TMC4013 Technopreneurship & Product Development

Lecture 1 Introduction toTechnopreneurship

So you want to be a Technopreneur? • Yes? No? What is Technopreneurship? • Technology + Entrepreneurship ? What is a Technopreneur? • Describing an entrepreneur who uses cutting.edge technology to develop new business models -Mankani. . D.

Definition of a Technopreneur “Someone who uses technology to do something new or invents new devices & then makes a business from selling these new things” -anonymous- .

Entrepreneurship entails: • Understanding the situation. . • Committing money and resources to pursue it.

Entrepreneurial Equation Give up well-paying job + Put everything into a venture + No experience = Too Risky? .

Why us rather than someone else? What are our differentiating factors? • • • • • Price? Flexibility? Meeting customer needs? Innovative in solutions? Being able to value-add? .

Issues • • • • Who is technopreneur? Why become a technopreneur? Technopreneurial motivation. Characteristics and Skills. Technopreneurial Traits. .

Ltd. • Technopreneurship is being an entrepreneur by: – Using existing technologies & suiting it to a new application – Inventing or developing a new product -Axiom Technologies Mfg. thinking out of the box and making business out of it.Entrepreneurship & Technopreneurship • Entrepreneurship involves having the guts to do what you believe is right. Pte. .

to know that most start ups fail & that in all probability he will fail. • Visionary.Being A Technopreneur • Flexible – can adapt to changing circumstances and recover from setbacks.pointless to have ideas if they cannot be executed.have a vision of what he wants to achieve so that he is not distracted from his goal. • Realistic. . • Practical.

by nature but to succeed he has to be part of a team (the more no.Being A Technopreneur • Romantic.will beat the odds & succeed. • Loner.driving the team towards his vision (but to succeed must also listen to his team members). the higher the probability of success). • Leader. . of productive & intelligent people.

. • Discipline.has to manage himself & his team (else.for success & rewards (performanceoriented individual who wants results.Being A Technopreneur • Greedy. his team will lose focus. yet he has to be mindful of the contributions of his team members & may have to make sacrifices to keep a winning team). dissipating their energy by duplicating tasks. squabbling and straying down blind alleys).

• What is Technopreneurship? – It is a socio-economic phenomenon which supports new economic growth in the k-based economy. MSC. – Technopreneur Development Division. .Technopreneurship • Who are Technopreneurs? – Technology entrepreneurs who develop an enterprise or business venture based on innovative technological products or services.

MSC TDF Operational Framework Spawning & facilitating the growth of technopreneurs & ICT companies for success Funding Lead Market Access Incubation Venture Capital .unimas.

.Technopreneurship Development Flagship Mission TDF by MSC • Facilitate start-ups and development of technopreneurs • Spawn critical mass of ICT and Multimedia SMEs • Facilitate the growth of these ICT and MM companies to become world class.

Challenging the norm . A desire to do things as best as possible 3. A challenge in all things 2. Differentiating themselves from the rest 5.Success comes from attitudes Share the following: 1. A belief that everything can be done better 4.

technology is the tool .Concluding Remarks • You cannot be taught how to be an entrepreneur • You should enjoy the challenge • Innovation is the key.

Concluding Remarks • Differentiate yourself from the rest • Don’t be caught up with the money • Have fun .

Dr Wilson Tay (Vice President). Pte. Technopreneur Development Division. • Technopreneurship and Innovation.References • MSC Technopreneur Development Flagship. Ltd. . Bernard Goh (Managing Director). Axiom Technologies Mfg.

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