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Revival of Underperforming Enterprises and Under Utilised Assets Act

Revival of Underperforming Enterprises and Under Utilised Assets Act

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Published by Sanjana Hattotuwa
Revival of Underperforming Enterprises and Under Utilised Assets Act. See http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/fullstory.php?nid=985086343
Revival of Underperforming Enterprises and Under Utilised Assets Act. See http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/fullstory.php?nid=985086343

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Published by: Sanjana Hattotuwa on Oct 30, 2011
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L.D. O 4s12911. AN Acr To PRovrnn Fon Vrsrrruc lr*r THg Srere IN Tr{E NerroNer Ivrrnnsr, Iprtwmnp UNpqrmnommrc Eurmrnrsgs To On UupEntmruzrDAssETs; Arponrr In Rnsprcr Ortecn Or.rEOn Mond Or Sucu UxpnnprnFonMrNc Ewrrnrnrses OR UrvptnurlLr:nDAssETs A Corurnrnrsr Aurnonrry; to pnovrpr Eon TrrEn ErrucuvE MnNecnuENT, ADr{rMsrRATroN oR Ruvrvat Tnnoucu ArrenNarrvE UrnrzerroN AN]D TIIE

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WHEREAS in furttrerance of the expeditious '

developmmt policies

t expeditiously implemented within the country in the "helt economic environment, the backdrop of. the favourable Governmsrt huri.g regard to the Directive Principles of State Poliry enshrined in the Constitution considers it necessary and expedient to ensure to its people the maximun benefit from the

linr,ited resources available, by securing and protecting as effectively as the Goverrurent coul4 a social order in whidr socirl, economic and political iustice wo&lt prevail AND WHEREASit has become necessary in the national interest to vest in the State, certain identified Underperforuring Enterprises and Underutilized Assets, in order to ensure the effective admiriishatioru m:lnagement or revival of zudt erttelprises or assets,through altemate methods of , ufilization, sudr as restnrctwing or ' entering into management contracb: NOW THEREFOREbe it enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as follows;I

Short Title

1. This Act may be cited as the Revival of Underperforming Entelprises and Underutilized Assets Act, No. of 201L.


Acquisition by Gorernsrent of Enterprises and Underutilized Asset

2. (1) with effect from the date of the coming into operatiorr

underperforming of this Act, where any of the Underperfo:cnring Enterprises or uunderutiltzed Assets specified in sch'edule I or schedule II to

this Act, are having an adverse impact on the national economy and thereby on the public interest buch Enterprises and assets shali with effect from the date of coming into operation of this Act, stand vested in the secretary.to the Treasury for artd on behalf of the Govemment of Sri Lanka. (2) rt shall be tre duty of the competerrt Authority appointed under section 3 to corrtrol" administer and manage or otherwise ensure the revival in keeping with the poliry of the C,ovemmenf through

'alternate methods of utilizaticfn, sudr as resfructuring or entering into .1141agement contacts with regard to such Underperforrrring

Enterprises and uunderutilized

Assets vested with the secretary to

the Treasury in ter:rrs of subsection (1). (3) No person who was a Director of the Boarci of Direciors of an Un degperf orming Enterprise which is vested in the

Secetary to the Ti"L"{y

in terrrs of subsection (L), shall exercise,

perfor:rt or dlsdrage ury power, duty or f-unction with respect to sudr Enterprise unless expressly authori2ed to do so by the i' r+
'Appointmentofa Competerrt

Competerrt Authority. 3. (1) The Cabinet of Ministers shall appoint in iespect of each re'of-tl-re{Jndelper{orrting Entelprise or Underutili zed Asset vested in the Secretary to the Treasury by section 3, a person by name or by office, to be the Courpetent Authority who shall control

administer and manage or enfllre the revival of such Enterprise or Asset as the casemay be, through alternate ufilization, as the case may be.

(2) A Competert Authority appointed under subsection (1) to corrtrol administer and managei (a) an Underperforning Enterprise shall take possession

of all movable and immovable property of such Enterprise (induding any building belonging to or

standing on land belonging to, sudr Enterprise, together with fixtures or fittings thereto belonging and

appurtenant ti.ierewitli, or

treated. as part and. parcel

thereof ) and shall cause an inventory to be prepared of property in the presence of, wherever it is so

possiblq the person who on the day prior to the date of . the vesting of sudr Enterprise, was the Chairrran of the Board of Eirectors of such Enterprise or an agent duly authorized by such Chairstan; (b) an Underutilized Asset, shall take possessicm such of

Asset (induding any bujlding whidr is part of the f;xtures or fittings

thereto and any building

belonging and

appurtenant thereto, or

trqated as part and parcel to be prepared

thereof) and shall cause an invmtory approPriately in

the presence of, wherever it is so

possible, the person who on the day prior to the date of the vesting of such Asset in the Secretary to the Treasury, was the owrrer or an agent duly.authorized by sudr owner. (3) A Competent Authority shall, in the exercise, performance and disdrarge of.his powers, duties and functions, be zubject to such general and special directions of the Govemment as may be iszued from time to time, having regard to the interest of irny workers and the

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- S# :

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effective management and adsrinistation

of the enterprise or asset

concemed in respect of whidr zudr Competent Authority is appointed.

(4) Subject to the provisions of subsection (3), a Competmt Authority, appointed to control, [utnage and administer the affairs of an Identified Underperforrring Enterprise or an Underutilized Asset shall wherever appropriate:-


exercise, perforrr

and discharge, all the powers,

duties and functions corrferred or imposed on, or assigned to, the Board of Directors or any other body whidr was entrusted with the nvmagement of such Enterprise or Asset as on the date of vesting of the errterprise in terrrs of section 2;


continue with or recourmerrceilty business activities of suctr Enterprise or Asset where deemed

appropriate; (c) restqrqfure zudr Enterprise or Asset so as to

enhance its commercial viabifity; (d) make available to s;trdr Entefprise or Asset, the resources necessaryto perfonn the duties referred to paragraph (b) and (c); of a proper accounting



systern in respect of the financial matters of such Enterprise or Asset (0 s€cure the due payment of wages to the workers of such Enterprise or Asset and due compliance by such

Enterprise or Asset of all its statutory dues in relation to suc-hworkers;


meet all

costs and elPenses incr:rred in


managernent and adrninistration of the affairs of zuch Enterprise or Asset; (h) take zuch other steps as may be necessaryto ensure in the national interest.the revival of zudr Enterprise or Asset through alternate utilizatisn;


do zuch other acts as are necessary or incidental to the performance of the duties refened to above.

4. (1) The shares held by

alt share holders of any Asset whidr has


Enterprise or an underutilized

vested in the Secretary to the Treasury under subsection (1) of section 2 shall, with effect from thre date of sudr vesting, o*.her than wheie zuch strares are being held by the Sesetary to the Treasuqr, vest in the Secetary to the Treasury for and on betulf of the Govemment.

(2) The shareholder or shareholders or the owner or owners, as the casenaybe, of any Underperfornring Enterprise or Undemtilized

Asset as the caseuury be, shall

(a) . -

where the shares of any Underperforrring Enterprise, freH by--eu&-+hare"h<tlders or owrrers of. such

enterprise as on the date of the coming into operation of this Act, have vested with the Secretary to the Treasury under subsection (1) of section 2; and



(b) where sudr Underutilized Asset has, as on the date of the coming into operation of this Ac! vested in the Seaetary to the Treasury under subsection (1) of section 2,

be entitled to receive prompt, adequate and effective compensation in terrrs of the zucceeding provisions of this Acr (3) The compensation payable shall, (a) in relation to an lJnderperfonning Enterprise reflect the value of the shares held by eadr of shareholder in such Enterprise; and (b) in relation to an Underutilized Asset, reflect the value of such Asset based on the ownership by one or more owners.
AppointsEnt of Cmperuation Tribunal

5. (1) The Cabinet

of Ministers

shall appoinf for the

purposes of this Act, a aibunal,

to be called the Comperrsation

Tribunal comprising of the Chief Valuer and two other persons who are persons having wide experierrce and who have shown capacity, in comnercial valuation. (2) All claims for the paymmt of, compersation under

subsection (2) of section 4 shall be made to the Compensation Tribunal appbinted under subpection(1). , Determinationof

6 (1) Cln receipt of any_clailQ_'-gradefor the paymerrt of compensatio& the Compensation Tribunal shall after such inquiry asit deems necessary,make its award on sudr claim witldn a period of six o,onth, from the d.ateon which the claim was received by it.

and Tribwral


(2) Any person who is aggrieved by an award made by the Compensation Tribunal may appeal against such award to the Court of Appeal on a question of Law within fourteen days from the date on which the Award was communicated to sudr p€rson, with the leave of the Ccnrrt of Appeal first had and obtained. The provisions of the Gvil Procedure C-oderelating to appeals to the Court of Appeal from an order of a District Court shall, mutatis mutanilis, apply to the making *& section(3) Alt fluns aw:rrded as compensation under this Act shall be drarged to a separate account opened and operated by the h."titg of appeals under this

Government, for zuch Ituq)ose only widr a licensed commercial bank . operating in Sri Lanka, into whicfr account the Govemmerrt shall make arrangements to hold in escrow, sufficient funds to be able to meet any cl;aimfor corrpensation received by it in ternrs of this section.

