Sapara Territory

IPCCA - Local Asesment Ecuador Amazon basin

280.000 has. Legalized and recogniced by the government

400 people in two countries Ecuador and Peru

Climate chance is affecting the traditional way of life.

Sapara people have decided to face it preserving the knowledge about huntig and agriculture: Well living or Sumakawsay

Food security, Are endangered by traditional healt system, climate change mitigation policies and territoriality

Extremization of the weather such as periods of extreme rainfalls and river dryness affect horticultural and hunting-gathering traditional production systems

To keep the resilience into the frame of IPCCA strategy, Sapara have decided to create a living seeds bank an recover the knowledge about hunting, fishing and horticultur

Create medicinal gardens in three strategical places in the territory

REDD +project Socio-bosque
• Has been implement without considering the constitutionality of collective rights. • Sapara people is loosing the possibility to keep the governance over the hole land • The government create a exclusion zone into the land to certificate and offer huge extensions of tropical forest to include Ecuador in the REED strategy.

80 % Sapara territory is into govermente's oil strategy

ASHIÑWAKA Asociación de Mujeres Sápara del Ecuador


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