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MBA Class Profile

MBA Class Profile

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” (The Wall Street Journal. 2006) .“The IMD is one of the world’s most distinctive schools. with its highly selective boutique MBA program that grooms experienced managers for senior leadership positions.

1 in The Financial Times Ranking of Rankings (The Financial Times. 2007) .The IMD MBA is ranked No.

The special challenges of entrepreneurship are learned by working with start-up ventures. They divide their time between teaching. Many of the 60 full-time Faculty members. influence and impact on people and organizations both professionally and privately. It also helps prepare them to drive their company’s corporate social responsibility towards a broad range of stakeholders with differing. we are able to be highly selective and uncompromising throughout the admission process. Thus we bring to Lausanne a cultural diversity that cannot be matched by a short duration exchange program or multiple campuses. the written application. how well they communicate it and how integrated they are in their different communities. They are tested in the field through a number of off-campus leadership exercises where they discover and understand what it takes to lead in a global business context. Teams develop a business plan and sell an existing entrepreneurial idea to venture capitalists. Thanks to the quality of the applications that we receive. drive. needs and expectations. Faculty draws on this experience to create a particularly effective learning environment that is highly conducive to tackling critical issues facing businesses today. Later. By the time we invite a candidate to our full day assessment center.Developing your future global leaders It all begins with a unique mix of highly talented and motivated participants. are recognized world authorities in their fields. Here they interact with leaders from business. They interact with senior executives on an on-going basis in IMD open enrollment programs and bring this experience into the MBA classroom. participants gain hands-on experience working with top management of global companies on genuine strategic issues and apply immediately what they have learned during the program. we feel we already know that person quite well. This enhances their capacity and courage to make meaningful and timely business decisions in an increasingly challenging environment where only the best will survive and win. The Executive Program faculty and MBA faculty are one and the same. its economy and its social fabric. must reflect strong academic ability. and often conflicting. society and government who are struggling to rebuild their country. . real management capacity. One of these leadership exercises is a one-week discovery expedition to a country such as Argentina. interpersonal as well as team skills and other characteristics that make that candidate stand out above the crowd. The right program The IMD MBA works side-by-side with the IMD Executive Development Programs. The intensive 1-year program is designed to push participants beyond the daily challenge they face in the classroom. IMD’s core business. We seek to understand what applicants consider important. IMD can credibly claim to offer participants the exhilaration of self-discovery and of developing their creative and leadership abilities. Hence we focus on assessing the energy. Letters of recommendation give us an independent assessment of a candidate’s overall personality. The IMD difference The right people The first hurdle. providing very personalized leadership training with a view towards practicality and reality. Bosnia and South Africa. The right place Since participants come from some 70 countries around the world to attend our MBA or other senior executive programs. made up of 20 different nationalities. The right reasons We deliberately keep the IMD MBA small and selective – we limit the class to 90 people each year because we believe that world-class business leaders cannot be mass-produced. We look for and will only consider individuals with a demonstrated potential to become future global leaders as well as excellent general managers. This ensures that they remain firmly on top of the latest developments in managerial practice. We follow each participant throughout the program. The experience is designed to force participants to re-evaluate what kind of leader they want to be. The IMD MBA helps participants become engines of success within their respective organizations around the world. IMD is recognized as a highly stimulating and enriching “global maelstrom”. leadership potential and cultural and managerial diversity. carrying out research and acting as consultants to major companies in many industries. during the 9-week international consulting projects.

Gemplus. secured contracts in excess of €50m in sales • Co-led business development with the only international customer for Ericsson Portugal which today generates over 30% of the company’s annual turnover Data Services Product Manager.ch French. $25m value Offshore Drilling Engineer. Argentina • Recruited and managed a 40-person team. Australia 10 years of international experience in operations. Morocco Sales Network Area Manager.. Canada • Implemented executive management reporting of major technology projects across Scotiabank worldwide. Telecom BU. Nigeria • Assessed the capacity of a key gas plant and created opportunities for 25% increase in plant throughput • Carried out process engineering design for a gas gathering project Production Supervisor. Canadian National Railway. Shell. USA/Taiwan • Responsible for worldwide LCD glass inspection process and inspection technology integration into manufacturing • Created process engineering team to install and support 18 production lines in Japan and Taiwan ($0. Nigeria 5 yrs in oil and gas development. increased monthly turnover by 8.imd. 34 francisco.5 LCD glass inspection line ($3m.abecasis@MBA2008.Performance. Eng. 33 victor. Transocean. Australia 5 years of project management & engineering in the oil and gas industry Night Wellsite Manager. USA 7 years manufacturing & engineering experience in the information display industry Worldwide Inspection Process Engineering Leader. Canada/Ireland. German (B) BSc Metallurgical Engineering. Australia. VALE S.ch English... Portugal. Dutch (B) BSc (Hons) Computer Sc. French (B) BSc (Hons) Environmental Science. Mandarin. Nigeria • Managed 19 persons.ch English.A. Portuguese. Schlumberger & Transocean SedcoForex. resulting in 30% increase in network profitability and 20% increase in sales • Prepared the start-up of 2 corporate owned dealerships in Lisbon and Brussels Ijeoma Achareke. Gemplus. Drexel University. 1 yr in energy research and consulting Analyst. Portugal.balisalisa@MBA2008. English. France • Increased revenue by 50% to €38m in 2 years Sales Director Andean Pact.brooks@MBA2008. Canada 6+ years in organizational change management and consulting Senior Manager. Italy • Defined and implemented the sales network objectives for the Spanish. China. Portugal 8+ years international experience in the automotive industry Sales Network Operations Manager. Brazil 8+ years of international experience in business development.A. full P&L responsibility. attained €41m sales in the 3rd year Director Brazil.imd. m = million . developed new software and services activity. Eng. BSc Pharmacology / Biochemistry. SE Asia • Led a 100+ person project team in a $6m shipyard project • Developed and executed budget plans exceeding $20m Mathias Bouzereau. Northern EnviroSearch. Portuguese MSc Mech. India/Indonesia/Australia • Managed and improved performance of a $350m asset with $106m annual revenue while operating under different contracts for various clients • Planned and executed a $4m transition of a UK based asset to an environmentally sensitive area in Australia Operations Engineer. Canada • Played a key role in the development of a new business model that increased the Intermodal business unit's profitability by $350m (400%) • Led the definition and implementation of technology solutions for a new international freight forwarding business venture (CN WorldWide) • Coordinated IT investments of $15m for Intermodal and CN WorldWide Manager.. English. 32 daniel. recommended on investments of €0.achareke@MBA2008. Nigeria. $100m budget • Led multi-disciplinary teams for delivery of well plans to the rig site • Facilitated external government & joint venture partner approvals • Negotiated and managed drilling contracts.imd. Canada. Portugal • Devised sales strategy and led multi-disciplinary / multi-country sales activities for break in and other priority projects in the fields of multimedia and network infrastructure. grew portfolio to 60+ major projects ($400m+) and 95% coverage in two years.. Canada • Managed a ten-person team that provided internal consulting services.bouzereau@MBA2008.ch French. generated $16m turnover in 2 years Key Account Manager for ORANGE group. 36 mathias.5% in three months Pedro Almeida. Brazil. Canadian National Railway. France. Politecnico of Milan.ch English. EMBRAER S. Portugal Telecom. 11 people) • Developed a high-throughput Gen 7. Business Transformation.€5m Randy Balisalisa. Japanese. Spanish (G).ch English. English.7m. $600k budget • Led a multi-disciplinary project aimed at formulating VALE’s entry strategy into the Indian mining sector • Generated iron ore sales worth $1.. Telecom BU. Italian. Ericsson. U of Lagos..broughton@MBA2008. U of Lisbon. Argentina and Brazil Customer Service Marketing Manager. 33 pedro.. Canada Daniel Brosseau. France. English. Australia/Timor-Leste • Designed technically complex subsea oil & gas wells. Australia.imd. Colombia • Set up local office.begagic@MBA2008. France/Brazil • Responsible for marketing and selling $13m of maintenance and logistics services to airlines in Europe Ian Brooks. Portugal • Advised the marketing board on product line strategy vis-à-vis the portfolio. Portuguese. UK. UK • Produced commercial analyses of oil and gas assets in Africa and contributed to opportunity screening in the region Process/Surveillance Engineer. BSc (Hons) Chemical Eng. Gemplus. Overseas Markets. Imperial College.imd.breguncci@MBA2008. USA. Filipino (B). UK 13 years of international sales experience in the telecom and IT industries Director Southern Cone. project and general management in the oil and gas industry Rig Manager . UFMG. French. India/Belgium/Brazil • Successfully established VALE India Private Limited. achieved $5m sales in 3 years.ch Portuguese. U of Melbourne. and Nottingham U.. Scotiabank. 31 randy..IMD MBA 2008 class profile Francisco Abecasis. a subsidiary for business development and market intelligence. Wood Mackenzie Ltd. Gemplus. Woodside Energy. (B) = basic. built VAR network Sales Manager Central America & Caribbean. far exceeding the 80% coverage target • Developed and leveraged key performance indicators through the project reporting framework to improve governance and oversight of the major projects portfolio • Analyzed and reported on quarterly and yearly project forecast spending for all domestic technology projects ($250m per annum) Consultant. 27 lucy.almeida@MBA2008.5m .imd. Business Solutions. Offshore Australia • Supervised night crew of 40 in drilling. 30 ian. Baron Bakeries.4bn to USA. Gemalto. marketing and sales in the mining and aviation industries Business Development Manager. Tech. Spanish..ch English. bn = billion. 33 jasmin. (G) = good.imd. Project Reporting. 32 ijeoma. Offshore Mauritania Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. Brazil • Started a JV with a local partner. Spanish. contributing to different strategic business initiatives Lucy Broughton. EU Mkts. $ = US dollars. University of Adelaide. French (B) MSc Electronics & Computer Syst. Bosnian. completion & work-over activities Drilling Engineer.ch English. Italy & IST of Lisbon. Mexico Victor Breguncci. Italy • Led an international team to create a new sales network and revamp the corporate identity of a new JV in India worth €665m • Managed initial stages of new market entries: USA.brosseau@MBA2008. Dutch and Belgian markets..imd. Queen's University. McGill University. Serbo-Croatian BEng (Hons) Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng. French. Canada 8 years in business transformation and in operations & technology consulting in the transportation industry Manager. Igbo MSc Advanced Chemical Eng. with Process Systems Eng. Spanish (G) MEng and BEng (Hons) Electrical Eng. French (B) BSc Mechanical Engineering.imd.ch Portuguese.imd. Portugal 8 years in sales and business development in the telecom industry Senior Account Manager and Business Developer. INSA Lyon. Fiat Group Automobiles. 9 people) • Implemented Lean Six Sigma to reduce equipment cycle times by 20% and lower manufacturing costs by $5m Jasmin Begagic. Corning Inc. French (B) BEng (1st Class Hons) Chemical Eng. Woodside Energy. Spanish. Woodside Energy. Fiat Group Automobiles.