7. My perscn who with regard to any Underperforrring Entelprrise or Underutilized Asset vested in the Seeetaryrto the Treasqy under section2 : I r' (+) . refuses or fails to deliver possession to the Corrpetent Arrthority of any property movable or immovable including any building plant, machinery or any fittings or fixhrres appurtenant thereto and stock in trade of any sudr Enterprise or AsseU (b) wilfully or negligently destroys, damages or disables, -*iliistroyed : or damaged or or causes to disabled, or wilfully concealsor puts away, or causes to be concealqd or put away any property of, any such Enterpriseor Asset;or

prevents or obstructs, or directly oi indiiectly causes any other persorl to prevent or obstmct, the Competent Authority in taking over thq

management of, or taking possession or conhol of, any building or property, of any such Errterprise or Asse! shall be guihy of an offence rlnder this Act and shall on conviction after strmmary trial before a Magistrate be Hable to impriscnrment of either description for a period not exceeding ten years or to a fine not exceeding ten thousand rupees or to both such fine and imprisonment. sinhala to text
prevail in rase of


8. In the event of any inconsistency between the Sinhala and Tamil texts of this Act, the Sinhalatext shallprevail. 9. In this Act"Competent Authority" mears a Competent Authority aprpointed under section 3;

"persctrl" indudes an individual or any body of persons corporate or unincorporated; "Underufilized Asset" me:rns(a) land,.that was owned by the Govemmerrt or a Government Ag*r.y and alienated within a

of trventy years prior to the date of the , ,period ' coming into operation of this Act, to any person by transferring freehold or leasehold rights or through a divestiture on the basis that the related operations proposed to be carried out on such land will result in generating employment foreign exchange eirmings or savings or ecbnomic activities, berreficial to the public, but.where such benefits as aforesaid being prejudicial to the nationral economy and public interest; (b) Iand owned by a person that had beengranted within a period of twenty years prior to the date of the coming into oper-gtion of this Act, either, tax incentives under any law reiating. to the imposition and recoveiy of any


j-.,+',r:*;.*$lij&#tttidi*i" #:!"i!E*.;'-.,.'+.i-.$Ia$Sle!**"-'i*;{E='ii;i''r

ta:q incentivesunderthe Board of lnvestmentLaw or regulations framedthere under, or any GovernmentGuaranteg on the basis that the related operationsproposedto be carried out connected thereto will result in generatingemploymen! foreign exchange earnings or savings or economic activities, beneficial to the public but where such benefits as aforesaid have-not accrued, being prejudicial to the national€conomyand public interest; *Underperforming Enterprise' means a company or other authority, institution or body establishd by or under any written larv for the time being in forcg in which the Governmentowns sharesand where the Governmenthas paid contingentliabilities of suchenterpriseand the Governmentis engaged.in protracted litigation with regard to such enterprisewhich is prejudicial to the national economy and public interest

([.ANKA) Pr-c (PQ 143) HOTELDEVET.OPERS SCSEDIJLEII Undcrutitiad Assets I. " PROPERTTSITT'ATEDAT ?ETTAE - GARI,TERS GRANARIES *AI rr,ff allotmed of r"'d idad I't No. I depiftd in PlanNo. P'PCO 5228dded 18.01.1980 nade by Srweyc G€netzlof tbc lmd called Cbamers Grmries siuaed in the Distict of Col@bo, West€m Province $'tich saidlmd is borrndd on theNorth by MaiDStEet,Eastby md Frmt Steet, Sordrby Ncris Roaded Westby Irt 15 in CJ,J. No. I od cmtaining b erdedt A9-R3.P272asperthesaidPh No. PPC5228. PROPERTIFSSITUATE) AT BADI]LLA - COIJOMBOCOMMERCTALCOMPANY i. All thatallotmedof landnd<ed L,ot No353 depidd itr Plm No-FVP80 Sry- 32 rnade by the SunteyorGcn€ral ofthe lod sinrated* Hiqgurugam$ain tte Disfict ofB,adrrlli,Uva Provinoe whichsaid lad is bounded 6e Nortr by Lot 33,SpringValleyRoad, Eastby fot ad on 33,Sging ValleyRoa4 Sor& by Ld 33 lt l@ ssing VaI€y i".a Ja w.j by Lot 33 & lg2, (A2-R2-P32)asper Sprine Val€ryRoadmd cmtabingin extent2 Acres2 Roods 32 Percbes od . _thesai4Blu-l{o-IllPn0$p-3l ii. AII thd allotme,nt landma*ed IrtNo. 352depicted PlanNo. FVP80 Sup.3l of in made thc SuweyorGeneral by ofthe landsitlafedat Hindagoda the DistsictofBailull4 Um in ou h,ovinceanduhich saidhd isbormded theNortr by Hanwella Elq Eastby SpringValley by md Road South SpringVaUcy Road WFstby l,ot 33 andltmurellaFl" atd i:ontaining in exteot Acres2 Roods 28.8Perches 2 and A2-R2-P28.8 perthesaidPlanNo. FVP80 Srp. 3l. as .i All thatallotment lmd mar*edLotNo. 243depicted PlanNo. FVP5 Sup.07 made of iii. in sihratcd l(mpelella in the Distict ofBadull4 UvaProvince d by the SurwyorCi€neral and ,wtttEh$d mnG EdffiirdlffimEldf,iStDA;A'Ed -;Tiix,rauqr,southbyKudaOya ( Ela andWestby Dalada and csrtainingin extent0 Acres2 Roods 6.4PerchesAGFa-P6.4) {trd aspa thesaidPlanNo. FVP5 Sry. 07. All th* allotment landmarfted No.l d€pictcd PlanNo. PPBla.297made the iv. of Int in by [fiI], in tlrcDistrictof Badull4UvaProvince SurveTor General situdedd AldlMela Judge's and q,bichsaidlandis tiormded theNorthby Lot 2 in PPBA2023,Eastby Aluth Ela Roa4 on by Assessrnent 30A South Lot 2 in PPBA2023andWestby L,ot2 in P,FBA No. 2023and in and containing exient0 Acres3 Roods (25.6Perches AGR3-P25.5) perthesaidPlaru as 9



