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Culture in Business

Culture in Business

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Published by: Zane Pham on Oct 30, 2011
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the Vietnamese people are monochromic compared with the French because the Vietnamese workers tend to do one task at a time and they only focus on this task while the French workers tend to do three or four tasks at a time. Hanoi. Time focus Different cultures have different perceptions of time according to their environment. we come to some conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad. Vietnam) Position: Officer Working time: 4 years Content of interview After the interview.  Individualism: ‘I’ predominates over the ‘we’ . 1. Hall and Hall (1990) distinguish two prominent time systems which are of particular relevance to management:  Monochromic: time is used in a linear way – one activity at a time  Polychromic: people tend to focus on multiple tasks According to the interview.CULTURE IN BUSINESS REPORT EXPATRIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW Lecture: Truong Thi Nam Thang. traditions and general practices. 2. II. Structure Term ‘structure’ refers in business to an organizational structure and the value orientation concerns the relation between individual and a group. MBA Group: Nguyen Thi Thu Hang (21/6) Le Pham Diem Hang Hoang Thi Quy Pham Thanh Thuy Nguyen Hong Van I. history. PhD. Interviewee Name: Sandrine Depeux Gender: Female National: France Work in: Buffalo Tour Company (94 Ma May.

In contrast.The message are clear and explicit . He also has the highest responsible for everything. they support and share the task with the others. etc. Competition  Competitive When competitiveness is valued. In Vietnamese organization structure. The higher position you are. 5. They do not want to do work alone. people have no equal power. the much power and authority you have. They delegate the tasks to all subordinates and let staffs have the right to make decisions.  High-context .Situation carries most of the information  Low-context .. It is unlike with the French. They tend to be in one group and share work with someone else.Performing well . In addition. They focus on performance-based therefore they are more competitive. Vietnamese people like to work in team or group so they are more co-operative. Specially. They want to do their work by themselves. 3. The structure is tightly controlled and the work relations should be strictly prescribed. Communication Context related to framework.Information is ‘hidden’ in the text . In contrast. Power Power value orientation: the extent to which a society expects or accepts that power is distributed unequally. the French managers tend to select employee who has ability to work independently. The head of the company has the highest power than other people. the Vietnamese like to build and maintain the relationships with people around. the Vietnamese employees prefer more collectivism than the French. relationships and consensus Because of the trend of collectivism.  Hierarchy: level of power and authority are strictly marked  Equality: status and formal position have less influence Vietnamese managers (or leaders) tend to be more autocratic. with each others. share work.Competition is not considered to be the main purpose of business . They want to work on themselves. All decisions are finally made by the CEO or the top level managers. That will motivate the staffs to work more effectively. the French managers (or leaders) tend to be more equality.Acquiring wealth . the culture is focused on: .Achieving ambitions  Co-operative . background and surrounding circumstances.Stress is on the quality of life. When doing job. 4. Collectivism: interests of the group prevail over individuals The French employees prefer individualism because they do not want to share ideas.

7. We should try to be relaxed when discussing new ideas rather than having a knee-jerk reaction to be right. France. Sandrine emphasized on the job opportunities especially in tourism though she hasn’t studied this major at the university. Secondly. she said that there are a lot of opportunities and choices to look for a job for her in Vietnam that there is not in her country. Most of the Western people in general. they cannot focus on their own work and achieve the maximum efficiency. or reflective to understand and clarify their ideas. the French people in specific. you often have to work independently. the French people in specific tend to talk directly in the dialog whereas the Vietnamese people do not. during the interview. Sandrine has to face up with some difficulties. Vietnamese people talk too much while working whereas French people like her do not. However. When we go to another country to work. The Westerners in general.  The most satisfying experience Because of different cultures. After that. hobbies. she advised us not to forget our culture and be proud of it because every country has its own culture that make the world culture different and rich. children. especially France.The Vietnamese people do not talk directly what they want. the interviewee mentioned about the phenomenon of Vietnamese people after living or working abroad. we should be . Sandrine suggested us that we should be more independent though she has known that our Vietnam culture is collectivism. the interviewee advised us to be open minded. She said that those people tend to show off and behave as they are more knowledgeable than the other. Therefore. Therefore. French people just only work in teams or groups whenever they have big projects or maybe that teamwork can be helpful for their personal purpose. we should study the language of that country we decide to work in. In addition. you’d better to try to talk directly and don’t hesitate to tell the other when you have a problem. Finally. Recommendations to ensure the success when working abroad First of all. However. This is one of the negative effects often occurs to group of Vietnamese people when they go abroad. it’s essential to listen to what your manager says rather than jumping in with only your opinions. the most challenging issue is to work with Vietnamese people. The French people often show their emotions and thinking in a direct way. especially the Westerners can understand you if you talk in an indirect way. 6. living habits. they also lose their Vietnam culture. she found out that her colleagues could talk or chat for hours about everything such as family. During the work. The challenging and satisfying when working in Vietnam  The most challenging experience According to the interviewee. even the meat price at the market and so on. Therefore. To become a world citizen. You should let him or her finish speaking then you use active. It is a big problem in communications for foreigner who is come from Western. Thirdly. friends. No one. the foreigners sometimes find it difficult to understand what the Vietnamese people think. they are very straightforward so we should adjust our behaviours to achieve the best result in communications.

learn deeply and put them into practice. .aware of culture differences. acquire knowledge.

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