ND FL HALLWAY . but trips on a well-placed garden gnome on the steps. slowly makes his way toward the kitchen.NIGHT . 97 98 INT. But the WIND and THUNDER drown him out as GILES -. throws it open. KALE'S BACK YARD . 95 INT.97.

GILES (hard in Kale's ear) You finally wanna be an orphan? Giles drags Kale into.. LIVING ROOM . He DRAGS Kale backward. GILES (CONT'D) You're right. trying to pull himself forward.. Kale screams. 101 INT. I will gut her like a fish.NIGHT . but -GILES' HAND suddenly grab's KALE'S ANKLE just as the ANKLE BRACELET is about to cross the line.And pulls him up the stairs. tries to roll away.. gets in his face -GILES If you don't stop fighting me.. quickly and efficiently wraps some around Kale's mouth. 99 CONTINUED: Like a quarterback pressing to the goal line. Kale lunges forward. Caruso 103 102 101 100 99 . (CONTINUED) D. then PINS him to the ground. Giles eyes the DV CAM sitting on the TV. KALE'S BEDROOM . The tape slot's open.CONTINUOUS Giles quickly opens and shuts the door as Kale struggles against him.NIGHT . I'll find it later.98.NIGHT .CONTINUOUS . KITCHEN ... digs his hands into the earth. throws him over his shoulder and heads back toward Kale's house.. Giles yanks Kale up.SECONDS LATER Giles SLAMS Kale down in his desk chair.NIGHT . Kale glares as Giles drags him into the. drops to the floor... 102 ENTRY HALL .J. 103 INT. pulls out a roll of duct tape. but Giles is too strong.CONTINUOUS . But Giles grabs him back up.. GILES So where's the tape? Kale mumbles a muffled "FUCK YOU" under the duct tape. To reveal a bruised but conscious JULIE tied to the chair. 100 INT. hands and ankles. her arms wrapped behind it! Kale's eyes widen with rage as he pulls free of Giles.

Eyes the book on serial killers.. it's the opposite. Giles raises the bat: 103 GILES (CONT'D) I can type. (off Kale's glare) See with me.Very difficult. (tosses the book) You have Microsoft Word? (off Kale's questioning look... low class.. it's the second one that's really hard. right? When you were watching me? You should feel good. Truthfully. I was headed in to kill her when your girlfriend showed up.. Caruso .. He picks it up. fragile.99.. Wonder if your dad thought that. I killed Ronnie and my mom because. you know.. Kale doesn't move. but so did Amy.. (sickly reminiscing) . The very first one was. Kale.. 103 CONTINUED: Giles sits on Kale's bed. flips through it.. you guys saved her life. you're a hero. So. GILES (CONT'D) "Dear Ashley. Kale turns to the computer.J. re: computer) Turn it on. think everything through. (re: Kale not typing) What's wrong? Hey... she was very beautiful. GILES (CONT'D) It's funny.. the others in Texas were flings. don't you? (MORE) (CONTINUED) D. lifts his taped wrists to the keyboard. You think I like spending my spare time looking over my shoulder for people like you? Word of advice.. Kale. I hear a lot of authors say their first books were easy. Savor the moment. a lot of promise. Because you do get a taste for it. you're the one who couldn't leave me alone.... if you ever need to hurt someone. You saw her. Patty Walsh had potential. I'm sick of covering my tracks.