charafeddine@MBA2008. 3 years in technology consulting Project Manager. France / Dealer Network Analyst. French. UK. Peru. 2 brand managers."China Turbo" • Achieved Compound Annual Growth Rate of 47% for business unit from 2001 to 2005 Igor Clainscig. German (G). measured VAR of portfolios • Traded corporate / sovereign bonds. KPMG Consultants. Belgium • Participated in carrying out a pre-study on a $32m datawarehousing project in Riyadh. English. Honeywell International.0bn in bond auctions for national and international companies in the Peruvian national market • Developed and managed diverse portfolio optimizations using financial modeling for risk – return. Peru/Spain/Switzerland • Traffic administration of concentrate contracts. Switzerland • Defined future business opportunities in the water purification area • Created a book of facts and strategic analysis on global competitors • Synthesized market and industry data for executive management • Supported group strategic development for product lines Business Unit Manager. and Management. EPFL. 31 victor. (distributor for P&G and other manufacturers). French.ch French. Switzerland • Led cross-functional launch readiness project teams to optimize product operational launches • Represented logistics at Roche’s Global Change Commission Logistics Manager. bn = billion. Italy 8 years in finance.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Patrick Cerf. Belgium • Managed and implemented complex projects in the areas of performance management. m = million . BBVA Continental Bank. UNCTAD . technology transfer from Finland Process System Manager. recruitment and compensation & benefits • Launched innovative HR tools to support 800+ professionals Senior Consultant. 33 frank. Spanish (G) MA (Hons) International Business and Finance.dinubila@MBA2008. Peru • Led and coordinated $1. German.fuentes@MBA2008. Italy • Led over 20 people in different countries.5 years in investments and trading. affecting over 600 entrepreneurs Alesha Collins. Italy/San Marino.ch Spanish. • Increased client satisfaction index by 70% to 95% over a year Marco Di Nubila.debleds@MBA2008. Lebanon. French (G) BSc Business Administration.ch Italian. English BSc Economics.imd.United Nations. Germany. UK.imd. Belgium 3 years in project management.clainscig@MBA2008. awarded Van of the Year 2008 • Defined product positioning & increased project NPV by $28m Vehicle Project Manager for Car Derived Vans. Italy • Developed a $1m BU of 7 consultants in the transportation sector Product Marketing Manager for New Fiat Scudo. American U of Beirut. 30 igor.chen@MBA2008. revamped the forecasting/supply chain leading to 19% less trade expiries. Italian (G) BSc Industrial Eng. Germany Rodolphe Eurin. in charge of a $20m business • Managed a team of 59 people: 4 unit managers. Switzerland • Managed resolution processes for data analysis and model development for €10bn+ financial institutions (equity. Peru. Switzerland • Led continuous improvement projects and business analysis to save $1m/year Manufacturing Engineer. Hoffmann-La Roche. USA 5 yrs program mgmt & operations experience in manufacturing and quality Customer Quality Program Manager. German (G) BSc Economics. 5% sales growth and 12% less product write-offs Hao Chen. 29 joeri. KU Leuven. Spanish (G) MSc Physics. Fiat Auto. etc. China • Led the core business organization for China (60+ staff) • Planned and implemented business expansion project . German (G). yearly business up to €10m • Managed 5 global supplier accounts for products totaling sales of €500m New Introduction Manager. SISU. Italy 8 years in int’l product development & technology business development Business Unit Manager in technology innovation consulting. Italy. STERIS Corporation. English.ch French. China • Set up company in China and led staff of 10 to manage daily operations Project Leader. service projects for top Canadian nuclear utilities • Prepared and won 3 strategic proposals totaling $3m revenue Field Service Manager. derivatives. Switzerland 7 years international operations and business development experience Operations Manager.5 years in commodities Chief of Brokerage in Fixed Income. Unisys Consulting.degreef@MBA2008. CNH. (B) = basic. field operations management and project management in the nuclear and oilfield industries Project Manager. USA 4. Int'l Business Cert. English. Schlumberger. MSc Industrial Eng. English. Switzerland and France through business allocation.ch English. USA • Resolved quality concerns to support continuous production demand across five production cells. investment project portfolio worth €40m. ETHZ.eurin@MBA2008. Switzerland • Supported production sites in Belgium.imd. Belgium. buying. French.ch English. France. Hoffmann-La Roche. 32 sacha. English.ch Dutch. of Bologna. Italy/France • Led product development for the $1bn project.ch Italian. 31 patrick. English. increased funds by over 50% Project Manager. Transmed Overseas Inc. Geberit. USA/Italy. REUTERS SA. selling and hedging of metal • Responsible for chartering vessels and other major export tasks Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. F.imd. 33 marco. Switzerland 5 years international project management in the healthcare industry Global Contract Manufacturing Manager. Fiat Auto. German (B) MSc (Hons) Commercial Engineering. Schlumberger.ch Chinese. plant re-layout and process optimization Ziad Charafeddine. UNIDO . customer advocate for four global customers across six product lines • Created & implemented strategic quality improvement plans resulting in an acceptance rate increase of +10% Product Quality & Manufacturing Engineer. 33 rodolphe. achieving -30% in time-to-market Manufacturing Engineering Deputy. Saudi Arabia • Coordinated part of a 25+ people team across the Benelux region Consultant. improved throughput +30% and customer acceptance rate +18% • Saved $70k through cost take-out projects within eight months Joeri De Greef.ch Arabic. Italy • Headed technical development worth $2m. KPMG. Piping and Sanitary. Norway Victor Fuentes. STERIS AG. 28 ziad. French. (G) = good. Indonesia • Led cross-cultural teams of 30 people across 5 locations • Managed equipment pool of $8m and related capital expenditures • Increased revenue by 25% to $17m in a stagnant market Lead Field Engineer. U of Trieste. USA • Established 2 JVs in China incl..imd. UAE • Led the newly created food sales operation and trade marketing function. Glencore.imd. Univ. English. Poland.collins@MBA2008. Iran • Designed. Creole.imd. Canada • Managed 9 eng. bonds.United Nations. France 8 years global experience in engineering. Portuguese (B) MSc (Hons) Industrial Management Engineering. USA • Focal point for aircraft engines quality. AREVA NP Canada Ltd. MEng Nuclear Energy. STERIS-Austar Pharmaceutical. F. Honeywell Int’l.. China 10 years international experience in strategic planning. Catholic University. IVECO. Altran. 1. built and operated a remote field base in desert env. general management and sales Business Development Manager. France/Switzerland. Spanish (B) BSc Physics. Belgium Sacha Debleds. Hoffmann-La Roche. INPG. $ = US dollars.imd. performed financial analysis Commodity Traffic / Junior Trader. Spanish (G) MSc Mechanical Engineering. China.cerf@MBA2008.imd.imd. Arizona State U. Switzerland • Developed business centers in three continents exceeding €2m. investment promotion and enterprise development Financial Markets Executive. Diploma in Finance. F. New York University. Lebanon 5 years of experience in sales/account management in the FMCG industry National Sales Manager. Geberit International AG. 27 alesha. Corporate Human Resources.) Chief of the Project Development Unit.. 23 sales executives & 30 merchandisers • Exceeded the sales and profit margin targets in 2007 by 4 and 2% respectively • Pioneered new processes and sales tools. Rieter Automotive Management AG. Switzerland. Switzerland • Led contract manufacturing sourcing projects and supplier evaluations • Negotiated global contracts with suppliers.

