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October 2011 Section 1230 Report

October 2011 Section 1230 Report

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Published by Gary Owen
ISAF October 2011 Progress Report on Afghanistan
ISAF October 2011 Progress Report on Afghanistan

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Published by: Gary Owen on Oct 30, 2011
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The condition of Afghan women continues to be one of the worst in the world. In general,
traditional gender biases, lack of security, weakness of government institutions, and women’s
subordinate positions in Afghan society continue to impede women’s exercise of rights and
freedoms. Women in Afghanistan still face widespread threats, including baad,

marriages, child marriages, honor killings, and self-immolation at alarmingly high rates.36
Women still do not have equal access to justice mechanisms or feel comfortable reporting
offenses to Afghan authorities, nor are the laws protecting women’s rights regularly upheld by
Afghan courts.

The condition of women in prisons is of particular concern. An estimated 50 percent of
imprisoned women are there on charges of adultery, which is broadly defined in the Afghan
context as an absence from home for over 48 hours. Women’s security is often threatened inside
the prison, and the overall living conditions are inadequate. Additionally, many mothers are
forced to bring their children to prison with them.

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