Caruso The 104 103 . you Googled me. Giles doubles over as Kale frantically plants the bat on the floor. scrambles for the BASEBALL BAT just inches away -GILES staggers to his feet and charges Kale.. (CONTINUED) D. grabs the bat. (off Kale) Hey. it's pretty clear how we've gotta clean this up." Maybe because he was jealous of his girlfriend. But the forward momentum of Kale's throw combined with his taped ankles causes him to lose his balance. Kale falls to the floor. I'm hitting a damned deer. turns back to the bed as Kale suddenly does SNAP. He HOPS toward Giles. Kale grabs the bat.. reporters... you can't think straight. Ashley SCREAMS and knees Giles.. using it as a "cane" to pull himself back to his feet. swings it. SMACKING HIM on the side of his head -. rolls around and swings up at Giles. me. and REVERSE JABS KALE in the face! Kale staggers back. pulls it forward. cops. but somehow keeps his balance and the bat. that was some shitty luck. 2ND FL HALLWAY ..CONTINUOUS Kale rounds the corner and runs smack into ASHLEY. (then) Anyway. 104 INT. He leans forward. you're clocking your teacher in front of the whole class. The irony is. WHACKING HIM IN THE CHEST.a one in a hundred shot! Giles goes down. ASHLEY KALE -Ashley leans down to Kale.. Giles steps away. stands. Man. and HURLS it at GILES.. hops to the door into. whirls around just as Giles GRABS HER. nosy fucking neighbors. Whaddaya think: "Troubled youth finally snapped. whirls around. or maybe he just couldn't deal with the guilt from not saving daddy. Kale gestures with his eyes and head: BEHIND YOU! Ashley gets the message. collision sends Kale back to the floor. determined relatives.. but Giles anticipates. 103 CONTINUED: (2) GILES (CONT'D) But damned if people aren't just waiting to stand in your way. you're on tilt. raises the bat. He spins around.100.J.. you've done all the hard stuff. grabs the LCD computer monitor with his taped wrists. next thing you know.NIGHT .

I've gotta get her -ASHLEY Kale. 105 INT.. KALE It's dead. you've gotta get outside. Caruso . helps him to his feet. an idea sparking) Okay.J.101. but -. SLAMS the office door in Giles' face. Ashley grabs a pair of scissors off dad's desk.tied up -. Kale reaches down to the ankle bracelet. Ashley goes to Kale. you figure out a way to call the cops -KALE No. Giles BANGS on the door.CONTINUOUS Ashley shoves Kale inside as she spins back.he got Ronnie -. 104 CONTINUED: He drops her to the floor.in the kitchen -(then. re: bracelet) GODDAMN YOU!! ASHLEY (giving up with scissors) Okay. RIPS the duct tape off his mouth.just follow my lead -we're gonna need stuff -Kale 105 104 (CONTINUED) D. trying to break it down! ASHLEY (CONT'D) Where's your mom -KALE (tugging on bracelet) Living room -. get over the boundary -..NIGHT . tries to cut it loose with the scissors as Giles suddenly SLAMS SOMETHING against the door.I'll get your mom. Ashley scrambles for Kale. SCREAMS in PAIN as Ashley heads for the desk phone. pulls Kale back down the hall to. then. cuts Kale's ankles and hands free. locks it.do you hear me? KALE (beat. just -. ASHLEY Let me try -Ashley moves in. furiously tugs at it. DAD'S OFFICE .

asshole! There's a lull in the thunder. you go get her. grabs him by the throat.CONTINUOUS Kale raises the bat. grabs a letter opener off dad's desk. pulls it out. Kale tosses the bat back to Ashley.) We're out here. Pockets the ball. The window SHATTERS. swings it at the 2nd floor hallway window that separates the interior of the house from the porch.NIGHT . Swings it at Giles who promptly RIPS it from her hand and hurls it off the porch. He swings the door open. He reaches up. spins around.102. Kale finds his racketball racket and the ball. steps out onto. KALE (CONT'D) Once I have his attention. runs his fingers to the third book on the middle shelf.J. No more BANGING. Caruso . then grabs the baseball bat as he heads for the bookshelves near the door that leads to the outside porch.a FLASH OF LIGHTNING reveals GILES Standing in the other porch doorway BEHIND KALE! ASHLEY Kale! Kale whirls around just as Giles reaches out.. then suddenly -. (CONTINUED) D. She shrugs to Kale: "where is he?" Another beat. 105 CONTINUED: Ashley and Kale glance around for weapons.. Ashley nods. heads to the porch door. He glances back at Ashley who ducks behind the wall inside dad's office -. about to stab Giles. slips the racket in the back of his shorts. 106 EXT. All becomes eerily quiet for a beat as Kale waits for Giles to appear at the window. pulls him off his feet and HURLS KALE through the shattered window into the hallway! NO! ASHLEY (CONT'D) You son of a -106 105 Ashley charges out onto the porch with the bat. Ashley whips out the letter opener. 2ND FL PORCH . but he backhands her. Ashley falls. flips it open to reveal a KEY that drops in his hand. Ashley pockets the scissors. unlocks it with a quiet CLICK. Kale takes the key. SMACKS her head on the porch railing. KALE (to Giles O.S.she glances to the office door.

