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Walker Regencies A Regency Valentine, 1991 ISBN 0802711316 Jo Beverley, Carola Dunn, Ellen Fitzgerald, Kitty Grey And

Sheila Simonson

Allen, Sheila Rosalynd: The Helpful Ghost, 1990 ISBN 0802711189 (Mr. Beal, the abbey's new owner, is quite determined to marry off his young Becky to Lord Andrew Marleigh. But Becky is equally determined to wed the butcher's handsome son. In a further complication, Andrew has fallen deeply in love with Becky's beautiful sister, Alice... and the task of solving this dilemma falls to Harry. It's a seemingly hopeless affair -- but the helpful ghost knows that true love never loses hope.) Allen, Sheila Rosalynd: The Meddlesome Ghost (The Lovers of Steadford Abbey, Book Two), 1989 ISBN 0802710832 (Book two of the Steadford Abbey books) A rascal and rake who, during his lifetime, broke the hearts of many young ladies must now, since his death, haunt the halls of Steadford Abbey, paving the way for young lovers until he atones for his past.) Allen, Sheila Rosalynd The Passionate Ghost: Lovers of Steadford Abbey Book IV [a Regency Romance] , 1991 ISBN 0802711588 (To be reunited with his beloved Aggie, Harry must bring love into every mortal life he touches. But making a match of Marie Aldworth and the dashingly bold Hero Hargrave proves no small challenge. Marie's imperious father - as well as a meddling abigail - prove themselves obstacles in the course of true love. Still, Harry must unite the rakish Hero with the independent Marie - for the love of his own life depends on it.) Allen, Sheila Rosalynd: The Reluctant Ghost: Lovers of Steadford Abbey #1, 1989 ISBN 0802710573 (omething unusual is going on at Steadford Abbey. The Abbey has an unofficial and extraordinary tenant. Sir Henry Daniel George Aldworth, better known as Harry, has lived at the Abbey for the past thirty years, but no one has seen him till now because Harry is a ghost!)

following her adventurer father as he seduced the ladies and fleeced the lords of a dozen countries. She was mortified to receive a proposal from one of the most sought-after men in England. Jo: The Stanforth Secrets: A Regency Romantic Intrigue. 1988 ISBN 0802710271 Chase. Elizabeth: The Marquis of Carabas. for her stepmama assumed that dressing Emma as a Maypole and pursuing noblemen with a horrifying ferocity would ensure results. 1988 ISBN 0802710514 Beverley. it seemed she need do nothing. 1988 ISBN 0802710468 Christenberry. Loretta: The Devil's Delilah. Loretta: Viscount Vagabond. Cat is called upon to play a role which should come naturally . Now as the Browns plan their greatest hoax of all. 1990 ISBN 0802711146 Loretta Lynda Chase: Isabella. managing the family's estate. 1991 ISBN 0802711847 Beverley. Loretta: Knaves' Wager. loses her place when she succumbs to the temptation to try on Lady Sarah's luxurious negligee. Loretta: The Sandalwood Princess .) Chase.) Characters: Sebastian. 1989 ISBN 0802710581 Chase. 1991 ISBN 0802711308 (Catherine Brown grew up in the capitals of Europe.that of a beautiful young woman. But there was more to Richard than Emma expected…and that discerning gentleman could see there was more to Emma than being Mama's disappointment. Emma wanted to remain a spinster. Jo: Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed. Fortunately. Jo: Emily and the Dark Angel. If Richard Fairfax was pleased with her appearance and her family. 1989 ISBN 0802710611 Brodnax. Lord Payton (1st hero). Jo: The Fortune Hunter. Emma had no doubt that all the gentleman would be frightened away. she's played many parts in her fathe's schemes. 1982 ISBN 0802706991 (From a servant-girl to wealthy widow in London society. Lord Jasper Montmorency (2nd hero) & Jane Coombs Summary: When her employer's brother makes advances. Emma was certain she wanted nothing to do with him. a tight-run novel! Young Jane.Beverley. Loretta: The English Witch. Could he win her heart and her hand?) Clark. 1991 ISBN 0802711634 (Emma's stepmama wanted a titled son-in-law. Judy: Mama's Disappointment. undermaid in the household of the wealthy Montmorencys. 1991 ISBN 0802711596 Beverley. Norma Lee: Lady Jane. a maid is fired and is taken in . A Romance of Regency England. Through the yearss. 1990 ISBN 0802711286 Chase. 1987 ISBN 0802709753 Chase.