. -




,* ,#&$:;ql#u*;,,,*E*,g** li.liliid ;i,..,;+' : ..rt,


.,. c;*r.+a;a,^ ;:,*

PROPERTIESSITUATED AT PETTAII AF{DNARAIIENPITA - LANKA TRACTORS LIMITED iit An alloiment of land bediltg Ass€s$nent i. No. 343, Olcott Mawatha,Colomboll, sittateit in the Disbict of Colombo, West€rn Province bounded the Nordr by Garden and on No. 341,Olcott Mawatha,Grden No. 34 , St Sebastian Hill, Southby the canatandon the Westby OlcottMawathaand containing extentqpproximately in noughtdcregtr,no roodsandt*rentyeigbt paches(A0 R2P 28), per PlanNo.606daed 14-10.1994 made RanjirhKaruna.atne by L.S. ii. An allmnent of land mafted lot 3 dcpictedin PP G co. 1279madeby the srwcym situated Nralrenpita in ttre District of Colombo,Wesr€rn at Creneral, Provinceandcontaining in (A5 cxtentfive acres, roodsandmughtperchrx R2 P (X)). two LI\ND COMPRISING OF PELWATTE SUGARINDUSTRIESLTMITED Thc allotmentsof lad forming ttrc propertyof. Pelnme Sugu lndusties Limited situatcdat Peluattein the District of Moneragala theUvaProvince containing extent4proximately in and in 63fi) Hectares. I,AND COMPRISING OF SEVANAGAI.A. SUGARII{DUSTRIES LIMITEI) i Alt that allotnent of t dd nalcd l-ct 2186 in narirNo.m 38(Sheet No.47,Supptementary No44) dat€d8h Feh,nrary, t998 mde by thc suweyc c.t-"t oi ilr l-d carca--poaion or menfetif Beddenow known as l(mryila sitrdcd in the viltage of Thcnlcetiya B€dde Kmgala d Bidcrrne Kcab/a AG-{ Division Thanamalwila Scvmagla AGA Divisiqr) in rhe Disfict of Marragala Uva Prwfurce wlridr said td 2lE6 is borrded ur the Ncth by L,ot and No2I 88 o theEastby ld Nol I 87 %onthe Sofi by l.ot No2l 88 ad m rlrcWcstbyl,c. Nojl 88 in ard contaiping e*cnt NineDecimal TtrrceFiveNougtrt H€daes (9350 Hec.)accsdirgto tre said .. lhtNoJT"3t. h Al ftd alloned oJ l-and madcd |'ot zlf4 m plar NofTp 38 (Slrca No.46, Srpplcrrremryf.b.43) ddcd 8n Fcbnrry, 1998mde by thc Srrveyc C€o€ralof thelod callcd Pqtln ofThdctiya Bed& nw lmu,n asKoml Aradnroed in thcvillageof fbcntcaiyaBodde at SiEdm Palda Kcalara AG,q- Divisi{n Tbmlsih Orescmy Sct/@galaAGA Divisim) in thc Dl*ic oAMomagala,Uva Prorvince whichsaidLd 2f8a is borndedon Ore and Ncth by lnt No2l85 o theEas by l-c No28 qr tbc Sotrhby L,c No.l489 md onrheWestby L,ot No2lt5 md codafuing etdcntSevcnDeciroal in orrc FrveTuo lleches (7.152ffcc.) according thc saidPlan to No.FTP 38. iii. AIt frd dlffiErt of l-ad ma*ed L,ot 218 in :Plan No.FTP 38 (SlreetNoj0, Srpplennrtry No.47) daed 8h Febnrry, t9t madeby thc Sprygyor of Creneral tL UrU catteO Pqtion ofThcnketiya Beddg norr larorn asWder Tmk sitrated trrevilagp of Tbeokaip Bedde in at Koogala Bintcnne KoralyaLGA. Divisim Thanannlu,ila (preserrtly SevangalaAGA Division)in tle Disfiict of Mmeragala, Uva Provirre ard rrtridr saidLat 2218is bourdedon 6c Nordrby L,c No22l9 on the Eastby l-ot No22l6 on tbe Sotrhby ld No22l6 andon tre Westby l,ot No22l9 -- ffiffidffiEiii'6xteftNdndht-"Decirital'tiib"iili (0210 Hec.)ucr*diog to ttt" NouehtHec'tares saidPtarNo.FTP 38. All ttrat alloen€nt of Land ms*ed Int ?217 n Plan No.FTP 38 (She€tNo50, iv. SrryplemenryNo.47) dded 86 Febnrry, 1998madeby the Surveyor of Gen€r'al the land catled now lototilnas Malorluura Portionof TlpnketiyaBedde Offic€ sihrdedin the villageofThenketiya Beddeat Kurgala Bintqtne KoralyaA-GA Division Ttrmannlwila (presentty Sewragala AGA Division)in the Disuia of MorrragalqUva Prqvince which saidlot 2217is bor.rnded the and on Norfttby Lot No22l6 on the East'by No22l6 6 theSor.dr Lt No22l9 andonthe Westby tnt by l,ot Nos.22l9& 2216ctd containing odcttt illougtrt DecimalThee Trvo Swar Hectares in (0327
to the saidPlan No.FTP

v. A[ ihat dlotmert oJ Land maked lrrt ?215 in Plan No.FTP 38 (Sheet No50, Sr+plensrtary No.47) dated 86 Feb,nrary,1998 made by the Suneyor Gcnerat of the land called Pqtion of Thenketiya Bedde now knorm as Makulunra Housing Schemesitmted in the village of Tlrcnketip Bedde at Kmgala Bint€me Koralya A.GA. Division Thanamalwila (presently AGA Division) in ttF Distict of Moneragala Uva Province and which $id Lnt 2215 is Sevanagala m the East by Ln No22l4 on the South by [,ctNo:55 and on bor.ndedon the North by lnNo22l9



g:: -i:!







,- ll*&

lheWestby Lot No.55andcontaining extent in NoughtDecimal (0.830 EigfnThree Nought Hectar€s accodingto tbesaidPlanNo.FTP38. Hec.) vi. All thd allotrm, of Larxl mal(ed lot ?213 t^ Plan No.FI? 38 (Shea No50, Srryplerrnhy No.47)dated8ft Febrr:ary, 1998nadc by the Surveyor General tL Una canea of Pmtionof ThenkdiyaBed& now knownas Malorhnua Horsing Sdrcrne situated thevillageof in thenketiya Bedde at Kongala Bintenne Koralya A.GA Divisiqr Thanamalwila (presently Sevanagala Division)in the Disbict of MmeragalaUva Province whichsaidL,ot2213is AGA and bond€don theNorft by l"d No22l9 on lheEast l-c Nos22l9 & 56 onthe Solft by Lot No.56 by md m theWestby Lnt No22l4 md containing odentThree DecfoElFirrcNougtrt in FourH€ds€s to 38. according thesaidPlanNo:FTP €50a Hec") vii. All thd alhtment of l-md mated td 2189 in Plan No.FTP 38 (SbeetNo.48, Sqplernentry No.45)daed 8s February, 1998nrade tbe Srnreya Gensral tL nra carcO by of Portion Thenkctiya of Bedde nowknovn as Gingalpelessa ttrorsing Sctreme sitr.rated thevillageof in lbenkaiya Bedde at Kogda Bintenne l(malya AGA Divisiqr Tbanalnalwila(presently Division)in theDisrict of Msrcragate SerranagalaAcA Uvahovince andwhiclrsaidL,c No2l89 is bonxledqr the North by Lot Nm.40 & 2190crirUe fast by Lot No2l90 on the Soltr by Lot No2l90 and on the W6t ty Lnt No2l90 utd containing odent Five DecimatEightSix Forr in H€dd€s(5.864Hec.)accudingto thesaidPhn NoJTP 38. All ttd dlotmert of Lard tndl<rd l,CIt ?234 M Plan No.FTP 38 (Stee No52, viit Srryplerrutry No.49)dded 8mFehury, 1998,'r*le by tre Sunleya G€ffrat of tL ma caneO Pqtion of Tttedcfiya Beddenow known as Zone4 HousingSr*eoresitudd in tte villagpof me'nladya B€dde at Kongala BinterlrreKralf AG.A Dvision Thararnalwila(presently AGA Divisiur) in tbeDistsict Serahagala ofMmeragalaUva Provinpe u/hidl saidLnt NoZl34 md is borxted on the North by Lot No224l m thi Eastby l-ot No2233q fre Sodr by Ld No224l ard on the Westty LotNq224l andconhiningin cdent Orc D€cimat Forr Eight Serrcn Hedqes (l.487lbc)accodingto &€ saidPlaNo:FTP38. i,: iL All M dlotmeot of L,md mad(edLd No.4932in PLurNo-FTP 43 (Street No52 '. Sgplemeffiy No.a'Qdaeh Se F€bnrdy,1998Eadcby the Suweyc fual of tre lard called Kclle now loown as Iladuma l:Iotrsing Baldrauta Scfreme sinrated fre villageof Bahirarra in d SiEram Paldn Konlalra AGA. Divisisr Thmanalwila(presently Sevaragala AGA Division)in theDisfrict of Motragda Uva Provincc whichsaidLnt 4932is bqrnded theNuilr by Lnt ad -on Noe4506& 4508m thc Eastby Ld. Nc27, 4543& 4900qr the Sqdr by Lnt Nos.45D,4510& 4933ad on tbe Westby lnt No.4933atd containiryin extsntSeven D€cimalNought live Eiglt llectacs (7.058 Hec.)accordiryto thesaidPhn No.FTP 43. Al ttal allotmentof Land Edrcd tot No2lll in Plm No.FTP 64 (SbeetNo.40 L 86 l99Srnde by fre Surveyor Sraplerrcntry No24) dared Febnrary, Ganeral thelard called of Uda Iklle novhrovm c Chqdinraana HorsingScheme Walawa siuaed in thevillageof UdaWalaua (p'eseirtty at Siuffirn PalaftalfuralaraAGA Divisim Thuramahrila SevmagAa-nCe Division) in and tbc Distsictof Moneragalapta Province whidt saidL,ot2lll is bornded theNorttrby lot on No262on fte East t d No2l 12on dreSarlhby Ld No2l 12 md on theWestby LotNo2S5ard by in Decimd Orc Noqlt Nonglt Hectd€sfi.100 Hec-)ding containing extentSeven b tlrcsaid

_ ___* __--*-, p'qn.NofHlf4;-r_-.*.