Stalks toward Kale. KALE That was a warning! Giles rushes Kale who wails on him with the racket.103. but Giles. brings his fist up and punches Kale in the chest. 107 (CONTINUED) D. Kale turns Giles pursues. Kale SLAMS down on the roof. Giles ducks. Kale turns back -KALE'S POV . spins around. KALE'S BLURRY POV . draws the racketball racket from his shorts. WHIP PAN to behind Giles -. steps out the window as we see Ashley.CONTINUOUS Kale reaches the top of the ladder. 106 CONTINUED: She drops to the floor. smacks the back of his head.A BLOODY GILES Gets to his feet and heads toward the window. turns his attention back to the 2nd floor hallway window -HIS POV . Kale pulls Ashley to her feet. in the b.REVEAL KALE .CHARGING OUT the same porch door Giles just came out! Kale uses his FULL BODY WEIGHT to SHOVE Giles back through the SAME BROKEN WINDOW and into the hallway! Ashley! KALE Are you okay? 106 ASHLEY I wanna kill him -KALE Stick to the plan -Over this. HEAVES THE LADDER UPWARD.THE HALLWAY . Giles races up the ladder and steps onto the roof. steps onto the roof. from below. appear from Kale's bedroom and race for the stairs! 107 EXT.g. assumes a professional looking serving position and WHAM! Kale beams the ball at Giles -and misses completely. tripping Kale. Caruso . ROOF . They share a smile as Ashley ducks into the porch door leading to Kale's room.KALE'S GONE.. starts climbing up. Kale gets to his feet. half conscious as Giles picks up the letter opener.NIGHT .against a fury of lightning flashes. for the ladder. takes out the ball.J.

107 CONTINUED: Kale drops the racket. shakes it off.NIGHT .CONTINUOUS Kale hits HARD. Kale summons some strength. Kale grabs for it as Giles chokes the life out of him. Kale screams. Kale only has one chance. now right behind him. twirls it in his hand and shoves it back into Giles' stomach! Giles recoils as Kale flings himself away from the chokehold.NIGHT .CONTINUOUS Ashley rounds the corner. 110 (CONTINUED) D. It slides away down the roof as Kale doubles over. spots his STEREO SPEAKER a few feet away. CU . falls to his knees. Giles stumbles back. Caruso . Julie nods as Ashley RIPS the tape off Julie's mouth.J. Brecht. pulls him closer. sees his racketball racket lying there.he gets to his feet. grabs the speaker wire -Giles 109 108 107 WITH KALE . wraps the SPEAKER WIRE around Kale's NECK and pulls. But Giles grabs Kale before he can fall. ROOF . grabs the embedded letter opener. heads back up the roof as Giles suddenly whips out the letter opener and hurls it like a THROWING KNIFE at Kale. looks back up. heads to Julie. He grabs it.104. He looks over. rolls down and PLUMMETS to -110 EXT. He and Kale roll down the incline and stop just short of the edge -Kale looks over. gets in his face. The letter opener embeds itself in the back of Kale's thigh. tilts his head up and HEADBUTTS GILES. the wind knocked out of him. I'm Ashley -(re: duct tape) It's gonna hurt. RIPS it away. LIVING ROOM .Kale cringes from the pain as Giles. Giles SLAMS down on the roof. He pulls Kale up off his feet.CONTINUOUS Kale HURLS the speaker at Giles'. pulling Kale with him. falls back to the roof. 108 INT. SMACKING him hard. He reaches behind his leg. JULIE (not flinching) Where's Kale? 109 EXT. ASHLEY Hi. Mrs. GARAGE ROOF .NIGHT .