Unisys Consulting.5m in sales Wei-Ju Hsieh. led 8 people. and equipment for purchase accounting. Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc. English.imd. generating up to $8. $ = US dollars.ch English. China 9+ years sales management & marketing experience in commercial banking. Rwanda • Developed IT management processes and infrastructure plans • Managed a nationwide eReadiness survey in schools • Published a paper on eGovernment in developing countries • Led business process and requirements definition for an MIS IT Advisor. National Taiwan Uni Hospital • Gained clinical research experiences and published team results • Supervised and mentored medical students and junior doctors Saida Ismatullaeva. 31 ignacio.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Ping Gong. 29 enrique. Italian (B). conducted competitive intelligence to develop Hispanic strategy Brand Manager. €2m+ project CRM Consultant (Siebel Systems Europe).ch Mandarin. LSE. innovations and finance in the FMCG industry Strategic Planning Manager.guijarro@MBA2008. (B) = basic. bn = billion. Tashkent State U of Economics.5m and achieved profits for the first time. ICADE. networking with senior politicians • Analysed key government and think tanks’ policy initiatives Jesper Hornberg. contributed to €1m project extension Consultant Team Leader (Pharma distributor). and industrial facilities Outside Plant Engineer. Spain • Re-designed IT process. 33 alex. U of Reading.hegarty@MBA2008. Bank of Shanghai (HQ). 5 yrs in CRM consulting Consultant Project Manager (Utilities). Uzbekistan • Led cross-functional effort in risk assessment and development of contingency plan • Managed local strategic leadership projects and acted as the finance expert on regional strategic projects • Achieved over $1m return on funds in complex treasury environment Regional Finance Manager. including 5 years in wealth management Asst. • Led a segment team of 4 people and co-supervised 100+ sales staff • Launched Priority Banking in China and grew the segment by 190% • Administered $0. UK.imd. German (B). Sweden. Japanese (B). resorts. Antmachine Technologies (mobile software). Kinyarwanda (B) MSc Maths. R7 Solutions (enterprise software). United Kingdom/Trinidad and Tobago. Japanese (B) Medical Doctor.ch English. Taiwan.imd. food processing..ismatullaeva@MBA2008. U of Westminster. negotiated distribution agreement with Morton Salt General Manager. Unisys Consulting. Cantonese (B). China • Headed a team of 8 and captured 30% of regional mortgage market Cindy Gronberg.hassin@MBA2008. Spain. and government sectors • Entered international markets with partnerships and direct sales • Built team of 20 employees with offices around the world CTO. French (B) MSc Int'l Health Policy. analyzed growth opportunities Innovations & Marketing Product Manager. EPFL 4 yrs in IT for public sector.ch English. USA • Forecasted and designed cost saving construction layouts for facility distribution Ignacio Guijarro.Grupo Herdez. Sanofi-Aventis. Grupo Herdez. English MSc (Hons) Marketing. healthcare strategy.5m marketing budget to achieve segment revenue target Product & Marketing Manager. generated £1.imd..gong@MBA2008. PR Global Pricing Analyst/Health Economist. Spanish BSc (Hons) Industrial Engineering.imd. commercial real estate. English. 27 cindy.imd.6bn • Performed tax engineering studies to aid in the recovery of investments. English. 4 yrs in IT systems research and software Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.ch Spanish. USA/Sweden/Mexico.gronberg@MBA2008. 32 wei-ju. British American Tobacco. UK 8 years in entrepreneurship and business dev. Cyprus • Supported regional management in strategic decision making • Led internal audit effort across the region Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency.ch English. setting launch prices • Provided strategic market access advice on generic threats • Published work in UK medical journals. France/UK • Managed 16 products in 6 therapeutic areas. planned global assembly to speed up product development • Defined marketing strategy for established products +$50m in sales. m = million . Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. Investments and Strategy. MS Finance. Ministry of Infrastructure. VP. USA 6 years in executive management and entrepreneurship Managing Partner. French. Sida. Mexico City 9 years in marketing. China • Managed customer base of 7m+ and grew affluent segment by 30% • Established product distribution network across 190+ branches Channel & Sales Supervisor. Russian (B).holmes@MBA2008. Action Felix SRL.ch English. English. coordinating interstate development projects Business Development Expert. IBM BCS. PWC Consulting. Sweden • Designed and implemented the country strategy and budget of €11m. Anahuac U. McCormick of Mexico . China. Rwanda • Consultant on Rwandan national IT public policy development • Elaborated a government support project for UNDP ($5m over 3 yrs) • Organised the Rwandan delegation and exhibition at WSIS global summit Enrique Hernandez Pons Mendez. Spain • Re-designed value chain. BSc Computer Science/Electrical Engineering.hernandezpons@MBA2008. (currently at&t).ch Uzbek.hornberg@MBA2008. Italian (B) BSc International Business.ch Chinese. Bank of Shanghai (Regional HQ). Shanghainese BS Finance. MSc Telecom & Computer Sc. USA • Led and managed valuation services on capital assets such as land. including transactions of up to $2. National U of Ireland. Mexico • Launched a wholly-owned financial inst. French (G) BA Business Administration. USA • Innovations team leader. Mexico • P&L and marketing responsibility.5m in client savings • Worked with an array of clients including retail. Uzbekistan/Canada. Taiwan 6 years in healthcare as a medical doctor Radiologist. German (B) BA (Hons) Business Studies. Sida. property and food processing Managing Director. Swedish.hsieh@MBA2008. Wealth Management. Medical Imaging Department.. UK 7 years experience in pharmaceuticals. led 6 people. French (B) MSc. Mexico • Doubled sales to $2. BA Int'l Politics. Fudan U. office buildings. ACNielsen Emerging Markets. Taiwan • Led and managed radiology team of 15+ in patient care • Collaborated with Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Unit teams to perform emergency radiological intervention procedures • Evaluated and provided recommendations for medical imaging equipment purchases valued at $10m Resident and Fellowship. 1.ch Spanish. €600k project • Awarded the Silver Recognition Award by Unisys Worldwide CEO Consultant CRM Team Leader (Hospitality sector). Standard Chartered Bank (China) Ltd. Media Circus Online.. Russian. USA. (G) = good. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) 10 yrs in finance and strategic planning in the FMCG and service industries Corporate Finance Manager. McCormick & Co.imd. 32 aoife.imd. Enpesa . international conferences • Coordinated health economics training for 30 colleagues Public Affairs Manager. UK • Promoted work on financing the UK health system. $400k Paul Holmes.Packaging Co. Irish (G). telecommunications. Rice U. Georgia Institute of Technology. 34 jesper. USA • Led development of core software product and crafted acquisition strategy Aoife Hegarty. 28 bryan. 32 saida. buildings. USA • Chief Executive with bottom-line accountability to Board of Directors • Transformed unfocused consultancy into product-oriented web software provider • Managed 300% revenue growth and achieved sustainable profitability • Developed business in energy. Kaohsiung Medical U. Ireland. Spain 8 yrs in business transformation consulting inc. 32 paul. Norwich Union Healthcare. Ireland • Selected amongst European CRM practitioners to work at Siebel Bryan Hassin. hospitals. USA 4 years in financial services. Italian (G).5 years in the telecommunication industry Senior Associate. in transition economies Country Strategist Ukraine and Moldova. Romania • Managed portfolio investments worth €20m in land. UK • Co-founded and led new media start-up.imd. Ukraine • Headed and trained team of new business developers resulting in 9k new jobs Vice President. Mexico.imd. Spain • Implemented CRM system at top Spanish chain.

