vOte yeS on ISSue 94

and enact the Solon Deer Preservation Act?
Two years after discontinuing the Solon culling program, our elected officials are under pressure to renew a costly and failed short-term strategy. Despite our history with culling, the current plan ignores long-term, science-driven and cost-effective methods for resolving deer-human conflicts. Worst of all, it puts our community at risk by placing hunters with cross-bows and high-powered rifles in our neighborhoods.
It costs a lot of money. Solon spent nearly $1,000,000 over the course of its experiment with culling and we have nothing to show for it. USDA Wildlife Services uses high-powered rifles and will charge Solon $128,000 to cull deer this year, if Issue 94 fails to pass. Additional costs to the city will include police overtime, baiting, and carcass processing.

Why is it important to

What’s wrong with professional culling?

Deer shot with arrows do not die instantly and they do not know property lines. When a deer is hit with an arrow, it panics and runs off at high speed. They may run into roads and highways, a neighbor’s yard, over fences, or into glass doors. Property damage caused by wounded deer is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the shooter, and not the city.

What’s wrong with bow hunting?

The cost incurred by hiring sharpshooters to kill ONE deer is $507.00. That amount of money could buy more food than what one dead deer provides. Also this venison is not USDA inspected, which puts the homeless and low-income families at risk.

But won't the dead deer be used to feed the hungry?

We are concerned about poor problem-solving, ineffective public policy, and wasteful public spending. Passage of this initiative will compel Solon’s leaders to address long-term, humane and economical deer management policies. These include effective, non-lethal alternatives to culling.

What do we do about the deer?

Issue 94 is endorsed by: Representative Kathleen Chandler Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie-Resnick

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