But there it was. scandalous forces are at work which could well alter the destinies of himself. the Duke sets out. presses his suit amidst the extravagant entertainments of a winter house party. 1989 ISBN 0802710840 (She was lovely -. Norma Lee: Tynedale Daughters.despite the protestations of propriety on the part of almost everyone.) Darcy. Clare: Caroline and Julia. Lucy: Fatal Passion. Duke of Karr. he had followed the girl around the splendid halls of Grasmere Castle like a lovesick puppy. And sufficiently charming and clever to have secured a position as companion to the Dowager Duchess of Karr. secret. Clare: Cressida. 1985 ISBN 0802708528 (Miss Simpkins' Seminary for Young Ladies has closed.that was certainly true. vowed to claim the adorable nobody -. 1977 ISBN 0802705758 Darcy. Unshaken by his mother's dire warnings about Lotta's Italian parentage. 1972 ISBN 080270381X Darcy. As Timothy. Setting: London & Ireland) Cummings. including Lotta herself. much less seek to marry. Clare: Allegra. the third sister is left to defend the estate when an unknown relative inherits. From the Duke of Karr's first glimpse of Lotta at his mother's gala winter festivities. unattached peer of the realm should fall in love. 1981 ISBN 0802706762 (Characters: Anthony Beaumont & Kitty Tyndale. as delightful a lady as one could wish to have for a walk in the a kindly lord who marries her. Lotta Chilton was fine company at dinner.) Darcy. Clare: Cecily or A Young Lady of Quality. Lord Redvers Wrexham & Caroline Devereaux Summary: Two ladies become ensnared in intrigue and find their hearts ensnared by two gentlemen. though one's fiance is attracted to the other. Clark. 1984 ISBN 0802707599 (Characters: Sir Robert Lange & Lady Sheila Kildare Summary: Gentleman is employed as a lady's groom after he makes a wager that he can support himself for six months. but after her husband's death she meets the man who once accosted her as an equal. Clare: Elyza. Monette: The Beauty's Daughter.) Cores. but she was emphatically not the type of female with whom an attractive. and the eighteen visitors to Grasmere Castle. and Lady Alice must take in the daughter she never loved. Monette: Lady Sheila's Groom. Neville Devereaux & Julia Daventry.) Cummings. his beloved. 1982 ISBN 0802706940 (Characters: Mr. 1975 ISBN 0802704751 Darcy. 1976 ISBN 0802705162 . unfazed by the whisperings of the other guests. other sisters are Milly & Norrie Summary: Two sisters are betrothed.

1983 ISBN 0802707351 .Darcy. Clare: Regina. Diana: her cousin the Earl of Arun. Clare: Rolande.she realized she willhave trouble keeping her enamoured 17yr old cousin from marrying him. 1978 ISBN 080270588X Darcy. Clare: Gwendolen. a famous Corinthian. elegant young widow. Regina has been instructed.) Darcy. 1978 ISBN 0802706053 Darcy. 1980 ISBN 0802706568 Darcy. to take Arabella to London to find her a younger more suitable husband and to keep the devatating Lord Wrexam at a distance.. 1975 ISBN 0802705049 Darcy. 1973 ISBN 0802704085 Darcy. meets sardonic Lord Wrexam. Clare: Eugenia. Clare: Lady Pamela. 1974 ISBN 0802704433 Delmore.. 1976 ISBN 0802705275 (When Regina Audwyn. Clare: Lydia or Love in Town. Clare: Victoire. Clare: Letty. 1977 ISBN 0802705561 Darcy.

seeking mates for her bluestocking Cousin Catherine and the shy Lady Elizabeth Markham.Delmore. Carola: Angel. 1984 ISBN 0802707564 (Lady Evangelina was lovely. An impetuous and determined researcher.. the irrepressible beauty soon found herself playing matchmaker as well. in contemporary Oxford--only to find herself transported with him back to his ancestral home in Regency times. Diana: Leonie. 1991 ISBN 0802711324 (Jodie Zaleski meets Giles Faringdale. the daughter of a marquis and the reigning beauty of the London season. Of course she was deluged with marriage offers. Impetuous and never at a loss for a scheme. Carola: Byron's Child. Jodie lands Giles and his ancestors in more than one scrape as she explores London of 1816. Angel decided to pose as her uncle's poor relation on her Lake Country holiday. 1984 ISBN 0802707556 Dunn. a lord no less..) .but how could she ever be sure that her suitors were sincere? Determined to find a husband who would love her for herself.) Dunn. But Angel had no way of knowing that there was more than one disgusted aristocrat in the neighborhood that summer--and what a very permanent effect he would have on her heart.