Switzerland • Headed development of new marketing strategy for focus brand Xeloda • Achieved successful repositioning / relaunch of the brand • Accomplished 50% growth in sales revenue in 2 years Medical Manager Oncology. Roche Pharma. Volgotanker. English. achieving 20% sales growth in one year Brand Manager/Consumer Insight Manager. 31 marius. China • HR Chief Member in FedEx China Acquisition Project worth $400m • Established HR development and safety teams across regions in Asia Sales Manager.kim@MBA2008.kazdova@MBA2008.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Tomohiro Kashiwakura. established and led Cocoa Purchasing Center of Competence for Central and Eastern Europe • Managed price risk of £100m spent on commodity exchanges Business Controller.imd. English. Hewlett Packard. Korea • Developed and implemented marketing strategy for OTC analgesic brand. French (G) BA (Hons) World Economics. implemented it in 500+ enterprises across 20 European countries. Ernst & Young U. English.4bn) • Managed European projects in procurement and supply chain finance.klahr-suzuki@MBA2008. China 9 years experience in sales. French (G) Doctor of Medicine. 30 tomo.. USA • Led team of 4 directly. HR Development & Safety. China • Managed organization and HR consulting projects for major Japanese companies throughout China. Russia Head of Marketing. German (G) BSc Industrial Design.imd. 500+ employees • Expanded business into household waste management market • Reduced corporate environmental costs by $1m Director. FedEx Express. Mercer HR Consulting Tokyo Ltd. 30 sidney.komarek@MBA2008. 35 yuseop. including multiple bank reconciliations and annual audit • Redesigned processes for recording and reporting cash receipts and financials Sidney Levy. Probe design (Internet start-up). Japan • Drove market research for Softbank. and China • Formulated global HR policy for major Japanese companies Petra Kazdova. University of Zurich. m = million . $ = US dollars.. and Asia • Developed new automation process.levy@MBA2008.5 yrs in pharmaceutical marketing. Korea • Launched new green tea brand. 30 catherine. France/Switzerland. GE Plastics. 30 indirectly • Responsible for financials and all cash receipts of $75m company.ch Japanese. Roche Pharma. France • Managed $100m inventory. USA 7 years in accounting and finance Senior Tax Accountant. (G) = good. Russia • Managed Volgotanker’s environmental BU: 6 hazardous waste management facilities. Mercer HR Consulting Shanghai Ltd.A. Globus. Czech Republic. French.imd. ECO+ Environmental Complex. 33 joonwon. Czech Republic Yu Seop Kim.liang@MBA2008. French (B) BSc Economics. Seoul National University. Japan.ch Japanese. 34 andrey. Switzerland • Identified and drove actions to improve process and business efficiency of European supply chain operations (CHF 18. training & development.. English. TY Investment Bank. Russia 10 years in general management and business development VP and Member of Board. Strayer University. Global e-Business Solution. Korea • Supervised $200m company total sales and margins (200 employees) Inventory Finance Leader. Japan • Supported various international consulting projects within Asia. including int'l tax • Managed multiple teams of 3+ on compliance engagements Senior Accountant.imd. ESSEC Business School. English.koo@MBA2008. Russia • Managed relations with federal and regional authorities • Developed and led external and internal PR activities Managing Director. Yonsei University.r. French (B) BSc Accounting (Summa Cum Laude). such as Japan. Czech Republic 7+ years of finance and operations experience in the FMCG industry Supply Chain Business Controller for Europe. The Underground. Hewlett Packard. Shanghai. France • Led global e-Business solutions delivery to large international corporate clients across Europe. English.imd. Singapore. Korea Co-founder & CFO. (B) = basic. Volgotanker. Switzerland 4. 31 petra. Americas. China.ch Korean. FedEx Express Asia Pacific.ch French. Nestle S. and launched e-Business start-up Andrey Kleymenov. 4 oil spill response units.ch Czech. Coca-Cola Co. Finance Academy. Chinese (B) BA Policy Management. GE Healthcare Technology.kleymenov@MBA2008. Italian (G). and Hong Kong • Led team of 6 to boost sales +20% every year Consultant. South Korea. Switzerland • Led successful adaptation and implementation of new CRM system • Drove reorganisation of business processes / inventory management Joonwon Koo. and leading process and quality across Europe and Asia • Mitigated $11m inventory risk and reduced physical deficit by $1m Financial Management Program. Japan 8 years experience in organization and HR consulting Consultant/Project Manager. Russia Marius Komarek. planning and M&A in 4 geographic locations Equity Strategist & Fixed Income Analyst. Keio U. 32 tracy. Nestle Cesko s. Telecom Sw Solution. GE. Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade..imd. pricing.imd. FedEx Express.r.. Korea/Australia/England/France • Completed a 2 year leadership program encompassing 4 business units: audit.ch German.. U of Economics in Prague. Thailand. Hewlett Packard. Korea. Cadillac CTS and the GMC PAD Tracy (Min) Liang.o. Chinese (B) BSc Social Sciences. Russia. parent company of Yahoo! Japan. French (B) BA Business Administration. Art Center College of Design Pasadena.ch English. Volgotanker. human resources Country Manager. Hong Kong • Designed and conducted training courses to newly hired sales people in main cities of Asia Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. USA 5 years in design consulting and project mgmt in the automotive industry West Coast Operations Manager. France 8 years of experience in e-Business and telecom software solutions Project Manager. French MA International Trade. English. that resulted in a five year contract with General Motors • Organized brainstorming sessions and presentations that led to Findlay securing new patents • Created model proposals for new concept cars such as the GM Camaro. 32 akiko.5 years Project Manager Retail Information System. bn = billion. Korea • Headed market research projects for all product categories • Seconded to Japan: managed market research for deodorant category Akiko Klahr-Suzuki.imd. English. Hitotsubashi U. Canada/USA. German (G). France • Managed new product introductions and coordinated a team of 6 for pre-sales support consulting services e-Business Consultant. Japan. Swiss German.S. Switzerland • Led scientific marketing of number one product MabThera • Set up partnering concept with payers for treatment access for 1.o. exceeding annual sales targets by 40% • Led need-based segmentation study to propose long-term strategic plan Consumer Insight Manager. Janssen-Cilag.ch Chinese.5m patients • Accomplished 75% growth in sales revenue in 2.ch Korean. Korea 9+ years of experience in consumer marketing Product Manager. Unilever. including Beijing. USA • Led a team of 5 to create a curriculum to instruct staff on 3D modeling workflow. Guangdong. Poland/Switzerland. Nestle Cesko s. reducing operational costs by 40% Marketing Consultant. China • Grew revenue by 100% in top market of Eastern China within 1 fiscal year • Led a sales team of 10 in three cities Sales Training & Development. Korea Catherine Kulley. Czech Republic • Designed. Strategic Planning and Development.imd.ch Russian. Korea 7. Japan. English.imd. Sport & Health Clubs.kulley@MBA2008. USA • Consulted with global companies on how to set up multi-tiered businesses and the tax consequences thereof.kashiwakura@MBA2008. led multiple virtual multi-cultural and cross-functional project teams Regional Commodity Buyer. Polish. 1 yr in CRM project management Product Manager Oncology. South Korea. Japanese (B) BSc Business Administration. LLP. driving controllership.5 years international experience in managing finance Commercial Finance Manager.

French (B) MSc Economics. German (B) MSc Management Science. accountable for 48% of the bank's transactions volume.mckee@MBA2008.ch Spanish. Bittar Brothers & Ster Partners. BSc Business Administration.imd. Johns Hopkins University. Singapore Fabiana Mattos.imd. China 7 years experience in SAP consulting and project management Independent Consultant. 3rd parties and customers to provide complete solutions • Increased revenue from $1m to $7m in 2 years Tuomas Marttila. L'Oréal. English BSc Computer Science. India • Managed partner relationships & loyalty marketing for 0.liu@MBA2008.imd.imd. Russia • Established supply chain planning functions from scratch • Improved customer service from 65 to 97% while reducing logistics costs by 25% • Headed a cross-functional team to respond effectively to demand & supply variability • Led a team of 12 managers to drive supply chain planning activities • Conducted large scale seminars on supply chain management • Co-founder of the Russian Association for Logistics in Manufacturing Janislav Marinovic. Cia. Koch Bohrer. Finland. the Boston Consulting Group. Hindi. organized administrative and IT processes • Responsible for planning and control. 29 elvis. Sindhi. Brazil 5 years of experience in strategy.imd. New Zealand. Brazil • Developed and implemented a strategy for placing debt products in a new segment. English BEng.. China • Led teams of up to 10 members in 7 SAP implementation projects • Participated in opportunity bidding and won contracts worth up to $2m Roberto Lozada. and Taiwan • Delivered $3m annualised reduction in purchasing cost • Embedded 3-year strategy to double annual cost reduction Senior Associate. analyzed local business processes and communicated with headquarters Senior Consultant and Project Manager. Chile • Generated $10m annual savings through a model for shared services Erik Markman. rotations in loans marketing. Norway • Created business and strategy plans • Responsible for all marketing material and activities • Worked with field. Fazer Group.mattos@MBA2008. English. consulting and banking Senior Strategy Associate. US. payment acceptance in India and loans pricing in Thailand Manager.U of Pune 5. IBM. U of Auckland.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Quan Liu. India.ch Portuguese.ch English. Russia. ITESM.ch Spanish. 30 bevan.lozada@MBA2008. increased portfolio profitability by 13% • Developed the strategy for the creation of two business units for middle-market retail banking and high net worth Individuals. Japan • Managed cross-functional project teams through the design and execution of new product initiatives with a total NPV of $40m • Led regional team of 4 project managers and 3 artwork planners Global Business Process Owner. Chile. Procter & Gamble. Finland • Led performance management solution development engagements worth €100k-€1m in various industries • Managed solution implementation projects with executives from customer companies Development Manager..imd.ch English BA (Hons) English & Political Studies. Compania Pisquera de Chile S.mckenzie@MBA2008. Cervecerias Unidas (CCU). increasing their customer bases by 23% and 41% respectively in the first year Consultant. GE Money. Finance. China.imd. m = million . USA 3 years in operations management. English.matai@MBA2008. Spanish (G). Spanish (B) BSc Electrical Engineering. English BSc Electronic and Communications Engineering.marttila@MBA2008. May Company. MA (1st) Political Studies. Finland • Developed financial processes for 30+ legal entities in 9 countries • Managed a €2m ERP system consolidation project to support shared services and processes Sonal Matai. Sweden.imd. 29 sonal. Dip.ch English. Procter & Gamble. German. 4 years in financial process development and project management Senior Sales Consultant. ICICI Bank. Chile • Co-launched company. China • Led SAP projects to redesign business processes and develop system solutions for Sony China (5 projects and 11 members) Internal Consultant.A.markman@MBA2008.ch Swedish. India • Performed segmentation and offered pre-approved loans to 15m customers • Managed relationships for buy-side asset-backed securitization opportunities Manager – Business Intelligence. USA. English.ch Russian. (B) = basic. Chinese. HSM Metallwarenfabrik. Marathi (B) Post Grad. English. (G) = good. Finland 2 years in the business intelligence software industry. 30 tuomas. National Kidney Foundation. German (G) BA Business Administration. Institute of Economy & Construction. Germany • Improved revenues by 15% within one year in 13-employee facility • Achieved first profit since company purchase in 2003 Internal Consulting Team Leader. Business Objects S. U Catolica de Chile 8 years experience in finance in the food and beverage industry Chief Financial Officer. USA • Managed 5 consultants in assessing the commercial potential of 300+ innovative technologies Bevan McKenzie. Brazil Matthew McKee. IMT Ghaziabad. Pisconor S. 26 fabiana. NZ and Australia • Executed 20+ strategy projects in 6 industries in Australasia & Europe • Developed special expertise in primary sector & change management • Led 3-month pro bono project in Australian Aboriginal communities Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. Brazil Private Equity Analyst. dev. Germany • Managed 40-employee manufacturing facility with revenues of €5m • Increased production by 40% while reducing manufacturing costs by 10% through the implementation of Lean Production Managing Director. 32 janislav. Chalmers University of Technology..marinovic@MBA2008..A. French (B). in Mgmt. UK/Venezuela • Responsible for the "Distribution Requirements Planning" global solution • Managed the solution’s regional rollout across Western Europe and Latin America generating savings worth $20m • Led global team of 7 regional business process owners Logistics Manager. GE Money. M. German (B) MSc Electrical Engineering. NZ 5 years int’l experience in strategy consulting and global procurement Global Sourcing Manager. India. Helsinki School of Economics.5m customers Commercial Leadership Program.imd.imd. Swedish. 32 roberto. marketing & operations in financial services in Asia Senior Manager. Fundação Getulio Vargas . Norwegian (G). Brazil. Foresight Science & Technology. Chile • Managed $80m in sales as first CFO after the merger with 2nd industry player • Led team of 120.Phil Commerce. reporting to Spirit BU CEO Department Development Engineer. 25 matthew. Texas Instruments. Russia 7 years of supply chain management in the FMCG industry Head of Supply Chain Planning Group. Asia • Completed 2 year leadership prog. Co-Brand Cards. $ = US dollars.ch Cantonese.A. 30 irina. BA Economics . card collections. bn = billion. RS Components. Mexico 8 years international experience in project and supply chain management Initiative Planning Leader. coordinated operational transition for the acquisition • Turned losing enterprises into profitable ones Chief of Administration and Control. Fudan University. Sweden 4 years experience in product marketing and technical support in the semiconductor industry Worldwide Product Marketing for new wireless networking standard. Mexico Irina Marchenkova.ch Finnish. Mexico. Procter & Gamble.EAESP.marchenkova@MBA2008. UK • Managed $20m low-cost procurement operation for global electronics distributor • Coordinated multi-national team based in UK.5 yrs in bus.. China • Defined SAP project scope and implementation strategies. Banco Safra. 1 year in consulting Masonry Products Division Manager. 29 erik. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