xi. All tlrat allotnent of lad mated lnt 224o m Plar No.FTP 38 (She€tNo52, 1998made the Surveyor No.49)dated86 February, Srryplementary by General tie land called of Pqrion of TtpoketiyaBeddenos, loovm as Zone4 HousingSdremesifirated the villageof in Thenketif,aBedde at Kongala Bifeme Kcalya AGA Division Thararnalwila(preserUy AGA Seuanagala Divisim) in theDisfict pf Moneragala Province ufiich saidLot No2240 Uva and is bormded theNordrby l,ot Ncr'2241&.2239onlhe Eastby lot Nos.2239 56 onttreSouttr on & by t ot Nos56 & 2241af, u theW€stby L,otNo.224lard cutaining in extent Nought Decimal Forr (4.{44Hec.)according thegaid to Forr FourHectares PlanNo.FTP 38. -7l9f in Plan NoFTP 38 (SheetNo49, ii 1998 Srryplernatry No.46)dated86 Februar1r, rnade the Surveyor by General theland called of Bedde nowlnown as Factory VillageHousing Pmtionof Thenketiya Schane situated thevillage in (prcsentty of Thenkaiya Beddeat,-Kogda BintermeKcalJra AGA. Divisicr Thanamalwila AGA Uva hovince ard whictrsaidLot No2l93 Sevanagala Division)in the Districtof Moner+ala, is bounded the Norttrby Lnt No.40onfrc Eastby Lnt Nos.2l95& 2194 on thgSouth L"ot on by & Nos2206 2192ad on theWestby l,ot No2l92 andcoiaining in elrtentThirty Six Decimat Nine
Eight Nougbt Hectaes (36.980 Hec.) acqdtug to the said Plm No.FTP 38.


xiii. Atl that allotnent of Land maked Lot 2199 in plan No.FTp 38 (SheetNo.49, Sryplernentary No.4Q dared8' Fglrury, l99E made the Srnleyo Gen€ralof theland called by Pctict of Tbenketiya Bedde now hown as Nuclers Ptarration sihrat€d the villaeeof Thenkcira in Beddeat KongalaBintcrrne Kcatya AGA DivisionThananalwita(presentlyS"r,ugdu Ade Division)inthe Dishici of Moneragal4 Province *{rich saiaf.o[No:tCp is bounded the Ula and on Noth by Lnt No.40on the Eastby l-ot No2202 on theSouth Lot Nos22fi) &2198 andonthe by Westby Lot No2l97 and containing crdent Eleven DecimalEigtrt Noughtl.,lought in Hectares (l 1.800 llec) according thesaidPlanNo.FTP o 38.

Nsttr by Lc Nos2l75, 2193& 2177 lR on the Eastby lor No2lTT lB qr sre sorrtr by Lnt l'Io22Zl and oo the Westby lot No2l92 ard cotaining in el@ Sixreen DecinralForrForr Nor€h H€diles (16.,+a0 Hec.)aocmding tbesaidplm No.FTp3g. to

No7?10 md on the Westby lnt No43 ard corraining €rdart SevcnDecinralFweGre Two in lhcars (7512Hec.)accadirqg thcsaidPlar No.FI? 3E. to

Ndrthbj,totNo2222onilpfastbyL,otNo2224 onthesorrhbyL,otNo2226ilrdmthewesrby Lnt No222l ad cmtaintuigin odent Eight DesimalTwo s€vm six Hectr€s (8276 Hec) to according tbesaidPlanl,IofTP 38.

i'tili.----/iii rfir iiirirrrenrbf-ktna-dntei t-c..zzll lE in planNo.FTp (sheet 38 No.45, Srryplenrentary dated Febnrry,1998 No.42) 8fr nrade theSr.u-veryc by Genemt thelandcatted of

Pctim of Thenlretiya Bedde norr lsrorvnas NuclersPlantation sitratcdin the villageof Ther*eiya Bedded KongalaBintenneKcalya AG-.A. DivisionThaarnalwil,a(presartlySerranagala AGA Division)in theDisrict of MorcragalaUvaProvirrce whichsaidL,otNo2277 ll3 b bormded and on flrcNorthbylotNo2lT6orffreEastbyl,otNc.4l&FTP39onttresou$rby[otNoJlTT2/3ard on tlreWestby Lnt Nc.2I7 2fi & 2178;and containing o<tentFifty Nine Decimal in Five Sevcn (59.0754 For llectares Hec.)according to:the PlanNo.FTp38. said
xiL All tnt alldnent
r. r^rh-.

of land marked'Lnt 2l7g % in Plan No.FTP 3&,(StrcetNo.45,

SunrcyorGeneralofthe land called

-..,,"d" #;.3::.


, :; ii',,**l'ffi;*,iL",


PaldmKoralal,a A.G.A DivisionThuarnluda (presently Seqnagala AGA Divisior)nrtheDrifiict grd of ldqreiagala,,Uva Province ufiicn said Irrt-lg& is-Ooundea theNorttrby IntNos.1968& on FTP38on theEastby Ld Nos.l968& 1965 on fie South lntNo.l776 ard on theWestby Lot by 38 Nos.50& FT-P andcontaioing extentTwenty Dccimal in (22.885 Two EiglrtEightFive Hedares t gccording tttesaidPlanNo-FTP Hec.) to 39. ' ,od. All ttxat dloffi of Lmd marlad Lot No.lqi3 in Plsr No.FTP 39 (SheetNo.24 Srrylemrotry No.24).dated FebnrrSr, 8s 199Ernaih by the Surveyor €rd of tb lard called C Al@gana Kellenow knorrun NuclcrsPl4drn siuraedin thevillageof Ahilrgrna at Sittaram as Pal@at&r.ala5€ A.G.,{. DivisionTboanalwitri (p-wntly Sevanagala Divisisl) in theDsbict AGA ofMoncragala, Province u,trich Int 1963 bqmded'cn Nordrby Lot No.FTP on Una and is said the 38 theEa* by Int No.50 on tlre South l,ot Nos.l770& 1962andon the Westby Int Nos.1962 by & FTP38 andconhiningin erlent EigfttDecimal Nought Hec.) Eiglt Eight llecrres (8.088 accoding to tre sid PlanNo.FTP39,odi. All ttat alloneirt of l-qrd rnmlcd L,ct No.l967 in Plan NoJTP 39 (SheetNo24 Srplanentary No24) daed 86 Fehnrry, 198 urade the Sunelm Gcrrtrdlof ttn land called by lGlle nor houm asNuoteisPlantatim Altnltgama sihrated thevillageof Alrthgama Sifiararn in at KsalayaA.GA DivisionTharannlwila(pesently Palelhn Seranagala AGA Division) the Disrict in of Mormgql4 Uva Provinceandwlridr saidI"d 196?is bound€d theNordrby Lot No.l966 on on the East lot No.l968 or tbe Soulhby Ld No.l770 andsr the W€stby Lrt No. 1965 ard by containing qdent Forn Decirml Sii OEeTwo Hectats (4.612Hec.)accodingto thi said Plan in NoJT? 39. niii. All thd aldrcril of l-and Ealred l,ot 2242 in Phn No.FTP 38 (SheetNo52, Srplonentry lib.49) dahd $ f'eOnrry, 1998rnade the Surveyr General theland called by of Pction oflhokeliya Beddenorvknovmas Factry VilagE Hcr$ingSctrerne sitrated the village in (prcsently of Tbailcelip B€dd€ al Kmgala Binurne Koralya A-G-A. Division Thananalwita AGA Sevarugata Division) in theDistict of Mmeragala, hovince ard $ftidr saidLrt No2242 Uva is bosled on theNonth L,c No.40 m fte Eastbylot No.4l sr Se Soffi by Ld Nc.4l & 2243 by sdJm lbc W€stb!, I,ot Nos2243& 40 md contabing erdent Nolrgh D€cirmlSixNrne Six in Hac.)accordilgto &a saidPlarNofTP 38. 'flecaes (0.596 rqiv. AII rhd dlotnertt of Land mart<ed Lnt 2243 m Plan No.FTP 38 (She€tNoJ2, Srryplwrtry No.49) daed $ f'{ruary, l99E nade by the Sunreyor G€n€ral theland called of Pstim of Thenketiya Beddenow hrown as Nucleus Plain*iqr siurated Se vitlageof Thenkaiya in B€dde Koryala-Biutenne at Kcalya A.G.A. Dvision Thanmralwila Sel-ueab ACe lpresentfy in Division) theDistis of Morcragala, Province urbidl saidLd No243 is bondedm the md Uva Noilh by l-ot Nc.4O & TL42 q ffte Eastby lnt No.4I on the Sorlh by LcENo. 244 arrilm th. ad W.e*,by No.e244 curtainingin extent Fiw Dccii.nal tnt S€Nsr Seven -Ilecturs (5-7761lrr.) Six ac4or.dingthesafrIPlanNo.FTP38. to Alt .ttr"t allonant. o.f Land maked lot ,?16. in Plan No.FTP 38 (SheetNo52, ,orv. Srpplerrulry No.49) dated8n Februry, 1998 made the Surveyc G€neral tln landcallcd by of Ptrtion of Thenlc*iyaBeddenow lmorur as Office & HousingSctrerne siurarcd tre village of in (prcsently A,G.A. Olvislon Thanamalwila ftenlcetiya gglge*-* -KgttCah--Binemrc,^Korabe Sffi@liAGA Division) in the Disfict of MorcragalaUvaProvince whichsaidLnt No.2236 ard is borded on theNor0rby l,ot No2232 on &c East Irt No2232 on theSoubby LotIIosJ6 &. by @d in 2235ard on theWestby Lot No.2235 c€ntainfurg e$ent Ttrce Decimal Two Nought Nouglrt (3.200 Hectane Hec.)according tlrcsaidFlanNo.FTP to 38. All tbat dlotment of Land mafted l.ot 2235 n Plan No.FTP 3t (SheetNoJ4 xxvi. iggg orud"by the Surveyc General tre landcalled Supplementary No.49) dated86 February, of Patiqnof ltcnl<cdyaBedde nor loovm as Nucleus Plantatiqrsitui€d in thevillageofThenketiya B€dded Konmla Binteilte Kmalya A.G.A. Divisionihanamalwila(presutly Swanagala AGA in Uva and Division) theDishict of Moneragala, Provfiice wlrichsall Lot No2235is brilrdcdsr the N6lhbytot byLotNos.56& 2237and
on No.2?37 and containing in efent Seve$ty Four Decimal SevenEight Eight Hectaies(74.788llec.) according to lhe said Plan No.FTP 38. All that allotrnent of land madcd kt 2n9 in Plur No-FTP 38 (She€t No.52, )ofliiSupplernr;ntry No.49) dated 8n Fehucy, 1993 n:ade by the Surveyor Genemt of the land called Pstion of Thenketiya Bedde now known as Offrce & tlouii4g Scherne sitnled in the village of Bedde at Kongala Binteone Kc'ralya A.GA. Division Thmaoulwiki (hesently me*rtif Sevarxigla AGA Division) in the Distict of l4oncmgal4 Uva hovince and ryhtchsaidt ot No2229 is bormdcdon the North by l-ot No2l68 on the East by L,ot Nos.2I68 & 56 on the South by Lnt