is saved from drowning by Lord John Danville. But an old suitor. he convinces his cousin to employ Rebecca as governess when they all journey to St. Carola: Miss Hartwell's Dilemma. Petersburg.Dunn. John must risk his life to rescue her. a sinister Spaniard. and a student's disreputable father threaten to shake her world--and one of those men may cause her to lose her heart. Carola: Lady in the Briars.) Dunn. 1988 ISBN 0802710417 (Miss Hartwell's Academy for Young Ladies provides her with refuge from scandal as well as employment. 1990 ISBN 0802711162 (Rebecca Nuthall.) . and is astonished at the way she blossoms-until she is arrested for espionage! Once again. supposed meek companion. Ordered abroad by his father for a frivolous duel.

Miriam Jacobson finds herself smuggling gold across Napoleon's France to Wellington in Spain.) . 1992 ISBN 0802712150 (Having refused the man her parents chose for her. accompanied by two attractive young men.Dunn. Carola: Miss Jacobson's Journey. both of whom detest her--and each other.

raised in Costa Rica by her "black sheep" father. Kolya Volkov. exiled from Russia and penniless. 1989 ISBN 0802710565 (Teresa Danville. Carola: Polly and the Prince. 1992 ISBN 0802712037 (The Frog Earl. Bringing this exotic beauty (along with her brother and her parrot) to civilization gets the previously affianced Sir Andrew in deep trouble.Dunn. Polly Howard. Carola: The Black Sheep's Daughter. an absentminded artist.) . Earl of Derwent & Lakshmi Lassiter aka Princess Mimi Summary: Indian princess falls for an estate manager who is really an earl in disguise. 1991 ISBN 0802711618 (Lady artist is courted by a Russian prince. Carola: The Frog Earl. is nonetheless a gentleman making his own way in England. Walker. 1992. Niece of an English duke. but to wielding pistols and overseeing a coffee plantation household. presents a challenge to the diplomatic skills of Sir Andrew Graylin. reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House. Characters: Simon Hurst. This unlikely pair would never have come together-save for a plot to blow up the Prince Regent's Brighton Pavilion!) Dunn.) Dunn. Teresa was not raised to London society. is saved from a fall by a shabby Russian vagabond.

His sister suggests Claire Sutton. Orphan daughter of an English lady and an Italian opera singer goes to live with her aunt and meddles in her cousins' lives. are alone in a hostile Europe where war is imminent. at twenty and nineteen. 1983 ISBN 0802707289 (Mr. Their French mother died years before. Richard Daventry (baronet's heir) & Dolly Blanchard.Dunn. Add to this bumblebroth the fact that it was Winterborne's brother who stole Pomeroy's fiancé. 1982 ISBN 0802707076 (Marquis of Locklynde & Miss Esme Leonardo. Marnie: Dolly Blanchard's Fortune.) . but when he refuses she joins forces with a fortune hunter in a scheme to get the money to him secretly. Lady tries to loan the man she loves money so he can wed another. their English father has been away nearly a year on the secret business that is the cause of his frequent absences. who has been on the shelf for years. heir to the Marquis of Bellingham. 1989 ISBN 0802710875 (Lord Pomeroy has been rejected by his long-time fiancé and must find a woman to marry for his ill father's sake.) Carola Dunn: Two Corinthians. and no two couples could be more at cross purposes. Marnie: The Wicked Marquis.) Ellingson. Then there's Lord Winterborne. she escapes with the help of a fellow prisoner. outrageous chit. except that she's shy and her sister is such an outspoken.) Dunn. Oliver Pardoe & Lady Ruth Penderric Summary: When a lady's brother has her kidnapped by smugglers. Carola: The Man in the Green Coat. Gabrielle and Gerard Darcy. And Bertram is willing to consider her. Carola: The Miser's Sister. who pretends to court Lizzie Sutton--at her instigation--but is intrigued by her older sister Claire. 1987 ISBN 0802709370 (With the death of their old French nurse.) Ellingson. 1984 ISBN 0802708048 (Mr.