glances down: Ronnie's gone. He glances to the block of butcher knives -. and JUMPS. Kale's eyes widen..MOMENTS LATER The kitchen door slowly pushes open. KITCHEN . races toward the edge of the roof.105. 113 INT.the roof -. up the stairs -sign of Giles. knocking the letter opener away! WITH KALE . EXT.NIGHT . The racket spins through the air like a boomerang and miraculously smacks Giles in the hand.. pulls himself out -111 INT. and sidearms the racket up at Giles.CONTINUOUS Julie's GONE.Giles stands on the upper roof. WE CRANE UP AND OVER HIM PEERING DOWN TO REVEAL ASHLEY'S POOL! ON THE ANKLE BRACELET . opts to keep the leaf-skimming net as he makes his way out of the kitchen and into. 110 CONTINUED: KALE'S POV . After a beat. ASHLEY'S BACK YARD/SWIMMING POOL ... heavily armed with a swimming pool LEAFSKIMMING NET.it FLASHES RED. Caruso .NIGHT .NIGHT . Another FLASH OF LIGHTNING illuminates the kitchen.he whirls around. He turns around suddenly jumps up from behind the sofa brandishing KNIFE! She exhales in relief at the sight of Kale the back of the couch. Kale cautiously rounds the island. He pulls himself to his feet.. KALE Where's my mom? as ASHLEY a BUTCHER who rounds the floor No 113 112 111 He pulls 110 (CONTINUED) D.. sees Ronnie's body lying on next to the entire set of butcher knives. He rounds the corner into. Kale grabs a couple of table knives from the kitchen drawer. peers up -KALE'S POV . Kale glances around. 112 INT.Giles is gone.CONTINUOUS Kale drops into the pool with a tremendous SPLASH! himself to the surface.J.CONTINUOUS Breathing hard.empty.NIGHT . Kale quietly steps in. ANGLE: FOLLOWING BEHIND KALE IN MID AIR. Kale frantically swims to the edge. LIVING ROOM . ENTRY HALL . smiles as he brings up the letter opener. Kale's eyes widen.

you were my responsibility -KALE Parker. what's going on now? KALE Parker. HE'S THE -As Parker turns.Kale turns back to Ashley.NIGHT . Parker drops forward into the entry hall.) Evening.. FOLLOW KALE into. We then 114 113 (CONTINUED) D.CONTINUOUS Still no sign of Giles -.where's Giles? KALE I don't know -. where's the cavalry?! PARKER I told 'em don't bother. spins her around and TWISTS HER NECK. Kale throws a troubled glance out the window -ASHLEY What's wrong? KALE No flashing lights -. 114 INT. PARKER Kale. Kale and Ashley whip their heads to the door. then heads to the front door -PEEPHOLE POV . KALE PARKER LOOK OUT. Parker turns to see Giles casually walking up the front steps.106. Giles suddenly GRABS HER.the cops should be here any sec -The doorbell RINGS..J. you need to get them here right now -. 113 CONTINUED: ASHLEY She went upstairs for you -.S.stay here -Kale trades Ashley the net for the butcher knife.Giles is -GILES (O. Caruso . ENTRY HALL .Parker. Kale swings the door open.

But Giles finds an opening and elbows both Ashley and Kale back to the floor. Caruso 116 115 . only to be KICKED HARD in the face by Ashley. DISSOLVE TO: MONTAGE 115 EXT. The butcher knife slides away under a table.CRIME SCENE TECHS tape off Giles' entire back yard. -.. NEIGHBORHOOD . suddenly drops the LEAF-SKIMMING NET OVER HIS HEAD and furiously YANKS Giles back to the floor! Kale gets to his feet.KABOOM! Julie BLOWS GILES BACK INTO THE WALL! HE STAYS. squad cars. Giles leans down to pick him up when the BUTT OF A SHOTGUN suddenly SLAMS into the back of Giles' head! Giles tumbles forward. slowly makes her way over and joins the huddle. but Giles overpowers Kale. 114 CONTINUED: Kale stumbles back inside the door. Giles rolls away. from O.. Ashley.. (CONTINUED) D. shoves the door open. knocking Kale to the floor.S. Kale drops back to the floor.DAWN . Giles gets to his feet... LIVING ROOM .. But Giles suddenly STOMPS down on Kale's hand. grabs Kale up. Kale scrambles for the butcher knife back down the entry hall. pounds after Kale who slides the butcher knife out from under the table.And THAT'S WHERE 114 Julie races down to Kale. Giles enters. SLAMS him against the staircase banister. splintering it. kicks Parker's body out of the way and closes the door.J. Giles kicks the knife away. tries to SLAM it closed.107. 116 INT. Kale and Ashley TAG TEAM Giles. ambulances surround Kale's and Giles' houses. He steps toward Kale as Ashley. Giles lifts his foot up..DAWN . Kale pulls his hand away..SUITED detectives jot notes as they question Kale.Police. hugs him tight. grabs a vase off the entry hall table and SMASHES it over Giles' head. Ashley comes to. . Julie. spins around to see JULIE standing on the staircase with a 12-GAUGE SHOTGUN -.