i. All thar allobn€ d€pic{d in Drawing N Kadirmaumtte dias Mutr town Comcil Limits of i rcgistr.aolon division of Nq SILL is bounded on rhe Ni lands belongingro rlrc GCI ti. AU thd allotmcn Dr"wing No; GCECApZI Mrdtuwadiya No. (2) situ Katnayake-Seedrrva h t Negombo,Colombo Distir North by the Rescrrrationr GCEC containing in exlent

t t ' . . '


iiiArt that ailoune -dcpicted in plm No. 39g dr and Levdller of fonr allot village of Everirrr& widri of Alrtlrhru Krale in DR Democraic Sochllst Rcpnl Norrh by l,or IA (Rc€ryat Limited qr the Soudr by Lo feet GCED Reserrr*ior) an iv. AII tturt allotment of Plsr No. 3W Md zld I kvelller of four allohnents of Everiwana within the tr AlutlikLunr Koale in DRO' - -ienocaticsocialist-Repub North by Int 2A (Rescrvati, the South by Lot 28 (land (Iant@) Ld- And conraininl v. All that allotment Lic€nsed Suweyor and L,ev and MuthuwadVa of Katunr ttrc CCEC sihded at Aver Western province of the De Spur Road 2 and Reservatio wesr by LctNergpB contai vi. All that allotnrnt of land markr 2000 made by T.K. DhanasenaLic€rDsed of the Katunayake Export processing Zo Investmeot of Sri Lantcasituaed at Kadin in the GampahaDistricq Western provinc by JeepTrack 4j rn wide on the EAST t rqreryation along Sprn Road 3 ard on tl





i:=,rl;&g*:g;€ '$, .,-;B'iiE- i.

,.,,1=:.,*.1; +'.;*-

.S; ';*s€

. .l

: _:.3i.




. .-ii:{i


r: j+,j;i€

: .-.r i ::



. ,:{6

(A5-R2-PI2)or two decimaltwo five six one hedares Acres Two Roodsand Twelve Perches (22561hectares) 7. JAQAI,I\NKA LTMITED of All that allotsnenl lsrd mrked ILL in tre Greater Colombo Economic Commission tnvestment PhaseI l-ayoutPlandqicted b DrawingNo. GCEC/IPZKI003 homotiqr Zone-Kahrnayake of the landcalledDAMBLIWEWATTAsituarcdin the Village of Kadirana Southwithin the Town Courrcil Limits of Kdunalake-Seeduua theDasiaPafru ntuUoru Koralein theRegishation in of DivisionofNegombo ihe llistict of ColonboWesernProvince whidr saidlot nrrkcd JILL in ud pn is bounded theNORTH:EAST,SOUTH-EAST SOUTII-WEST landsbelonging the ard by to GCECmd on theNORTH-WEST the reservation Ring RoadI andcontaining extentOne by df in according the saidDrawingNo. GCEOIpZ/trU$3. to Acte(AI-R0-PO) 8. pLYMOUTH TNITUSTRTES (pRMTE) LIMIIED

All that allosncntof land mulred l.ot 28 togetb€r with the buildingstanding thereon depicted in d"red3- Jtme1988madeby S.AV. Per9r4LiceraedSuneyorandLevellec PlanNo. 75188 from of md out of Kadiranauatta the Kanmayake ExportProc€ssing Z,me-Phase within the Areaof t ColomboEconomic Autrority of the Grearer Cormissionsituated Arvcriwatta at within the Torln 'Comcil Limib of kmtnayale Secdurrya Dasifa pamr of Aluthkuiirlcorale tbc rcgistration in in divisim of ltcgombo in,the NcgornboAGA's divbioa GanpatraDisfrict Wesut pro"inc" mrnaea on theNortiEast by GCECrcserrrrtiqr5 fe€twidc against Acrcry pr.mlseJIPI- SqrtlF East by Ring Rosd I and Resavation CCEC, Sofir-West by GCEC-reservation feet wide 5 LMIL md Notth-West GCECReservatior feet wide against by egahstfrduy prsDis€p 5 factory gernisesJIL & TIL and containing extenttwo acr€s in (A2-R0-P0) per the aforesaid as Planm75188. 9. COSMOSMACI(Y INDUSTRIESLIMITED. iAU 6at dlotn€nt of landmarted CMIL in theGrcater Colornbo Econornic Conrudssim Inv€stmeflt ttbmbtion ZoneKarnayatce PbaseI - LayortrPlandepicted DrawingNo. GCEOIPZfUO03 in in of thelandcalledlkdirmacatla situaedin tre Villageof KadiraraSouth within the townCouncil limits of Kamyakeseeelua in Dasiya Pdrwa Rcgisudiqr Divisioo of Negornbo Colombo Disbid W€stem Province which said L.otnalsed CMIL is bolnd€don the Ncth East,SoutEast to and Souh W€stby lands belonging the GrealerColornbo Ecdnomic Commission advance in tracingNo. KO/A?S2:6R:cv.4 dded ZI llactr l9/8 madeby the Surveyor General; North Wcst by RingRo6dtr md coutaining erdetrt in Trc AcresandTwo Roods R2p0). (A2


I r!


tandcirmprising analgunared All the allotment.of of Los No.63,87,88 ard 89 of drelandcatled *Heti}ladeni),4\rlaoa" situatd.ar BqitiF ard Mdegrora in ruugareota Hathpatuw4 'KunrnegalaDishict, North tvest€rn Provincedepictedin Plar No. 362 ana gZAmade on 15-03.1974 byIIMJi W$elroo'n'-Licensed Sunreyor oftheSuneyorOe,prtnent,ontheNORTH by by lrt 33 ed 33Card wire fence;SOUTTI Road belonging to V.C. and Ld.29C,29E,29F,.29G; andon the WESTby Cart Road codaining
in o<tent of Forty Six Acres Two Roo& and Eighteor Perches(A4GR2-P|8) and plantations and buildings standing thereon.


