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Thunder of Craze

Thunder of Craze

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Published by: api-3815818 on Oct 17, 2008
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Craze... Thunder of Craze...

“...No no, I want that Pant only..” , Son. “But Beta, that Pant looks faded & old like somebody has already used it.”, Mother. “Oh Mom, what you are saying! It looks old and faded..! Mom, this is the quality for which we are paying high!!” Son. “But why dear? What’s the reason? Why do we purchase this piece only when we have many choices to select? Why should we go for that one?” “Mom please! Wearing these Pants is today’s craze and I am not having it with me... how shameful!” Son. “Craze? How long this craze will go?” Father. “How do I know, Dad? Perhaps for two days, two years or… lifelong.” Son. Topic may be different, style may be different but it is a very common type of conversation in recent days. Nobody knows what for it, why for it, how long it will last but almost all wish to follow the craze. After all, it is counted as a measurement of living status of a person… a status symbol… and who would like to loose it!! All that glitters is not gold and craze is not exception to it. What is a craze?.. a short-lived popular fashion; a fad.. .a fine crack in a surface or glaze…that comes as a thunder and disturbs the culture of a person! Life of Craze is very uncertain and it can be of any thing... all living & non living things like costumes, jewellery, education, furniture, vehicles, music albums, fashion show, sports, tattoos, plantation, pet animals and what not! Using mobiles may be need for many people but its nothing but a craze for many others. Craze of cricket & cricket players, in all ages is very well known to us! More or less, everybody is attracted towards the Craze as its glory captures thinking ability of a person. Specially, kids, teenagers and college students are soft targets for this. Reasons are very simple… their age of getting attracted towards more & more glamorous things, their inclination towards doing new things in life and a bit liberal view towards life.

Asawari Ingle asawari.in@gmail.com


Craze of Valentine day has gone to such a height that it becomes very difficult to even walk on roads in the evening. Although, it is not a part of our culture, I saw many guys wandering on streets on eve of Valentine’s day with flowers in hand and searching for valentine! Isn’t it funny? How many of us be knowing what for Valentine’s day is celebrated? I am sure, if survey is conducted, surprising result will come out. In recent years, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day, etc. are also celebrated in a grand manner. Shops are decorated. Friendship bands are sold in bulk. Whole atmosphere is like a big festival! Villages are also not remained untouched of it. Parents those are not in a position to fulfill basic needs of life, have to buy these bands for their children not to feel them isolated from group! Now the question arises, are our relations so weak that they require show off in public? I understand feelings behind all these days in Western countries. Still, if anybody wants to follow them, should understand its purpose and then go for it and that too in a descent manner, not making it as public entertainment. Atleast, relations should be kept away from ‘Craze’. Definition of get-togethers has also changed with changing time. Drinks and smoking have become today’s fashion. What one gets…a time being satisfaction....of what...of all things he has done in the name of ‘craze’… a temporary enjoyment! Otherwise, so called ‘image’ gets spoiled. Interestingly, people start comments like, ‘What! No drinks, no smoking! How old fashioned!!’, ‘Please, don’t tell me, you don’t eat Ghutkha!’, ‘What? Not participating in dance party at night club! Are you Crazy!’. Crazy for what… not being crazy!! Have you ever seen crazy animals? Yes! It is very true! Monkeys are found addicted for drinks & charas at some places of the country. They become uncontrollable if they don’t get it. Animals are also made crazy by a group of people for their entertainment. Unfortunately, people feel proud and ready to do all that what is mere a craze. Nobody thinks of how may affect on himself, on society and to what extent. Fact is, nobody wants to understand this. Its ill effects are always being neglected. Only silver side is seen of it that is nothing but the wrapper of the darker side!

Asawari Ingle asawari.in@gmail.com


Credit Card is another craze that has become part & parcel of life. Influence of Credit Cards forces people to forget their purchasing capacity. Rather, their shopping (more than their demand!) to make more & more use of credit cards becomes their habit. Many times makes them bankrupt. One of my friends has stock of credit cards and she uses them for every small thing. Why? Just because she finds it’s a stylish way of paying bills! ‘It’s today’s craze, my dear!’ she says pompously. No doubt, Credit cards are made for use, but when? Anytime… anywhere…and just for craze! Strange!! Parents are no exception to this. Kids are forced to attend number of courses during their summer vacation… skating, swimming, drawing, music, musical instruments, etc. Providing plenty of opportunities to grow and develop at their childhood is good but at the same time, parents forget mental and physical capability of their children to carry out all these activities at a time. Many kids get so exhausted of all these activities that they loose their childhood and feel discouraged rather being getting encouraged. Life becomes a mechanical cycle for them. Don’t you feel, it’s unfair? Exaggeration of everything ends in misery! Like every coin has two faces, craze too has its advantages and disadvantages. Unjustified it would be if one has always negative approach towards craze. Craze brings changes in life of a person and sometimes it is must for every person. Almost all people want something new in life, some different from routine to avoid boredoms in life. Craze creates and develops interest in mechanical life and adds liveliness to monotonous life. Not only this, but it boosts launching of new products in market, may it be for education or fashion or any other thing. Since advertises promote craze and vice versa, people obtain employment opportunities. It should not be proper to blame craze for every untoward happening. Craze is not necessarily bad but it surely depends on ‘which craze & upto what limit it is being adopted’ It’s a matter of perception, how we take it. After all, its we only who decide whether to use or misuse crazes.

Asawari Ingle asawari.in@gmail.com


Summing up, I just would like to say…

A Craze is a mirage, As we come close, it looks a bit away… No one can predict, Will it be same tomorrow, which is today… Never be so crazy, To blindly follow the Craze… Be sure you are right With what is termed as a ‘Fashion’ or a ‘Craze’!
Crazy kiya re…

Asawari Ingle

Asawari Ingle asawari.in@gmail.com


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