. and he's letting go.. I was so pissed at (MORE) (CONTINUED) D. 118 INT. . points down.... has been recovered along with the remains of at least three other women.. the next thing I know -....A crime scene tech waves his colleagues over. COUNSELOR'S OFFICE .. HARD CUT TO: 121 INT..GLOVED HANDS of techs gently clear the damp earth away to reveal an ARM and HAND.108. 116 CONTINUED: . .the body of Partricia Walsh. 119 EXT.. GILES' BACK YARD . mowing the lawn routinely in order to avoid the formation of sinkholes which could have exposed his terrible secret...DETECTIVES and CRIME SCENE TECHS slide the bookcase away to reveal the body of the dead club girl. Julie and Ashley watch in the b. KALE (beat) He was my best friend. CAMERAS FLASH. GILES' HOUSE ..DAY A cleaner-cut Kale sits across from a COUNSELOR. and matted strands of RED HAIR.and how we'd be eating it for a week.DAY . KITCHEN . We always talked about what guys talk about. We were talking about the freakin' fish -this huge. sports.DAY .A REPORTER stands at the end of Giles' driveway as CRIME TECHS carry body bags to the coroner's van in the b. 120 EXT. REPORTER .. GILES' FRONT YARD . missing since last week.g. Caruso 121 120 119 118 117 116 ..Crime scene techs excavate portions of Giles' back yard...... 117 INT.DAY .Kale hands the detective the VIDEO TAPE... food.g...I can't hold on.. women.......J. amazing black bass we'd just caught -.Kale sits on the island as CASE OFFICER #2 removes the ankle bracelet.. Authorities say Giles meticulously maintained his yard.

deciding which items to keep and which to box up. ASHLEY Why's your mom doing this again? KALE She's whacked. 122 INT.Julie.s... I was so -... 124 The yard's been completely 124 123 INT. THEIR POV . We are. They watch as Julie points out the yard to the couple. DAD'S OFFICE .. put back together. As they carefully consider each one we slowly PULL BACK and HARD CUT TO: BINOCULAR POV .DAY CU . commission's the same I guess. JULIE You ready? 123 INT.hey. See.109. I think she thought it'd be some sick challenge or something -. wearing her realtor business suit. The couple turns back to the house. Ashley joins him at the window.KALE intently watches. my dad -. 121 CONTINUED: KALE (CONT'D) him..He saved me.Giles' house. A hand slowly enters frame. 122 121 WIDER TO REVEAL Kale and Julie stand outside the door that's now been fixed. Julie suddenly spins around and gives a quick sotto "thumbs up" to Kale and Ashley! Then: (CONTINUED) D.WEEKS LATER CU .The doorknob. 2ND FL HALL OUTSIDE DAD'S OFFICE .But that's b. They both take breaths.he's the one who left. KALE'S BEDROOM . KALE Movement.. set them on the floor. walks a YOUNG COUPLE up Giles' driveway and into the back yard. you know? -.. the truth is. he's the one who gave up. Plain and simple.DAY .J. Caruso .start sifting through dad's things. then -.CONTINUOUS Kale and Julie enter with two large boxes.

J.110.S. My mom has another half hour over there at least. I'd bet on your mom any day of the week. Off this we -SMASH TO BLACK. but then suddenly stop -. They both slowly shift their heads to see -THEIR POV . Caruso .Ronnie. RONNIE (don't mind me) I'm not even here. but we still have to seriously question the yayhoos buying the place. Kale pulls Ashley back to the bed. D. if anyone can spin a psycho house into the opportunity of a lifetime. ASHLEY Whaddaya think. 124 ASHLEY Hey. 124 CONTINUED: No way. KALE (CONT'D) She can't be serious. They kiss. with a head bandage.sensing something O. stands in the doorway. aiming his DV camera straight at them. another stakeout? KALE (tossing the binoculars) Screw that. KALE (re: the couple) Fine.