FORMER CACHEIV CORPORATTON LI\NI) All that allohrent of land Mal'ced Lot I dppicted in Field Note No. L llnl in Final Preliminary Plan No. Co..4444 becing ass€ssm€ntNo. 363 (now bearing assessment no. 349 situated in Kollpity Village in the Division of Banbalapitiya No. 38 within the Urban Cormcil Limits of Colombo in Divisional Secretariat Division of Thimblrigasya in the Disrict of Colombo Western s[sairt I of r ic homde4ln rhe NeBT]I.by-aportion of Assei]nent No. 353 Kollpity Rmd claimed by tee Hedges and Co. L;kl on the EAST by a portidr of Assessment No. 353 Kollpig Road claimed by Lee Hedges and Co. Ltd on the SOUTH by portion of Assessment No. 353 Kollpity Road claimed by Lee Hedges and Co. Ltd and Kollpity Road and on the WEST by Kollpity Road and containing in extent One Rood and Twelve Decimal Nine Two Perctres(0A-






All that allotmcnt of land maked I-ot I depicted in Plan No. PP Co. ?482 b€aring AssessmentNos. 72 nd20 in the Dvision of Fo* No. 20 in the Divisional Secretaiat Division rnA UOan Council Limits of Colombo in the District of Colonrbo Westgn Provhce and which said Lnt Nol is bounded on the NORTH b1 D R wijervandena Mauatha on the EAST by D R wijewardena Mauratha and AsscssrrentNo- 36, D R wi€jwmd€na Mawatb4 on the soUTH by Baire l:ke and on the WEST by lmd claimed by Porty Arftrorip and containing in extent Hectres 0.8397 as per the aforesaid Plan No. PP Co.74E2.





iii AII that dlotn€nt of land marked l.ots 4 depicted in plan No. pp co gs73 d.ded 136 Jrne 2fl)7 made by the Gwenrment sunrcyor on behalf of the Surveyc Cmcral of the land siurated d Bdrarnilla in tfre Minq Divisiqr of Hermgam Korale in Kadruda D.S. Division in the District of Colootbo West€m Prcvirce, which mid 4 is botrndedon the North by Ids I ard 3, on Eas bv r,ot 3 and L,e 1l ard l2 in PP co 5442, q rlte scrnh bv t-ot t t in pp co 5442, -fre Ketakellagahan"e claimed by Naza'urd l.ot 5 od qr the West by Lots 5 ard I and containing in extent Nought decimal Four Nangfrt Fon Settn H€rtdcs (lta0'.4d/ij)


a$ Qqedecimal sevenThrEe :"^-fr6GFiEffii0nT.{0:ria) r-q$p^(4!:nz-P0l.z3) '--'i' - -" " : ':

or Nougfrtdecimarsix o're one Four


ii. All that alloment of land ma*ed f,os 2 b€ding asses$n€nt No- ll4 Cnlle Roa4 Kollupitiya dcpt"ted in Plan No. 1365 A dated l0rh August 2004 made by KP. Chardrasekara, Licensed Surveyor and L,evell€rsihtated in Kolupitiya, Wrd No. 37 wihin the Mrnicipal Cormcil Limits of Colqnbo in the Disrict of Colombo Western hovince, which said Lot 2 is bounded on the North by hemises bearing Assessmcnt No. ll2, Galle Roa( Kollupitiy4 Rmmuthu Hotet Prenrises'on the East by l,ot I her€to, on |he South by prenrisesbeaing AssessrnentNo. | 34, Gdle Road Kollupitiya (prt of land Reserved for the Mrine Ilrive) and on the West by the Rait\nay Reservatioq and containing in edentlhirty Nine decim{ Norght Two Perctres(eOnO P39.02) orNouehtdecimal NolghtNine Eisht Sey€,n Noudl!_Ugcrlles (0.09870 HEb.) 15. SEETIIA'S FASHION (PRMTE) LTMITEI)

All Otat allotmenl of land marked t ot 968 depicted in Final Colony Plan No. ooc 13 dated 246 Mar& 1977 made by Supdt of Surveys, Polonnanrwa Division in Final Colony Plan Sheet No. 13 from and out of land called Baduelidamafla in the village called SevagamaMinor_ Division Heda Pattu in the DRO's Division Heda Pattu and.Egoda Pattu in the Distict of Polonnaruwa in the


Norlh Centralhovince whichsaidlot No. 968 is bounded theNORTHby Lnt No.967;EAST on by t ,otNi,. 923;SOUTHby Lnt No. 1037andon theWESTby tnt Nos-t 06i and1067 containing in extentNougltt decimalFour Eight OneHectares (0.a81Hec.)c per the aforesaid P.C-P.Plan No. 13. 16. D,C APPAREL (PRTVATE) LTMITED AII 0ratdlotnint of landma'kedLot A depicted Plar No. o.d. No. Maha/IvtHNDTl/07 in lh dated Jmury 1998 trr* by MahindaWiial'rmre'of the tand calledAugrutahi[ Eitab sitruted at Kandy,Gaog$'ata Koralein the District of Kandy,CenhalProvince unridrsaidlot No. A is qd bound€d the NORTIIby LbtsN9. 84 and ,0()in P. Plm No- 2874;EASTby L,otNo.40 in p. on Plo No. 2874uf, Roa4 sourll by Roadand Main Rmd ard on the Wnsr ty mainRoadand containir.tC erdent in NoudhtdecimalOneFour Six Hectares (0.1,16 Hec.)asp€r tbc saidPlanNo. a.d. No. Malu/IrlHNDT/707. 17. NEEDI,E CTAFTS (PRIVATE) IIWTEI) All thatallomrm of landcalled*una noUl ruamai nral*eaI.d No. I dcpict€d P. PlanNo. oar iD 7305 dilrd 006 nugust 1992nad€ by Supcrintsnd€nt SuweysCotomto qr bcbalf of the of SwveyorGeneralsinnled at Gdhdnra New Town in wffd No. 5, Kotikanan4 Mulleriyawa Torvl CormcilLimib iD A.GA.'s DivisionKolonraurain the lXstict of Colmbo in the Western qr Provittcc ntich In No. I is bounded the NORTTIby the lmd claimed FarerHospitat; ad by . EASTby the kd claimed by'FarcrHq@itahsourH by Lnt No. t: m0 qe-nainiry portiorsof l,c Noc. 14,15, 16od l7 d€pidedin Srrvc,y Plm NO. oa ?lO?od Int"No. 2 in plaiNo. szno 7305 od on tbe WESTby Lod claind by Fwer Hospitalandcontaining ocent of Ncrglrt decimal in Eidhr ODeFoltr Nfue tbctats (08149 Hec.) c per tlp said Plan No. ea 7305rcgist€redin LD.O. (l-D/Ol at Cdombol-€d rcg$ry. HY FASHION GARMENTS(PRIVATE)LIMTIED . {lI rhatdlmem otfard rrsteU Id 2 d4icteal in Plsr No. 2451dd€d30!'June199 madeby U. L DPi]rasi4 Sryaintendent Surwysm behalfof the SuneyorGencral amqdance of in with F. S.No- 60/1612 thelandin tbevillagecalledSiymrbala*elain Egodqde in theAGA's Division of Ruwuwella in tbe Dishict of Kcgallein fte SabaraganuraProvince sftich said L,otNo. 2 is b@n&d oa the NORTII by the landodtlsdQinig?rh$eweh€pa clairredby W. D. J. Perem the and lard called Peterhill Wda chirnedby the State;EAST by lot No. l 2R, land calledPetErhill Wifia,claimedby ttreStae (VillageCanal)Roa4 SOUTHby Lct'No, 3 anC No. I andon rhe t"ot WESI by l-ot No. I andcmtainingin exe* of Turc kirIal NoughtTwo Five Hcctares (2.C25 Hec.)asper thedqesaid No. 2451Register€d Awissarvella in f.ad R€gistry FolioS 105/t57. in ' , . COI,IINSGARMEI{T(PRIVATE)UNdITED : :


Atl ihd allotmcntof lard m+rfedLot No. 69J8 depicted TOFOP. PlanNo. 20 (Suoolernent in No. of Sun/eyor 4llsq No. 5) madeW txi SirpcrincoOent SurveyqAnuradhryrraon *hafof dreGinirril intre lmd calted PalaviyqKele,in the Village of Pa{aviyain theKuircfiritiilKoraleIvlino ' Divisionb thp {GA! Pedtrylre-Ur-.Sp.AilCCChAlra Disnrict the North Central in DivisiAO-o_f -*-..-ffifrffiifi No. 1386ad on the WESTby Lot No. 1386andcontaining ext€Nt in Onedeimal FourSix Five (1.465 Hectaes Hec.) PUTI|A APPAREIjT(pRrV$TE) LTMTTED RUHTJNU All tlut allotnentof landmarlced No- 207 depicred FinalTopoP-P. dated20{' i. l-ot in 7l April 1993madeby W-A.S.Wickramrachchi,Superintendent Suweys, of Monaragala behatf on (Prt of) Village in Wefuiaya Assistant ofthe Surveyu G€neral, sihutedat ard in.lltf Uva Province which said Lots Nc. 207 is bounded theNORTII by Lot Nos. 2(D ilrd 208; EASTby Lot Nos.208,212 on and2l6; SOUTHby lot No. 216andon the WESTby lnt Nos.216,2W and20!l in theafortsaid Plan ard containingin erdentNought decimal Six. tree Nought Hectares (0.630Hec.) md registered FoliosM29Dl2nB at Morpragala in LandRegstry.