In order to save her inheritance. 1990 ISBN 0802710867 (Lady Luisa Ingram arrives at the country estate of her late husband's sister. 1982 ISBN 0802710093 (James. Viscount Silverton & Miss Elinor Maddison. It was a badly written will that left Miss Monica Spellinger's considerable fortune in the control of her Uncle Justin until she marries.) Grey.) Hocker. Nicholas Lambert & Miss Celia Morland. Elisabeth: A Hero for Antonia. Julian Hardwicke & Miss Kitty Morland. Susan: Match of the Season. Cassandra Brown. recently widowed. Karla: The Impertinent Miss Bancroft. Richard.) Gregg. Sensible widow is attracted to a devil-may-care Jamaican landowner. with four young and headstrong nieces in his care. Regency lord dabbling in science transports a woman physicist to Regency London. Viscount Kedrington & Miss Antonia Fairfax . set in 1812 and all done in the form of letters. It was a tragic circum stance that left Anthony. Richard announces his engagement to someone else to punish Luisa for casting him off the first time.) . Lord flirts with a lady to repair her reputation after he inadvertently insulted her.Farland. noted physicist.) Kidd. Lord Rivers & Miss Monica Spellinger. Eileen: Autumn Lace. Dr. 1991 ISBN 0802711642 Hocker. a lady enters a marriage of convenience with a lord who needs a mother for his four young wards.) Gordon. Maria Westcott. Kathryn: Miss Monica Marries. 1984 ISBN 0802708013 (Anthony. attempts to regain the attention of a former beau. to find her in a state of nerves. A Season in London should be an exciting prospect for a young country-bred woman. Lu's one-time betrothed and long-time adversary is also in residence. and so is his intended bride. Lady Luisa. 1992 ISBN 0802712088 Jackson. It seems that Richard Wetherell. but she has met a true hero with romantic notions. Elisabeth: Lady Lu. but Elinor Maddison goes to visit her Aunt Caroline with misgivings. Karla: The Incorrigible Sophia .1976 ISBN 0802705383 Kidd. Lord Rivers. Elisabeth: For Love of Celia.) Kidd. 1988 ISBN 0802710174 (Mr. 1986 ISBN 0802708757 (a Regency Romance. A letter and mysterious parcel suggest villany is afoot in which further losses may be fatal. 1986 ISBN 0802708773 (Duncan Heywood. 1989 ISBN 0802710603 (Author's first novel. and to the home of Baron Henry Font a man who who rather be in his laboratory than attend the London social scene. Meredith: Love From Elizabeth. Kitty: Current Confusion. Six years after a lady's beloved fiance sent her home to grow up he renews his suit. Mr. finds herself sent back in time to 1816.

Elisabeth: My Lord Guardian. Meredith: A Lady of Qualities. Jane: Eccentric Lady. 1988 ISBN 0802710433 (Tarquin & Miss Laurie St. 1982 ISBN 0802707009 (Growing up in an improverished coutnry clergyman's household with four male cousins does not fit a young woman for a fashionable life in Regency London society. 1987 ISBN 0802709788 (A new and scandalous stepmother is introduced into the lives of Sabrina Fairchild and her younger sister Posey. 1983 ISBN 0802707262 Lovelace. but her guardian insists. 1987 ISBN 0802709508 (Anne Sinclair and Anna Sayle.) Lorraine. Marquess of Lyle. 1989 ISBN 0802710859 (Mr.) Lovelace. Elizabeth: Scent of Lilac. Elizabeth: Regency Morning.) Leigh. is apprehensive about taking on the guardianship of the unknown Miss Sydney Archer. What else is there for her to do?) Law.) Law.Kidd. Elisabeth: The Ladyship. Lady becomes involved in a political plot while trying to help a friend and is irritated by a gentleman who is suspicious of her motives. 1985 ISBN 0802708005 . Marian: The Mischievous Spinster. Simon Adair & Miss Sparrow Harvey. but Elinor Bennett competently handles the responsibility. She must work because of the debts of a younger brother and does so with success.)) Leigh. and sees to the upbringing of her youn g sister Lucy as well. Chance Harland & Miss Lilac Mary Morton. 1983 ISBN 0802707270 (Elizabeth would rather feed her chickens and breed her horses than go to London in search of a husband.) Law. A handsome but irritating young man is introduced as well and romance develops after much gossip.) Law. 1983 ISBN 0802707297 (Mr. Anne is an heiress and a student at Miss Turnbull's Academy. Meredith: An Elegant Education. John. and Adnrew Innes. Lady intends for her sister to marry their guardian until she falls for him herself. Marcus Allingham & Miss Elinor Bennett Lady who runs a coaching inn loves a scholarly guest who is engaged to a flighty chit with other plans. 1987 ISBN 0802709745 (Young Briony Mitchem assumes the responsibility of transforming two young girls into swans. and anna is a charity pupil. Lady travels to Yorkshire to uncover family secrets but is hindered by a neighboring gentleman.) Kidd. Managing a coaching inn is a full-time task for a young woman. Elizabeth: Double Deception. Elizabeth: The Sealed Knot. Jane: Rolissa. 1988 ISBN 0802710107 (Mr. After graduation they decide to switch places wherein Anna will go to Anne's guardian and Anne will take the position of a sewing woman to a family of the French nobility.