led team of four temporary workers Nnaemeka Okafor. French (B) BBA Mgmt Info. Dipl.2bn in assets annually • Introduced new marketing tools. BA Business Administration & Finance.ch English. Russian.mutakwa@MBA2008. 31 dilara. Germany/Thailand/China • Established the organization in Thailand and China • Grew sales by 40% in 1 year. compliance.ch Portuguese. acting as a liaison between business. Zambia. 30 john. Embraer Aircraft. RSM Salustro Reydel.imd. France • Co-responsible for the business valuation dpt (6 team members) • Formulated fairness opinions. led team to formulate capacity management realignment plan to improve utilization of IT assets • Developed a technology governance framework to support IT strategy • Led cross-functional team to allocate $143m of IT system operational costs • Initiated and coordinated an international software application development exposition. France. VIRK A/S. Czech Republic Wee Kiat (John) Ng. (B) = basic. 31 martin. Singapore.imd. Syst. USA 7 years in risk management and marketing in the financial services industry Manager Marketing Strategy.5 years in corporate treasury. Grad. South Africa • Established infrastructure planning support function. Shell. Deloitte and Touche.mestchersky@MBA2008. Singapore. Igbo (G).ch English. Bemba. 30 peter. USA 7 years in software engineering & integration. ABSA-Barclays Bank. CPA 3. Zulu (B). Bellot Mullenbach & Associates. Azerbaijan Mario Moura. Nigeria • Re-directed the focus of currency trading to achieve a 300% increase in interest income in nine months Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. Azerbaijan 5 years in tax consulting. Brazil 9 years international experience in sales & marketing and business development in the automotive and aerospace industry Sales & Marketing Manager Asia-Pacific. China • Led an international sales team of 4 engineers with a $3m sales budget • Started up the technical foam division in Asia • Defined and launched a new product portfolio for the Asian market Business Development Manager. France • Performed auditing of listed firms. Nigeria • Supervised a multi-disciplinary team of 40. Finnish (G) MSc Electrical Engineering. HR and tax audit services. Chichewa (B). launch. 31 nnaemeka.imd. Nigeria. appraisals for M&A deals or public offers on the Paris stock market • Provided assistance to underperforming firms and to private equity firms specialized in recovery situations.imd. HSBC. Andrews U. Mandarin. Azerbaijan • Country leader of Accounting Services • Led & doubled Tax Compliance & International Assignment Services • Executed tax audit in 30+ finance organizations • Conducted internal audit • Launched group human resources services product . Nokia. India 4 years of product and project management experience Product Manager.imd. Elmhurst College."Salary Survey" in the local market • Managed various tax consulting projects for oil & gas sector Chief Accountant. m = million .5 years in audit and business advisory Treasury Analyst. Nigeria • Coordinated a $70m/day hydrocarbon supply chain in an unstable environment and developed a blueprint for domestic gas coordination Process Operations Supervisor. South Africa • Member of team that redeveloped national retail banking software Martin Najzr. managed a budget of $1.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Harsh Mehta. English. 29 harsh. USA. Canada 7 years experience in auditing and business valuation Manager. acquisition due diligence and business valuation Dilara Mirzajanova. Brazil Mupwaya Mutakwa. India. Korea. UFSCar. BEng Electrical Engineering. Denmark • Managed Internet portal development projects • Performed software test and portal administration. Brazil • Defined after-sales aircraft configuration together with customers Quality Assurance Engineer.ch English. managing European sales team Contracts Engineer. (G) = good. USA • Managed marketing strategies for 360k customers and $45bn of loan assets • Designed winback strategies generating $1. IT Infrastructure. in Business Admin. Azerbaijan. Shell. Hindi. Central Production Coordination Centre. 34 mupwaya.imd. U of Maryland. Nokia. Nigeria 8 years in production operations and currency trading Team Leader. Ottawa U. Czech. IT Strategy & Architecture. Telkom. HSBC. Azeri. France.ch English.mirzajanova@MBA2008. Singapore • Managed the cash and working capital of Hong Kong. elaborated short term cash forecasts • Conducted internal and external training on financial valuation Analyst.ch English. Chinese (B) BSc Materials Engineering. Russian (B). Economic U. Hausa (B) BEng Chemical Engineering. Cesem. German.nielsen@MBA2008.imd. and mortgage refinancing products Senior Credit Risk Analyst. Denmark. & Accounting. GN Netcom A/S. 32 mario. PricewaterhouseCoopers.6m and executed changes in operations to achieve a 25% reduction in unit costs Currency Dealer.ng@MBA2008.najzr@MBA2008. Turkish (G) MSc (Hons) & BSc in Finance & Credit. Czech Republic/Slovakia.ch Danish. Copenhagen Business School 5 years of product and project management in electronics and IT Product Manager. the IT organization and external suppliers Systems Builder. offer types. Malaysia. English. English BA Business Administration & Finance. Denmark • Drove development. Japan. Finland • Led an international 30 member team developing two server products • Initiated and implemented process changes to reduce product development time by 30% Cyril Mestchersky. French (G). Hokkien (G). Swiss German (B) BSc Export Engineering.mehta@MBA2008. Part 1. Federal UniTech Owerri.ch French. Brazil.ch English. Volkswagen do Brasil. German. 2. Engineering College of Copenhagen. Sumitomo Corporation. Ministry of Finance. Denmark. Armacell Asia. Slovak.imd. Azerbaijan • Led accounting team. German (B) BSc (High Hons) Finance & Int’l Business. bn = billion. NIT. Nanyang Technological U. and lifecycle management of $60m+ headset portfolio for the B2B as well as the B2C market • Managed development and setup of production of new product within 6 months • Took lead in developing cross-functional processes to support growth Development Consultant. controlled management and corporate reporting Inspector. PBS Outsourcing GmbH. Hewlett Packard. Pakistan and the Philippines • Initiated and completed the SOX audit as team lead for Asia Pacific Treasury • Evaluated a new global treasury management system • Developed and implemented a full-scale global business continuity plan Audit Senior. Cantonese (G) BA Accounting. 2 years in finance budgeting Tax Manager. IT strategy & planning Manager. 5 years in finance management & accounting.moura@MBA2008.imd.. USA • Instituted credit strategies monthly generating $400m in new assets • Led a strategic shift toward customer and profitability driven underwriting policies • Launched sales tool and lending options in the emerging markets • Improved data management and automated reporting Co-owner of SANS Café. $ = US dollars. Spanish. 30 cyril. Universal Trust Bank Plc.okafor@MBA2008. Singapore • Conducted fraud and forensic investigation • Led successful listing of an IPO engagement Peter Nielsen. Finland • Improved product portfolio to achieve dominant market share Project Manager.

