We are here!

Outside our gate when it rains

The road leading to our street after the rains

Come in, if you can get past Wendy, our “guard” dog

Front of house

Side of house showing small veranda.

Back garden looking towards 3 extra rooms . Outside kitchen on right. (see newsletter for details)

Living room showing front doors and door to side veranda.

Other end of living room!

More of living room! Showing side door and looking through to kitchen.


We travelled to Chamen on the North bank, where we stayed for a few days, stopping at a coffee shop on the way.

WEC Nutritional Clinic at Chamen run by Dr Hedwig Hedwig also helps in the government health centre - she is the only Dr and so her work is very varied!

Sharing God’s word daily

Just an hour old!

Ultra sound- rare kidney tumour found here!! (amazing as the machine is so old!)

Hedwig and Marcel help a lady, who has had a stroke, to walk.

Care in the community!

Marcel is a nurse . He is working with WEC for one year.

Chamen is a rural community with few amenities.

Clay pot is water cooler. There is no fridge!

Hedwig’s house has an outside “drop” toilet .

Local water supplier

Chamen is in the Hill Country of The Gambia.

On top of the world! Well, it’s high for The Gambia.

We had a picnic here.

Flame of the Forest

Red and Green Monkeys Guess which is which?!

Red billed hornbill

On Sundays, during the rainy season, Gambians reclaim their beaches!

Our compound friends asked us to join in their Sunday picnics.

The Ocean is lovely and warm but it still cools you down.

We were invited to the naming ceremony of the child of one of WEC’s watchmen

The child has his head shaved.

The “Christening Cake”. Some pancakes and some pounded rice

Some of the WEC team sharing a cereal bowl – coos and soured milk.

Preparing lunch


We had the compound children round to our house to play with some games that had been sent out for them. This is the first jigsaw they have seen!

The boys played Frustration...

... while the girls played with Play Dough

Playing Lotto at the compound

We hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our lives

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