Handsome Lord Alexander Carleton is satisfied with life as a Regency buck. The talk of the . a rake. social climbers. Barbara: Bething's Folly: A Novel of Regency England. and a privileged lifestyle. In spite of her youth. in actuality. When her father refuses to pay ransom. beautiful young ladies. 1982 ISBN 0802707092 Metzger. Janis Susan: Lacey. Miss Elizabeth Bethingame is managing nicely as owner of Bething's Folly. 1986 ISBN 0802709117 Orwig. and is in no hurry to marry. Barbara: The Earl and the Heiress. 1983 ISBN 0802707394 (author's first hardcover novel after a number of paperback originals. the racing stable she inherited from her father. 1985 ISBN 0802708056 May. They are brought together." Contains all the necessary ingredients for a good read: family fueds. Barbara: My Lady Innkeeper. 1990 ISBN 0802711154 (set in Ireland and featuring Berengaria Ivory (Garia). noblemen. 1987 ISBN 0802709559 (three couples discover that love does conquer all. a spy for England) Porter. Barbara: Rake's Ransom. Margaret Evans: Irish Autumn: a Regency Romance . a woman kidnapped by a gentleman highwayman is forced to accompany him to France where he poses as a French nobleman while being. 1985 ISBN 0802708064 Metzger. Sara: A Spy For Love.) Metzger. 1986 ISBN 0802709125 (A hint of mystery along with romance set at crumbling Kielder Castle in England's inhospitable North.) Metzger. 1981 ISBN 0802706770 (Author's first novel. has no liking for the current crop of debutantes. Jane: The Day-Dreaming Lady.) Mayhew. Margaret: Regency Charade.Lovelace.

) Porter. Margaret Evans: Road to Ruin.) Porter.. Margaret Evans: Jubilee Year. a beautiful Russian princess arrives. Margaret Evans: Sweet was about Garia's betrothal to the grandson of her father's old friend and neighbor and she was barely sixteen years old. while sadly failing to see that she is a captivating Lady quite ready for the world!) ... It was the talk of Irish society. 1990 ISBN 0802711294 (Falsely accused of murder and hotly pursued by the Bow Street Runners. an heiress.. 1992 ISBN 0802712053 (tale of love and a Lord that wants to keep his little girl forever protected and at his side..lovely 16 year old Berengaria Ivory's bethrothed scandalized her by running off and marrying a chambermaid just days after the announcement of their impending marraige. Dominic Blythe kisses a beautiful young female stranger.and just as she and a viscount were on the verge of a love match. claiming a very intimate acquaintance with him. then their paths cross as adults.) Porter.and the romance begins. 1991 ISBN 0802711677 (Lady Miranda was a beauty.