iifiot N;.'objslEAs.r lnr No. tt t3s:i; sourHbyrot


of All thatallotsnent landmarked No- 208depicted FinalTopoP.P.?l dded 20th ii. l-ot in April 1993madeby W.A.S. Wichanarachchi,Superimendent Sunep, Monaragala behalf of on situdedat Weerasekaragama o0 Village in WellannyaAssistant (Part of the SuweyorGenef,al, Ageril's Division in the District of Monaragala tle Uva Province which said Govenmrent and fur qr Iots Nc. trot No-208is bounded the NORTHby Lot No. 209;EASTby Lot No-212;SOUTH by Lot No. 207 ili on the WESTby lot No. 207 in the aforesaid Planandcontaining exEent in NougtrtdecimalTwo One Five Hectres (0.215Hec:,)and registered Folios M29n12nt3 d. in LandRegistry. Monaragala 21. SANJAYA GARMENTS (PRIVATE)LIMTTED All ftd allofiEnt of landmarkedl,ot 625 in Preliminary i. P!an- o@244dated l4d' No. August 1992madeby S. D. Srdlrchmdra Superintendent StrviydB4tqtra on behalfof the of SurveyorC€n€ral situatedat lklawana village in lr4inor Divisim of Med4atu in AGA.'s in Sabaragamrnua Division of Kalarrana Distict of Rathnapura Province ulmaininginextentTwo decfunal NoughtTwo Ns"gr't EightHe.ta'es(2-0208 Hec.)acccdingto fte afq€saidPlanNo. oO 24 ild wtrichLots 625is bruxled on the NORTH by Lot Nos. 623ufr 157;EASTby Lot Nos. by l5l ad 6t4; SOUTH Lnt Nos.515 and626nd on theWESTby LotNos. 626,627arld624 andcolrtaining e*entOne ihcimal Nine FourEight FiveHectaes(1.9485 in Hec.)Ali trat allffiieat of land maked I.d.628 in Prelimfurary No. o@ 214dat€d t40' ii. Plan Superintcndent SrrneysRanrquraon behalfof tte August 1992madeby S. D. Sardbchandra of SurrrcyorG€ocralsituded at Kalaqma vilage in Minor Divisiqr of Medapffir in A.GA's Divisim of Kplaurarain,giqi,Aof nam4rraSabragmuwaProvince:containing in extcntTwo dccimalNouglt 1u'e !.l6nghtEi$t Hcctaes(2.0208Hec) according torthe aforesaid PlanNo. oo 244 dd wtdch l,ot 628 is bouxledon the NORTII by Lot Nm. 624 and625; EASTby Ld No. 625; SOUTII by Lot Nos. 6E d 626ed m the WESTby Ld No. A1 d containing extent in Two ThreeHectd€s(0.f/23 llec.) NougbtdecimalNoughtSevcn XL MACTA APPAREL (PRIVATD LITilITEI) AII ftd allotoed of land rnrlrcd Lrt I depicted PlanNo. AS|97R3A7 in dd€d 30.11.97 nrade by and Leveller of thc lad calledArasadiThoaan situded at A. Singr4iab Uctrrsed Srtnrcyor .' Nfutavur - 5 in the villageNids,/rr within tre PSUmirs of Nintavurin theDivisionalSecrchia ild 'Nintavur Panuin tbc District of Ampardi EademProvince vhid saidL,otI is bmded m the NORTH by Road(VC); E ASTW l^2 of smre lan4 SOUTHby l.ot 3 of wrc lmd and on the (AtrRlWESTby Rmd (H) md cotaining in cxtentOse RoodandTrvodecimal ScvenPerch€s V2-71 Nqlglrt dccimalfte Nqght Six Four Hectil€s {0.1064Hec) aTp€r the aforesaid s Plan No. AS/97830?.


Lot All tbd allofineotof lmd martced No 4t I cgtB 06b Jeruily, depicted Ptal No. l535,dated in 2001 rnadeby Aji6 RanjrrrWeeiasrnilS LicensedSunrerycand kveller of the land callcd

qrd uhich said tot No. 4l l@ is ... -,...---,.----Magrn*ffi:-inDistrctof-Ilgnbanlota.Sordhern-kovhoe bormdcd on the NORTII by lnt 4llccr^ of the smre lan4 EAST by L,ot 4l lE of the sane lm4 SOUTII by kt 411@of tlie same land dd on ttre WEST by Lc 4ll @of tlre sane land ard cofltaining in extent One Acre Two R@ds (lA-2R-m.00P) o Nought Decimal Six Nougtrt Seven Nought TtrneeHectaes (0.60703Hec.) as per the 4foresaid Plan No. 1535. 24DYNAMIC CLOTIIING (PRIVATE) qrlflTED

"Iffil*5"'fl#S f liE'##,Hffi Hfffi'l#Fi;itr#';ffi';ffiliffi

Atl trat allotnent of land marked Lnt Noi 4l lB depicred in Plan No. 1337A dated 26ft Octob€r, 1999 made by Ajith Ranjan Weerasrniya Licensed Suneyor of the land called Mirijiawelakele, Khpuwatta and Karaganle$tagodella(claimed as,lot 4l I in srry. 36 of final villagaPlan 54, made

l,otNo.4IlC;SOUTH byL,otNo.4llDandontheWESTbyLotNo.4llEconaininginextent of one decimal Two Five Two Four Five Hectarcs (l:25245Hec.) or Three Acres Fifteen decimal One Eight Perches (3A-0R-l5.l8P) as per the said Plan No. 1337A registeredat the land Regisry HambantotaC5Zl05.



.:{i:-ri , .

Sff.d:] "

609FOLYMERS EXPORTS(PRTVATE) LTMTTED All th allotsrentof lard rndred Lot No. 37 depict€d Preliminry PlanNo. C 8109datcdt70' in Iuly, 1999madeby A welikalavithanage, Govemrnent Sunepr on behalfof the surveyor (nowknovmas Seethawaka ofthe land calledArthurfieldrratta General Induseial Park)sibntedd Avissaurella Village in the Mnor Division of Marikkaurattain the D.S. Division of Hanwella within the Urbat Counnjil Limib of Scahawalqura in the Di$icr of Colombo Western Province andwhidr saidInt No. 37 is bounded theNoRTH by rot No. 44; oi tlrcEASTby Lds Noeon 44 and,f6; on dre SOUIII by'l;d Nos.4,45 ald 3E;urd on the IVE$I by;kt Nos. gg aoa q+ ard contairingin e:<tent Nqght decimd Five Mne NoughtHecfarx (lta. OSIO;aspcr tre aforesaid Preliminary PlanNo.C. El(D. ,6. COSCOPOLYMERLANI(A(PRIVATE)LIIIvilTEI) All that allotmert of lmd rnarlced No; 2l depictcd Pr€liminmy lot in PlanNo. Co 8109da&d l7d' July, 1999ma& by A Wclikalavidunage, Gwenune,nt Sune,yor behalfoflhe Suneyo,r on General of tre land called Arthurficlduma (mw tcrorvn as Seethaumka lndusbial Pat) situaed at AvissauellaVillage h the Minor Division of Mmildovratta in the DS Division of Hanrrella

, ;.
27. i i .'

