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Win-Win Negotiation Techniques

Win-Win Negotiation Techniques

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Published by: Junaid Shaukat on Oct 30, 2011
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While Plan Bs can be improved, they can also be made to appear less
attractive. The idea is to improve your Plan B and suggest that your
counterpart’s is weaker than he thinks it is. Of course, you need to be subtle
and tactful about this. You also need to understand that your counterpart
may use this tactic on you. However, if your Plan B is realistic and strong
enough, you can resist this.

Returning to our example, suppose your boss says she can only increase
your salary to $3,700. What is her best alternative if you resign? She
may be able to hire a younger person for less than she was paying you.
Her Plan B looks good, perhaps even better than giving you a raise! How
can you make it look weaker?

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You can suggest that it will be troublesome and expensive to recruit a
replacement for you. The new hire will take time before he can get up to
speed and be productive. He may not work out at all and your boss will
be back at square one, so why take the risk? Now her Plan B doesn’t look
so good, and she might decide to increase her offer. Alternatively, she
might try to diminish your Plan B by suggesting that Other Company are
slave drivers, they have a dysfunctional culture, so why leave your friends
and a good position for a lousy couple of hundred dollars more?

There are other ways of making a Plan B seem less attractive than by trying
to persuade your counterpart that it is so. Suppose you are negotiating
to purchase a house. Your offer of $372,000 is a bit less than the seller
would like. What is the seller’s Plan B? Perhaps another prospect has
expressed a willingness to buy the house for $374,500. What can you
do to weaken his Plan B? Put down a cash deposit. The other prospect’s
words may sound sweeter, but they are only words, and money talks. The
seller’s Plan B suddenly seems less attractive next to your cold, hard cash.

If I quit you’ll
have a hard time
replacing me!

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