have reached come-out age. 1993 ISBN 0802712584 Reeves. She does not know that Roger. The King's death puts an end to Jean's hopes and less gregarious Maggie's apprehensions as well. 1988 ISBN 0802710182 (Welcome back Lady Elizabeth and Lord Clanross (Lady Elizabeth's Comet) along with Emily and Richard Falk (The Bar Sinister) as their tale presses on. and Jean at least can hardly wait for the Society whirl to begin. 1990 ISBN 0802711170 Simonson. that she is already secretly engaged.) Reeves. having displeased the Regent. 1985 ISBN 0802708595 (Elizabeth Ridgeway is determined to meet the mysterious father of a young boy she finds near her home in rural Scotland. Baron Rushden. has been banished to his country estate. Though the year that follows will feature no ballroom gaiety or gala wardrobes. 1985 ISBN 0802708536 (One way for Lady Diana Bellrose to discourage an unwanted match is to confide to her deadly dull suitor. it is destined to be far from sedate.Ramsay. she hits upon that of her best friend's brother Roger. Quite the contrary. Elizabeth's younger twin sisters. Ladies Jean and Margaret. but Young George promises to keep her secret and Diana feels gleefully free. 1991 ISBN 0802711855 Richey. Cynthia: Love's Masquerade. Not that she remembers anything about him from their one brief meeting several years before. Barbara: Georgina's Campaign.) Ellen Randolph: The Rushden Legacy. Barbara: A Scandalous Courtship. Sheila: Love and Folly. But to whom? Desperately casting about for a name to put on her phantom fiance. Eileen Ainsworth THE MYSTERIOUS MARQUIS. Lady . Young George. 1984 ISBN 0802708021 Simonson. Sheila: A Cousinly Connexion.

be enjoying life more than he allows himself to. Meanwhile. Inc. Quintilla is also lame. However. and the plot is exactly what fans of period romance want. Houston Public Library Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information. she hastily plans to hold a rout herself before removing to London for the season. Martha Lou: The War Hero's Wife. but when she sees a situation that does not seem right to her. He sets out to present her properly to society so that she has a chance to marry respectably. 1983 ISBN 0802707491 (Beautiful. the unfortunate outcome of an agricultural scheme of her father's in which she involves the earl. if not in the first flush of youth. educated. as in all period romances. he falls in love with her himself. and Richard are themselves coping with the exhilaration and precipitousness of their own changes. high-spirited Rebecca Langford cannot really be called meddlesome. Rebecca's well-meant meddling has other consequences. Naturally. though pretty. Lois: An Elusive Love. Emily. much has transpired. Tom. To her chargin. Rebecca seizes her opportunity. 1990 ISBN 0802711278 Thomas. Quintilla and her gentleman are appealing characters.Jean's flirtation with a seditious poet catapults the entire Clanross clan to the brink of disaster with the Falks at their side. is lame and lacking in dowry and has consequently been ignored by London society. Martha Lou: Waltz With A Stranger. Her assistance in launching Compton's young sister in London society contributes further to the humorous tangles of this delightful period romance. 1986 ISBN 0802709206 (Pretty. When none of her neighbours .) . and poor. wealthy and attractive and should. The earl. Martha Lou: Lady True's Gate. And when Rebecca takes a hand. From Library Journal In this pleasant Regency novel Quintilla Davenant. Rebecca feels. caught dancing by herself in the library at a ball is swept into a waltz with a handsome stranger. until it dawns on him that he wants her. Since the Langfords have recently taken possession of their Suffolk estate. is attracted by her wit and forthrightness. Elizabeth. Compton declines her invitation. That he is not is due as much to the efforts of Rebecca and her sympathetic father as to his own very considerable charm.) Walker. is young enough.even her close friend Lucy . both in London and at his ancestral seat in Suffolk. Jerolleman. Rebecca plunges in. Lois J.) Thomas. By th end of this very precarious year. many escapades occur. So finding that the Earl of Compton has made a practice of avoiding society. 1988 ISBN 0802710425 Thomas.will invite Compton to their homes. his misunderstanding about the direction of the young woman's affections. The man. but on the night of the affair he does arrive. near that of the earl. all has been transformed at least a little. titled gentleman who decides to help her find a husband who will not mind her handicap. Before he realizes this. Lord Eysley. Quintilla's adventures include helping Edward Jenner promote his cure for smallpox and helping a charming thief evade capture. and we have seen aa great deal of both Love and Folly. she cannot resist taking a hand. She loves to dance despite her lameness. and. more than half expecting to be cut by the assembled company. she meets a rich. she does not willingly let go. determined to mend matters. however: the earl's growing attraction to her.

Lord Chase. 1988 ISBN 0802710093 (Wealthy heiress Polly Percy has just this one summer to experience the fashionable social whirl before her decidedly unfashionable lineage as the daughter of a City merchant becomes common knowledge. Margaret: The Willful Wife.Westhaven. 1986 ISBN 0802708749 (Cassandra "had been a chit of seventeen two years before when her ambitious mother pulled off the coup of the year by marrying her to Gervais Amesbury.) .) Westhaven. Margaret: City Heiress.