5m to $5m in 2. & change mgmt.imd.3m • Led international teams of up to 20 people in environmental projects Founder and CEO. CBS. Colombia • Opened new line of business. strategy and consulting in 4+ countries Managing Partner. (B) = basic. Infantry. total project value $4. Portuguese. AOF. Brazil • Led the implementation of a sales and distribution integrated solution for major automotive company in S.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Sergei Perapechka.imd. Services & Quality. SCE.imd. CBS.0m • Set up an IT system solution for an automotive aftersales logistic operation in the Middle East • Managed the delivery of an internet solution for a marketing campaign for the leading cosmetic company in Brazil • Delivered a sales and distribution solution to 33 factories of a major beverage company in South America Steffen Saltofte. East General Manager. UK • Led cross-functional committees to set the company's annual strategy • Created and grew a new clinical waste division . Middle East • Led a 100 man Special Operations element in combat • Innovated tactics that maximized unit effectiveness and minimized casualties • Directed strategy. French (B). Spanish (B) BSc Production Engineering.5 years • Promoted to regional role with authority throughout Latin America Financial Lines Director.imd. managing staff of 11 and volunteer workforce of 500 Assistant Account Executive. often representing major changes Branch Manager. ECP. Moller-Maersk. a General Motors rewards credit card Amaury Roquette. France 6 years in sales & marketing. UK • Led a team of 15 and managed a budget of $6. USA. developed a concept to design & optimise the asset network • Coached senior managers responsible for Maersk Line’s 60 container trades on strategy formulation. USA 6. Container Business Strategy. China • Organized marketing event with budget of $1m and managed French key accounts International Management Program. recruited 7 people. France 7 yrs of int'l experience in entrepreneurship and environmental consulting Business Manager. São Paulo. English. Professor lecturing in Intercultural Management. Moller-Maersk. Central European Consulting Group. MSc General Engineering. redesigned existing products and expanded product portfolio • Increased sales from $1.imd. BSc Finance and Banking. U Paris IX Dauphine.ch English. English BA Marketing Mgmt and BA Int’l Trade & Economics.5m to deploy Renault's global quality improvement program in a retail network of 350 dealerships in the UK Area Manager.imd. Renault. Bosch Automotive. 32 richard. Romania and Algeria • Founded two agencies in France and brought in projects of up to €2. the Boston Consulting Group. SADE/VEOLIA WATER. Boston College. politics and advertising Assistant Director.5 years of experience in consulting and entrepreneurship Partner. USA 10 years of leadership and innovation in international environments Officer (Captain). TU Vienna. Inc. A. Romanian (G). (G) = good. Denmark. Les vins de Cana. ODISEA Consulting.ch Danish.sold $13. English. Romania • Set up SADE’s local subsidiary and reorganized VEOLIA WATER's design office Stefan Rathausky. Sales & Marketing. German (B) MSc Management & Marketing.. 32 ian. France.P. UK. over 1000 branches affected Senior Economist. ACE Seguros S.roquette@MBA2008. German (B) MEng (Hons).A.perapechka@MBA2008. English.ch French. Austria • Won and executed projects in the automotive and transportation industries (up to 200 man-days) • Expanded company business fields to telco and construction sectors Manager. 6 years in commercial and central banking Senior Consultant. 31 sergei. logistics and international negotiations as a senior advisor to a 120 man company of Iraqi Special Operations Forces • Managed the training and career development of over 400 soldiers • Supervised property in excess of $30m and an annual budget of $600k Officer (Lieutenant). Eastern Europe • Implemented an initiative to hasten ethnic integration and reconstruction Paulo Sacco.5 yrs in business development in the insurance market in Latin America Financial Lines Director. the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics. 30 steffen. designed first products and established ACE as a player in the financial lines insurance market • Doubled sales target for the first year to $1m Ian Rogan. Germany • Managed global planning and redesigned Sales & Marketing processes of $6bn business • Led 20 employees on 4 continents Manager. Brazil 6. Special Forces. Accenture. 34 mathieu.P. Austria. Veolia Environmental Services. English. doubled the turnover in two years from $30m to $60m • Key Customer Manager for Maersk Line’s largest client in Middle East Asst. English. monitored administration • Designed master plans for EU environmental investment programs worth €60m Civil Engineer. English. bn = billion.ch German.imd. French MSc Physics. US Military Academy. Belarussian. Spanish.rogan@MBA2008. France 12 years in marketing and project management in the environmental and automotive industries in the United Kingdom Network Quality Manager. French (B) BSc Business Administration. Denmark 9 years in global strategy dev.A. West Point. $ = US dollars. USA • Managed day to day operations of $10m center from launch to expansion and designation as strategic pillar for Boston College Regional Field Director.ch Spanish.pointeau@MBA2008. sales. US Army. ACE Seguros S. French (B). the National Bank of Belarus.roth@MBA2008.saltofte@MBA2008. Hydraulics and Environment.restrepo@MBA2008. Mexico • Co-founded a catering company specialising in wines and popular French cuisine • Co-managed a team of 20 employees and coordinated growth. A. leading to sales of $450k Partner.6m three years later Olivier Prigent. French (B) BSc Economics. Belarus.ch French. Maua Engineering School.sacco@MBA2008. US Army. m = million . Russia • Designed business and operational models for a new $10m+ venture – motoring organisation • Developed a concept for target branch network typology and structure for a leading Ukrainian bank. Colombia. Denmark • Revised the strategy & business model for Maersk Line. Saudi Arabia • Led marketing. GM experience in M. Bosch.rathausky@MBA2008. Belarusian State Economic Uni.prigent@MBA2008. 30 stefan. France • Developed this consulting company in France. CESEM. INPG. Uni of Sussex. Boston U. Mullen Advertising.imd. France.ch Russian. Mexico 4. UK • Voted Top Area Manager in the UK and joined Renault's "Club de l'Elite" Group Marketing Manager.ch French. Mexico • Led the creation and development of the French business unit • Field managed internal audits and fraud detection services in Latin America Richard Roth. France / UDLA. USA • Represented agency to client to coordinate direct mail and advertising campaigns for the GM Card. Italian (B). America.5 years of business process consulting in supply chain. Global Planning. Romania • Created the firm.imd. Belarus 4 years in mgmt consulting. Brazil/Italy. Spanish BA Business Administration. finance & HR. Mexico • Built a wines & spirits importation and distribution company selling to Mexican wholesalers Senior Consultant. 29 felipe. John Kerry for President. operations and technology Senior Consultant. France. USA 8 years experience building and managing organizations in education.ch English BA English. 27 amaury.imd. Argentina • Built team of 4. 29 olivier. Ukrainian (B) MA Development Economics. Bosch Automotive. Belarus • Authored the joint refinancing mechanisms for two central banks within the project of Belarus-Russia monetary unification Mathieu Pointeau. USA.ch English. 30 paulo. Denmark Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. Arabic (B). Germany/France Felipe Restrepo. Austria. USA • Authored and implemented regional voter contact programs. Deloitte. Renault.

