Test Plan Quiz for section 5-84

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Test Planning : Test Plan 5 – 84
1. The goal of software testing is to: A: Debug the System. B: Validate that the system behaves as expected. C: Avoid Lawsuits D: Execute the program with the intent of finding errors. 2. If no errors were found during testing: A: the system was not tested completely. B: The programmer is a perfect genius. C: no errors were sought. 3. A Test Plan defines: A: What is selected for testing. B: Expected results. C: Objectives and results. D: Targets and misses.

4. Test Planning should begin: A: At the same time that requirements definition begins. B: When building starts. C: When Code build is complete D: After shipping the first version. Why plan tests: 5. Documented tests are: A: Repeatable. B: Organized.

C: Sensible. D: Manageable.

6. List three benefit factors in planned tests: Repeatable, Controllable, Coverage. 7. The Test Plan is defined as an overall document providing direction for all testing activity. True, False 8. The _____ answers What will be covered in test? And what will not be covered in the tests. 9. A _____ is a statement of what the tester is expected to accomplish or validate during testing activity. 10. Procedures for configuration management, version control, hardware and software configurations and other items such as defect tracking should be listed in _________ . {http://school.discovery.com/quizzes8/paulmw/TP584.html}

Test Plan Quiz for section 5-84

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A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K.

Test Scope Test Objectives Assumptions Risk Analysis Test Design Roles and Responsibilities Test Schedule and Resources Test Data Management Test Environment Communication Approach Test Tools

The data required for testing, the infrastructure requirements to manage the data as well as the methods for preparing test data, requirements, converters and sources. What will be covered in the test? What will not be? Might include functional or structural requirements, API, infrastructure component or deliverable documentation. A testing goal. It is a statement of what the tester is expected to accomplish or validate during a testing activity. These guide the development of test cases and procedures. Details what types of tests must be conducted, what stages of testing are required and outlines the sequence and timing of tests. This may include formal and informal meetings, working sessions, processes, tools and techniques such as escalation or posting testing state. This includes Major Test activities, the sequence of tests, dependencies on other project activities and initial estimates for each activity. Includes people, tools and facilities. These document test prerequisites. This may include skill level of test resources, budget, state of the application, tools available and or entrance or exit criteria.

Test Plan Quiz for section 5-84 Answers:
1. d 2. a 3. c 4. a 5. a 6. Repeatable, Controllable, Coverage. 7. True 8. Test Scope 9. Test Objective 10. Test environment Vocabulary Answers:

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H, A, B, E, J, G, C.