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Geek Squad is a group that provides services to install and operate electronic products for consumers.


Best buy is a leading consumer electronics retailer which purchased Geek Squad for about 3 million in 2002.

Marketing Management Click to SQUAD” “GEEKedit Master subtitle style Our groups geeks. 1) Syed Faisal Bin Syed Mahmor 2) Wan Nurul Al-A’La 3) Saw Chin Seong 4) Yeow Chun Peng 5) Feng Zhi Ling 4/30/12 .

Consumers ◦ Easy ◦ Market There were no competitors at the 4/30/12 time he formed Geek Squad in 1994. there is going to be new kind of chaos” Robert Stephens saw an opportunity to make full use of his expertise in helping with those less uneducated in the technology field. What are the key environmental factors that created opportunity for Robert Stephens to start the Geek Squad.  Change of technology ◦ “As long as there is innovation. .Q1.

(i) Women are becoming more interested in personal computers and home entertainment (ii) 4/30/12 They also expect personal b) . and (b) women made the acquisition of Geek Squad particularly important for Best Buy? a) (i) Consumers were beginning to see service as a critical element of the purchase.What changes in the purchasing patterns of (a) all consumers.Q2. (ii) A decrease of return rates by 25%-35% of their products.

. ii. Generally. Most of the consumer value punctuality. Consumer’s mind-set to buy new electronic products but do not know how to operate them. conduct an environmental scan for Geek Squad to identify key trends. 4/30/12 iii.Q3(a)Based on the case information and what you know about consumer electronics. i. friendliness and explanation in simple language to solve their problem. consumers just don’t bother to read the manual books.

S for women is increasing. Economics Trends show that economic situation will continue to improve as price declines and median income in the U. economics. Technological 4/30/12 . i. competitive. and regulatory) identify trends likely to influence Geek Squad in the near future? i. iii. technological. Social Trends show that women will outspend men due to increase in interest in electronically products.Q3(b) For each of the five environmental forces (social.

changes is ensured to comply with relevant laws. Competitive Trends show that competition gives more ideas and improvements in their service to distinguish themselves from the other competitors. Regulatory Trends show that in respect to electronic transfer of copyrighted materials such as music and movies and software.iv. iv. 4/30/12 .

4/30/12 . Engage with online consumers to determine and respond to consumer needs in real time b. etc a. Blogs. Promote discounts and promotion to the followers. c. What promotional activities would you recommend to encourage consumers who use independent installers to switch to Geek Squad? Recommended promotional Activities Social Networking: Twitter.Q4. Facebook. Promote and advertise in the advertisement column.

Has the ability to tell an emotional story with powerful visuals. .Online marketing campaign: Youtube. Television a) Hire someone to answer user questions by using humor to attract consumers. b) The company will be rated more 4/30/12 highly in the categories of trust. b) Educate the users and help humanize and brand a company (popularity). Charitable Marketing: a) Help to change consumer’s perception and behaviors.

THE END 4/30/12 .