ICICI Bank.ch German. Romania. m = million . including telecom.5 yrs experience in corporate and project finance in emerging markets Associate Investment Officer. Trade Finance. M&A. USA 7 years of project management in computer networking products and electric utility industry.imd. BCom (Hons. USA 5. STMicroelectronics.sohn@MBA2008. (B) = basic. Corporate Finance. 31 daniel. Italy • Managed a team of 3 project managers handling email-marketing campaigns for blue chip clients. Italian (G). led annual exhibition. and executed debt and equity investment projects in financial institutions globally • Executed 4 equity investments worth $56m and 5 debt investments worth $258m. Vodafone. consumer goods.imd. Japanese (G) MEng Industrial Management Engineering. German (B) BA (Magna Cum Laude) Economics/Business.ch Korean. India Daniel Thull.ch English. MSc Computer Sc. 28 shalom. U Colorado.imd.ch Spanish. Russia. Turkey and The Netherlands • Led multi-disciplinary teams with up to ten team members Consultant. UK • Delivered strategic consulting services and supported M&A processes in Europe during market analysis and negotiation stages Rantej Singh. BEng. acquisitions and intangibles • Increased working capital funding for business 5 fold to $50m • Implemented ERP system and set up formalized systems for business support Deputy Manager. Basque. Barclays Bank. U Bucharest. French (B) BSc Business Studies. CFA 6. English. USA Yunpeng Tang.. Italian. negotiated..imd. Lloyd's Register Rail (Asia). Air Traffic Control Systems.. TRW Inc. Siemens Group. 33 youngzinn. Kazakhstan/Ukraine regions • Supervised financial and business support of the $20m+ affiliate • Developed pricing strategies for key tenders in emerging CIS markets. and Tanzania Senior Analyst. USA • Researched investment management models (asset liability management and asset allocation) for the reengineering of international whole-life insurance operations Max Sorokin. Serbia. Punjabi (B) Chartered Accountant. English BEng Chemical Engineering. India/Singapore. Russia & CIS • Led business planning and forecasting of $100m+ Russia & CIS affiliate operations • Managed the $50m+ credit portfolio of Russia & CIS affiliate • Analyzed potential business development deals Daniela Soukup. Korea • Portfolio Manager for KRW (Korean Won) 3. Hindi. Lebanon. National University of Singapore • Published in international journal on automotive exhaust catalysts Sanjay Tanwani. Ltd. Russia. Germany • Consulted clients at CEO/CFO level • Responsible for projects with a fee volume of up to €500. leading multi-functional teams of 3-5 members • Advised a government department on asset replacement strategies • Sought and assessed new business opportunities in Asia Consultant. due diligence. Ernst & Young AG.Products & Strategy. Business Valuation Group. Zhejiang University.8bn per annum Product Manager.singh@MBA2008. Singapore • Provided marketing support to direct customers & distributors. health. 29 asier. China/Singapore. USA • Responsible for managing $73m for identification of pre-emptive electric infrastructure replacements • Generated regulatory planning documents to secure funding from the California Public Utilities Commission Project Manager. and emerging CIS markets Finance Manager. Deusto U. Mauritius • Drove sales across 20 branches & alternate channels through marketing campaigns and incentive programs Marketing Engineer. Hong Kong • Advised the two Hong Kong railways on asset management and change management issues.ch Arabic. IPO and restructuring projects Asier Sinde. McDATA Corporation (fibre channel switches). (G) = good. Spain 5+ years of experience in asset management and strategic consulting in the railway industry Senior Consultant. IFC (World Bank). Prudential Life Insurance. Philippines. Italy • Coordinated a team of 10 business analysts in a $1. English. China 6 years experience in marketing and R&D Liability Manager . Strategic Asset Mgmt. Lloyd Register Rail. in agricultural products & automotive industry General Manager. asset allocation and investment management Investment Associate. Global Trade Services. Lebanon • Built financial models for corporate finance projects worth $210m.tang@MBA2008.soukup@MBA2008. English. 33 sanjay. manufacturing and financial services • Experience in valuation. 2 years of software engineering Manager. English.) & MCom U of Delhi. ERNI Asia Holding.5tn of proprietary account supporting life insurance liability • Responsible for investment planning. eCircle. BEng Electronic Engineering. Germany • Developed and applied business valuation models for a wide range of industries. South Korea. American U of Beirut. India.sorokin@MBA2008. Sindhi.A. USA • Led team of 20 people on the definition and implementation of a lifecycle process used for delivery of expanded product offerings Software Engineer.ch Russian. UK. Fusion Worldwide Impex Pvt. RWTH Aachen.sinde@MBA2008. bn = billion. 28 zina. business throughput $1. Kazakhstan. English. 28 max. Singapore and Nigeria • Managed financial reporting of group having 72 subsidiaries across 55 countries • Implemented FRSs on derivative instruments. China >30%) • Launched ERNI group’s 1st Chinese website and catalogue.tanwani@MBA2008. Olam International Ltd. India • Sourced engineering products from India/China for international firms Youngzinn Sohn. contributing to 10% of business Financial Planning and Business Development Manager. French (B) BSc Computer Sc. City University London. country exposure included Azerbaijan. 30 martin. achieved efficiency increase of 75% • Introduced advanced email-marketing technology in the Italian market IT Project Manager. and state-owned enterprise Martin Schmidt. Banque Audi SAL. Prudential Investment Management.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Zina Sanyoura.thull@MBA2008. 29 rantej. English. CFA 7 years in corporate finance consulting Manager. India • Set up costing and pricing systems for various products used for business support Industrial Trainee and Executive. Punjabi Masters in International Business. USA • Structured. Ernst & Young AG.A.ch English. real estate. India • Provided structured trade finance solutions to corporate clients • Co-authored a book on trade finance which is now recommended by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Founding Director.imd.. Wabash College. Eli Lilly Vostok S. Spain. Germany/United Kingdom.NIT.000 • Won and managed international projects in Brazil.imd.imd.. Madagascar. Hindi. Italy • Delegate to the "Open Mobile Alliance" standardization forum • Led an international R&D project on digital rights management for mobile phones Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency. Southern California Edison. India 11 yrs in finance/business support in Asia & Africa. leading to a 3-year consecutive sales growth (Asia >20%. All India Talent Scholar) 6+ years of experience in banking and entrepreneurship Assistant VP. 34 daniela.IIFT. reaching out to SME customers in China Research Scholar.5m IT project Standardization Engineer. French (B) BA Business Administration.imd. Financial Markets.. Egypt.ch Chinese. Morocco.5 years of experience in finance and business development in the pharma industry in the USA.ch German. Yonsei University. Eli Lilly Vostok S. $ = US dollars. French (B).ch Romanian. French (B) MSc Electronic Engineering. appraised. Bank of America. Japanese (G) BSc Business Administration. Asset Mgmt Team.imd. Bilbao. Romania/USA.sanyoura@MBA2008. Romania.schmidt@MBA2008. (National Talent Scholar. sectors included hospitality. English. Korea 9 years of asset mgmt in the life insurance industry in Korea and USA Team Leader. Germany 4 years in project management and strategic marketing in the high-tech industry Senior Project Manager. Sona Group. India.imd. Germany. India • Led 15 member team providing product support for trade finance services. Lebanon.

11 people) & By-Product sales ($5m) • Implemented cost savings initiatives for $2. Comenius U. Servier.imd.. Slovakia. including 8-month assignment in London Loon Chian Yeo. business development & procurement Procurement Manager. French. Russia Min Wan. Assistant Country Director. The Advisory Board.ch Chinese.47m Vice GM & Partner. 32 svetlana. 2 years in media Vice GM. China • Launched real estate marketing consulting business which represented 80% of the company's revenue • Set up a branch office in Jinan China and built up partnerships with local companies • Supervised teams in 3 cities generating an aggregate sales of $173m • Revitalized 2 non-performing asset packages valued at $2.. Italy 8 years international experience in investment banking Vice President.ch English. Argentina • Co-developed the global procurement strategy for Tenaris worldwide Regional Business Analyst. FedEx Express. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Singapore. Japan • IT and process consultant.imd. generating $50m revenue from 30 engagements in 3 yrs Assistant to CFO.5 years experience in market research and product feature management in the automotive industry Product Feature Manager.IMD MBA 2008 class profile Andrea Tosti.vanyagina@MBA2008. marketed and executed equity related transactions (worth up to $1. Equity Syndicate.imd. Argentina 9 years in strategic planning. Moscow. Argentina/Italy.imd. Volvo AB. USA 9 years in healthcare and international project management Director.wan@MBA2008. Czech Republic/Slovakia • Defined organizational "rightsizing" of major retail bank • Led business teams to develop various banking systems The following sponsored participant will be returning to her company upon graduation: Svetlana Korshunova.imd. Servier. Colby College.ch Spanish. Japan 3 years in consulting. Japan • Led a $3m automation project to the Japan airport operations Consultant. m = million . bn = billion. Slovakia 6 years sales and product development experience in retail banking Head of Department (sales mgmt and segments). (B) = basic. USA • Developed teaching and networking services model for the Business Intelligence Technology division • Co-authored and presented revenue cycle best practice research • Co-translated one research study into standard consulting engagement. Russian. U of Buenos Aires. Russia Language skills key: Languages not followed by code indicate fluency.5bn) in Italy • Worked with different departments of the bank to structure more complicated equity-related products Memed Uzel. Bocconi U.yan@MBA2008. BEng Mech Eng. Slovakia/Czech Republic. France • Acted as deal captain of every equity transaction (worth up to $15bn) executed in Europe/US • Coordinated up to 7 teams involved in deal origination/execution • Advised top management of the bank in handling risk positions Senior Associate.valeggia@MBA2008. Defence Science & Technology Agency.ch Russian. China Heather Whitford. Accenture. Canada • Managed purchasing ($50m. Russia • Managed 25+ key accounts and $700k in sales revenue • Exceeded goal for business unit sales growth by 6% • Ranked # 1 in the business unit on the sales of launched products • Initiated and implemented several marketing projects generating up to 400% sales growth • Launched a special offer project resulting in a 700% sales increase Medical representative. 33 heather. Japanese BEng. Moscow Medical Academy.imd. English BSc Economics. Russia • Led team initiatives to improve financial reporting for 6 offices Acting Country Director. USA. Canada • Led 15 people in a consulting project to save $19m for a steelmaking facility Business Development Analyst. Tenaris/Exiros. Russia. China • Set up a strategic partnership with a nation-famous B2B company Editor & Chief IT Industry Analyst. 31 hernan. Russia 7 years in healthcare and in sales in the pharmaceutical industry Key Hospitals Representative. Italian (B) MSc (Hons) Business Administration. Assoc. (G) = good. English. English.imd. Turkey.korshunova@MBA2008. Russia • Managed $12m fund and team of 14 to develop agribusiness sector Dongao Yan.ch Chinese. TenarisPrudential. Russia. Global Crossing. saved $5m • Identified and prepared long term R&D investment plan Project Lead. Singapore • Led the definition and development of projects ($20m). 33 loonchian. 31 windy. Japan • Hired and led 8 direct reports in Japan. Taiwan and Korea • Oversaw operations budget planning and process engineering Senior Analyst. Russia Sponsored by the Monitor Group.tosti@MBA2008.imd. Chinese. $ = US dollars. China. English. Comenius U.zahradnik@MBA2008. 30 memed. negotiated and managed the acquisition of a key weapon system in a multi-disciplinary and cultural environment • Developed models for system effectiveness & optimisation study.ch Italian. BNP Paribas. Tatra Banka (Raiffeisen International). UK • Originated. Turkish.imd. German (B) MSc Management. USA • Contributed to product strategy with market monitoring and forecasting • Redesigned the segmentation which resulted in new products • Managed competitive intelligence on products and business strategy Hernan Valeggia. Qingdao Daily. Tokyo Institute of Technology. Italy.yeo@MBA2008. Russia • Managed $400k in sales revenue with 200% annual sales growth Dermatologist. U College London. English BA Sociology. 32 natalia. French. 5 years in operations planning in the transportation industry Manager. China 7 yrs in general mgmt and marketing in e-commerce & real estate. UK 8 years in international project management & system engineering Project Manager. Singapore • Planned. Slovakia • Reported overall retail sales • Managed 9 employees directly and supervised 200 bankers • Developed affluent and micro banking business models • Implemented "Sales Force Effectiveness": impact on 1. Ltd.ch English.500 employees Business Consultant. North Pacific Planning & Engineering.whitford@MBA2008. Defence Science & Technology Agency.ch Russian.ch English.ch Slovak.uzel@MBA2008. and Snr. FedEx Express. English BA Business Administration & Finance. Ltd. 32 dongao. Analyst. 33 andrea. Tang Mgmt Consulting Co. Argentina • Evaluated return on investment of regional network projects Natalia Vanyagina. Hokkien MSc Mech Eng. Shandong University... Spanish (B) BSc Industrial Engineering. Volvo AB.imd. (1st Hons). Equity Capital Markets. Czech. Lehigh University.5m+ Project Manager. USA • Prioritized feature projects to meet target customer satisfaction • Performed benchmarking and set targets for product concepts • Managed product "recipe" according to brand core values and strategy Market Research Analyst. Post-Grad. Spanish (B) BA (Hons) Russian Language and Culture. TenarisAlgoma. developed novel plan to reduce project schedule by 25% • Managed $1m portfolio of technology exploratory projects • Introduced balance scorecard and knowledge management to business unit Tomas Zahradnik. Accenture. Strategic Management. Today e-commerce Co. Buenos Aires. 30 tomas. Marketing Director & Partner. BNP Paribas. China. Dir. USA 7. CBI. English Medical Doctor. Baker & McKenzie.

