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Science of Quran

Science of Quran

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Introduction to the sciences of the Koran

The impact of the holy Koran The sciences of the Koran The recitation: Tajweed and qura'at. The written: Rasm and thabt Understanding: Tafsir

The holy Koran
The names: Koran Kitab Thikr Tanzeel Wahy Kalamu Allah

The Ayat: The way it is organized The numbers

The wuqf (stops) Different meanings due to different stops: 1. And many a prophet fought and along with him large bands of religious learned men but they never lost heart for that which did befall them in Allah's way. 2. And seeking for its hidden meanings, but knows its hidden meanings save Allah and those who are firmly grounded in knowledge. The kinds of Waqf

The holy Koran at the time of the prophet The first collection of the holy Koran The second collection of the holy Koran Difference in the Masahef
(Wa) sariu… Wa ma Asabakum mimmusebaten (fa) bema…. Wa wassaina al insane bewalidahe husna/ihsanaa

Why zeid ibn thabet was pointed 1. He memorized all the Koran 2. he was present at the last recitation of the prophet variety of mode
explanation of the hadeeth: 1. The hadeeth is abrogated Seven means: 7 synonyms or 7 arab langage The number did not count Changing the end of the ayat such as Aliman hakiman 2. The hadeeth is not abrogated Seven subjects: halal, haram, Amr… Seven way of recitation: fath, imala… Seven arab langages exist in the Koran

Various reading
The benefits: To reserve the way of the pronunciation Source of the arab langage: Grammar, vocabulary… More meanings: Yasidun/yasudun The right recitation

Asbab an-nuzul
The benefits: Evidence that witnessed the truth of prophet Muhamad A better understanding Ayat al am'eda ( the disbelief) Examples Notes: ayat al hujurat The acts of khawaraj

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