No. Co.7646ud Ld No. 20; qr theEASTby lnt No. ,!4, on th SOUTiIby Lot No. 2 depidedin Preliminry Plm No. Co.8087; on the WESTby l.ot No. !l urd 2 depicted pretiminary and in Plsr No. Co.7645ad cunainingin qffnt NoughtDecinal Nine Seven Hectares 0.96) (Ha Six Pieliminay Plar No. Co. 8109. asperthe aforcsaid GREAT WALL THREAD MANUFACTT]RING(PRIVATE) LIMITED

. . :,

.- . All rhsrallffimt of land rrf."a f"c No- 29 @ided h Plar No- Co. 8109dded l?6 Jdy, 1999 Goveroment Srnveyor bebalfof the SuweyorCserat of the on ".rrAb by .{- IVelikalavitharage lad calledArthurfielduda (nowhrorm as Seethawaka lnalrrsbial Pdk) situated Avissawella at in dte Mhtr Division of Mail*aqrda in the DS- Division of Ilanrrella within tk Urban Council Lirnis of Seeeawak4rra in the Disrict of CobmboWestemProvince wtrichsaidL,otNo. 29 ard is bormded theNORTHby [,otNo..9; on tbe EASI by Lot No. 9,lnt No. 2 in Prelirninary on PLui No. Co. ?645a|d'lot.Ng 30; o:te SOIIIIJ by lot j0;:.and on irc WESTby Int No. fri, fn No.44 andLot No. 9 md cdainbg in ocent NoughtD€cimalOneNineFourHectd€s 0.1%) (tla asp€rtheafqesaidPreliminary PlanNo. Co tl@. . ,. . I t. ,?& ., ADAMJEE.EX(TRICTIONS(PRIV,ATE)LIMTIED If""tto of tlre lard called.Lots5 ad 6 of Perttr , . ' , i-. ma& by N. Ku|ranre, ti4nged $une,yor .' ' :: divisim of tbe Pertr'F-state beinga itivitteOpction,of fot 4 of PcdhjDivisiqr of Perdi Est*e -O in depicted PlanNo. 1786dated April, 2000madeby M T Ratrayalce, 3rd Licansed and Surveyor E-Puuwadardrtflllage rpitltin the Divislonal Secretriat Are of Horanain Pdr of .Raigam Kffale in thp DisEic{ of Kah*ra West€rn Udugaha Provincead whidr said allobncntof laodrirarlced 06 is bpunded theNqth byreservatiurfq Road9.0Meterswide lot on and PaddyField of fuiyawans4 Denzil D D Nandawathi Others;Eastby lot 5 of samelan{, & fq wide andon the Westby BalmcePortion same Sorh by Reservatiqr Road18.0Metens land of rd containing exteril. Six Acres(06 A 4R{P) or Two decinal FourTwo Eight OrreOne in of (L428ll tlec. ) asperthesaidPlanNo. 2354. Hec'taes 29. DATAFOODGRTVATE)I;TMITEII All thatallobnentof land martedLnt I depicted PlanNo.2313 dated in 20rtrFebruary 2005made t6-(6EinETit siiiiEy and sub division of Lpt No. 4
depicted in Plan No. 1786 dat€d 3rd April 2000 made by M T Rahrayake,Licensed Surveyc and Levellcr) of the land called Perth Division of Perth Estate @at of) siur,ated Ponnradarda Village at within the Divisionat SecretariatDivision of Horana in the udugahaPattu of RaigamKorale in the District of Kahdra Western Province intre Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri lanka and wtrich said allotmest of land marted t ot 4 is bormdedon the North by L,ot 4A' in Plan No._1066dafed 5th December 2(X)l by J R Alahakoon Licerued SUrveyor; East by balance Portion of.iame land and p'rernisesof Chem Plrrrna (Pvt) Ltd (tot I in Plcr No. l9l0A of 3rd Se,pternber 2002 by M T Ratnayake Licensed Surveyc); South by Reservatior for Road l8 rpeters,wide ard West by balance'Pqtion of same land and containing in extent of Four Acres (4A{R-0P) c one decimal (1.61875Hec.) as persaid Plan No. 2313. Six One EigfutSevenFive Hectarcs





TENDON LANKA (PRIVATE) LIMITED [.ot dated21.09.95 All trratallotrnentof land marked No. 7 in PlanNo. 292-R0-P30 madeby N. and Sunreyor Levellerof thelmd calledPallekele RryasingheLieensed Gmup(Prt of l,ot 38 ard 36 in PP Mal:n4243)of IndustrialArea of theKandylndustrialPart witlrin theLicersedZoneof of at the Boardof Investment Sri l-ankasituated KengallaVillage in Kundasala AGA's Division, UdugahapmtKoraleK.ady Disfict in the Cenral Province wfiich saidlot Paharhadunrbara and No. 7 is bqmdedon the Norfi by RanainingPortionof same land; Eastby Rernainiry Portionof lsrd aodpro'posed Road;Southby Roadard Westby RoadandRemaining sarne Pqlion of same in.extmtTwo decimalEigfrtThreeTwo Eight]Ieclares (2.8328 landandcontaining Hec.)or Sewn ' PlanNo. 292-RGP30. Acre (7A-0R{P) aspccthqaforesaid


RICAN LANKA (PRIVATE) LIIVIITED in All that allotmentof landmarkcdas lrt A depicted PlanNo. I167 dated9th S€pterrb€r 1996 prepared K P Wijstilccr4 Liccnsed SuveyonandLrvcller beinga rEsuneyurd sr$ divisionof by in Geoeral's Plsr No-P P Garn2542dated23rdMay 1995 Lot No.4 depicted Surveyor sitrateda in Pffil within the Atan4gallaDivisional SecretaiesDivision in the Nambadaluwa Udagaha Provincewhich said Lnt-A is bounded the North Eastby Ela; Western District of Ganrpaha on SouthEastby Roae SouthWestby LCs.7, 6, 5, d 3,2 and I in PPCnm l2l9 arrdN6th W€stby (A2-R0-P2) NoughtdecimalEigtrt Palhmd containingin od€ot of Trrc AcresTuio Perctres c NoaS Eight Fourllcttarys (O8084Hca) according 6e saidPlanNo, | 167. to

(PRTVATE) TowERsoLUTroNs coMp'osrTE LrMrTEn
All that allotment of land nrftcd lrt 30 depicted in Plan No: 2065 dded l9th Decernber 1997 made by T K DhaoasenaLicensed Surveyor from and ot ofthe land called MahayayaEstate ofthe Mirigana Expmt Proccssing Zure witfiin the area of Ardrority of thc Bord of knesfirert of Sri Ldrka sitEted * Luluwagaga Kf,dargflnu$a Viltage within the Fadeshiya Sabha Limits of Miriganra in Udugaha Pdi of H4iligam Korale in ttre Disnict of Ganpaha WesteroPrwince urd wtrich said l-,ot 30 is bomded on the North by Reserr"dion along Roa(, on the East by Reservdicn along Roed; oo tbe Sordt by nertaining portim of t bc sane land and m thc West by Rernaining portirxr of the sme lod atd cordaining in €xtqt Orc ,{cre and Trro Rmds (AI-R2-P0) oNouglt dccinnl Six Nougtt Swen Norgfut Seven Nought Hectaes (0.6(t0 Hec) as per the aforesaid Plan .r: No.2065. . : . , IIEALTII FOOD PRODUCTS (PRIVATE) LIMITED

sihrared at Loluwagoda Kandogmwva villagp within the limits of l(ardalama Sub0ffice areaof Mirigana Pradeshiya Sabha Udugaha- Pattu of H4itigam Koale in lhe Dishict of Ganrpatra Western Province and which said Lot No. I is bounded on the North by Road with Reservationand Lot 278 arlrdLot27C East by Jeep Track with Reserrration;South by Jeep Track with Reservation and lot 29. aod on tlrc West by Road with Reservation and containing in cnent Three Acres One Rood and Six decimal Five Perches(3A-IR{5P) or One decimal Three Three One Scven Hectn€s (l-3317 Ha) as per aforrsaid Plilt Nd.475 and Registeredin F 2401116at the District Land Registry Negombo.

All atlotment of land marked Lnt 4l depicted in Plan No. 532 dated 2nd September,2000 madeby A.S.C. Vitanage, Licensed Surveyor and L,eveller (being a portion of Block A in tlre Miripma Export PrccessmgZrrrc t y Out Plan of the land called MAHAYAYA ESTATE @icted in Plan No. 34fl) dated Februry ad MaclU 1994 made by K.EJ.B. Pertr4 Licersed Surveyor and I-eveller) sihnted at loluwagoda in Kadangamuwa Village within the Sub-office of lkndalama of the Mirigama PradeshiyaSabhain Udugaha Pathr of Hapitigam Korale in the Distric't of Gampaha Western Province srd which said allotment of land marked Lrt 4l is bounded on the Nuth by Reserv'ation along Road and Road; on the East by l-d 40 in Plan No. 529 of A.S.C. Vitana$,



it-'##c1,.0.,;'a'':r#S ,',,i*i+$,g.,;-., ;$


Licensed Surveyor I*veller); on the Southby Reservation and along RoadandRoad; on the and Westbybalance portion in PlanNo. 3400 of K-EJ.B-Perer4Licensed Surveyor 6vetler and and containing extent One Acre ThreeRoodsTwentyThreedecimalEight hiougtttperches in (Alm NoughtdecimalSeven EightFourHectaes(Ha.O.76Uj aspertheaforesaid plan Six _R:3P4{0) No.*32. ROYALE EXPORTS(PRMTE) UMITED




ENDOR,SEMENT UNDER ARTICLE I22 OF THE CONSTITUTION It is hereby certified that in view of the Cabinet of Ministers the above Bill is urgent in the national interest.


Sumith Abdsinghe Secretary - 1 Cabinet Ministers to the of tDate;October)o 2011. H ${J tl|?l:f A P.' YS i fqi }i E. Ef C ir Secroita*:F tl'reCabin+t-



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