Post and manage your jobs online Reach our IMD MBAs with your career opportunities by posting them online (free of charge) at www. industry experience. Company Presentations (June and August) Educate and inform participants of your unique opportunities and business challenges. • Monitor the applications you receive for each job posting. • Receive and respond to participants' requests for interviews. plus a hardcopy of the Résumé Portfolio. In addition you will be able to post posters and distribute promotional material to our MBAs. edit. Two weeks in October and one week in November will be set aside for this purpose. functional experience. and write confidential comments on each résumé. as well as your organization's culture. Our goal is to make recruiting IMD MBAs as easy and efficient as possible and we will be happy to help you select the best method. Both will provide you with full-page résumés of all participants who are available for employment at the end of the program. where a more informal interaction can take place. forward. which allows you to: • Invite participants for interviews and check their responses. To reserve your presentation and/or interview dates.ch.com/IMD/PostJobs: • Post and manage jobs. The following resources and recommendations will assist you in your targeted effort.MBA-Exchange. and professional skills). You can target individual participants who fit your desired profile by ordering the IMD MBA Résumé Portfolio or requesting on-line access. contact us at +41 21 618 0339 or at MBAtalent@imd. We suggest a 30-minute presentation and a 30-minute Q&A session. followed by a light refreshment outside of the auditorium.How to recruit our MBA s Present and recruit on campus Join 60+ organizations to recruit our participants on campus. Career Fair (September 15) Do you want to enhance your visibility on campus and meet with talented individuals from 40+ countries? Then join our Career Fair. Presentations conducted by senior executives and MBA graduates have a powerful impact. language skills. . Identify and hire participants In this competitive marketplace.com platform to post their CVs. Access to the online Résumé Portfolio. Further interviews. renew and archive your job postings at any time. The IMD MBA Class of 2008 uses the MBA-Exchange. Your decision to continue or halt the interview process following the on-campus interview must be communicated to the participants in a timely manner. Interviews (September) Conduct your first-round interviews during these dedicated two weeks when our participants do not have any classes and are exclusively focused on exploring career opportunities. allows you to: • Search CVs by multiple criteria (name. years of professional experience. • Download. We will give you access to the online Interview Scheduling Platform. you gain full access to the online CVs and all on-campus recruitment activities and platforms. Interviews can take place from 8 am to 6 pm in our interview rooms. We will organize the auditorium for the presentation as well as the refreshments. in December 2008. if necessary. the most important aspect of your recruiting effort at IMD is to identify individuals that fit your needs and are interested in the opportunities you offer them and then convince them to join your company. structure and possible career paths. this fee will be waived. it is also a convenient way to network with future key international decision-makers and customers without engaging the resources required for a formal presentation. Besides being a great recruiting platform. Access Fee For Sfr. If your company is a member of the IMD Learning Network. 500. are organized at your company's location and expense. • Finalize/view your on-campus interview schedules.

ch/mba/careerservices . Participants invited to visit a company site should be reimbursed promptly for all expenses incurred during the visit. For more details For more details on the recruiting process at IMD. Scheduling interviews In adherence to the academic rigor of the program. your respect for our faculty and your understanding of our participants’ investment in their education. we ask our recruiters not to push the MBAs to sign an offer before the end of the OCR period: November 3. presentation and interview schedules are confirmed far in advance and last-minute changes or cancellations can have serious implications. PO Box 915 CH-1001 Lausanne. In addition we have reserved one week in October (20–25) for 2nd round interviews as well as one week in November (17-22) for further interviews. Non-disclosure of IMD performance and GMAT scores. 75% of the class make their final decision before the end of November. In order to make the process fair for all On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) companies. please visit our website at www. Because we run 900+ interviews in a two-week period. Based on past experience. highly motivated candidates who do not exactly match stated requirements have subsequently earned entry into companies and contributed significantly. 2008. nor evaluate peers. Maintaining flexibility in selecting interview candidates We strongly recommend that companies keep an open mind with regard to candidates not short listed who request an interview. no peer evaluations In the spirit of teamwork and cooperation which characterizes the IMD MBA Program. we ask our MBAs to stop interviewing as soon as they decide to take an offer and companies not to withdraw an offer already made to candidates. there are no scheduled classes during the two-week recruitment period in September (15–26). Job Offer Management The IMD MBA is a one year program starting in January each year. To obtain the IMD MBA degree. participants should not be asked to disclose IMD performance and GMAT scores. Those participants who do not meet the academic and professional requirements during the program are asked to leave. candidates must demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge. In general IMD MBAs receive offers from October through the beginning of December. Switzerland Tel. We appreciate your understanding of the academic focus of our program.imd. skills and personal characteristics required for a responsible and effective leadership career. Because our MBAs graduate on December 3rd. we interview each and every candidate for a sense of their energy. real management capability and cultural and managerial diversity.Academic and recruitment guidelines & policies Avoiding schedule changes The on-campus recruitment timetable must be respected. Our admissions process is among the most rigorous in the world.: Fax: E-mail: +41 21 618 03 39 or 618 02 14 +41 21 618 06 15 MBAtalent@imd.imd.ch/mba/careerservices or contact us at +41 21 618 03 39 or MBAtalent@imd. In total we spend at least 10 manhours on each candidate to make sure they are right for the program. drive and commitment. only 3 months after 1st round interviews. We scrutinize the letters of recommendation to understand a candidate’s influence on people and organizations and finally. we strongly encourage companies not to lose momentum during the interviewing and decision making process.ch Website: www. Our key selection criteria are strong academic ability. This is to ensure the MBAs can make an informed decision and all OCR companies are given a fair chance to finalize the OCR process. Similarly.ch IMD International Institute for Management Development MBA Career Services Office Chemin de Bellerive 23. The IMD MBA Program is one of the most demanding and intense learning experiences offered today.

26. interview invitations and scheduling. Location IMD is located in Lausanne. approximately 40 minutes by road or rail from Geneva International Airport. 14 On-Campus Recruiting: Career Fair: 2nd Round Interviews: Further Interviews: September 15 . and job postings: www.htm Fee Sfr 500. 2008 Tools On-line CV platform for CV access and search. 2008 October 20 – 25. 30 August 6. CH-1001 Lausanne Switzerland tel: +41 21 618 03 39 MBAtalent@imd. 18 July 29.ch fax: +41 21 618 06 15 www.MBA-Exchange.ch/mba/careerservices . 17.com/IMD/recruiting.Key dates 2008 On-Campus Presentations: June 13. Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva. 2008 November 17-22.– includes full access to all on-line recruitment services and a hardcopy of the Résumé Portfolio.imd.ch IMD – International Institute for Management Development Chemin de Bellerive 23 PO Box 915. 2008 September 15. Contact MBA Career Services Office +41 21 618 03 39 or 618 02 14 MBAtalent@imd.

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